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Cryptocurrency Market Crash Over? - Bitcoin Recovering?

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Is the Cryptocurrency market crash over? Is the bitcoin market starting to recover? Is this all just a brief glimpse of green before the market crashes even further? These are many of the crypto questions we discuss in todays video. Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ ICOAlert: https://www.icoalert.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/YourAltcoins Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Text Comments (57)
Lee Goodacre (4 months ago)
toooooooooooooooooooooooo day !!!!!!! awesome
LoveTech (4 months ago)
Love you’re style.
Richard Benson (4 months ago)
I want Bitcoin to die so that Altcoins that have real utility can catch on through storefronts who don't have to worry about bitcoin's extreme volatility, slow expensive transfers, etc..Bitcoin is clearly TOO dependent on scarcity and TOO suceptible to manipulation. I could be wrong
Tuck Buckford (4 months ago)
LianLian, one of China's largest-payment networks joins Ripple
I say down to 5k then... $20k
Rusou (4 months ago)
*H O D L*
tiny rick (4 months ago)
fuck ya it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am calling it now....fiat currency is dying we are going up
UncleRukus (4 months ago)
etherium doesn’t necessarily follow bitcoin. at least i don’t think it does
Joshua Roach (4 months ago)
TODAY!!! (the best 'Today' in the game)
Alligator Jack (4 months ago)
I'm bitter cause I had no money to buy the dip, since all coins are going up again.
MultiSVED (4 months ago)
only 25% nice im more like 50%
Cristian Costea (4 months ago)
this was one of your best videos. thank you for the analysis and for giving us a heads up on what to pay attention to regarding bitcoin graph analysis. keep it coming with more helpful videos like this. your strategy and idealogy seems very helpful i will pay attention and use it today
TTWARGHOST GHT9000 (4 months ago)
Well is going up steady
Ciprian Sasu (4 months ago)
Thank you sir. Very accurate analise. And very accurate trend lines.
IamShreyas (4 months ago)
Hey, Nice video...can u make a video on tips about trading in bear market...like u mentioned u have learned shorting etc.... waiting for your reply....im your big fan...ossm content...
Randey Blissveld (4 months ago)
Jackal 007 (4 months ago)
Bitcoin is getting bought buy the smart money. Shaking the tree. You will miss gains if sell hold and add
Jackal 007 (4 months ago)
Take profit and then buy higher
Jackal 007 (4 months ago)
Do not take profits
Jackal 007 (4 months ago)
Guarantee this guy is wrong. Buy Top 10 coins
Jackal 007 (4 months ago)
GBTC expanded its premium and that should show the market sentiment
Jackal 007 (4 months ago)
Bear is done. All the possible negative news is done
Jackal 007 (4 months ago)
We will not go down further
Your Altcoins (4 months ago)
Bitcoin was at 8k. It's now at 7.3k. This simple fact says you're wrong. :)
joe mama (4 months ago)
Noooo!!! Give me one more week!!! I get paid biweekly!
luis ruscio (4 months ago)
where have you learnt how to trade?
Emanuel Collado (4 months ago)
great video
Alex Londono (4 months ago)
Tuhhdaiii it's great learning with you B keep up the good work!
green light :)
Indian Cryptonator (4 months ago)
Hey B can you plz tell just 1 thing how the hell you make these thumbnails plz if you can tell me plz do it cz want to make thumbmnails for my video also attractive
Your Altcoins (4 months ago)
I use Photoshop to make the thumbnails. I've been practicing at it for 3 years now.
Đông Nguyễn (4 months ago)
I have the same idea with you. Just wait for a strong break out.
TheBennyboy159 (4 months ago)
What site do you use for your charts?
Luca Fontana (4 months ago)
Great video and analysis, thank you!
Fábio Raposeiro (4 months ago)
Vincent (4 months ago)
As we all trade smarter, these crashes can become more tolerable.
DIELAN (4 months ago)
lol @ all the weak hands that sold low
Agnos Crypto (4 months ago)
I expect the market to fall to the 5k level then ill buy some.
