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New Altcoin Hits The Market! - Appcoins Mooning Early In 2018

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We have a new Altcoin on the market in 2018 called Appcoins! This new cryptocurrency is centered around phone apps, and already has 200 million active users. Released early in January on Binance, this altcoin has what it takes to moon! In this video we take a look at this new crypto, as we continue our never ending search for the best altcoins to buy in 2018. Is this coin a top Crypocurrency this year? We don't know yet, but I'm sure we'll soon find out. AppCoins website: https://appcoins.io/en Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ Top 5 Altcoins Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Top 5 Altcoins to hold in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Les42... Top 5 Altcoins under $1 in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLthj... Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Text Comments (146)
Bernard Perekovic (5 months ago)
Maga DzhabraFTW (5 months ago)
Is there a wallet that can store appcoins?
Victor K (5 months ago)
they say nano ledger s
Balls Deep (5 months ago)
Kinda bummed that the fresh coins have been out for 2-3 weeks already then I found appc with not to much neg info on it so I bought roughly $50 today just to see what happens. I will be adding more for the next couple months. I also bought $40 XEM , not looking to get rich but definitely wouldnt mind an extra grand or two this year!
Rohan Shah (5 months ago)
coins were burned whicj also raised the price
Rohan Shah (5 months ago)
i got into the ico, lost my paper wallet so now buying again
Tom Snape (5 months ago)
Just bought at $3.26. Right thing to do? :S
Your Altcoins (5 months ago)
Patience on this one.
NourTube (5 months ago)
this will be worth 30 dollars in the next few days just wait
Victor K (5 months ago)
Few days being 1 year okey maybe.
Americano Coffee (5 months ago)
" A fool and his money are soon parted ".
Lukas Walton (5 months ago)
30 dollars in two days? Why? just picked up some. This is one coin I haven't investigated, which I never do when buying but I've heard so much hype around it, I went and bought.
Solo Caregiver (5 months ago)
Does no one know about World Coin Index? APPC coin was on World Coin Index Saturday, I purchased it Friday, at $2.12. I wish more people used World Coin Index, so much better than Coin Market Cap and people would have known about this coin that I strongly believe in .
x x (5 months ago)
There was just a coin burn today, circulating supply will be updated to 98 million soon, get into this asap!
Roy Hofman (5 months ago)
My company is a big tech company. within 4 days they will let everybody know their business plan with appcoin. INVEST NOW!!!!!
Joe Nagy (5 months ago)
is this true?
I got in days ago. It hit coinmarketcap today. Hope my Lambo gets good traction on the moon surface.
Thought Frankly (5 months ago)
your lambo will crash
Thought Frankly (5 months ago)
Purple Hawk (5 months ago)
I bought at $1.73!
Patrick Lim (5 months ago)
dont cry....
Brandi Durham (5 months ago)
Purple Hawk Oh wow. Thank you so much for replying! I've never bought so close to an ICO so of course I didn't realize that. Thank you again!!!
Purple Hawk (5 months ago)
Brandi Durham - It took about 3 days before CoinmarketCap added APPC. It was about $7 when it hit binance, ICO holders cashed out and it dropped to $1,50. Then about 3 hours later, it was already above $2,30.
Brandi Durham (5 months ago)
How did anyone get appc lower than 2.45 on binance. That was the entry point and the only exchange it shows.
Brandi Durham (5 months ago)
Hey thanks for the reply guys. I was looking at it on crypto pro and it doesn't go back far. Have to go to coinmarketcap
zzzh (5 months ago)
Can I store it on MyEtherWallet? Is it ERC20 token?
#cryptofit (5 months ago)
andrew davis (5 months ago)
What about bcpt???
stevenw373 (5 months ago)
THIS WILL BE A $40 COIN. get in now at any price!
stevenw373 (5 months ago)
Idk about 1000 man lol. Let's work on 10xing it first. I think $30 is absolutely possible
Americano Coffee (5 months ago)
Not a chance. Get real.
Thirsty (5 months ago)
Im thinking if this can reach 1000$ or more with time? What do you think?
Kyle Mulry (5 months ago)
What wallets work for APPC? It says on the Appcoin website that ERC20 wallets work but imtoken doesn't show an option for APPC.
