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Inventory management for small business. A simple how to tutorial

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Inventory management for small business is often an after thought. Find out why this critical step can save you some serious money and how you can implement the latest technologies for almost without a massive budget. This step by step guide shows you how we manage 1000's of SKU's everyday without any errors. For more information visit http://www.davidhay.org/qr-codes-quick-easy-inventory-tracking/ Let’s get this out of the way: the subject I’m going to cover today is a polarizing one. Like with all topics, some people will be on the bandwagon, on the fence, or dragging their feet kicking and screaming; this particular subject attracts discussions of the kicking and screaming variety. I’m talking about QR codes. There are many who think that the QR code is dead, and they wouldn’t be wrong. We could write an entire blog post about why QR codes suck, but they’re still the fastest way to transmit large amounts of information. That’s what makes it such a great platform on which to base your asset management and inventory tracking. ======================== Subscribe to my channel https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=DavidHaydotOrg ======================== I offer professional consulting services starting at $80 per hour.
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Mrb Drm (3 days ago)
i have made an inventory system that only need your phone and it use your camera to read the QR without any app with much better UI it let you track what did you sell and when. and what you add to the inventory too
Michael Herrick (9 days ago)
Hi David, great video. We have built a cloud inventory tool that works a lot like this. Let me know if you want to see the beta. https://stockroom.app
Stephanie Thomas (11 days ago)
Great ideas but what if my inventory is online?
Princeallan (16 days ago)
Hi David Hay! That's an awesome piece of work there. Allow me to introduce a school management system Anyone looking a school ERP out there?? You should probably check out Elimuswift school ERP >> http://bit.ly/elimuswift << There are many advantages with connecting with a system that has the best support services and best technologies. It is designed to fit any institution needs from colleges to a pre-school and supports multiple languages. I fully recommend to anyone from software developers, school owners teachers or anyone willing to work with us as partners. Elimuswift offers custom features when requested. Talk to us >> [email protected] anytime and we will get back ASAP!
Paul Cruz (21 days ago)
great vid. Question if I may, I run a small ebay.com store online. The inventory and the listing part of my small business take up so much time. Is there a way that I could scan the barcode of my products and get that information on to a spreadsheet in one click. for example when I click the scanner on a product and I have my computer open to just a web search it will pop up the item with all the information and cost. when I scan the barcode on to my spreadsheet all I get is numbers. help if you can. thank you.
Sibe Studios (1 month ago)
I want to integrate something like this at my current job. That or just go play guitar and do YouTube full time, they work me too much right now to be able to do any editing. :(
MINVP APP (2 months ago)
Expand your business, have your own app and beat your competitors http://www.minvp.com/
Cody Zanard (2 months ago)
I have been using the system that Supply Insight currently offers. The hardware is affordable and the application is simple and easy to use. Even a small business owner can now harness the power of RFID to help with inventory management, and it starts at less than $3k. www.supplyinsight.com
suss1 (3 months ago)
Hello, do you have any tips in managing inventory for a restaurant?
Joevil Malones (3 months ago)
How to out stock using mobile phone? Do you have a video?
Noah Calven (3 months ago)
Great video David. Guys you can stock your stores with products from wholesale site bwanaz
Catherine Snyder (3 months ago)
This is great! I love the way you broke it down. I just started using Sortly Pro: they have a new app that makes keeping track of my stuff soooo much easier! It really is pretty awesome. It makes QR codes and barcodes, too.
Chris Brantley (4 months ago)
This is exactly what I want to do to manage spare parts at 4 of our locations. How did you do the web interface?
Jacob Israel (4 months ago)
first thing first, this is not a simple how to lol
pradeep singh (5 months ago)
http://imojo.in/87n18 Follow above Link and get best software to maintain inventory for small businesses, Shops or Stores. Key Features: 1. Easy and Simplest way to operate. 2.Best ever in Price. 3.Get instant support. Call 9888002326
Are u advertising for red bull also..smile
Bursadesain.com (7 months ago)
great content, thanks
listojay (7 months ago)
if you provide your employee an internet connection. they will play and go in social media over the internet. making them unproductive.
Hendry Ramadhan (2 months ago)
listojay yes they are lol
Veeqo (8 months ago)
Inventory management should always be one of your priorities. Research from the IHL group shows that the worldwide retail economy is worth a staggering $14.5 trillion. However, this figure could actually be substantially larger. Poor inventory management is one of the issues that stand in its way. The same report mentions that companies worldwide lose $634 billion a year from items that aren’t in stock and $472 billion from overstocking items. Combined, this leaves us with an astonishing figure of $1.1 trillion. Lost due to inventory management issues. Inventory management tends to be one of those tasks that online retailers palm off to another member of staff, or leave to the last minute, but if you let your inventory get out of control, you could find yourself losing money. Things can get complicated when you start selling on more than one channel, and online sellers encounter problems when managing their stock such as: -overselling products when something is bought on another sales channel -mistakes and inconsistencies due to human error -having to dedicate more time than they’d like to managing their inventory when they could be spending time focusing on other aspects of the business Like these guys have, think about implementing inventory management software tools like inventory or order management software to avoid disappointing your customers and keep your stock organised and consistent between your sales channels. Show less REPLY
Brad Haaf (9 months ago)
Looking to use QR code on a item that's to be delivered and installed. I want my employee to be able to scan the QR code and have a blueprint or layout plan for the current project pop up to show him where it needs to go and a picture to assure he/she is installing the correct item. (possibly with a link to a you tube video giving installation instructions) Or to notice an item missing and be able to look at the blueprint or layout for the current project and click on the item diagram missing to order it from the warehouse.. does this exist ?
