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How to Make Hundreds Per Day Trading Bitcoin & Litecoin on GDAX | Sharing My Strategy

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GET $10 IN FREE BITCOIN ON COINBASE/GDAX https://www.coinbase.com/join/5292cca65e96991136000831 ***This is not investment advice. Trading is risky. I wanted to share my strategy. Most people would probably be better off buying and holding than trading, it's very hard to time the market. That said I find if I'm patient and wait for my opportunities this can be very profitable for me. Let me start by saying generally speaking most people are better off just buying and holding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as opposed to trading. It's very difficult to time the market and oftentimes when people have some success swing trading they either get cocky or get impatient thinking they need to make a trade each day or need to make so much money per day and they make stupid trades that cost them money. Generally speaking I'm a holder, however I have a little profits and play money on the side that I don't mind trading with. Recently this past Thursday made a Litecoin trade, bought some Litecoin earlier in the day at $79.80 and sold it at $83 a few hours later making $320 profit. I then took that money and set a very low limit order on Bitcoin which I saw falling. My limit order hit, it was a low candle wick limit order that got picked up but picked up 0.8 Bitcoin at $9500 and within an hour or two I was already up $1,000 on that. Being that we were headed into the weekend things often tend to continue to rise so rather than taking the quick profit which is sometimes smart I waited it out. When we hit $11,700 I thoguht that rise was a bit too quick too fast so set a limit order and sold. Sure enough a few hours later this same day Bitcoin was back down under $11,000. Utilizing this strategy I could buy back in at $11,000, although I'm going to choose to wait for it to fall a bit more which it may or may not do, however at this point I'm able to buy back in cheaper and acquire even more Bitcoin or take some profits and go back into my position. This is risky, it's not quite as easy as I'm making it out to be, however if you can start to read other peoples behavior and read the masses psychology towards investing you can do pretty well if you manage to be patient and only get in and out when your fairly certain you will make money. I'm always curious to hear your guys trading strategies, predictions and altcoin picks so drop your comments below...
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Text Comments (215)
Ben Philias (4 days ago)
This is good stuff! I love the technical analysis.
EMEKA NSAKA (1 month ago)
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Loveth Simmer (1 month ago)
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Park Park He (1 month ago)
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John Mayor (1 month ago)
Thanks for this post please spread this man's good job so binary option will be like a piece of cake
Bill King (1 month ago)
Capitol gains taxes will CRUSH all of his gains!
Rules For Rebels (1 month ago)
Yeah short term trading gets hammered with capital gains. I've kind of stopped trading and am taking a step back from crypto for a while, market is down, market is kinda boring to me at the moment, going to check back on things at the end of the summer.
Jennifer Walker (2 months ago)
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Connor Sliney (3 months ago)
There called Fibonacci sequence charts not fiberinchini charts or whatever the hell you said! 😂
john paul (3 months ago)
Really great video !! Im really new into it, I have just bought some bitcoins via coinbase. What do you think, is it really worth to do day trading of part of my bitcoins in the way you shown in this video? Some of the YT cryptocurrency "specialists" say that is not worth it. I really want to just do it like some sort of gambling ( i have a proper job) for fun and with possibilities of earning from day to day lets say $20. For better understand please this wonderful agent ad hacker via email: gregwillhacker AT .com or whatapp: +14693784287
james stone (3 months ago)
i got his contact before and he did a good job for me?
harrison andrew (3 months ago)
i have so much in confidence your good hacking job
cooper andrew (3 months ago)
you have restore my happiness back to life
James quest (3 months ago)
you are a really talented hacker. you and your teams
Tai Le (3 months ago)
There is no such thing as easy money if is so easy this fucking video wouldn’t exist if u found a tree that grow money would u sure it fuck this shiy my wife just got trick 21k cause of all this scam please anyone that buy coin do not send no one ur coin please
Philosophies Finest (3 months ago)
u made money during the biggest pump wow cool lmao good job.
Teru Deca (3 months ago)
No strategy here to be found, not sure how you're walking with those balls between your legs.. but hey if it works for you, then great for you just can't see how this can be sustainable by any means... would be interesting to know how you've done since then till now doing this!...
