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Banks Crying to Daddy! - Bank of America Losing to CryptoCurrency - Crypto News

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Banks are crying to daddy SEC! Bank of America is losing to cryptocurrency! Crypto News! Help Fund Our Crypto Show: https://igg.me/at/ccn/x/18117460 Our Social Media: Follow Our Twitter: https://goo.gl/TZf4YS Follow Our Instagram: https://goo.gl/AuKUDn Follow Our Steemit: https://steemit.com/@cryptocoinnewz Our Telegrams: CCN Chat: https://t.me/ccncryptochat CCN Announcements: https://t.me/officialcryptocoinnewz Start Mining Bitcoin and Ethereum Today: Mine Crypto Here: https://hashflare.io/r/774D78A6 Best Crypto Exchanges: Coinbase (BTC ETH LTC BCH): https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a1e15a67c77270157a476e1 Binance (ALTCOINS): https://www.binance.com/?ref=11785856 Cryptopia: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=aviatorgaming Business Email: [email protected] I am not a professional financial adviser. All investments you make are of your own. Do your own research. All ICO reviews are paid reviews. All opinions are our own. Do your own research before clicking any links in the description and investing any money.
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Ryno van Rooyen (6 months ago)
My money in my wallet not in a bank!! 0x9c73c16a408aaa890dd107761e687782f72befca
John Doe (6 months ago)
banks will soon be in the history books 0xf6Bc47E36B7Dd79d21a006470b20A156308E45eb
Desmitskes Unplugged (6 months ago)
LOL! Keep dreaming. The bankers have all the power in the world (Illuminati). If they don't want crypto to happen, it wouldn't be happening. It's them who are behind it! They want crypto to happen and make everything money-related online. It's the best way to control the mass.
Fedexultra (6 months ago)
Wow the market is really crazy 0xbbc83d27F701eB270440640acC0c8d290cED5D97
Aaron O (6 months ago)
Pfff... Bank of America needs to embrace change. So pathetic that they complained to the FCC 0xba921357d2eace6c8ab3450e759790b6e4ff368d
Predict Academy (6 months ago)
Just hold and capitalize on lows when you do buy, its been my strategy from the start and hold all my coins on coinspot, its hard to switch to anything else when you start trusting a site. https://www.coinspot.com.au?affiliate=F9J5N
Tank945 (6 months ago)
Took your advice on genesis vision looks like and awesome project 0xFB68Aec6d7188dEE7Ba67f2922B3aF7a5aCd0ab7
Brian. Merchent (6 months ago)
Hire Natasha now !! 0x8f00491cF856C4E68bb06AcF73Fc9C6B7a5829b6
Live Healthy - Look Good (6 months ago)
And if they try to diminish the value of these currencies, they just do it out of fear 0x565536Fb5A87037B161751DF6506E5424CAbFb2d
Eoin Mc Keon (6 months ago)
love the video! 0xb6d4a86f0a0ad9099b5bad92efe211a7b3510c6e
David Vankan (6 months ago)
can't wait for the crypto show : 0xb1e09Ef66cbcBB78983dA1065C63cc034A33113d
Jakob Mastrup (6 months ago)
Love your videos. Keep up the good work.0x9E0d985a93C1Ce4CDd0206330A53f45BEd39B851
Chris O (6 months ago)
Can’t wait till the market goes on a bull run. I can’t keep buying these dips anymore lol. Thanks for all the content you post! 0xb73942c397E629a748217A1eB34D6A9e431a9f9c
XRPopulis 589 (6 months ago)
Awesome video! Thanx 0x47CC0a6dE01EFe1826D5BCc45cF6048C9bb8c232
Saif Jweda (6 months ago)
Well maybe Bank of America should start looking to get into the technology 0x01b9f2f70b971ff9520fbb0a476de1eca0257bbd
Trevor Carlston (6 months ago)
Reminds me of a weather forecast. Partly cloudy with a chance of lightning storms.
