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TOP CRYPTOCURRENCY COINS I'M BUYING IN MARKET DIP - Cryptocurrency technical analysis

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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ LINKS ⛓️ Get the trade alerts and weekly report here: https://www.patreon.com/thetravelingcrypto Interested in 1 on 1 technical analysis training? https://www.patreon.com/thetravelingcrypto Free Bitcoin! Sign up for Coinbase here and get $10 in free Bitcoin! https://goo.gl/mpnBY5 Sign up to Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=21758606 Join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/d6rs2fP https://twitter.com/travelingcrypto https://www.instagram.com/thetravelingcrypto/ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Learn which top cryptocurrency coins I'm buying during this crypto market dip. I go over technical analysis of these top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH.
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The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
Guys and gals, please understand that this is not an end-all be-all list. Just a few cryptos that I'm eyeing at the moment.😘 Interested in 1 on 1 coaching? Want the trade alerts? Sign up here: https://www.patreon.com/thetravelingcrypto Join the free Discord! https://discord.gg/d6rs2fP GET 20% off the BlockChain Connect Conference in San Jose, CA June 26-27: https://blockchainconnect.eventbrite.com?discount=TRAVELINGCRYPTO20
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
David Vilkas (2 months ago)
The Traveling Crypto I can’t seem to find any useful link to singn up for your newsletter or signals? There’s some Patric or something like that. I’m interested in buying some crypto at dip. Please advise.
Shaik Ahmed (2 months ago)
Brook Brook (2 months ago)
No Nuls?
Nicholas Byrne (2 months ago)
I'm slowly and slowly withdrawling back into eth, neo, BTC from Altcoins.. just taking some risk off..
Han Sagan (2 months ago)
The VeLippening 2018 is coming.
nintiwirri (2 months ago)
What you should be collecting is TokenPay.Not long out of ICO and things are just warming up to take off.Still around ICO price.Available on Qryptos,TopBtc,SistemKoin and now Cryptopia.Soon available on PLAAK exchange which is opening soon
Banana Bandana (2 months ago)
It's ironic how people want to buy when it's high and wish they bought when it was low but don't buy when it's low because they want it to buy high. I just set it to purchase $100 a week and said eff it no more emotional crap Worst case I lose 90% oh well I bought a camaro once a lost a lot more than that lol
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
that's a true phenomenon. it's against human nature to buy when something is dipping and it's completely in line with human nature to FOMO in to something that has gained steam. have to retrain your brain to be a better trader. 😂 on the Camaro
Acala Dharmapala (2 months ago)
what is your discord tag# thanks
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
Vanguardas Vucava (2 months ago)
Dimitar Kitanov (2 months ago)
Hello, could you give your opinion on Zilliqa please?
Master Mind (2 months ago)
Great vid! Keep the content coming brother.
knightgern (2 months ago)
Bitcoin is not utility coin. We need to decoupling from bitcoin, otherwise we will suffer. I know who made bitcoin. it was not his intention bitcoin to lead market..
Craig Neeve (2 months ago)
far too early to be buying coins, wait for 4800 BTC
chris bryan (2 months ago)
sounds more promising. thanks
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
watch the video. i'm waiting no market confirmation for most
knots2kurlsgirl (2 months ago)
You said ETC is currently in your portfolio. You have VEN listed twice. Did you mean to have one of read ETC? Thanks - LOVE your channel and glad I subscribed!
We The People (2 months ago)
We The People (2 months ago)
And ETC!
Charles Fuchs (2 months ago)
Damn the volume is gone lol
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
yup, so far it's not great. that's why we wait for breakouts
Andy Bradley (2 months ago)
ETN... amazing future ahead!
JEPJM (2 months ago)
Andy Bradley Nope
Syndicator (2 months ago)
If you’re buying anything right now you must think we’re going up? I’d love to go to that event.
knightgern (2 months ago)
You are good and I watch your video all the time, but I am disappointed that you don't have XRP. The truth is bitcoin is bait and ripple is the real. Some guy was preparing for 30 years ripple to be world coin and no coin will match with it.
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
I did a whole video on XRP. Check it out. Just because I'm not looking at it right this second doesn't mean I won't pick it up when the opportunity presents itself.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kFN95u6Z8w
Great and sincere info , thanks! What are your thought on TPAY and Nexo? I’ll buy VEN soon and Vethor rewards are interesting as with Nexo rewards.
Andrea Morris (2 months ago)
why do you have VEN on your Portfolio chart TWICE?