Jose Pichardo (9 months ago)
where do i get barcodes from?
Appoline (10 months ago)
For Inventory management, TaoHorse barcode scanner is quite a good choice, fast and precise scanning and easy to use with any device, iPhone, Huawei, etc. no problem
Api Hemi (1 year ago)
This is perfect but how do I start barcoding my products?
Michael Herrick (9 days ago)
Api, this tool can print and then scan for you: https://stockroom.app
Steve Tallent (16 days ago)
Not sure what you are asking, but you can create your own algorithm for codes like F-12345 and then get a barcode font to make it into a scannable barcode. You can incorporate that into your labels or print separate labels that are affixed to products.
Karen Meier (7 months ago)
The link you have does not work for bluejadesolutions.
Carpool Essentials (10 months ago)
Here is a website to buy barcoding equipments and solutions. Got mine on there http://bluejadesolutions.ecrater.com/c/2127203/business-solutions
Fresh Gaming (1 year ago)
Api Hemi buy a barcode scanner
Krantz 4Christ (1 year ago)
thank you this helps so much.
dmacosta1 (1 year ago)
thank you
Ton Robert (1 year ago)
What inventory management software do you use ? I have a retail warehouse of building materials to get more organized?
Carpool Essentials (10 months ago)
Check on here, they have pretty good solutions for business management http://bluejadesolutions.ecrater.com/c/2127203/business-solutions
MrC0MPUT3R (1 year ago)
I really like this idea, but that UI is ugly as sin lol
Gino Huang (1 year ago)
HI this is Gino I got a handheld barcode scanner , and i try to scan a barcode that has a dash in it, Example 23332-223342232 i try many time many way , it just can't scan it, i dont know why, can u help me out plz........thank u so much , let me know
Student Project Guide (1 year ago)
nice one..
Fahad Mohamed (2 years ago)
what software do you use to make your qr codes ?
Biznis Apps (1 year ago)
many free options on google
NSLAS Shore (2 years ago)
Hi David . very interesting concept .. we do a very small inventory management system "like very old school" time consumed, very interested on your "web link" to manage inventory? Like how to send data to your website? thanks
SmokeyDaBigBear420 (2 years ago)
Simply put where can I buy this? And what's the cost? Keep in mind this is for a small business.
Appoline (10 months ago)
TaoHorse barcode scanner is good, get one on Amazon ;-)
Thomson Natasha (2 years ago)
For safe business transactions https://www.hidemyass.com/vpn/r18307/
Gavin Steer (2 years ago)
Hi David - Great ides/System - Is it commercially available?
Juan Peralta (2 years ago)
one question if I have two workers and 1 workers wants to share his inventory with another in the field can I do this with this program and I be able to sit in my office and look at this transaction go through
Veeqo (2 years ago)
Great video! Inventory management tends to be one of those tasks that online retailers palm off to another member of staff, or leave to the last minute, but if you let your inventory get out of control, you could find yourself losing money. Things can get complicated when you start selling on more than one channel, and online sellers encounter problems when managing their stock such as: - overselling products when something is bought on another sales channel - mistakes and inconsistencies due to human error - having to dedicate more time than they’d like to managing their inventory when they could be spending time focusing on other aspects of the business - These issues can lead to disappointed customers and a loss of sales, so dedicating some time to improving the way your stock is handled could benefit you in the long term. QR codes are a really cool and novel idea! If we can be a bit cheeky we've just released an inventory management app to work with a our stock management software. If you're interested, check out our channel. We'd love to hear your opinion on it.
Escondido Electronics (2 years ago)
is the linea pro only for ipod? I have andoid galaxy note
icesvenni (3 years ago)
Hey, why wouldn't you use NFC stickers and scanners? Wouldn't that be faster and more convenient?
Michael 732 (2 years ago)
+icesvenni I considered using NFC\RFID stickers, but we concluded that the cost and overhead was to high AND not may phones support the NFC stickers. Just our process.
Nk Patel (3 years ago)
Hi David, Can you please share the url application you using behind to keep the data.. i am looking for something like this but barcode scanner alone will not do the complete job.
Biznis Apps (1 year ago)
check out www.biznis-software.com
David Hay (2 years ago)
+Nk Patel Sorry but the back-end of the system we are running we have built in house and we can't just give you the keys to the kingdom . Happy Coding
Kamal Benjamin (3 years ago)
Hey there, great video and I really like this idea. Could you share with us more information regarding the interface that you developed as well as how you assigned the UPC codes to QR codes? It would give others a great example to learn from. Thanks
David Hay (2 years ago)
+Kamal Benjamin in the back-end of our software you can manually input or scan any bar-code or UPC number. Once the system reads it you can store it and apply it to a certain product. You can then name the product and generate a QR code for it in the back end . Once that is done you can assign the Qr code to Multiple UPC codes for the same product . When the QR code or any of the UPC numbers associated with that QR code and product are scanned it pulls up the assigned product to mark off in inventory on the front end. Hope This Helps, Sorry for the late response
Dear Hay, what is your business?
LordMeowMeow (3 years ago)
what database software were you using?
Biznis Apps (1 year ago)
you can try www.biznis-software.com

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