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Bitcoin Bulls Are Back | Many Alts Still Strong | Bitcoin Anniversaries

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Bitcoin bulls are back and we're close to testing a key resistance level. Let's take a look at the Bitcoin Chart to see where it can go next. Plus, several altcoins are holding up strong so we'll look at NEO, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, Cardano and more. Jan 3rd is the anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block: https://www.investopedia.com/news/what-genesis-block-bitcoin-terms/ Jan 12th marks the anniversary of the first Bitcoin Transaction: https://themerkle.com/hal-finney-received-first-non-mined-bitcoin-transaction-eight-years-ago/ Learn Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrencies: https://nodeinvestor.com/training/
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Sir Dexter (5 months ago)
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Rachel donna (5 months ago)
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Rachel donna (5 months ago)
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Melissa parker (5 months ago)
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Melissa parker (5 months ago)
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lindsay caggrano (5 months ago)
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lindsay caggrano (5 months ago)
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USBitcoinServices.Com (5 months ago)
Hi Node investor! Cardano seems to be a coin with potential because it has smart contracts, same as DeepOnion, which devs will start developing the smart contract feature soon this Q1 of 2018; Do you think DeepOnion and the other privacy coins are a good alternative to invest? I would like to see you give some ideas about it! Thanks!
Sam Smith (5 months ago)
I own 1 bitcoin just in case it starts going higher and reaches a million dollars like Mcafee claims. But I dont plan on adding more bitcoin. I will rather invest in low cap coins with huge potential like DeepOnion, Shift and Redpulse. DeepOnion because it has a huge community, active development and upcoming features like DeepSend, Votecentral and smart contracts. I like Shift because they released their dApp called Phantom and hosted their website in it and started marketing. Redpulse is good because it is one of a kind content production and distribution platform focused on Chinese markets.
Keeping Up (5 months ago)
I do believe that one day or another bitcoin's price will recover and come back to it's high value. we just have to be patient. by the way nice review on the altcoins. . can i also make a request if you could take a look with DeepOnion project. and share us some of your views - it will surely be beneficial. the whitepaper has also been released and im impressed about it. looking forward on more of your reviews.
Fred Verstegen (5 months ago)
Please help me guys, I dont want to steal food from the shops. Im from the netherlands and my boss and the system fcked me over!! Please help me raise my son!! Bitcoin adres: 1CGhkgpmrEX9joVeaXE6UrCaUbQoUi9Qmr
Fred Verstegen (5 months ago)
THANKS for the donation!!! I will never forget!!!
Pat Gunther- Crypto Ace (5 months ago)
Fred Verstegen get outa here u begging fuck
Christian Vilela (5 months ago)
Whats up.. node investor heeeeeeeere. Never change this intro, makes me smile everytime :)
EjitWebDesign (5 months ago)
Nice new intro, $1000 ETH, NEO doing well, and even my Ripple and DeepOnion have thought against the Bitcoin dip. It's a good time for me in crypto. Do you think Ripples price is reflected over these rumours? And how far will the correction be?
chad362wiley (5 months ago)
buy QSP :)
Greg McCauley (5 months ago)
The Cardano chart does look strong. Don't you see a problem with the fact that it's already valued at 27B$, whereas ETH is 86B$? I mean they haven't delivered much of anything, so I don't see these prices are justified. The average crypto buyer probably sees it at 1$ and thinks it can make ETH levels because it's an ETH competitor, but there are 31 billion ADA's out there and less than 100 million ETH's.
one1 (5 months ago)
What about LTC?
Conor Sullivan (5 months ago)
Found an awesome Satoshi Nakamoto paper wallet http://satoshipaperwallet.com/
UltimateLSD (5 months ago)
whats your take on pascal?
Douglas Taylor (5 months ago)
Check out Kucoin they pay daily dividends to all holders of $kcs on the exchange. good way to make your crypto work for you without having to trade all the time.  https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1b58b
Michael McGraw (5 months ago)
Cardano will be KING!! I ve been screaming this since it hit Bittrex.
flaggerify (5 months ago)
Have none but If it flippens BCH I'll be happy.
Greg McCauley (5 months ago)
CloverPickingHarp (5 months ago)
She..... good one., you silly Rabbit.
PabloML4T (5 months ago)
I would recommend to watch out ICON, its top 20 already.
