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Is Raiblocks XRB The New IOTA? Rumors Confirmed of a Binance / Kucoin Listing

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7:53am 1/5/2018 - Raiblocks XRB was just added to Kucoin & can now be purchased here http://bit.ly/2zSm7hQ In this episode of crypto riot we take a look at Raiblocks XRB and free to use crypto that has similar features to IOTA. Raiblocks videos by Ivan on Tech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrkiVcxXfI4 Raiblocks explainer video by Data Dash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8aLOAWiDio At the moment there are only a few small exchange that are trading XRB but there is a strong possibility it will be added to Binance and Kucoin in the coming weeks.
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David Hay (8 months ago)
Raiblocks was added to KuCoin this morning 1/5/2018. It can now be purchased here http://bit.ly/2zSm7hQ. Expecting a binance listing early next week.
Raymundo Gonzalez (7 months ago)
3x means 3 times the price of what the coin was
Amazing Videos (8 months ago)
sorry david my english is not much good, whats meaning of 3x and 4x, you said it will be 3x or 4x?
Crypto Twitter (8 months ago)
waiting for it!
Fat Tony (8 months ago)
"That's the spirit soldier" ;o)
LyaDiezMajor (4 months ago)
Hello. What do you think of the TokenGo project?
Reivax (6 months ago)
The *new* IOTA?... Isn't Raiblocks/Nano slightly older than IOTA?
DroneHome (6 months ago)
Well the price prediction looks good!! http://www.coinliker.com/forecast/verge-b06A-prediction
Rohit Alegaonkar (6 months ago)
nano is surging high
Herb Petit (7 months ago)
Kin will partner with Apple. Time to buy is now. Hear it from the founder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=J2Gd2u4R_CA
Boi John Velasquez (7 months ago)
check out www.binance.com/?ref=18693833 there you can buy some coins.
Allan Gabro (7 months ago)
great videos 0xCBE3760ee61c721CC3215BA3a3045FDD4a0e5D57
Chris Cullen (7 months ago)
Does Lightning network for BTC stop coins like LTC and XRB now?
Samson Harp (7 months ago)
Finally got some xrb nano. Ltc LdsAJHsxgdacifSCT1Qz9gBKPg5hLEwRYs
Xyvier XyV (7 months ago)
awesomeeee 0x25e7A5e855706C469fD37Cc87421b4e804252Fa6
Mark O (7 months ago)
Does anyone know if it's technically possible for Nano Ledger to include NANO on their wallet?
kreyzhaa (7 months ago)
Thank you so much David, I will definitely be purchasing a few of these! Appreciate all your videos and information you share! 0xe93b0f9b2442621f8703b61dfe4b2f502dbd58e7
Danny Daze (7 months ago)
boooooom!!!! 0xe8eff0b3f005aa3be4b364b2c0281d02697c66e0
frankesco369 (7 months ago)
Epic you go deep bro 0x6818cbbe05a77d15951ce0a3bf8cf7dab949d11e
OffTheChain (7 months ago)
Raiblocks XRB whitepaper audiobook here https://youtu.be/mC2kLdZL6T4
CryptoH0dl3r (7 months ago)
Can u do #ebtc review
Prodigy Defender (7 months ago)
Is RAIBLOCK gonna be rebranded as NANO TOKEN?
Jony Syful Alam (7 months ago)
Hi, Guys... this is the best ICO for 2018, i bought them at $1.20 per token and now they are at $10.11 per token, you can buy with Credit or Debit Card directly, buy before ICO finishes, there token value will reach to $188 before ICO Finish. Thanks... https://r-2b.com/ref/gotsome4u2 you can signup and check their current price and check next few days how the coin price increasing, and then if you feel like then buy it or leave it.
Silk Chimp (8 months ago)
David, do you have any information on the CIF project? https://www.cryptoimprovementfund.io/ 0xA4760EB059CCDDa95407A2B32c3077827c3681Cc
O V (8 months ago)
What's the safest exchange that allows to trade XRB? 0x52a2252129e467Dc5adA6Ec30f215FAce6A081a9
Fresh Richi (8 months ago)
Congrats on 100k Subs! Bless!!! (^^,)v
Dilini Wijenayaka (8 months ago)
POSTcoin !
