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Text Comments (778)
Kenny Mejia (2 days ago)
Dope intro haha
Jonathan Wiskee (4 days ago)
Fast forward and with the current bloodbath in the market, which of these coins are still a definite buy? Now is the time to scoop up coins but I would like to hear your thoughts for reassurance. Did anything fundamentally change for the coins you discussed here?
CREATEKDUB (2 days ago)
Also interested in hearing your thoughts on this
mcdouble nopickle (7 days ago)
Hope you read this comment. What's your take on these coins at the moment? Being in the bearish market you can imagine I wonder if these projects still has what it takes. BTW, not that it will happen but $40 Icon is music to my ears. 😊
CaNaDiAn CrYpTo (7 days ago)
Lmaooo at videos like this. 7mths later and we see how silly these videos really are. Good coins, good projects but what a waste of money if you bought into this back then lol
Holy Cow Productions (7 days ago)
thanks for the info.. bitcoininvestingcenter.com
SR KC (26 days ago)
dani yacoub (1 month ago)
How To Make Sushi (1 month ago)
you forgot *ALQO* its a super undervalued project that is building an exchange that will work with real fiat not just usdt. also, they already incorporated in Switzerland and the team is fully transparent about everything.
Conspiracy Theorist (1 month ago)
Natasha mil (1 month ago)
Ternio also has a great future it is xlm based currently 1.2 mil tps verified , some great partnerships with rpm and ignition one plus others, it is fresh out of ico and currently on 2 exchanges with more top exchanges and partnerships coming soon, this is definitely worth looking into
Santosh Dulam (1 month ago)
No exaggeration but your channel is definitely one of the better with quality, education and reviewing curriences. Seems like you care. I came across Metronome and intrigued by its unique technology and unique token model with inflation, and think it could be a sustainable currency model and better decentalization.If you think the same, I would appreciate your perspective. Thank you. Cheers
Colton Brummel (1 month ago)
$DP, $ZER, and $COLX on my list :D
John Wesley Lane (1 month ago)
DigiByte will be #1 of 2018, look out at the end of July
S G (1 month ago)
Does anyone else watch ReadySetCrypto videos just for their intro?
John Michael Ferrer (1 month ago)
honestly, Investing in LEDU will make you 1000% richer after six months. :)
R C (1 month ago)
Today is June 19 have you changed your view on any of these? I have 2 weeks ago I read the EOS WP consider it junk with ripple. ETC has always been a favorite now to be listed on CB and then their is ADA the best of Crypto with TMT running on the platform and Cardano invested into the invoicing crypto it will rival PPT. Then we have LTC fast and easy well known and here to stay. These will be here to stay and anything that IOHK chooses to work on.
The Lion's Den (2 months ago)
MRQ coin to the rescue! it will be Huge!
ROCK AUDITIONS (2 months ago)
Swisscoin, Xinfin, Photon = THE 3 hottest sleepers.
Pete (2 months ago)
ROCK AUDITIONS people like you will continue to lose money in this market. Stop gambling and focus on strong projects.
Steve McDowall (2 months ago)
Love your intro music. Did you create that or is it from a song. Keep up the great work.
I Am Intractable (2 months ago)
@Ready Set Crypto - How does the ownership of any of the coins you recommend correlate to the companies they represent? The coins are not a stake in those companies so what is driving increased value of the coin? Its almost like: 1) I buy the coin and the company benefits. 2) The company succeeds but that success has not impact to the intrinsic value of the coin because that success is not reflected in the coin value. Help me understand...thanks
Lake Breeze (2 months ago)
BITREX Sucks as a trading company
Kateryna Ivanchenko (2 months ago)
I also trully believe AMB gonna fly very soon...
Top content....as always :) All you weak YouTubers this is the way it's done!
Okk Okk (2 months ago)
i dont have a dog but got a lion
panosab (3 months ago)
I think I am your 80.000 sub... :) just changed from 79 to 80... lol
I Love Music (3 months ago)
What do you think about MedicCoin with its MedicWalk app in the iOS store to allow people to earn MEDIC for walking?