April Chardrich Manuel (5 months ago)
Node "High Tech" Investor! Heeeeeeee!!
Thierry Ferreira (5 months ago)
Can you do some Verge news??? Never heard you talk about it and they been highlighted a lot last month and this month.
Andrej Čolak (5 months ago)
Thierry Ferreira Haejin Lee has extent TA for Verge on Steem it.Expecting soon 0.55usd
praytje87 (5 months ago)
You might want to have a look at Ethos, product, upcoming release of a universal wallet + steady price provement is really promising ;)
ICX (5 months ago)
So if BTC gained 20x for 1 year and other coins gained 50x then BTC is not ti be measured in but USD right?
1greenMitsi (5 months ago)
Im not a bitcoin maximalist as i have tonnes of shitcoins that add up to more than the bitcoin i hold but... THIS is my reasoning to believe one day, bitcoin will be up to at least 80% dominance once more: The cryptospace is in the middle of whats called the cambrian explosion stage of an emerging market cycle which started roughly mid 2016 with ICO's. Lets take the economic example of when the Automotive industry was born and hundreds of vehicle manufacturers popped up in the US and the world, all wanting to make their cut of the space What was the outcome? by mid century it was mainly Chrysler, Ford, GM with few other small periphery makes (which ended up also dying shortly too) who survived. imo we're very shortsighted in what Bitcoin actually represents vs 98% of the coins out there, if you have to ask what these value propositions are then you should do some research for yourself. Can these hundreds of shitcoins give us great returns over the next 2-5 10 years? Sure, just dont forget that these are companies and most companies will fail in LT. Unlike bitcoin
Abbkrp (5 months ago)
1greenMitsi comparing cyrpto to the automotive industry... errrr
Mitch King (5 months ago)
Liking the new intro man. Keep up the good work
Mohit Behrani (5 months ago)
Interestingly - I can see an Inverted H&S pattern on MACD.. Does that mean anything Node? Check video screen at 7:47. Good video!!!
Debbelito (5 months ago)
No litecoin update?
TJ (5 months ago)
LTC is done, Charlie Lee knows it too and sold all his at ATH
Abbkrp (5 months ago)
Talk to the Litecoin founder Charlie Lee.... oh wait he’s gone and so is his bag of dumped LTC 😂😂
Debbelito (5 months ago)
Yeah, why so specific?
strekke1986 (5 months ago)
why mid feb? anything planned?
chrisiden (5 months ago)
its going to the moon fasten ur seat belt mid february :)
Cryptolight (5 months ago)
NODE, your the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Danny Cali (5 months ago)
Bitcoin going to 8k in 2 weeks.
Aditya Sharma (5 months ago)
I too was thinking that would be the case but looking at how the btc tx fees are coming down, I think we will see another bull run now.
Danny Cali (5 months ago)
Brugllione good one. Lol. I told you first
Brugllione (5 months ago)
I think you sell your body for $5, based on absolutely nothing, just like your Bitcoin prediction.
Crypto King (5 months ago)
8k has been called for weeks it’s wishful thinking. It only dropped due to profit taking over the holidays.
DgibsHardstyle (5 months ago)
More like 30k by end of January
Hassan Ahmed (5 months ago)
Nobody should trust you at all. Last time, you were talking about head shoulder pattern, and we have to cash out. Now, you are just saying that you were dump and should not be trusted at all. Moreover, you are very fearful, negative and old mindset. Every time I watch you, I regret it. So this is the last time to do this mistake.
Aditya Sharma (5 months ago)
He had infact mentioned in the next video that the head and shoulder pattern was broken and that new pattern was emerging. Also, these are not predictions but analysis of the charts.
Vitaliy (5 months ago)
Lol when’d you get into crypto? When btc hit 19k?
gld6000 (5 months ago)
There are a SMALL handful of guys giving you FOR FREE amazing analysis on these coins. This guy is one of them. Show a little gratitude. Then make up your own mind about what moves you want to make and own those decisions. Blame is for babies.
Koens (5 months ago)
It's free advice, and only advice- if you can't make your own decisions then maybe crypto isn't for you...
illi4 (5 months ago)
Like being spoonfed?
Algonquin Lumpus (5 months ago)
When he or "she" ROFL
Controverse (5 months ago)
Love the new intro !!
Jeff Boski (5 months ago)
Hey what’s up guys...Node Investor here!
x86cowboy (5 months ago)

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