Chad Lipps (8 months ago)
0x23a72437c89053E5f6d875707408C3a148104Ec3 Thank you for the knowledge.
Goof Ball (8 months ago)
Great video on Raiblocks. Let us know what you think about OST Simple Token. 0x9Fb57B9a87BBca46Eb2Be01Cda847ffC37406ae6
Srikanth Vadlakonda (8 months ago)
FIRE LOTTO - THE BEST OF THE BEST LOTTERIES https://firelotto.io/account.html?ref=9996 THE LOTTERY HAS ALREADY BEEN LAUNCHED 80% percent of ICOs are not backed up by any product prototype. Key Points for Invest in FireLotto Fire Lotto is a finished product that has already been launched. A total of 100 million Fire Lotto tokens distributed (70% for Sale) Solid Team White paper well explained. 10% sale commission shared to token holders.
Kieren Crowley (8 months ago)
Hey great video! Can't wait to get my hands on some Raiblocks! 0xe584ef9187c1C7a287349fc3c0609008C067Bcca
Waking Within (8 months ago)
I'm not sure if i made the comment in time for the eth give away but here's my address anyways. 0x3ee7bfDaEAbF8EdF541B1764fd2bc73A14E2110e PS. your videos and opinions are right on most of the time
Luis Keteimporta (8 months ago)
good job buddy. love your work 0x0eae7fbe9de149ae7dc5655d2fcad011a2102d87
Crypto Vit (8 months ago)
Hey can you analyze tron? Its been huge! Want to know what you think of it?
Morten Lauritsen (8 months ago)
Hi Can you look a this new coin cappasity ty love from denmark
Daniil Stetsenko (8 months ago)
Thank you for all your hard work sir!  0xb808e03874d44f3f263c8474cd37640a423fecf8
Tobey Krueger (8 months ago)
Anyway The Wind Blows 0x22a0971c996220c03c32b6566e121f82ed59eb10
Richard Forrester (8 months ago)
I really like listening to this tech stuff David so Raiblocks over IOTA? thanks v/r RF <0xa3ea2dbff79502f8fa89412d33749c8f9c270569>
Nitin Dutta (8 months ago)
love ur videos.. great - ( my eth address 0x03db5462ad701a56ab5c91faf50cc94f8a8a8c0f
Sam Munoz (8 months ago)
great stuff 0xf8E9B8690a9CcF389d78cE2bf972848DbbbC3222
Peter Pan (8 months ago)
IOTA <3 0x0e8720e3749e20f495a3fcfe889d08f8a321290e
natskis (8 months ago)
I like the idea of using and then diversifying into other projects. Raiblocks looks like a coin I'll be adding to my portfolio for sure. Thanks for the great video. 0x9c306AFE3fcd2282c0D02DB9dAE607820f02Af8a
Nordin T. (8 months ago)
he has more than enough referrals, help me out guys and get me started thanks!!!! https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1xv63
Jon (8 months ago)
Great video 0x30D864DDbC04155d283366DaE3659299A799D76b
Sixty Nine (8 months ago)
FLASH is faster!!!
GuillaumeS (8 months ago)
Thanks for your videos! One of the best channel about crypto currency. 0x1eED729cCb89d794B8dF8D9B604359Bd846CCe9d
Yulong Thai (8 months ago)
Great video David. 0x4277428bEB344Aa1ec2117dB5f5578a931CaFB68
bazump (8 months ago)
HOLY SHIT. terrible audio mixing. my speakers exploded at 0:55
Bash Choudhury (8 months ago)
Good info as always from you: BTC: 1NSK2Ph9bakeMWRpdoUAmM9uY6rzSXugGN
William Bastinado (8 months ago)
How do you find huobi? 0x6e428061c1a46444c68a00e321b74b9e0dbf0e37
Andrew Vrabel (8 months ago)
David, what do you think of XTRABYTES?