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
If you’re still seeing it try refreshing
David Allen (2 months ago)
Andrea Morris One of them is ADA it was accidental
What is your Email sir??
The Traveling Crypto thanks bro I will contact you soon :)
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
Hans Kraay (2 months ago)
What about IOTA? It's pretty bearish lately, I'm still long term bullish on this project.
chris velazquez (2 months ago)
did you sell all your nano?
Jerome Colley (2 months ago)
Little King (2 months ago)
Jerome Colley The best undervalued coin in the market.
Vanguardas Vucava (2 months ago)
you mispelled shitcoin
T2 (2 months ago)
AI guys.... Get the DBC!
Nonbruh (2 months ago)
Nano, ripple?
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
NANO is low-risk/high reward long terms. Ripple has been disappointing so far. Most of the deals they've been winning are related to xCurrent and not XRP.
HardcoreTrader (2 months ago)
vtc move up 75%-300% from this rsi evry time
Andrew Zhoe (2 months ago)
icx baby
Frank Lee (2 months ago)
What about ICON, wouldn't now be a good time to by ICX as well? I thought their mainnet was at the end of this month as well...? Anybody know? Yeah, I'll research it, but I want to know someone's opinion lol.
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
I have ICX in my portfolio. http://www.thetravelingcrypto.com/my-crypto-portfolio/
Unbound Energy (2 months ago)
TheAgmpuz (2 months ago)
You have VEN twice in your portfolio. Is it a mistake?
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
yes, one of them was ADA. Fixed it. thanks for the heads-up mate
Great info - Thanks
Jason Cronin (2 months ago)
What you think or TRX or NCASH
Vanguardas Vucava (2 months ago)
combine their names... TRASH
Jason Cronin (2 months ago)
What’s your opinion on them mooning Ino they’ll go up I don’t know if they’ll moon though
Om Tapasvi (2 months ago)
My two top coins
Joey Guzman (2 months ago)
No ltc?
AusGamingHD - (2 months ago)
If you dont believe me take 5 mins and look at corralation in zcash and etc etc has dip zcash goes up same volume happens all day long this week aha
AusGamingHD - (2 months ago)
lol just take 30 minutes out of you day and look at top 100 ltc address's #58-#68 al same person then click dormant wallets for 1 year option Massive ltc buys from $2-$49 nothing over $50 if you have any kind of idea how futures would work might be smart to take a look btw i called 2 bth dips and eth dip this year from same method etc gonna keep going i bought 3200 etc @ 0.00199btc to 0.00185 im still holding when it hits coinbase there will be a zcash pump im selling etc then and going zcash Funny thing about crypto is its all planned before hand if you know where to look dont touch ltc its a trap lol
Simon Bill (2 months ago)
Ltc will boom soon🚀
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
sold it before the crash. not something i'm currently eyeing
Ben Pressentin (2 months ago)
Have you looked into holochain?
oussama ouertani (2 months ago)
Thx for the vid
Firoz Sayed (2 months ago)
You Should Add Cardano In Your Portfolio Or You Will Regret In Next One Year
Clara Beata Snowden (2 months ago)
Firoz Sayed why? I'm curious.
Roy Dopson (2 months ago)
What!? No ADA!? Care to explain yourself? ☺
Roy Dopson (2 months ago)
BootsOfLeather Care to elaborate?
BootsOfLeather (2 months ago)
Carlos Contreras (2 months ago)
Roy Dopson i agree, they are building it the right way. They are also moving quickly.
Roy Dopson (2 months ago)
Dan Mac The peer review process is the most objective way to develop a system. Of all the cryptos being produced, it stands to reason that Cardano will be the most reliable and stable.
Dan Mac (2 months ago)
I don't like Cardano. A bunch of academics trying to make more of it than it really is.
Blake Dunkley (2 months ago)
It would be really cool for you to do a video about how to create a positive exit strategy.
Blake Dunkley (2 months ago)
The Traveling Crypto thanks brother. And meaning if you purchased a little high and the market drops lower than your purchase. Therefore when do you cut your loses and purchase again when the market bottoms out, So you don’t loose too much. Aka(exit strategy) I appreciate your channel and the knowledge you spread to the world. I watch every time you post. Keep it up and don’t stop.
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
good suggestion. will keep that one in thought for the next few videos
Sean T (2 months ago)
Icx and neo!!!!
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
I have ICX in my portfolio: http://www.thetravelingcrypto.com/my-crypto-portfolio/
The Traveling Crypto (2 months ago)
good long term holds IMO

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