Tabby Millers (4 months ago)
Hope bitcoin goes up in value soon
Niksa T (4 months ago)
Neo was less than 70$ yesterday, I didn't buy :( Hopefuly it will go down again
Niksa T (4 months ago)
Khoa Phan I sent some Ethereum to Binance when it was 66. By the time it got there Neo was on 78. I decided to wait.
Khoa Phan (4 months ago)
bought some at 66 dollars.
Shantanu Panday (4 months ago)
hopefully today it will fall a little
Danny Minely (4 months ago)
I watched this video "BITCOIN Market capitalisation MANIPULATION " , is bitcoin Market Cap an economic non sens ?
Doc Holiday203 (4 months ago)
Should've done some swing trades but didn't have any money, I hate being poor.
Doc Holiday203 (4 months ago)
Shane Potter lol well Mr. Potter i make 50k a year and good with saving. So yea i hate being poor.
Shane Potter (4 months ago)
If you're tired of being poor step one.. work.. step two work some more (if you never have free time you can't spend your money :P ) step three.. save everything you make.. step four look at all the cool stuff you could buy with all the money you saved... don't buy them.. step five risk everything you've saved trying to increase your savings not increasing your lifestyle. I'd also recommend learning as much as you can about everything you can while everyone else is spending all their time trying to get laid or keeping up with the joneses
CryptoMiner (4 months ago)
kckwow (4 months ago)
What site is this?
VampyreRaven (4 months ago)
gdax? lol you noob this is tradingview
nassim zway (4 months ago)
Pailox (4 months ago)
market depressed me so hard i sold icx at 41.5k... now im even more depressed lol
G Town (4 months ago)
I totally bitched out on ICX last night when it was sub $3, I didn't pull the trigger on dropping 2 ETH for a stack of ICX. I knew it was easy money. Weak sauce on my part.
Alvin Koh (4 months ago)
Just to give you some indicators, When bitcoin price hit its 100 sma between 9k and 10k and break out from there, we are in full recovery. If not, oh well........... Simple Token rises so much because it has some good news. Go check it out.
duraiz khalid (4 months ago)
Thank you man everyday I wait for your video learned alot from thanks keep it up😁😁😁
wolvesatnight (4 months ago)
You have my subscribed. Thanks for some good review. I am still thinking this is not the end. Other youtubers don't want to see the true. Thump up for your realistic review.
Robert G (4 months ago)
QSP mooning! Don't miss
Coin Space News (4 months ago)
Nice insight. I’m just getting into TA. Have learned a lot this month. Do you have a TradingView username I can follow?
Part Time (4 months ago)
are you serious down trend 1~ 5 from bottom to top. Seriously?
mooen83 (4 months ago)
Hi, like youre stuff. Whats youre take on bdxcoin /bdswiss thats comes in mid 2018. ? Can you look in to it?
WapPale MapTravay (4 months ago)
BLZ just added to Binance this morning and it is already kicking ass!
Science Man (4 months ago)
Be careful!! E-coin is an SCAM!!
Kai Mustermann (4 months ago)
Haha. I have bought Bitcoins today. The only reason is that my crypto currency account looked so empty. Now the amount is higher again. :-)) I don`t care whether BTC will fall or rise in the near future.
TomCat (4 months ago)
Haha the timing was awesome on that
Investing In You (4 months ago)
The market is slowly looking better. But we might see it drop a little bit more. I try to think about long term and not day to day. We are at the infancy of crypto.
Cole Jensen (4 months ago)
Still got a long way to recover. The fud storm may be over tho HODL
OmaOneGaming (4 months ago)
I did a shixload of research for ENJ and I bout 5,000 ENJ last night. Hella went up 45%. I am a happy camper. Already sold everything because it went up so high. Moved it back to ETH
Michael Drost (4 months ago)
Love you're vids, keep going man. Up to 1trillion marketcap en 50k subs for you ;)
whitieinvermont (4 months ago)
First baby! Thanks for your videos!
Twistr (4 months ago)
whitieinvermont remember the first shall be last and last shall be first

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