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Top 5 Positions: $BTC $NEO $ELA and more

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In this video I present to you my top 5 long term investment positions in the crypto market to date. I also give a brief overview and pitch explained briefly why I look each project. What is in your top 5??? Post in the comments below Follow me on twitter: @GdCntryCrypto This video is my own opinion, not financial advice. I'm not a financial advisor, and I am not responsible for your investments. Invest at your own risk.
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Text Comments (130)
Artur Kowalski (3 days ago)
MONERo is next BITCOIN!!!
Mr_E_Man 007 (10 days ago)
Still bullish on Switcheo? Even with NEX coming out?
the future (1 month ago)
NEO!! 🚀🚀
crypto darthmarc (1 month ago)
neo, ont, icx, trx,Ada for me
crypto darthmarc (1 month ago)
exellent list, i would add ont, i think that one is a great one two, better tham swicheo, wich also i like and i will invest soon in that one
Western Survival (1 month ago)
Can you make a video on Chain Link please. I'm even more excited about that project than Elastos.
Harvey McDaniel (1 month ago)
Bcc love the new name , old creed was awesome. I'd like your opinions on www.timicoin.io launching anyday now we are told. Btw I'm really new to crypto but learning everything I can. Your thoughts privately after you read up on it we oukd be great thanks. Ncash pundi switcheo tron and cardano would be my top 5 currently listed on exchange
Johnny Pep (1 month ago)
Hi Jeremy, I understand ELA is a great project, Great team and we expect it will have very bright future ahead.You have mentioned how investing in Elastos is like investing in Companies like Microsoft in the early stages of the computer tech movement. My only concern is about the return on our investments. Correct me if I'm wrong but By purchasing tokens, which basically are digits on a ledger , Hundreds of millions of dollars are raised and is essentially used for Advertising and marketing, Funding Team travel, Developing Tech ect. All to which i agree Is vital for this idea to work.But Unlike buying shares of a company we don't receive dividens and we don't own any percentage of the company what so ever. We instead own tokens in the hope to sell them at a profit in the future, How are these tokens linked to elastos awesome fundamental idea? . You Say that you don't even consider elastos to be a crypto currency and that concerns me a little. Will There be a real use case for the coins ? I think i have missed the boat on something here ? Im Not trying to be Rude mate, Love the channel , Love the info , Love ELA. Just a bit New to the crypto scene...cheers
Craig C (1 month ago)
straight talk...i like it that deserves a like and a subscribe. keep it up
Dimension 9 (1 month ago)
ETN, COSS, EOS, NEO, Vechain
DazzFire - Rhiannon (1 month ago)
Sadly the KuCoin listing didn't do anything at all for Elastos. :( Still holding...
R L (1 month ago)
Ela, Vet, Icx, Bqx, Ont
Money Maker (1 month ago)
hi GCC how about Elastos Price prediction for this year?
Crypto Andy (1 month ago)
Love NEO and ELA. I hope you have some Waltonchain!
Matthew Allman (1 month ago)
https://visionz.capital/research/elastos_research.pdf Some in depth research on Elastos, worth a look 👍🏼
Beau Roode (1 month ago)
Anxious to get ELA soon. My top 5 holdings, XLM, NEO, ADA, LTC, ONT. Only been in the game since early 2017.
L G (1 month ago)
ont, ven, bnb, zil, theta
K K (1 month ago)
Crypto is dead boyssssss
Virus (1 month ago)
Hello sir
all aboth cooking (1 month ago)
Thanks for your videos
borja (1 month ago)
excellent picks jeremy! mines are: BTC (20%), NEO (10%), WTC (10%), ADA (10%), ELA (50%)
Julien M (1 month ago)
CRYPTO_NOMICON (1 month ago)
Ur the fkn best buddy
Claudio Pascariello (1 month ago)
Hey man, did you ever hear about Nuls. Great team, great partnerships (bitmain), great community! Wrote an article on how to start staking on the network and in my opinion one to keep an eye on. https://medium.com/@nulsnode.com/how-to-start-staking-nuls-8e00a8d9f2d1
Avi Bajwa (1 month ago)
Neo 1k 👀
Timothy Freyne (1 month ago)
Top positions BTC, NEO, XLM, ELA, ADA, XRP
Elmo Benjamin (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video. I was owning mostly alts, increased my BTC position
Crypto 00 (1 month ago)
check out Effect.AI they just had partnership with Quadrant Protocol. Singapore government has asked Quadrant Protocol to map and categorize a wide range of geographic entities. Effect.AI will provide the necessary human force to enter and validate information related to mapping, polygon traces, point of interest labeling and live location feeds. This will provide greater opportunities for Effect.Ai to work with other governments and local authorities in similar projects.