Rules For Rebels (3 months ago)
volatility is when money is made. I know people love when the market is going up everyday but as long as there's movement people are making money. this stratey actually works better in this type of environment were seeing right now
David Cardone (3 months ago)
weak vid - its obvious this is click bate - waste of time
Rules For Rebels (3 months ago)
clickbait would be how i make $5,000 per day. this strategy isn't rocket science but it makes me money consistantly
cris sal (3 months ago)
Blindly gambling....
Rules For Rebels (3 months ago)
Crypto is definitely risky although I wouldn't put it in the same category or throwing your money on red or the pass line at a craps table
Aoroon Ricez (3 months ago)
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josh (3 months ago)
M a k e  M o n e y O n l i n e   a t   Cointary .c om The mythology reverts after the rope.The particular prince conforms.
Joe Matheny (3 months ago)
Who didn't making money trading in Oct, Nov & Dec in one of the greatest bull markets of all-time? Where can I find people that made money trading in Jan, Feb & March?
Melissa Madrid (3 months ago)
Thank you for offering to help me on Friday with trying to figure out a d Ameritrade paper trading simulator when I watch the video one more time it put LOL and I was trying to put the last 3 III from a screenshot so I could find you thank you for the offer to help I didn't mean for it to look like I was laughing at you my phone loves to rewrite things
Shawkat Osm (4 months ago)
Trading without knowing the fundamentals-> Candle-stick and Chart Pattern! Not a good idea- it's like gambling! Try on a red-week! Have a look at the chart from 5th March onwards and see whether you can make any profit using your current strategy! Good luck!
CryptoBuzz (4 months ago)
Dude you never even discussed your strategy. You are a horrible student and even worse as a teacher. Learn proper TA then teach strategies..
Chris Haefner (4 months ago)
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Tony Bello (4 months ago)
i do the same like you. but what i am realising is that since it is going up we are losing on the opportunity of riding the increase, cos everytime we buy we are buying less satochis. and it is bothering me altough i made a few thousands just the same
Dan Anthony (4 months ago)
Im just starying out . i bought 1k at 10k and amother 1k at 11k all bitcoin..then it went to 9k and to day its back at 10.5k im thinkinging of selling everything at 11k but it mite not hit it. I feel like ive lost opportunity but not money yet.
Tabby Sanjideh (4 months ago)
Terrible strategy. No analysis at all, just blindly buying. Do not recommend AT ALL.
JT Options (4 months ago)
can you be of assistance and help me open an account with gdax
Gabriel Rubin (4 months ago)
Why do you keep saying ummmm... ummmmm.... so annoying! My goodness! Ummmm.... umm..... ummmm...
NERO (4 months ago)
Fiberoncini charts LOOOL
Dr Bob Gregson (4 months ago)
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Winston Smith (4 months ago)
This guy is clueless
Brian A (5 months ago)
I think we found the guy writing all the instructions on chinese goods.
Broyka (5 months ago)
i know about that man Chris Dunn TV..very respected and honest to his work with..
Gonzalez daniel (5 months ago)
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chaser 81 (5 months ago)
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IQ Profit (5 months ago)
I just started investing, excited to see what happens
TRUSTED SPOTS (5 months ago)
can i get a little info please?? who just started a fresh investments ??
maxima scott (5 months ago)
i and Chris Dunn TV have been working for over 2months now the only disadvantage working with him is that I can only withdraw ones in a
Cherry Adrales (5 months ago)
Thanks got an idea from you today!
Cherry Adrales (5 months ago)
I like the depth chart- guide me to see their orders and will follow that lead looking at 1% profit, then do it again
johnywalker101 (5 months ago)
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Chris Haefner (5 months ago)
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Cliff High (5 months ago)
redo this audio, to be more credible...LITECOIN is not BITCOIN
franciscohiking (3 months ago)
I hate to say this but...naaaahhhh.. you are gambling
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Karol Hanuszek (5 months ago)
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Tony Lopez (5 months ago)
FYI, I just noticed that your video above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmel_2IoYuY was copied, title and all, by someone else and put here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJzsTVPmPj4 The copier added a link to some spam in the description, since stealing your hard work wasn't bad enough. I just thought you should know, people think your videos are so good they want to steal them and use them for nefarious purposes. ;^) Keep up the good work!
Erik Pleska (5 months ago)
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Piotr (5 months ago)
I guess the purpose of this video was to boost his very low self-esteem because I do not see even single useful thing in that video.