The Gent (6 months ago)
Another insightful Video! ETH Addy: 0xa1FA9222776f00919A877983d4Fc4e803827d5F9
CarJac 717 (6 months ago)
Innovation and adaptability will determine the future of banks... 0xae9ddea0ef8c16ea690b491622c7bf8c66996565
Shawn DeVries (6 months ago)
Be scarred banks crypto is the future!!! 0xe3dc0409afaccb0f5a7d4fe5dd5057b7101f9748
Yxshii (6 months ago)
Very nice Vids and Lifestreams dude, keep on! 0xec988299dc0fe3717bb8ad1c36c35d42fbf0ed2c
Humza Amin (6 months ago)
Lotes of hopes on substratum, hope they live upto themselves!? 0xfbcee356d98f6b67f6b255c80f0695fac40daf2c
Humza Amin (6 months ago)
Lotes of hopes on substratum, hope they live upto themselves!? 0xfbcee356d98f6b67f6b255c80f0695fac40daf2c
Jeremy Snow (6 months ago)
Bitcoin to the mooooonnnnnn 0x2F4eBc6fBD28c94a940dbc4A2Bbf56B0F7ad3717
Net Alibaba (6 months ago)
great video ETH : 0x8f047ff8391b8faae5f4d0ecb7d4eb12a3b2a858
Kah'lil Newton (6 months ago)
Just bought some Bitcoin. Can't wait to use it to buy some alts, ESPECIALLY neo 0x30a9203F5Ba558D366C216B815DA04A4A33Db8f5
Claus Mevik (6 months ago)
BTC - 3Av2nV5oyXgxKCud3Eu9nGGKjto7KLy1t5 ETH- 0x93D51887CF224C7D1CD72faAf4889f4263309afE
Trevor Blow (6 months ago)
Bank of America is sounding a bull alarm 0xe1e3A14ff5131f94919B98A18A9A747Bbd29D847
Yogo K (6 months ago)
Nice update as always 😘 0x3e212f68e9b4e68eb462298a10c2c31f743df8a8
Simon Kotyk (6 months ago)
great video! 0x6CfAeE090Bfe7e70D2a7D9a06D808A61De8AFf4E
Dave Singh (6 months ago)
Great video 0xDbb81f8FA47522cA7EA149d9F7a2e69058eaf94E
Coinvestia club (6 months ago)
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cup cup (6 months ago)
can't wait for massive adaption ETH 0xef9af1168f68216791bfc57b6e18e753bd7b5d22
James Peterson (6 months ago)
Let’s go vechain! 1LA4HdWbF8u53AfQGZc2HCupfQvaepFD8F
SerZH KaLaBaXa (6 months ago)
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1boringdude (6 months ago)
Block chain is the future. BOA will be more secure as a result. 0x42B6B09Ea15F5C7BcE2f391eda0e4c07A9C0F960
Lars H. (6 months ago)
Bank of America is the worst! 0xC0A85ad0cb7bE395c8700D827AB03049419F65f2
Nathguz D'ghostman (6 months ago)
So many coins out there just believe and have faith of your choice, wait and stick with it. Subscribed to this Channel. ETH: 0xe31081c5be0aef45c72ec0c747f450a4a08056e3
Mike Amil (6 months ago)
Always a pleasure to watch. Thanks a lot Ps: Any news on Reddcoin? 0xe6083fb9a7c19486230993e9ca73987b8daaec13
Mike Stautz (6 months ago)
cant wait to see the show...0x1529b994c7e0e0cb64e9b42e0176e4896a8ad636
Mark Davis (6 months ago)
Thanks Zach, loved the video and got a lot of good info. ETH = 0xa970555c8948149617f2d52bae2552d42c35a9a1
Patrick Bislev (6 months ago)
Hodl guys! 0xad4d1d8792f0679a0e183ed14181c4304fa44c74
bro1995 (6 months ago)
Altcoins will moon soon. Eth 0xC8837C0e70384863315be060B7a8183Ac745AE38
Blake Frazier (6 months ago)
The banks shouldnt run from crypto, IMO they need to be sprinting towards it! 0xE1E80cb90e22D2d26369e90a829b835FFaF9455d
Kristine Cunningham (6 months ago)
So they took out a blockchain crypto patton. So i think there really in as long as they'll be able to be one of those still in control.
