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Cryptocurrency Crash Reaches New Low - Buying Bitcoins Bottom?

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The Cryptocurrency Market is still crashing. Bitcoin is down under $7k, and it's dragging altcoins with it. What's the reason? What's the news? Is it ever going to end? What do you do if you are a first time investor? What do you do if you are already in the crypto game? Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ ICOAlert: https://www.icoalert.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/YourAltcoins Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Text Comments (85)
Crypto Stefan (7 months ago)
Prime Crypto (7 months ago)
Dude you should be in sports radio. Is ESPN hiring right now? Seriously, TA doesn't work on crypto currencies. It's all driven by market news and FUD.
Digiclear 333 (7 months ago)
Don’t invest at a 270-300bil cap?? Lol IT was at a 80% drop haha. If you don’t invest now your a moron!! Better get it cheap before this bounces way back up.
TomCat (7 months ago)
1000 dollars! Damn bro I feel for you. Another great video man HODL
One (7 months ago)
What program are you using there?
André Lagacé (7 months ago)
Hey B. have you seen what happened to ecoin? ? 4600 % in the last day...
Vatras (7 months ago)
what is the name of the program,website on which you look at charts and prices?
Chris Gambler (7 months ago)
Check out GVT it's going to be huge I believe. Has a great team behind it and community. Get it on binance
Rodian (7 months ago)
Hey B, thanks for the video!! I was wondering what is the best way to convert money into bitcoin or eth without the fees and that is also fast???
Levent Uzun (7 months ago)
Very nice determination and analysis.
Peter Alhussein (7 months ago)
you are a fantastic youtuber, keep up the great work !
GordanRamseyGaming (7 months ago)
What app is that?
Alistair Wilson (7 months ago)
Excellent presentation (again), glad I'm subscribed and following on Twitter, keep it up and we'll enjoy the roller coaster of crypto...and let us know when you see those positive confirmations ;)
Duc Do (7 months ago)
btc at 6k
Moses Ilunga (7 months ago)
Actually, I would right now. Everything is on sale. There is no better time to buy more than now.
TheRotorhound (7 months ago)
It's a scam. No intrinsic value and manipulated by scammers.
Sathish R (7 months ago)
history create future...
David Jackowski (7 months ago)
Yeah we need to see ALOT more volume
Clara Deterding (7 months ago)
Hi B. You are better everyday. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your positive vibes. I don't have anything in the market (sadly because I don't have money to invest...or lucky because I'm not in the ship yet) but I'm fascinated about this crypto revolution and I follow a few YouTubers and I have to say so far you're one of the most charismatic and enjoyable channels. Also you're very humble and confident about your own experience. So I wish you luck with your investments and hopefully to see more of your amazing content. You are learning so we'll about technical and logical / common Sense analysis that I would be very glad if you make a little series of videos explaining more do you use the tools of trading view for dummies. I'll be fun and easy to learn in your channel. So a lot of success for you. Ps. You can also start doing self-help videos because I'm curious about how you keep that energy and good perspective even in the hardest times. Cya Pal!
Valey (7 months ago)
Bitcoin is going down to 1000$
Sarif Uddin (7 months ago)
history repeating itself
HOLLYWOOD DC (7 months ago)
Jake Hester (7 months ago)
It feel likely these are good prices to buy at. You don't need to invest all at once just keep buying lows. By December at these prices there is no way we can't get it up to 30 or 40k or even more.
Nathan Rotlisberger (7 months ago)
Are you going to talk about VIBE lying about their commercial? Wtf happened there, it never happened?!
Whatever Loop (7 months ago)
Chaoscalypse (7 months ago)
Could you do a short video how to shorten the market?
stuntard (7 months ago)
5k to 1k..you got rekt son
Certified Finest (7 months ago)
stuntard how tf you lose 80%?
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
Sure did. Now to work my way back up.
LAZER Juggler (7 months ago)
love your nrj !!
Jimmy Nguyen (7 months ago)
Do you mind sharing what software/website you are using for this analysis?
Crypto J (7 months ago)
ThatMovinTarget (7 months ago)
Still waiting for the money to go back up when I invested in December
MAC _OPULENCE (7 months ago)
me too....dont panic if you can get in and buy some more and upgrade your position in certain cryptos do so......
MAC _OPULENCE (7 months ago)
Zachary Butterfield (7 months ago)
I appreciate your transparency. Will watch again.
Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek (7 months ago)
watch it in 1.5x and save time, and HODL all coins connected to big projects and future plans
Sam bitcoin advertiser (7 months ago)
Funny i like it
Flex 85 (7 months ago)
I'm just being patient waiting to see how low it is going to be then soon as I see my uptrend I'm back in. Buy low.
Proton Anatomy (7 months ago)
That Wolf (7 months ago)
Hi B i am sorry ho hear about your loss 1 question i have tryed to look at Bitcoin history myself (Still thinking about investing at some point) but for me it looks like it reatches a new hig every year do you think that will continue or do you think it will become more stable in the futre?
..yes & if the candle will shaping out a hammer around the fib 0.618, it could go upwards. Crypto-Cube
Mr. Waffle (7 months ago)
Justin Kihano (7 months ago)
What is the name of the platform you use for your trend lines/Fib
Jeremiah Gazsi (7 months ago)
I’ll be honest with you, your TV game show host voice makes you sound like a cartoon character (I say that lovingly lol) but your trillion dollar stock market point is PURE BRILLIANT. You’re right you’re no Philekone but don’t sell yourself short you’re one smart dude.