Rules For Rebels (5 months ago)
thanks for the feedback bruh
C. Allen (5 months ago)
What is the mark to market time on GDAX?
saad LA (4 months ago)
Samax Smitx (5 months ago)
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Arnold Cisneros (5 months ago)
How does taxes apply to this strategy and exchange?
AAA AAA (5 months ago)
Where do you put trade funds when not in a trade
AAA AAA (5 months ago)
Rules For Rebels good info, thank you.
Rules For Rebels (5 months ago)
hey aaa, historically "best practices" so to speak was to leave your money off of exchanges unless your actively trading. that said with bitcoin fees being so high and with exchange wihtdrawl fees being so high it's not always practical to do so. personally while i have my issues with coinbase/gdax i would trust leaving larger amounts of money on there over say a bittrex or a binance, and i would trust a bittrex or binance over say a hitbtc or a yo bit. personally whatever money i'm trading with i just leave on exchanges, i do spread myself out across a couple so if one goes down its not too big of a hit. i keep a bit more on coinbase/bittrex but the majority of my stuff i keep on my trezor or in a navcoin or neo wallet
Steve Thomas (5 months ago)
To be a successful trader while trading Forex/Binary Option, it has to do with good strategy and best software that can intricate each other at that particular time that is what is giving me winnings when ever i trade, Frank Robert is the Master that always help me with this strategy and software that gives me maximum winning, he trades for me also and my winning is always there for me, I thank him for being nice and sincere Broker/Account Manager to me.
Steve Thomas (5 months ago)
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jon V (5 months ago)
No real value from this. I feel this is a recipe for an eventual disaster. Just make sure you use stop loss man.
zeeman man (5 months ago)
when you buy and sell bitcoins .. where you keep the profites ? because it takes 3 to 4 days to cash it ?
Jared Powell (6 months ago)
so this might be a stupid Q but here it is: If I wanted to set a limit buy at 14500 but the current price is at 14450....Will the order be filled immediately since there are obviously people willing to sell higher than the current price? Or will the order fill when the market price hits 14500? almost like insurance if the price starts skyrocketing back up...
DalBraillinsford (5 months ago)
Why would you intentionally pay more than what the current rate is?
motocyclin3 (6 months ago)
nice but you can really be exact on entry and exit using simple tech analysis _ macd, stochastics, rsi on trading view and you won't have to guess...lol
FilmedByGeo (6 months ago)
i cant seem to make more profits on here, i always end changing my amount into bitcoin, and vice versa, how do i make more money on here?
Andy Peterson (4 months ago)
you don't need coinbase or GDAX There is this platform my friend introduced me to some months back they are efficient and easy to use... Check them out you can do all your crypto trade there without paying any fee I will be here to guide you through This is the link www.aionmarkets.com
FilmedByGeo (6 months ago)
need help with gdax :(...
roadstar499 (6 months ago)
Hi,never traded before.... was thinking of trying it.... lets say i buy a coin on gdax for 220 and sell it next day for 280....which is $60 increase....yes its not much but with new tax laws in usa approximately how much would be net profit...again i am just interested in trying this..since im out of work currently....thanks you for your help
Bryan E (6 months ago)
hahahahah he said fiber n chinni
TFactor (6 months ago)
what would you suggest? Coinbase or gdax?
Трепанация (6 months ago)
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Noetic333 (6 months ago)
Getting lucky in a highly volatile bull market isn't really a strategy. Throwing away tried and true patterns and indicators that have worked in every volatile market wether it's currency, commodities or crypto isn't really a very good strategy either. To ignore major things like support and resistance is just plain silly. I would highly suggest anyone that is using their hard earned money to trade invests as much time and energy as possible to educate themselves and take in all the free information they can before they start throwing their money away. Yes it's extremely easy to make money in cryptos but it's even easier and less risky if you learn at least the basics. Reading a chart is not something that "doesn't apply to cryptos". Lol. That was the most false statement anyone can make and to post a video trying to infect others with that same nonsense is just irresponsible and foolhardy. Anyways, rant over. Knowledge is power but applied knowledge is wisdom and the power to do the right thing.
BenjoBanjoo (5 months ago)
It's hard to find information what you don't know what's right and wrong information. My head is all over the place trying to educate myself and all I want to do is try and make some money. Hard knowing what to look at and what not to.
This dude don't know basic candlesticks lol the wicks are the price range of the candle.