#cryptofit (5 months ago)
Investigative Reports (5 months ago)
Did You Just Say Appcoins is High Risk? Its LOW Risk Dude! This Might Be The BEST of AL Crypto!
sexymanabe (5 months ago)
Investigative Reports What makes this coin stand out to me is that you dont have to second guess if it will be implemented by a big market, Aptoid is already using the protocol. Definitely gona shoot up, only a matter of time.
Investigative Reports (5 months ago)
AppCoins Is Going To KILL It! Might Be The Best EVER!!!! Did You all See Their Team? Holy Cow!
MrMcfagle (5 months ago)
This coin will be easy $30-$50 each in 1-3months from now!!! Rock solid Team devs and marketing...
mirdad sourena (4 months ago)
+KYLE ALDRICH 1.5 billion m.cap look again LOL
MrMcfagle (5 months ago)
@Kyle Aldrich you can check their twitter page they made an announcement about it... Current Market cap is only $300m not $1.5b and this is only listed on one exchange at the moment in Binance, which is not accepting registration. So plenty of potential on this coin to grow. Better ride the rocket now before it takes off!!!
Victor K (5 months ago)
Doubt it. Maybe 6 dollars in 2 months. (4.37 when I wrote the comment.)
Bob T (5 months ago)
Kyle Aldrich makes perfect sense now. Thank you
Kyle Aldrich (5 months ago)
Bob T... Circulating supply X coin price = Market cap. Therefore, Market cap divided by circulating supply = Coin price. Rather than looking at the price of the coin/token, I focus on it's market cap and evaluate if I think it is currently too high or if its low. Coins under $200m market cap that are solid projects with a lot of potential can be the best buys. Coins like Dentacoin that are way over valued at $1.5b market cap are coins you want to stay away from. Hope that helps and happy investing!
craig preiss (5 months ago)
Been watching since the ICO. Pretty steady graphing. Good site. Good team. Got it at a good price. Lets go.
bltnzns (5 months ago)
HODL, you will thank me later
Agent Laflare (5 months ago)
Picked up a good amount at $2.90, solid coin!
Dylan (5 months ago)
use mew and add token
Thought Frankly (5 months ago)
hehe LISK
Kyle Mulry (5 months ago)
I looked online and the ledger nano s doesn't show that it can store appcoins. Is that not true? Do you know of any mobile wallets that work?
Altcoin Mania (5 months ago)
What a Great Vid! I hope I can grow like you man Keep Hustling!
Thaddeus Arndt (5 months ago)
This could easily do 60$ in a few months. Extremely solid coin with extremely solid backing
Bob T (5 months ago)
would anyone happen to know the formula for calculating the potential of a coin's worth?
Thirsty (5 months ago)
Where did you find this info about coin burning tomorrow?
G Yusuf (5 months ago)
They are doing coin burning tommorow, it will be around 240million as the APPC team stated. Already bought 4k of it at 3.7 dollar last night, and even more at 2.3 this morning. Ill hodl it atleast until end of 2018.
Thirsty (5 months ago)
What do you mean it depends on the supply? Their supply is around 400 millions.
gk k (5 months ago)
craig Health (5 months ago)
App coins and Snovio coin are my main hold coins at the moment.........you should do a review on Snovio
flowerkiron (5 months ago)
toa coin
V E (5 months ago)
APPC will be big guys.. BUY ASAP....Why? because its not on Coinmarketcap yet, great project, real time, good business model !
Pan Hadji (5 months ago)
sexymanabe (5 months ago)
Appc will reward app users with coins, 85% for the user, 5% developer, and 10% app store. This is gona revolutionize the app market.
Linus Gerhardsen (5 months ago)
got in on the dip. 2.7$. pls god let me earn some dollars :) I believe in the coin because I have used Aptoide for years
mirdad sourena (4 months ago)
imabanana (5 months ago)
same here
Isak Suljanović (5 months ago)
Guys look up BLUE!! Crypto POLICE!!
Joseph Montesano (5 months ago)
NEBL will make you rich....target is $250 plus...currently $30. Only 13 million market cap.Donate here...NLAZCAjzWmxLRJw1zuyZuLHuY87MJ5aisk
ricardo feliciano (5 months ago)
Take a look at VOISE, big potential imo
Walter Paul (5 months ago)
Colx will soon be up to 0.5-1 USD. Buy now or regret it.
luke huggins (5 months ago)
Sent you a private message, i couldn't find a business email. Feel free to contact me.
