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Quick Update on BTC & Support Levels to Watch Here - BTC ETH LTC

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We're finally seeing the pullback after a strong rally. This is healthy action and part of the ebbs and flow of the market. I'll point some key levels to watch near term for Bitcoin and quickly go through the charts for Ethereum & Litecoin. LEARN HOW TO READ THE CRYPTO CHARTS! Check out my 4-Hour Technical Analysis video course. More info at: https://nodeinvestor.com/training/ Follow me on Twitter @nodeinvestor Bitcoin Price Analysis, Technical Analysis, BTC, ETH, LTC
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Text Comments (34)
Parvez Shahid (1 month ago)
Thanks for the update! These short videos are so much easier to watch!
Ortyx Import (1 month ago)
Thanks mate!
Polopunk (1 month ago)
Nooode!!! It looks like it’s not going to pull back as much as anticipated - is that bad? Delaying the inevitable? 🤔
Crypto Blitz (1 month ago)
Hey Node, which settings are you using for RSI seems like we are getting completely different numbers never saw 70 on a 4 hour or 1 hour chart using tradingview. Thanks
Amun Anubis (1 month ago)
Hey Node, would you put any weight on the speed of the pullback?
Ronald R (1 month ago)
Review oyster pearl please
TL (1 month ago)
Thanks man! Please do more of these short videos daily, they're so easy to watch.
Gustavo (1 month ago)
Cryptostreet Led (1 month ago)
the pull back, what a beautiful thing. Very healthy and needed to cost averaging on coins of choice.
Paloma Urrutia (1 month ago)
Could be a bearsih engulfing pattern?... in that case in short term we could see lower values?
Kevin Carlin (1 month ago)
I like your analogy - stairs up and elevator down 🙂
juldup11 (1 month ago)
Consolidation as expected
Wouldn't be surprised to see pullback to the 50 week ma again, that would be nice....
BTC STACKER (1 month ago)
pullback?!? oh is that what you call it... I'm starting to believe that all these so-called experts in crypto are fucking shills for the fucking banking cartel... the goddamn exchanges are allowing these massive sell offs by banks that are dumping thousands of BTC for price manipulation only... It's not the common investors in crypto that are just waking up one morning and saying, fuck it I'm dumping all my holdings....
Crypto Savage (1 month ago)
Thanks man
Vahid Ara (1 month ago)
Thank you for the update!!!
Kyle Miller (1 month ago)
Great video as always. Curious to see what BTC does by this weekend and into next week. Some people are saying May will be the month it explodes, but it seems tentative right now.
A B (1 month ago)
For Gods sake Node please use dark charts! White charts kill eyes!
A B (1 month ago)
Martin, yes it's best to have a dark background. To help even more, download Dark Reader extension for Chrome. It will invert the colors on your screen. Also download F.Lux for your computer. Trading requires a lot of hours on the computer so we gotta save the eyes
Node Investor (1 month ago)
Martin958 (1 month ago)
Did it work for you?
BlakesgoneBananas (1 month ago)
martin-read arnold errants mucousless diet. You can repair your eyes
Martin958 (1 month ago)
Is that so? I have noticed my vision has blurred in recent times. Is that a cause?
Cryptolight (1 month ago)
NODE, YOUR THE BEST1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A B (1 month ago)
Node "Node Investor herrreeeee" Investor
Tony Kwan (1 month ago)
Formatting head&shoulder pattern?
MrMadnelsen (1 month ago)
Thanks for the update! Excited for May and June, so much about to happen!
Edward Maldonadoisdope (1 month ago)
Bitcoin back down to 6,600
Gabriel Fortier (1 month ago)
i would like too, but i dont think we are going to test it a third times
marvelv212 (1 month ago)
It was tested there twice. I don't think so.
Edward Maldonadoisdope (1 month ago)
Gabriel Fortier Bet😉
Kevin Carlin (1 month ago)
Edward Maldonado hopefully - I want to buy my first one on the dip
Gabriel Fortier (1 month ago)
Edward Maldonado lol never
Keranos Shop (1 month ago)
I cant be the one who like the video before even watch it, right?

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