Frazer Closson (6 months ago)
Other great news today! Putin has just highly endorsed blockchain technology, comparing it to other resources such as oil and gold. He goes on to say the industry is growing fast and they need to begin to train professionals in this field so they are early adopters in the race and not left in the dust. Full video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Toso2Cd_30&t=9s
Mary Lancaster (6 months ago)
Go pack go 0xc09d7b4cc4ca8f883069df8780e4e08c95481f43
Julian (6 months ago)
I'm sure the banks will find a way to make money from the poor or at least change the laws to make cryptos benefit them. They are professionals at ripping people off 0x7b89f5905085c6f1bb2e1f7ef054b09ff8f83985
John Castellanos (6 months ago)
why so serious banks 0x886EdE159F4c3075007b1001e36f0003f635023a
Omar Bari (6 months ago)
Amazing how I got the chance to watch the video 9 hours later and market is same as was at the time of the video
ANIME IS LIFE (6 months ago)
If you really want to learn about crypto currency or I should say bitcoin and how to invest in it I have a guide https://tinyurl.com/y9shrnmp
Humza Amin (6 months ago)
Lotes of hopes on substratum, hope they live upto themselves!? 0xfbcee356d98f6b67f6b255c80f0695fac40daf2c
Mike NoBody (6 months ago)
Really good videos, lots of good info for new people like me. Thank you. 0x1391cbf90857dd71cAd57943F9005BdB3175F8e2
Javier Gómez (6 months ago)
guys what do you think about XP? tks ETH 0x76edfbd55c42a6e6833c77b197bf9c6a4e774051
walter wetterberg (6 months ago)
Please do more of these, super advice.  eth: 0x4e89547c61f6afd67aeb69b111bc057859b27f09
Pecan Gaming (6 months ago)
Should I buy NEO. 0xbb640a0f53b8995ec6c38acbc0c9706aea34b92b
PatriotsFan123 (6 months ago)
Love the videos Can’t wait to buy some NEO! 0x55855235A9B013feE4089b03cddB2B733C313b6D
Shripad Raul (6 months ago)
Rollercoaster for Bitcoin these days, will might get spike soon. ETH- 0x42e68c55c5bb3ecb11b14faf457fdbb6b22fa1be
Alvaro Colocho (6 months ago)
I like neo and genesis thank you for the videos, 0x64d0860dc81fe92d811Aa1764BC76ddB34e9dd71
sebastian (6 months ago)
Thanks 0x4B31e42D69c5728E92C54Ab23d1755cB102E4743
Josh Farrington (6 months ago)
My favourite YT crypto channel! Keep up the good work Zach! 0x1eaF38dcfdcBAa00550A60Ae8840685780B8AF1b
Dennis van Mazijk (6 months ago)
Hoping for SC (Siacoin) to hit bigger exchanges soon :-) 0x260e1ba20ffb5c27c10eccb9035282708f7d3df7
Vishal Kumar Singh (6 months ago)
Fps Doug (6 months ago)
Bank of America is the debil! It's great to hear them crying about their inability to adapt. ETH: 0x9BF3Cc10f345211F7Aff785244e1189cac3CB99B
Krypto Z (6 months ago)
Rip banks 0xb67f9b326A1D001e3DaC292D6Ea0aAE3B958D029
allan jameson (6 months ago)
I'm fed up with the banks fighting crypto. I pay a cash advance fee every time I purchase some. Argg! ETH - 0x10cde06faf0a77336619f43ecdd907f8fd7fe5a7
Dave O (6 months ago)
Thanks for the great vids! 0xc11e5847fbdb1898f8e7d3660856ea29e0bb1e42
Jose De Jesus (6 months ago)
Bank of America should be scared. Lmao 0x2D26F255C7D090b976082937A33875ff19f1869f
Vedant Patel (6 months ago)
Hi u r da best 0x1805043eb22a0373d1f8e7e9dbea5be51b01b49c eth
Geeza 1589 (6 months ago)
the banking system needs to change.. have us in their pockets. 0x0e58b3FFDdb7e06fE2a9F84fFB609e28beCC3E55
DazzFire - Rhiannon (6 months ago)
WePower is gaining increase due to the competition with Elastos in a campaign to get it listed on Binance. They're actually bribing (for lack of a better term -- providing promises of tokens as incentives if they win) people to vote for them. The price climb with this and Elastos is probably a result of that heavy vote campaign/competition. 0x6Bbc8d8f5b45BFf80052AF208807E2Ac77d63731
victor Jackson (6 months ago)
As always, thanks for the content. I'd argue a contentious stance to your all crypto is good argument. These 3 countries are known for both their corruption and their poor treatment of groups within their own country. These are simple cash grabs and greedy investors backing a centralized e currency of right wing/ authoritative regimes. The fact that the US has issued criminal warnings specifically for the petrol ICO should tell you that big brother is certainly watching this one