Tom Bo (3 months ago)
A new player appeared: Elastos. Whats your thought on it?
tim young (3 months ago)
ETN and LEND in your top 10 ??? Have to disagree
princed47130 (3 months ago)
WHAT is the EXCHANGE he's talking about at 11:52 or so??? WHAT exchange???
The Lion's Den (3 months ago)
check out Nexty coin.. its gonna be huge!
JZA (3 months ago)
juljan gorica (3 months ago)
Forget ecc coin
FavJam (3 months ago)
For short-term gains go for YOYOW
tikezza (3 months ago)
There should be Chill project in top 10. Its a great Blockchain's Marketing Platform
wacogame (3 months ago)
I don't understand what his #2 is? Did he say XRP which is Ripple? I think he didn't because he said it was faster than RIpple I think. Someone please help me here.
Everest Network (3 months ago)
Visita nuestra Web : https://noticiasbitcoin.io/
Bhavin Dobariya (3 months ago)
What a video man.. i'm watching all your videos from last 2 days and you are awesome. I didn't hit bell button to any channel but your channel is first to hit bell button.
crypto D (3 months ago)
Ledu should be in the list, go check it out
Stan Murrah (3 months ago)
I like Icon too. Great video.
Pious Projects (3 months ago)
how do I contact admin?
join DasCoin https://netleaders.com/ref/vikram88
anyau92 (3 months ago)
you have a fuego channel and videos bro!
Violetta Aleksandrowicz (3 months ago)
A good project with a great future and an experienced team I hope everything will turn out for you.
drmz drmz (3 months ago)
Ready Set ... Subscribed. Nice video.
Paresh Beladiya (3 months ago)
countdown start...........
Thanks for the review! I also participate in different projects, but I personally like the TokenGo platform. Everything is simple and clear. This platform has a good bounty system, that is, performing daily tasks you earn tokens. You only need responsibility and desire. Good luck)
Crypto Valentine (3 months ago)
love the video excellent content, 1st timer on your page now im subscribing
青唐辛子 (3 months ago)
Nano was shit coiin for me, I bought 23 dollarsa, but dump 5 dollars.
Tomas (3 months ago)
my choice for 2018 is NIX. about to be announced on 30th April ;)
jonny friz friz (3 months ago)
navcoin n1 fast transaction and untracciable option in the wallet buy navcoin guys make all' rich
Grant Jones (3 months ago)
I have earn a lot of bitcoin through mining by [email protected] com...He is legit and operations are perfect...Still can’t believe it and I am so happy working with him..Great job Graham👍
Dave Towm (3 months ago)
Nice video
George Agapitos (3 months ago)
What about cardano and tron ??
Hijab Khan (4 months ago)
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Felaga Comp (4 months ago)
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Crypto Data & News (4 months ago)
Boom baby
Xyedl (4 months ago)
Please dont forget about electroneum :D
George Neo (4 months ago)
Great channel happy i found you
Dunkelheit FPV (4 months ago)
Será que falou da ( aelf) totalmente descentralizada
bernie lee (4 months ago)
I bought 6 neo at $45... When lambo?
C D (4 months ago)
Great video, I invested in Sibcoin. Do you think is a good investment?
IMM Financial (4 months ago)
I am looking for a good crypto portfolio manager tool, any suggestions?
George Bursey (4 months ago)
Can someone pls list the 10 coins
William Leather (4 months ago)
time will tell . . .I like >> Tron , Cardano , Digibyte. . .
Daniel Heyficz (4 months ago)
Gotta say worth of taking a look on a russian segment! My favorite is all the way from Siberia - SIBcoin.
Ldima73 (4 months ago)
Each token that is on predstarte wants to declare itself on the whole world, and the more people learn about it, the more popular, and therefore the success he gets. Tools for this are already in place. TokenGo platform with its unique Bounty program takes these functions themselves. By participating in the program, you promote your ICO project. How do you like this idea. Kriptovaljut market is only at an early stage of development.
