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IOTA Coin Explained - SURPRISING facts about IOTA 2018 that will blow your mind

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Iota coin explained, 5 things you'd never guess about IOTA 2018. An IOTA 2018 cryptocurrency review and an iota 2018 prediction, what is the iota coin future? In this video you will learn what is iota and ill give it an iota token review. Join Bitconnect HERE (And get up to 5% of your first investment back from me INSTANTLY): https://goo.gl/vm8RPk How Bitconnect works ($594.51 in 7 days): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skVw3FRxCfg OTHER RESOURCES 🚀 Link for that crypto hustle clothing with DISCOUNT: https://goo.gl/mzcrc2 💎 Link for the Kings of Crypto T-Shirts : https://goo.gl/Hk4ZNZ 💰 BUY YOUR BITCOIN HERE: https://goo.gl/gr2G4e (Receive an extra 10$ for any purchase over 100$) RECOMMENDED READS ►Ethereum: Blockchains, Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, DAOs - http://amzn.to/2zkXTwS ►The Creature From Jekyll Island: http://amzn.to/2yUyRse ►Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill: http://amzn.to/2yUqTiX ►The Age Of Cryptocurrency - http://amzn.to/2xSetYs ►The Internet of Money - http://amzn.to/2xQRTKV MUST HAVE CRYPTO RESOURCES ►Ledger Nano S (Bitcoin+Ethereum+More Hardware Wallet) - https://goo.gl/aE7AAw ►Automatic Trading Platform - https://goo.gl/KxbQQZ If you dig the content and want to buy me a beer, here are my addresses: 💎 BTC Address 1NJnsJYetR4hyE59jt2QoZ2ajTyyQuaYEV 🌕 ETH Address 0x77c8896267e90FC4586EF5BE71a41ddb771019A8 FOLLOW ME ON OTHER PLATFORMS ► https://www.facebook.com/realmatthewtimothy ► https//www.instagram.com/matthew1w DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make. MatthewTimothy -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Dent Crypto 2018 - Is Dent Coin Worth Investing In?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqSXQdrF-5c -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (56)
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
I Giveaway $100 Worth Of Bitcoin every week! 💰💰 Like the video, Subscribe, Turn on post notifications! 💰 Join Bitconnect: https://goo.gl/vm8RPk ☑️ For the First 20 people who do a loan, I do cashbacks. 🔷 Get 3% back on 100-1000$ Investments 🔷 Get 4% back on 1010-5000$ Investments 🔷 Get 5% back on 5010 or higher investments Just Sign up and send an email to [email protected] Thanks for watching and I will see you on the next one!
Jason Fan Club (1 month ago)
Do you think it makes sense to buy IOTA and DAC now? There are not many use cases yet and the currencies can have an inflation because more coins can be produced. So this means the value won't increase a lot, right?
Aistis 5ive (5 months ago)
IOTA was a single $ at that time ffs :(
CryptoLand (5 months ago)
Look for value and long term potential and you can find gems pretty easily!
Deepak Joshi (6 months ago)
IMO, Streamr (DATA) will win over IOTA in future, its better tech, very cheap now and people are not aware of it.
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
Noted. Thanks for the input. Will look into it and see if I can do a future video on it!
remigiusz wójcik (6 months ago)
do we have HARDWARE for iota to keep seeds safe.
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
Waiting for Ledger approval!
Solaire_GG (6 months ago)
you bought at 30c...youre already very happy im sure...3.80$ atm
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
Yeah! got in the game early! When did you buy?
Patrick Mensah (6 months ago)
Hello GUYs check this 5years all time paying Investment site. click to signup now goo.gl/dz1gnZ
Wii Jaen (6 months ago)
I think IOTA is the cryptocurrency with the best technology, projection and support! It's a really worth to stay tunned! My best regards!
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
that tangle tho!
Emre Guerb (6 months ago)
Bought yesterday 920 amount of iota when the price was 5 dollar. After 24 hours price fell to 3 dollars. Im crying. Lost nearby half of my money. What should i do now?
Andrea Gasperetti (5 months ago)
Just be patient. Iota is a slow riser, it’ll take time but I feel very confident about iota. It’s super undervalued.... perfect to buy some more.
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
Hold it! It will recover, it might take some time but Iota will go to new hights at some point! Hang in there!
Margarito Jr Balatero (6 months ago)
Nice channel so informative. thanks !!!! 1C7hcBAdZKEUYc4mCADXvRDxFJQaec71gZ
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
thank you!