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
Crypto 00 efx is a great project
Timothy Freyne (1 month ago)
Great content! A tip: have your dog in the room behind you as he is awesome :-)
Ian Bo (1 month ago)
Nice video... I appreciate it.. Please stop tapping your desk its stuffing up the sound quality.. maybe position your mic off the desk..
mohamed sidique bham (1 month ago)
Great Show - I am as bullish as you on Elastos. i know that you did a Wanchain review and wanted to know if it in your Top 10 perhaps?
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
mohamed sidique bham yeah I would say they are in my top 10
Nicholas Byrne (1 month ago)
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
Nicholas Byrne good list
JTX \m/ (1 month ago)
ELA available on coinspot in Australia too!
MSMW (1 month ago)
WTC (the giant sleeper) - 40%, ELA - 30%, BTC - 30%
John Tan (1 month ago)
Love your channel. My top 6 1) NEO (smart economy with fiat gateway) 2) ELA (interoperability) 3) ONT (modular blockchain) 4) ICX (mass adoption usage) 5) MAN (intelligent blockchain) 6) SWTH (universal pairing integration) NEO and ONT are a pair so 2 half of it makes a complete pie.
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
John Tan nice list
My top 5.... ELA, ONT, NEO, ENG, 0x.. Smaller bags. EFX, ADA, VEN, MAN, BNB, HT, APH, SWTH
Renzzz17 (1 month ago)
triple333bc (1 month ago)
great content but bad sound...tapping on table? If u put the mic on soft foam really helps--
Alex Tockstein (1 month ago)
Hey GCC, how many years will it be until ELA provides a ROI? I love the project, but it seems like it will take 10 years for their vision to be made manifest. Until then, I'm trying to profit in order to escape the rat race and fund my own projects. Is there really enough reason to buy ELA in 2018 when one can potentially make 20K on BTC if it moons again? Then use that money to invest in ELA when the market corrects again. Let me know what you think! I don't have enough fiat to put $5,000 into ELA and wait 5-15 years.
Melnyk on Tech (1 month ago)
solid picks, nice and varied projects!
CHB (1 month ago)
poor NEO getting hammered right now..
William Richard (1 month ago)
Can you please give me feedback on (FUEL) Etherparty. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
William Richard sorry I'm not familiar with that project. I'll look into it
Been cost averaging all the way down since 12k buying alts. Am going to buy a btc now and not trade it. It will find a high and come back down. The alts will do more times right? Like say cardano goes from .12 to 1.00. Btc would have to go to 60k and hold. I'm definitely getting a btc, but why is that better? Would someone please give me some insight.
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
FLAT PLANE GUY IT'S FLAT hey bud, BTC is better than most alts because it's safest to say that btc will still be around in 10 years while most alts probably won't. With alts you're trying to pick the few winners that will hopefully gain adoption, btc is already a winner and far down that path. I hope this helps. Cheers
T C (1 month ago)
https://eosgas.io/?ref=Dev Join the eos gas program and get free airdrops....
DC Funhouse (1 month ago)
Ela, Ada, Man, BTC, ZRX--check your email and get back to me re Tuesday, ty
Evolve From Now (1 month ago)
Very close to mine! Swap Switcheo for Stellar and that’s my top 5! Cheers love your work.