Jkou Files (6 months ago)
Hopefully ill eventually find this information but if I have a smaller amount of etherum how can I calculate to sell half of it?
walter william (3 months ago)
Jkou Files What everyone has been saying about Williamson is true!! i am three weeks into his training and have BTC in wallet waiting to be cash out , i still can't believe it , finally a tutor that teaches something that really works. look i urge you all to reach out to him and build up like i am now here is his email [email protected] com. tell him i bless his name!!?
Rules For Rebels (6 months ago)
If your using Binance you can just click the 50% button and it will do it for you automatically. Otherwise probably easiest way would probably be figure out USD value of what you hold, divide that in half and then go to an Ethereum calculator and see what say $20 worth of Ethere is
DoriMartin (6 months ago)
Wolves don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep! I like that words to live by🤗
BitCoinArmy (6 months ago)
when it runs up do you just do a simple market sell order and pay the fee? I got so hung up on not paying a fee that I lost out trying to do the sell limit orders which are great when you are away
Kirk (6 months ago)
There's nothing more irritating than watching a 10 minute video on what could've been explained in two sentences. The main take away from this video is "set a buy stop limit at a random price that feels like a small crash and patiently wait for the volatile dips that take place." Then, sell for what feels like a good profit.
FiveService (6 months ago)
GDAX suspended my account with no explanation. Be very careful using it (Case ID: 2680058)
Dawa Ko7ah (6 months ago)
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Tazboy (6 months ago)
Guys is monero connected with casino alcohol or other such thing ?
andrew parker (6 months ago)
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Frank Hush (5 months ago)
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Tarek Salem (6 months ago)
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P Rick (6 months ago)
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Konnel Tred (6 months ago)
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Zhuvachka Bubulgum (6 months ago)
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john lowe (6 months ago)
any else having problems verifying you id
SemiCondiment (6 months ago)
"FIB-RON-CHEENIE" LMFAOO that's awesome
Walker Mike (5 months ago)
I guess he never did a university math course. LOL
Tom Yang (6 months ago)
I thought I didn't know shit about trading crypto but after watching your video, turns out I know more about trading than you lmao
Guido Janssen (3 days ago)
Ohh well arent you all special. Cant wait for your video's to compare
walter william (3 months ago)
Tom Yang What everyone has been saying about Williamson is true!! i am three weeks into his training and have BTC in wallet waiting to be cash out , i still can't believe it , finally a tutor that teaches something that really works. look i urge you all to reach out to him and build up like i am now here is his email [email protected] com. tell him i bless his name!!?
aows yaser (3 months ago)
any one of u guys have earned something ?
Dolores Ipsum (4 months ago)
Same lol I started learning about it last week
Alex Lambert (6 months ago)
4:06 "I think a pullback is inevitable"... Bwahahahahaha. Stopped listening right there. Never got to any point & also said charts are worthless. SMH
hardcoremofo (6 months ago)
Fees any good on gdax?
Adam (6 months ago)
Hi, what platform exchange is this?
Adam (6 months ago)
thanks buddy
Rules For Rebels (6 months ago)
Adam gdax which is part of coinbase
TechHoo (6 months ago)
From 2:58 😂😂😂
kings2727 (6 months ago)
HODL ripple ltc btc
walter william (3 months ago)
kings2727 What everyone has been saying about Williamson is true!! i am three weeks into his training and have BTC in wallet waiting to be cash out , i still can't believe it , finally a tutor that teaches something that really works. look i urge you all to reach out to him and build up like i am now here is his email [email protected] com. tell him i bless his name!!?
Wol Wol (5 months ago)
I have been learning about Ripple for a while now. What I have noticed is that the demand and the supply of Ripple is going to be controlled like Fiat Currencies. Ripple is made mainly for business people to be buying their products using it. A business owner cannot use a currency that is as unpredictable as BTC, he would rather use Fiat Currency such as USD whose value is stable, and in the Cryptocurrency world, Ripple comes in handy just like Fiat Currency. If Ripple values ever fluctuates the importers, exporters, (the business people) who use it will be inconvenienced. This coin is not looking for investors who create 'pump and dump' on money value. They have been connecting to big companies which are dealing in real world products and not trading in the digital coins. So, if Ripple value ever fluctuates this year it will be by +10 or -5 USD. I will just keep watch on how Ripple performs, I might be wrong about it. I am just learning and sharing my conclusions. I am not close to anything good at Cryptocurrency yet.