SendIt ToMe (7 months ago)
great info BUD :) sorry for your loss
tof31200 (7 months ago)
we gonna have soon the best moment for years to put our money into bitcoin, and into other crypto
Jeremy A (7 months ago)
Y’all, do your own research... Don’t just listen to one YouTuber and take it as gospel... Most of these “Crypto Youtubers” are rookies in this market... Do your research.
Jeremy A (7 months ago)
Jesus Christ you’re misleading people man! Look at the market chart from 2013 to 2015! It took the market 2-3 years to recover so NO, this has not happened “every year”... Show people the entire picture...
Jeremy A (7 months ago)
Craig Neeve wrong... He said that this has happened “every single year” but the chart from 2013-2014 tells a very different story... He’s lying to the audience. His statements have no context what so ever.
Craig Neeve (7 months ago)
most of the world hadnt heard of bitcoin let alone its market till 2016 so that argument is incorrect
Critz1184 (7 months ago)
It's got a looooong way to go before hitting bottom.
Coin Buddy (7 months ago)
swing trading since last 2 days..buying at new lows and selling after a little bounce..nt being too greedy..made 30% overall
AlexvnderWolf (7 months ago)
You're a legend my friend. Cheers to major success!
vikas banjara (7 months ago)
Its inspiring how candid you are about making a loss while trying to beat the market prices. I rarely see youtube crypto experts accepting making losses, most of them try to show off as some kind of crypto geniuses who can outsmart the market at any given time! Thanks for being real, keep up the good work.
The Moon (7 months ago)
Great analysis! The stock market will crash, and the trillions of money will flow to bitcoin! I made a video about it!
Ahmed Almuzaini (7 months ago)
not to day guys
Barbudo (7 months ago)
I do believe we'll see BTC between 3k and 4k before it gathers upward momentum again.
Chris Gambler (7 months ago)
6k is bottom I hope lol
joe mama (7 months ago)
Movie Trailers 5k the lowest. And maybe MAYBE will dance around the 7-8kish mark for about 4-6months or so. FUD is high right now...
Movie Trailers (7 months ago)
Barbudo i think it wont go under 6k
Critz1184 (7 months ago)
I agree, if you look at the previous few bull runs you see a retracement to about what would be around 3k - 4k today. It will then trade slowly upwards for a year or so before another bull run.
Mike Jones (7 months ago)
Based on what. Show a chart not a feeling
Iancreed8592 (7 months ago)
I bought another 5000$ USD worth of LTC at 6600. Feelin like a boss. Also made 70% on VIBE this week buying the day before their supposed VIBE founder supperbowl spot cameo....Then sold it right before the superbowl started and VIBE tanked. Remember, buy the hype, sell the news. This has been a good week.
Crypto Jatz (7 months ago)
I would buy so many coins including bitcoin but i already invested the amount i am willing to lose and the coins I invested are mostly at a loss if i were to sell :( I have no choice but to hold and be patience. Everything will be fine, just have put my emotion aside and avoid being manipulated by it.
Crypto Jatz (7 months ago)
Izy Pazizy im not going to leave cryptocurrency but I am leaving lending platforms; hopefully by April Bitcoin will rise again
Izy Pazizy (7 months ago)
Crypto Jatz so at least learn from your mistakes and leave crypto currency alone. From day one I could tell that it’s unstable
Crypto Jatz (7 months ago)
Izy Pazizy i know :(
Izy Pazizy (7 months ago)
Crypto Jatz you fucked up
VARSE Vic (7 months ago)
Your optimism is contagious!
COURTNEY HAMMONDS (7 months ago)
You are so awesome! U have a gift with teaching. I like how u talk, I am Engaged and tuned in to this game, a lot of people make me fall asleep when teaching this stuff!!!
Kenneth F Crowe (7 months ago)
I think it is time to buy big in bitcoin.
Ant# Frenchy (7 months ago)
Really enjoying your TA videos, but starting to miss your video where you were presenting coins, there projects potential etc. Any chance you could do bit of both?
Ant# Frenchy (7 months ago)
I know and understand what you are saying but for the believer like me who are in to stay despite the down there still tones of good coins out there some unknown, new or existing at great prices
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
Right now, it's tough to talk about new coins when the market is so down.
Ant# Frenchy (7 months ago)
Finally you are back!
Ste Bourne (7 months ago)
great advice - don't buy probably sell I see BTC at 4k in a few days.
planix (7 months ago)
Technical analysis is like reading coffee grounds. Those who believe they can predict the future with it are crazy.
Anthony Nguyen (7 months ago)
TA is tough for crypto.
Investing In You (7 months ago)
Don’t Panic. This a great opportunity to do research on cryptos that you were interested in a few months ago that maybe you couldnt afford. Now we have extra time to read whitepaper and started trying to find good bargains
Agent Novac (7 months ago)
are you not from AviatorGamez? if not u should check him out, his voice sounds identical to yours.
Dez MK1 (7 months ago)
not Today!
Ahmed Almuzaini (7 months ago)
I gree with you
Josh Fullmer (7 months ago)
This hurts.

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