Paik (5 months ago)
Hi all! As pioneers of the Appcoins community, we are creating a discord group with all the people interested on the project! Would be nice to add you on this wonderful idea! A great idea needs a community that supports it! YOU ARE ALL WELCOME!   --> https://discord.gg/zn384fW   See you there!
Fabio C. Canesin (5 months ago)
everybody get ready for big altcoin collapse buy etherum or BTC asap take all your coins to personal wallet...
DREASAK (5 months ago)
WTF, man I need to read all the comments you ever wrote
Crypto Singh (5 months ago)
LMAO you moron
Eddie Malyovany (5 months ago)
Nope. 2018 will be the year of Altcoins
Denzel (5 months ago)
Why isn't AppCoins on Coinmarketcap? Does it take a few days?
Thirsty (5 months ago)
It was just added a few hours ago. Bought it immediately. This one will be big HODL for me.
Denzel (5 months ago)
Wetbootsmusic12 (5 months ago)
It has been added today
sexymanabe (5 months ago)
Glad i bought this early
Denzel (5 months ago)
Kaloku Holt (5 months ago)
Just bought a handful. Thanks for the heads up!
rv k (5 months ago)
How About NAgA Coin
tammy smith (5 months ago)
Lou Saetern (5 months ago)
I bought mine this morning at $ 3.77 and now it keep dropping. What should I do?
MikiiLee234 (5 months ago)
I got in this morning too at 3.44 😂 but i believe in this coin and im a extreme noob to the crypto world and im gonna purchase more in the next 2 weeks so now we just hodl and we can all party on a yacht
stevenw373 (5 months ago)
Lou Saetern (5 months ago)
Stephen Yeager I spend 5k on this coin. Still holding. Thinking about sell half when it get to $10
Stephen Yeager (5 months ago)
Just of curiosity how much did you buy? I see people buy all the time with other coins but interested in how much lol
David G (5 months ago)
Lou! Buy more man. Simple
xKen (5 months ago)
Did you invest in AppCoin? If so, how much? Or percentage wise of your portfolio?
cKy TV (5 months ago)
1700usd so around 8%
craig preiss (5 months ago)
%50 atm. Solid coin. Good team. Good white paper.
Eddie Malyovany (5 months ago)
I bought 30 coins of them when it was around $3.20. I feel its gonna grow once it gets added to other exchanges, coinmarketcap, and when people talk more about it.
Adam Donnis (5 months ago)
wings binance
Gary Gibson (5 months ago)
"What even is that?" 🤣🤣
D P (5 months ago)
Don't. If you look at trends for ICO's it skyrockets then plummets. Never buy at all time highs. Unless you got in from the ground up i would recommend waiting for it to settle down a bit.
balls deep (5 months ago)
Bought at 2.80
Investigative Reports (5 months ago)
This One Is Not Ever Going To Settle Much. That Happened overnight. Its Up From Here!!!
Princeton van der Burg (5 months ago)
It already did from 3 dollar to 1.60.....(think ico buyers were selling) after the drop it only got up....after this some coins dont settle down anymore..
Little Big (5 months ago)
Binance doesnt allow new registration. I guess i cannot buy this coin. lol
shrimpster97 (5 months ago)
Im having he same trouble. They are being overloaded...
misou1995 (5 months ago)
but how ? it's still blocked for me
w l o (5 months ago)
Little Big they allowed it now
chrisromo7 (5 months ago)
MoMarvelous Salah (5 months ago)
I couldn't afford to lose 400 let alone 1k.
Shane (5 months ago)
Risky, but it has potential. It was down 30% a few days ago, bought 1k worth, and now it's 5k.
MoMarvelous Salah (5 months ago)
Linda is very risky, not even a white paper. Couldn't find it. hmmmm
Investigative Reports (5 months ago)
Dude Do Your Research On Pac Coin before Commenting about It! The Huge Supply is Temporary and By March will be Incredibly Reduced through the new consolidation. DO YOUR Research!
Your Altcoins (5 months ago)
This sounds like a new video!
Chillie Chill (5 months ago)
Thoughts on FUN?
MikiiLee234 (5 months ago)
They will jump up. Also they are letting users test their site. They are a future online casino and its pretty cool. Lots of potential
Investigative Reports (5 months ago)
FUN Is AMAZING!!! It WILL Be The Biggest of all Gambling coins!
onseau (5 months ago)
getting ready to take off. i got almost 100k...will probably have to wait a couple of days though.

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