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Lendex Coin ICO Introduction

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Lendex Coin ICO Introduction. In this video we will introduce you to an amazing new lending platform called lendex. Join Lendex Coin ICO now below click the link to join: https://lendexcoin.co/r/Cryptocam
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Text Comments (33)
AZ Niteforce (4 months ago)
Warning this is a acam !
CryptoCam Channel (4 months ago)
Looks that way..cheers!
Michael Adler (4 months ago)
You know what since this video this company has been doing everything and more than most crypto coin companies. and I'm happy listen to you! Sorry mansheep you drop the ball on this on. Iwas wondering when you sign up for Netfix do you ask for company employees indenties?
SpaLaLand (4 months ago)
they won't let you take your eth out until the ICO is over. but, you can't buy. it sells out immediately. I want my eth out, now. any suggestions?
Ch ris (4 months ago)
You need to disclose you are being paid by them https://youtu.be/CAlBV-F9pak
Not Fake News (4 months ago)
Lendexcoin owners are available if you google lendexcoin ltd BYE!
TheSlicker83 (5 months ago)
How much did these scammers pay you to promote them.
micky bang-bang (2 months ago)
this mug got coins for promoting this shit
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NotYour AverageTV (5 months ago)
Saw your comment on Crypto Nick's video! Wanted to show support! Cool Video!
NotYour AverageTV (5 months ago)
Of Course! I recently started uploading videos again. If you could check out my latest video I would appreciate your feedback! Thank You!
CryptoCam Channel (5 months ago)
Cheers for the support!
Jared F. (5 months ago)
So this is Basically Hextra 2.0 They've stopped paying and now have started this new lend program "Lendex" "We are Revolution?" Same slogan for Hextra They've even ripped off the UK Silver coin logo here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-oz-Silver-Coin-Queens-Beasts-LION-OF-ENGLAND-2016-1-in-Series-Royal-Mint/322982229059?hash=item4b333db443:g:zlYAAOSw9NBaUIji Do a favor Cam. Stop promoting scammy lending sites plz.
Mandeep Singh (5 months ago)
Hey Cam , You are a good personality Dont promote Ponzi Lending scams, You see you always as general man not scammer
The Resistance (5 months ago)
ponzi? no way i made tons of money from lending platforms bro
Mandeep Singh (5 months ago)
CryptoCam Channel thanks Sorry for above english, This google correction thing messed my words. But you still understand. Thanks
CryptoCam Channel (5 months ago)
Thanks..I appreciate that and I am looking into it more..cheers!
thinkofwhy (5 months ago)
Really? They claim to be the most transparent? Why would they make that claim? Have they disclosed their identities?
Not Fake News (4 months ago)
google it you will find the owner buddy
Not Fake News (4 months ago)
you have all the answers huh, but you forgot to google lendexcoin ltd ohhhh you can see the owner, guess that makes you WRONG. Think of that
Not Fake News (4 months ago)
I like Lendex and I love the fact they have a live chat to answer any and all questions. also WHO OWNS BITCOIN SMART GUY???
The Resistance (4 months ago)
The incorporation / owners name is on google if u look it up... Not hiding his name at all.
The Resistance (5 months ago)
look claiming to be transparent and then not giving the name may be a bad WORD CHOICE for the site. YES your right..... But being transparent can also mean show all work and always keeping the public aware of every new issue they come accrosss. fact is LENDING programs have a really great track record for NOT SCAMING of all (maybe 6) lending platforms i have made money from and still do, 0 THAT'S zero have scammed out.
Wajahat Ali (5 months ago)
Looks solid mate... Thanks for the information.
micky bang-bang (2 months ago)
fucking muppets
CryptoCam Channel (5 months ago)
Wajahat Ali Hi mate!:) This one definitely looks good! Hope you can join us...cheers!
Crypto Income (5 months ago)
Prefer an ongoing crowd sale than fight for tokens
The Resistance (5 months ago)
I prefer BOTH....but i think they do it becasue it limits the amount 1 person can buy and that is great becasue one whale cant' just crush the coin..... Later mate
CryptoCam Channel (5 months ago)
Crypto Income Hi! I think it's worth a shot if you can do it..cheers!:)

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