daniel cook (8 months ago)
THE. FREAKING. MAN. Thanks for all your knowledge David. 0xaBdf75D314E497dac0C9879cdA80773126Cf2ff3
Max Morgan (8 months ago)
It has won the vote to be added to binanace 0x605a1dc1526d7E6a6bc169e2a21a88159d5C69A9
Matej Carević (8 months ago)
Great tip 0x71ba01c217dd191eb03b0b9ae4c858fd16dbaad8
Uncle grumpy (8 months ago)
Your videos are never dull or a waste of time. Gracias 0xbb7049EaA30d420524F1EaB855D37a8CAA875A8e
toowelly (8 months ago)
Love youre Content, keep going =) 0x4fe1aD14A13189f2a725a4A64b96d04FcA907D35
Kaleab Miitku (8 months ago)
h3ym0nk3y (8 months ago)
please also check pascalCoin, could be raiblocks 2.0
Lisa G (8 months ago)
Could you do some research on the Pro-network ...seems to be another Ponzi scheme but the team seems to be fairly competent! Thanx in advance!
Integral Body Institute (8 months ago)
thank you for sharing , ETH : 0xa74a2ea782b4278A4f5Ec3Ba71095FCA0488d765
brpower100 (8 months ago)
Raiblocks desktop wallet (windows x64) has been syncing for the past 36 hrs and still going. Arrrggghh!!!!!! THIS IS NOT NORMAL. I predict an early death to this project.
Roswell Fernandes (8 months ago)
what do you think Raiblock price will be at the end of the year. 0x9A59014571B01b5d09a51E0eEB1F86baC5692f2a
Badmus Oluwasegun (8 months ago)
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Charles Guo (8 months ago)
4 digits for sure. Not soon but for sure. 0x94041bc4af29c061d22a00e5dfe8c517c5dc7ec4
dandy gagui (8 months ago)
Another great Vid David! 👍 0x0005Db5D6e2eC7e2499589C3CDc9ffA50C2D9ae5
Warmeta (8 months ago)
Raiblock recently added on Kucoin!! use my referal! Win win ;) https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1y6Rg
rudysr22 (8 months ago)
Can you make a video about Cloak? 0x0b0846eb84975af95cf3bf7bc9c6cd9beb93db62
Meshud Ahmed Djamil (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing as always! 0x3d78fede5f18f785c6376cace6008a52f48d0e16
Dinita Mircea (8 months ago)
Very good reviews! 0x7DF4E359A451C8151f5dac5e7596e120EF565Aee
noodlesdoctor (8 months ago)
Yes 0xFf9B9A4ee64ed1f1e1a9b14c943EBf8689eC5a59
Pablo Llambias (8 months ago)
Time to buy some XRB. Awesome Videos. ... ETH    0xAc8DaD30B705b56F4831204521b32936871Bd2A7
HIIIPUTITO (8 months ago)
Hi guys, im from guatemala, and i only own 67 ripples, thats all i can afford, if you wanna donate 1 ripple to meee, please be pious of the people with fewer opportunities, thank you friend I really thank you, if you wanna donate me at least 0.0001 ripple ill aprecciate you, thankyou, rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh tag 103290384 , thankyou friend
Michael Jensen (8 months ago)
Too many exchanges to keep track of! Coinbase is well known but how do people from different countries get involved in exchanges outside their country? I was lucky enough to avoid them by doing faucets over the last 18 months and it opened up the crypto market to me through shapeshift. I need to get into exchanges now I think. Always love the info you provide! 0x0372892865fb6c6fa9b9e8f6819515d5f0f4b25b
Clem Clem (8 months ago)
Thx for this video David!! very informative and i love your positivity. Don't rest your laptop on your lap, the electromagnetic radiation is unhealthy. Much better to connect it to a power source and to keep some distance to the body. stay healthy and keep putting out quality work.
Stephen Smith (8 months ago)
Very helpful, it does help to get a laymans description of differences. 0xe3bd3df20dab67fc730abea7dbaed8630f4ea989
Steven Prodanuk (8 months ago)
Trades pretty high already....looks like it went to the moon! thanks for the info 0x23671e41e58393156850409b45a3fbb9fc4f353e
urfi usmani (8 months ago)
i think iota is way much better than rail block 0x074c4afdbc7a758700c254c029a2aa4d2af47b65
Kasun Gayashan (8 months ago)
Thank you. What about CanYa? Seems it will be a big thing. Can you do a video please 0x0c94278af5f5ae7eb9f9fe52054070a42e0db9a2
Andy Calderon (8 months ago)
Any thoughts on TON Coin?