kings2727 (5 months ago)
F1N1SHEDD nah I actually am still green :)
F1N1SHEDD (5 months ago)
DUihhhrrrr hodl ripple Fuck off newfag, hows ripple going :p You bought at 3 dollars didn't you, now it is rekt That's what you get for supporting banking jew crypto
Let's Play Classics! (6 months ago)
OMG He doesnt understand candlestick charts? Thats like the basics of the basics, yo. The candlesticks are the highest and lowest it sold that hour/min/day and if it is green (going up) the bottom of the box is where it opened and top is where it closed for that hour/min/day. Vice versa for orange. If the box is filled in (usually orange) it means who held the market for that segment. (green=bulls orange=bears)
Roger Moore (5 months ago)
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Cherry Adrales (5 months ago)
so unkind
Prince Nwadike (6 months ago)
Wow, nice! Thanks for the detailed explanation. I didn't understand how to read them either.
john lowe (6 months ago)
any options on a legit altcoin exchange
CeaserSal (6 months ago)
Is there a max profit for Gdax?
Flamez Kush (6 months ago)
What do you think about ARN ?
Andy Peterson (4 months ago)
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Arsenio Fajardo (6 months ago)
if i can make $50 a day trading ill be happy
Str8carrying (1 month ago)
Hunter Crespin yooo
Tramon Walker (4 months ago)
robbielex dont invest in any ICO, no matter how hyped it is
robbielex (5 months ago)
@TheEryk03 I have $30k and would be amazed if I could safely make $100 a day. HELP!
R Ross (6 months ago)
Do you have any tutorials on how to trade on bittrex?
Volentry (6 months ago)
Everyone's a successful day trader when the market is bullish. Lol.
Tyler Petit (7 months ago)
Im having a hard time knowing when to buy in. It's just random. Any advise?
Let's Play Classics! (7 months ago)
Looks like you're doing good.. maybe soon you'll have enough to activate windows lmao j/k
Ionut Georgescu (7 months ago)
It's ironic now, Btc at18.000
Andrew Freeman (7 months ago)
and if you would have held that LTC it would have have 3-4x times your investment...Lesson HODL that ish...
Von Rogers (7 months ago)
What's the name of the platform
Andy Peterson (4 months ago)
you don't need coinbase or GDAX There is this platform my friend introduced me to some months back they are efficient and easy to use... Check them out you can do all your crypto trade there withocompaying any fee I will be here to guide you through This is the link www.aionmarkets.com
saad LA (4 months ago)
GDAX- but dont do what this guy is doing
lil skyscraper (7 months ago)
buy 10 lite coin right now. they dropped so hard!
maxbaba1000 (7 months ago)
Uninformative and Just a Braggard...
flex2125 (7 months ago)
when your trading like this can i buy a litecoin and sell it the next second ? is there a settling of funds? is it really that simple?
Zhuvachka Bubulgum (6 months ago)
Rob Beyer strategy (rbfx @ beyertrades .com) makes it more simple for everyone with the SPI software strategy. don''t hesitate to try.
Giancarlo Mazzantti (6 months ago)
CoinMama Works great https://www.coinmama.com/?ref=4cashout
Lim Jian (7 months ago)
Buy/Sell Bitcoins with Visa Or Mastercard https://goo.gl/SPrs81, you can also withdraw fiat money direct to your card for a low fee of only $3.80. To trade Bitcoin futures, go here https://goo.gl/9S2T3p
Michael J (7 months ago)
What app or platform is used for buying multiple currencies? Coinbase only has 3. I need cheaper coins, something I can get in low and hold my breath.
Giancarlo Mazzantti (6 months ago)
CoinMama Works great Noob friendly too https://www.coinmama.com/?ref=4cashout
Onil Diaz (7 months ago)
Binance and bittrex
Devin Mik (7 months ago)
what program is this?
Xilom Gaming (6 months ago)
Dans Pistola I think it's just Bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. maybe Bitcoin cash
Dans Pistola (6 months ago)
Can you get any altcoins you want on there or just the top ones?
Xilom Gaming (7 months ago)
Devin Mik this is gdax. Run by Coinbase
Chris Keele (7 months ago)
Fundamentals is mass psychology.

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