Lee We (6 months ago)
Neo is rated A-! 0x74fc9b75a7f13ef5fb0fe400957f722048e21ddb
DazzFire - Rhiannon (6 months ago)
Did you stop giving away ETH after every video? Haven't seen a giveaway in a while and I watch them all! 0x6Bbc8d8f5b45BFf80052AF208807E2Ac77d63731 (just in case)
Andre Morales (6 months ago)
angel espinal (6 months ago)
All my money is in crypto, banks are overrated!!!!! 0x7E64Dd18654D206ca7838F218Df1F20720c64eb0
TANKZ (6 months ago)
Waiting for another dip... ETH : 0x26383b6a3c7882fb281b2d42da47eac4045d822c
ogrim weu (6 months ago)
cry me a river banks 0x7b37018d65cbd8696a8638c0fc2c7cbf058ac219 eth
Shawn Wheeler (6 months ago)
Good vid
Nick Dzhuga (6 months ago)
market will rebound monday 0xcfb472934cabed19394c10cf454690fa97afea60
Thai Tran (6 months ago)
Enjoy watching your daily news. 0xae949c958736882c377380d7396d0eb031636e06
W Cunningham (6 months ago)
Actually state-sponsored coins will be a new way of controlling the population, especially if they can observe every transaction and eliminate cash transactions and control movement. I don't think it's good news or a sign of adoption. More a sign of a new tool for control. Ari on Crypto Bobby spoke of this Orwellian scenario just last week. 0x8abea74cdCA1923cf6c59a2997b694964B20a149
Alexander Innes-Wong (6 months ago)
Can't wait for your show :) 0x2f8f2db5a898B2cc6a82e6f9Cd09faDcCe4CAb0b
Reggie Menard (6 months ago)
The banks have a valid reason to be afraid. 0xcc6b4a846b815747c44621b5864553b1ee2b05d0
Tyler Williams (6 months ago)
Thanks for the multiple videos a day bro!!!! ETH 0x96d54Ec5E2ff4179780CaA3B27994A0074274EB7
9999 Ag (6 months ago)
The u.s. better get behind crypto before they get left behind. 0xeab439e5d5bf38944c955659335e3d05380d0ac7
Jason Dalton (6 months ago)
Poor banks. Whatever will they do? ETH: 0x1ddfaa8fc6a6aca108ff7ba0ff393849ec383624
ALEXANDER GOMEZ (6 months ago)
Thanks for the heads up! will buy a small position tomorrow ! eth: 0x3c51ebb5174aa137467a0a30efdd82a7e085470e
TOP DAWG (6 months ago)
Banks and governments don't like to see people to be successful ..If they would give a good interest rate and not run to the IRS when you deposit make money at a bank..,,we would use banks more often..It takes fiat to buy this stuff anyways..
Ali Sheykhi (6 months ago)
Great video as usual! ETH : 0x732892170fAD761531FCa279d87e23F9D833b1D6
domzftw (6 months ago)
im color blind i never see red 0xaBCF3607B4dACa0Da36313ae950C7daf78c35F9E
Khalid Warsame (6 months ago)
domzftw it is safe to say we all bleed green then.
Moayad Hamdan (6 months ago)
Thanks 0xddaad9b9871263ab6d94ecb7d2201b9820b92d95
MajorMinorMBC (6 months ago)
Excited! 0x9ca4c27638368c994ca0ac82dc548865475404fc
Ville Karppanen (6 months ago)
Looking forward to see your late night show! Excited to see how cool that'll be! 0x4060A868907d3F5dfCc4b9267380950780CCCbe3
Stan Warchock (6 months ago)
Bank of America kills me,every month in fact cryptocurrencies are killing the game right now let them hate!!! They took more money from me than any crypto did lol 0x7a5150a2d6FBA2365CC638A378c354086fDAB2cf
Andrew K (6 months ago)
Countries starting their own crypto currency... Banks sweating..Awesome!!! ETH 0x57c9aD6A5c450Bee5c1Bb5228DE6C2Fe1e22E811
Kristine Cunningham (6 months ago)
Andrew K The more they sweat the more they force others into and under there control.
Faris Hindi (6 months ago)
Soo happy to hear the banks are starting to realise BTC as a real threat.                                          0xdf599dd17d8e5923d6de43f92ca35395ec6fd7c9
Alexandru Pop (6 months ago)
It's about time banks cried. 0x84210545B5d221A802f20583b6E747c7b83a21FB
Britt Hinkle (6 months ago)
NOT A FAN OF BOA! Glad to see their knees shaking 0x6755f4458d3f7a4d6c9beae970bd8f4a4b898f26
Steve McNichol (6 months ago)
Banks should be afraid.. very afraid.. 0x94dADF34416682006f64463B376cEd4E22952aDF
Crazy4Crypto NL (6 months ago)
Thanx! Love your video's, keep up the good work guys! Hope your future crypto show will be a succes! 0x64a2f573b9777f618a501930fb0ed80be093abf5

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