Warren maxwell-Pear (8 months ago)
Thanks for the on going research. Keen to buy some Alt but the most trusted exchanges seem to be down: not accepting new registrations (Binance). Any ideas on when the exchanges will re-open? 0x65F088546a38B737E3Dc9574eB44961B2ceFe99e
CKJ Crypto News (8 months ago)
whats the best exchange
Stephen Cotton (8 months ago)
What do you think about mnx? 0x467f1BAd7403f05748dB5219595CA92b5A330A00
Jason Gomez (8 months ago)
Cool info! Railblocks market is looking good! 0xd8e0829404cd0ecf0e917d957decb5ae34f45cd9
TheGroupNine (8 months ago)
Thoughts on lite coin? 0x33E471504f1fF2e42B304171C485c7BCD14F2f3d
Homero Bittencourt (8 months ago)
Raiblocks no fee.... ETH : 0x3f70c174b74e59fc9121c8d78efcf28968a490b6
Kyle Stolk (8 months ago)
Just read that nano servers and XRB servers have been chatting. Got in on a dip, so pumped!
TheLovalova69 (8 months ago)
Great video! hope I get some ETH! 0x641E4b11EbF4A9916051C6D15e55252136044cDE
Gilberto Parra (8 months ago)
Nice video.... 0xc3bc608fa92552150a59ef5dfdb1d36025184407
Shutter Angle (8 months ago)
0xd9e28cabc42ec37563651d4f68ce7b03a88bbb70 just for the fun
Diego Torres Coló (8 months ago)
I really like watching your videos. Very informative. After watching this video I finally understand RaiBlocks a bit more.
SurfThomasVD (8 months ago)
Cameron Graham (8 months ago)
Thanks for explaining XRB David, I always look forward to your videos, keep up the great work!!! :D 0x9378e4bf33eba39d932a757913c5eabe20e450be
Justin C. (8 months ago)
David Hay, Thank you for the great reviews you always make! 0x00E6DDF9a5A67a6d78D0800914234820CDE0DaDD
2k 19 (8 months ago)
Hey guys, so after Bittrex and Binance, Kucoin will also (in around 1 week) temporarily disable new user registrations. Don't ask how or why I know just thank me by using my refcode: 1bser So if you still don't have a Kucoin account, make one, or you will miss all the moon missions, because they list all the big gainers first. >>> 1bser <<< https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1bser
Son Nguyen (8 months ago)
Hey I just started with cryptocurrency and your videos has really helped ! Thank you! 0x9539297edb9fd02340204e71eb74e5126fd2e6ad
Sean Thompson (8 months ago)
Great video! Raiblocks is the future! 0xd442ae9a7cc1f12e88d1055b859eab5436ca9a48
jackdoor01 (8 months ago)
Great video, definitely taking a closer look at Raiblocks now! 0x15b1B0a6673e1a36941c05Cb4C41554c54D58bBc
brycemandrake (8 months ago)
Thank you man! 0xd38dd1f899987dc5576677c643a260052dd83885
mpmazanek (8 months ago)
0xC4A285f1D71A12feD6686efc69204B3E1c0E68E4 Was waiting for new videos for 2018!
Nathan Pearson - Smith (8 months ago)
What a great channel, how did I not know about this before 🙈
Zb Nn (8 months ago)
Great video thx! 0x1fb996de253c9fd5b77ab2a4114ced783a52d30c
Jared Robinson (8 months ago)
RaiBlocks is fuck all in comparison to Iota... 😂😂😂😂
Jared Robinson (8 months ago)
Kalvis Timsans (8 months ago)
Thanks for the update on RaiBlocks. I am still a fan of IOTA, but RaiBlocks have surpasesed the value of IOTA so fast even though it is not in any of the large trading platforms. Could you please make another video explaining TRON. Thanks. ETH: 0xF45c894Bd46030FD0E40dc90becb06290a6c1c70

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