Dion Kristens (1 month ago)
G'day from Australia! Loving the video and the punt of SWTH. High risk high reward at it's finest! Top 5 for me ELA, ONT, NEO, WTC, ICX :D
Crypto Engineer (1 month ago)
ELAaaaaaaa, DENT, NEO, ETC, Gincoin
Crypto Engineer (1 month ago)
I love sharing your Elastos videos in the telegram chat haha!!!
Private Petrov (1 month ago)
Love your perspectives as always, keep 'em going.
Mike Maldonado (1 month ago)
Ela, icx, ven, sub, ada, nav
captainstanleya (1 month ago)
Great job you did, positive information, hey give me a price prediction, on eta swth
Andy Mcrory (1 month ago)
These aren’t may biggest holdings but my top 5 based on current utility are BTC ETH XMR then NEO and my fave ELA....ELA, cannot be my top given they have released nothing yet
Global Vision Traders (1 month ago)
Good point on Bitcion being the first to pump and lead the way.
Twistr (1 month ago)
My top five is Morpheus network
chillywilly541 (1 month ago)
You sure you weren't paid 10k tokens by switcheo?
Money Maker (1 month ago)
hi GCC whats your price prediction for MAN 3 years from now?
Money Maker (1 month ago)
wow same price prediction to Switch.eo thank you so much!
John Tan (1 month ago)
Between the range of $100 - $300
Common Man Crypto (1 month ago)
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
boompanes boom man target is $100
Luis Becerra (1 month ago)
Luis Becerra (1 month ago)
Top 5: Elastos, Substratum, Cardano, Switcheo, Neo.
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
Luis Becerra good list
Thomas Whelan (1 month ago)
1 eos, 2 omisego, 3 elastos, 4 ontology, 5 dogecoin. Accumulating elastos these days
Western Survival (1 month ago)
Thomas Whelan How many eos do you have man?
Don Ray (1 month ago)
Ster Ling (1 month ago)
Just found out ELA is avail on Kucoin Yeah!!. My favs have changed to XLM, ADA, DGB, ETC, BTC...used to be NEO, NEO, NEO..still hold it.
Ster Ling (1 month ago)
chillywilly541..I just saw that! Yeah!
chillywilly541 (1 month ago)
They can, Kucoin
Steve Mascari (1 month ago)
Love your videos mate. I totally agree with you on Elastos. It's a baby at the moment growing into a sleeping giant.
Ster Ling (1 month ago)
I've been a NEO fan since Antshares/NEO at 20 cents. NEO is connected to the Chinese government (Communist), and could be manipulated re: movement. I'm not as bullish as I was once. Hope to be wrong...but.
Ster Ling (1 month ago)
FLAT PLANE GUY IT'S FLAT...It's going to be difficult since the big boys/money got involved. For myself, I've changed my investments recently. Oh, for the good old days, like last year. lol..I learned about BTC at $3. Went thru hell!! Think about ones that Coinbase is considering adding. I like DGB..if you research the project. Solid/fast/cheap. XLM. ADA. Re: NEO, China is all over it, like he says...pros and cons with that. I still like NEO, but....who really knows. Do the research, pick what you like, and go with your gut.
Ster Ling (1 month ago)
Josh Craig..I've studied this situation..it's complicated, political etc. I'm just acting according to my research and observations.
Is there even a chance for newbs to find a brand new neo or eth? Isn't telegram like that, only you have to be a millionaire to buy some? Aren't all the people pumping telegram scams?
Crypto Engineer (1 month ago)
Ster Ling I wouldn’t worry to much! Hell if they try to pull that off what’s to stop them from uprooting the platform to another country??
Alex Belhaj (1 month ago)
I have 400 ELA , and on this moment is it hard for me looking for the price só low
Azad Awrahman (1 month ago)
Thanks for your information, kindly, what about the Zebi (ZCO) coin and BTCP Bitcoin private
NATE97 (1 month ago)
Money Maker (1 month ago)
im a hodler and my Best picks are Ela,PundiX,MAN,Switch.eo,Neo 3 years from now. lets see my 1,500 usd investment goes i just put 300 usd each im poor :(
Ramesh Mohata (1 month ago)
Thanks Jeremy. Consider having exposure to BCH along with BTC. And BNB with Switcheo. Vechain will be the KING.