Crypto Bros (6 months ago)
Well it is crushing it now so CONGRATS Brother!!
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
Thank you brother, appreciate that a lot!
Crypto Bros (6 months ago)
Doing the same as well! Thanks for the vid brother! good luck out there today & cool channel
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
+Crypto Bros dont wanna say that thats because of the video, but thank you bro! Im dollar averaging the shit out of IOTA
Jesus Frank (6 months ago)
how much will it cost in 2018?
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
+Jesus Frank exact numbers are always hard to predict, but there is a lot of growth to come!
Russell K. Bonney (6 months ago)
Wow 400% in a couple of weeks and i couldn't free up my capital in time. great!
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
Its growing insanely fast!
Der Aero (6 months ago)
Do we just type in our BTC adress to win some BTC here? If so here is mine: 1F4vtxitcH4aNqxQ3C3w9nnYdsPKRhRxdW
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
Henrik Wallin (6 months ago)
1) There are no "blocks" in IOTA. Only transactions. 2) The dots in the Tangle-illustrations are transactions - not nodes. 3) Full notes do not confirm the transaction. They only keep track of what is happening on the Tangle, or in the future, a part of it. They do snappshots now and then, and throws away older information that is no longer needed. 4) When you do a transaction, you do a little bit of mining to confirm two previous transactions. With a flash channel you can avoid this until it's time to settle.
Raúl Vázquez (5 months ago)
Henrik Wallin I always find your coments on every IOTA video you love IOTA
Henrik Wallin (6 months ago)
Thanks! I hope I got it right myself. I just wanted to make a quite comment so that you can check it from a more reliable source ;)
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
Thank you for the correction, appreciate it! Want to get the best information out there and usually the collective knows much more than i do by myself!
Henrik Wallin (6 months ago)
Hm.... The dots might actually symbolize the nodes in the Tangle network, and not be an illustration of the directed acyclic graph (DAG = the Tangle). Hard to know what they thought about.
Jack Li (6 months ago)
good video man! i gave me more info on iota! im so happy iota passed 2$ today :)
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
Yeah Im all for IOTA! it just sneaked its way into top 5!
Chicken Nugget (6 months ago)
Better invest in iota now 1EPV9ND1nzwCttZeAR1or4jw1hUHkW9S4G
Chicken Nugget (6 months ago)
I know, its at 2,47$, is it still worth getting some or wait and pray for a drop in price?
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
Its shooting thru the roofs!
Brandon (6 months ago)
Great video Matt, was not versed in IOTA but now I node ;)
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
+Brandon thanks bro! Really appreciate ur comments!
Glazed Grass (6 months ago)
Nice man. Really informative. 1LtCuBD2QUroxAH9nTg9Du4qe696CyWMNs
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
+Glazed Grass thank you!
howard thorpe (6 months ago)
I need answers can we make money in this company why would I invest my money if not receiving anything back that's the rumor please let me know
howard thorpe (6 months ago)
CryptoLand thank you alot I was confused on they on the nano bites I was confused about the new coin technology
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
+Gabriel Motta yeah!
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
+howard thorpe you can make money buying low and selling high!
Gabriel Motta (6 months ago)
And that is just one use case....it has multiple
Gabriel Motta (6 months ago)
limited supply, the more people use it, the more the price appreciates, also you have a way to exchange value all the over the world for no fees and no central authority controlling it
CryptotheCryst (6 months ago)
Thanks. Let me try my luck. Good luck to everyone. BTC 1DJE3m4VzMdtYkF3yJfxbeSRA48SaU8UG2
CryptotheCryst (6 months ago)
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
+CryptotheCryst thank you! Hope you get it!
John Brown (6 months ago)
Your videos are very useful. Thanks for information you give us from the crypto world. You are great. BTC 1ECbq4xqBYnc1sT7JPwgm8Jp48yLTJtKte
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
+John Brown appreciate it!
Crypto Krypton (6 months ago)
Great info. Cool channel. Awesome guy. Good luck for your channel growth. BTC: 1PwCTV2rErBhNm1rVrF1Pd9snKVdkgo8K8
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
+Crypto Krypton thank you soo much!
Jörmungandr (6 months ago)
Heh, actually i didn't know some of them lel, that was refreshing. 1NaUTcjgETpJLgbYLmVZtHbsXt6nkYyXCA
CryptoLand (6 months ago)
+Jörmungandr yeah my mind was blown too. The tangle looks serious!

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