Crypto Mining (4 months ago)
Let's see what ICON does this year! I'll be buying some on the dip, great video!
TheEnlightenedOne (4 months ago)
tuckparty (4 months ago)
The real sleeper >>> noweakhands dot com <<<< POWH3D is the game for meaty strong hands!
LaDonna Gifford (4 months ago)
NEO....... ONT.......XVG.........
Aashish Jain (4 months ago)
Don't forget about TNC
Qez inch (4 months ago)
"Мне нравится"
ashley Nicole (4 months ago)
How can I get Gig9 icon hoodie..??
Alex S (4 months ago)
Great vid good list ,agree with you regarding. what do you think about ТоkеnGо? iсо is live! this is prоmising plаtfоrm for tоkеnizing a businеss with еxcеllent futurе plаns and a gооd bоnus prоgrаm.
크리스 (4 months ago)
ICX is one of my holds too. and also you missed out on ENJ coin
Scott M (4 months ago)
Ethos will be live within 7 days, currently $2.82
Monika Jabnouni (4 months ago)
Hello ..., I think you should be interested in the cryptocurrency XIN (Infinity Economics) because of its capabilities. Why do I think so? It is a currency used for payment, but above all, there is the possibility of intelligent contracts that allow us to implement ICO projects. Only absolutely can not be compared to ICO released on ETH (ERC20), because here in addition to the ability to create Tokens, we have assets (shares) where you can become a shareholder of the ICO project, receive dividends, run crowdfunding campaigns, issue currencies (own currency), use Escrow (confirmation of the third party), enter subscriptions and additionally ensure full anonymity (if necessary, through the Shuffling service.) To create your own aliases, send encrypted messages that can only be read by the person to whom it was sent I hope that I am interested in this cryptocurrency and maybe I will hear about it in your next videos :) Regards
clinton (4 months ago)
Have you used bibox or gate to buy tokens before?
Falcon Belt (4 months ago)
Hi, Can You tell what do You think about the NEXUS project ? ( NXS ) . What about satellite network , cube satellites ? When exacly NXS will start their satellite to space ? Project is awesome. Please research it. Thank You!
Adeleke Adetola (4 months ago)
Waste of time....Even a novice in the game knows this!
Tom Greenland (4 months ago)
great video about ICX. Thanks.
Crypto Nexus (4 months ago)
ECA and PHO - most undervalued coins under 1 cent. Better have a look!
Clark Kent (5 months ago)
So what were the honorable mentions and Can you also have the actual name of the blockchain instead of just the logos?
Vini Garcia (5 months ago)
Great Channel! thanks for sharing.
витя петров (5 months ago)
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Игорь Лапин (5 months ago)
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MIGUEL CLARO (5 months ago)
Blasting Crypto (5 months ago)
You guys missed out ATH(Athenian Warrior Token on Cryptopia). Limited supply of 100 Coins!
Jeremiah Santiaguel (5 months ago)
good advices
Gerard Antonucci (5 months ago)
Have you guys heard of BLUE? They're a relatively new crypto startup that's implementing a SDK to scan and audit smart contracts. They already have a functional wallet that's in BETA as well. Seems like a ton of potential.
WeirdWickedWorld (5 months ago)
GCN will open own exchange very soon! Don't miss out! Get 2000 free GCN by joining the Official Telegram group!! https://t.me/gcnofficial
Hack Possible (5 months ago)
'Well buy from a miner to who make a lot amd cant cash out easily to avoid the collapse of their blockchain... So you can contact them amd buy at zero fees and % off [email protected]+18452872346
you have to include zoin, is waking up
Dinic Nenad (5 months ago)
blacknwhite_gaming (5 months ago)
imo 3 more great picks for future: (financial) QASH, (privacy) XSPEC, (special/future-tech) PRL
persnickety vagabond (5 months ago)
Your channel is legit. Thanx for the info.
ryu760 Morales (5 months ago)
Mi favorite are reddcoin.xrp.paccoin.tron.stellar.and cardano.

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