Linda Bennett (1 month ago)
Elastos now available on Coinspot
Mayank Gupta (1 month ago)
cnn ocn dta uuu seele
Scottish bull80 (1 month ago)
Has you thought about a telegram group?
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
Scottish bull80 yeah I will start one some day just too busy right now with my construction business
Fabian Day (1 month ago)
Great stoff
bayofplentyful (1 month ago)
Scottish bull80 (1 month ago)
My top 5 btc,ela,neo,0x ,walton
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
Scottish bull80 nice
Scottish bull80 (1 month ago)
Was thinking of getting out my litecoin position into btc , you had just made it 100%
Alfredo Moreno (1 month ago)
Im more of a risk taker I dont have any BTC I have ELA, NEO, WTC, ADA
Pookiedoge (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn_L6Y0DTEQ From my pov BTC dominance will only grow larger with the upcoming news and possible ETF. I hold atleast a % as great as BTC market dominance in BTC, which in my opinion will only grow this year.
Marcos H (1 month ago)
Also ELA is now on Kucoin don't FOMO
Marcos H (1 month ago)
SWTH should get with ELA so that ELA launched tokens get listed on SWTH first Thoughts about NKN?
Common Man Crypto (1 month ago)
I've spoken to them about this... they say they're focused on Qtum which is the most retarded thing I have seen in a minute.
Adrian Romega (1 month ago)
thank you once again for this great video.
Eric Chyke (1 month ago)
thanks man, such an insightful video... peace...
SK OP (1 month ago)
This guy is awesome
Marcos H (1 month ago)
I actually hope NEO does not become divisible.
Common Man Crypto (1 month ago)
Nobody has time to sit there and wait for GAS to ass up buddy lol
CHB (1 month ago)
its not designed as a currency... it produces its currency GAS to holders of NEO... you use divisible GAS as the currency.
Tadgh Smith (1 month ago)
How does a coin being non-divisible make it more valuable? Surely it makes it less valuable because it can't really be used as a currency? So that's one less use case.
Marcos H (1 month ago)
Tadgh Smith I think the value would be greater
Mayank Gupta (1 month ago)
you are so bullinsh on neo even more then chinese lol i hope you heard the leaked tape of chinese vc
Amadeus Stone (1 month ago)
Mayank Gupta I haven’t. What happened?
Mark Isaac (1 month ago)
Ela, Neo, Ont, Wtc, Bnb
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
Mark Isaac nice
Batman (1 month ago)
Batman (1 month ago)
G.C.C. Thanks bro love your work your Subs growing slow like the market cap lol don’t worry your subs will moon next bullrun 💪
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
blazersfire1 good list here
Paul Carey (1 month ago)
Re Elastos, they’ve obviously got a great tech team. But the project is 18 years old and not reached its potential. Do they have the sales and marketing team to get their product out there and become the layer that prevents smart cars from being hacked etc?
Paul Carey (1 month ago)
TheSecretAgent 007 Hopefully now is their time and they’ll seize the opportunity.
TheSecretAgent 007 (1 month ago)
That Rong Chen started 18 years ago to build his OS does not mean that the project of Elastos and the "product" that wants to be now it was already ready few years ago. In fact blockchain of course is an addition to that OS Project. Now the whole thing comes together and it makes sense.
Memo Sonmez (1 month ago)
❤️Elastos, Neblio, Nano, Hpb, Wanchain❤️
Kevin DiFilippo (1 month ago)
Top5: Ela (of course), Man, Btc, Wtc, Hpb
Kevin DiFilippo (1 month ago)
G.C.C. Thanks, you the man
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
Kevin DiFilippo good picks
Batman (1 month ago)
Solid Advice 👍
Paul Carey (1 month ago)
Thanks Jeremy. If you had spare fiat now, would you just buy btc or go for some of those oh-so-tempting altcoin prices?
Blue Collar Crypto (1 month ago)
Depends on the current balance of your portfolio... I think 30% btc at least is wise
DonkeyD (1 month ago)
settle down.... Elastos bro!!
Mayank Gupta (1 month ago)
btc safest

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