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R S (2 hours ago)
I do not agree. BCash is not just an alt coin because it has the same base like bitcoin, it was bitcoin actually. Altscoins has another technology base or they are written even in a complete other coding language, begin completely incompatible with bitcoin
Bird E. Fli (12 days ago)
Wyatt Denny (28 days ago)
I’ve always been pro btc but have Been following the bch side of reddit. I’ll support whatever coin that should properly be superior but the posts about bch seem very sketchy and misleading and just makes it feel like a scam :/
Kiwi AustEcon (1 month ago)
Fees on post-fork-BTC (segwit coin) is only low because it has much lower use now due to $55+ txn fees late 2017 - segwit is the equivalent of adding like 15% to a 1mb block size - a complete joke!. Why do you have a double standard of comparing BCH to every other crypto whereas segwit settlement coin somehow does not need to be useful or doesn't need to compete? You come across as soooooo incredibly biased with that crap. Circular logic. It is an alt coin, because it needs to content with this other thing which I assert is not an alt coin. and because my favoured coin is not an alt coin, your coin that I dislike is therefore an alt coin... because I assert this as the case.
Kiwi AustEcon (1 month ago)
post-fork-BTC i.e. segwit settlement coin is a science experiment that will never work but by majority they retain the BTC ticker - I can live with that. pre-fork-BTC (i.e. bitcoin cash following the original plan from the beginning to increase block size - or at least not hold it at a ridiculous 1mb), is focused on adoption of merchants, widespread use, countries that need this technology right now like Venezuela and Zimbabwe.
Kiwi AustEcon (1 month ago)
The most misleading part is that Jihan and Roger ver were the driving force behind the creation of bitcoin cash. They weren't. It was grass roots. This debate was raging for years and years. Roger came after the momentum was already there for the creation of bitcoin cash. Jihan and Ver are not the "leaders" or CEO. They are just people heavily invested in bitcoin as cash for the entire world who rightly support bitcoin cash for fulfilling this purpose.
Fernando Cuestasd (1 month ago)
Something that fails to me mentioned in some of these supposedly non biased comparisons, is that Bitcoin Cash is closer to the true purpose of Bitcoin as stated in the White paper. While the old Bitcoin was steered down an other path requiring segwit, and lightening creating its own form of confusion for new investors who had to go along with this different path.This is one of the main reasons the fork happened.
Tom Schmitz (1 month ago)
The issue with Lightning Network is that it won't work as believed by the community. Because BCH has the same hashing algorithm as BTC (namely SHA256d) and BTC is hell for miners, they will switch to BCH as soon as it overtakes BTC. Also, BCH has a more robust difficulty adjustment algorithm that can handle rapid changes in hashrate much better. This is an additional slight advantage over BTC.
Tony G (1 month ago)
What a troll you are. Your facts are shit too. Bitcoin Cash is not faster to send or recieve. It has no RBF.
Nano Sanchez Lopez (1 month ago)
The history of Bitcoin is ALSO the history of Bitcoin Cash....
Origin Tokyo (1 month ago)
Bitcoin = slow old shitcoin... go all in on BCH
Tyler Bonillas (1 month ago)
All the nodes voted? Hmm didn't get the memo I suppose..
FUD TV (1 month ago)
Upgrade = vote for BCH
FUD TV (1 month ago)
Well if you didn’t upgrade, you voted BTC
Tyler Bonillas (1 month ago)
FUD TV yes, run node and no vote. Really curious how they did.
FUD TV (1 month ago)
where were you? were you a node that didn't vote? Curious and genuinely asking, this channel is about truth not spin
K4Liberty (1 month ago)
I support Bitcoin Cash, fast and low fees need I say anymore, the money is not everything, but it is so many things.
Tony G (1 month ago)
This video is biased as shit. UASF bip 148 had only 30% support so segwit had no consensus. Fuck your frustration.
Tony G (1 month ago)
Going after the brand? Fuck you! Bitcoin Cash is bitcoin. Segwit/Lightning token is not BTC. Yes it keeps the Ticker but that's about it.
Tony G (1 month ago)
I am telling you the TRUTH. I been involved since 2011 and seen the shit of the last few years in person in full wide screen. Blockstream and their push for the crippling of bitcoin with the 1mb limit are the root causes of the civil war you see now AND A DIRECT REASON for the creation of Bitcoin Cash. I am not telling you any bullshit. I am telling you facts. You cannot ignore the censorship, propaganda and corruption that plagues bitcoin (BTC) right now. Bitcoin Cash is p2p cash.
FUD TV (1 month ago)
Why are you bringing up SegWit? Which happened as a UASF before the BCH hard fork and was eventually almost fully adopted in a (genuinely) decentralized manner? Everyone decided for themselves to adopt segwit : actual decentralization. I hold and buy bitcoin cash as well so I have no bias except that I will only support the TRUTH. Arguing that BCH is bitcoin will keep the bitcoin cash community where it is (or just make things worse and worse) forever. Instead of constantly insulting bitcoin the community needs to construct an identity that’s unique and serves the goals of a p2p cash system, and stop going after the brand as some sort of trophy. If I get enough hate on this video I might have to make a whole series on this 😊🤘I spit facts sorry if you don’t like them
Tony G (1 month ago)
Bitcoin Cash is a response to the corporate takeover of Bitcoin and the intenttional crippling of bitcoin's adoption. Bitcoin Cash / BCH is a last resort attempt to bring bitcoin inline with the original roadmap. Nobody fucking bought bitcoin cash instead of bitcoin btc
Tony G (1 month ago)
Bitcoin is a concept. There are now different visions of this concept. BCH stands out as the only other significant fork of bitcoin. Accept this fact. You realy need to educate yourself on why BCH forked in the first place. Nobody in BCH wanted to "Steal the brand name". It is more disgusting that corporate interests hijacked the bitcoin project and you are just a useful minion for them to spread their propaganda. And no, nobody bought a $7500 for $1000. These theoretical victims don't exist and if they do, they failed to due even the most SIMPLE research and deserve to lose the 1% fee to change to BTC.
FUD TV (1 month ago)
There was a vote about this - the community voted 82% that BTC = bitcoin. There’s no more debate. Just sour folks that don’t want to accept the true nature of BCH. BCH is an altcoin like any other and shouldn’t get to benefit from Bitcoin’s brand considering it lost support of the community by a LANDSLIDE!. If someone said “US DOLLAR - AUD” You would flip out. There are many dollars but only one US DOLLAR. Like there is just one Bitcoin.
Tony G (1 month ago)
Best way to label them would be: Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin (BCH)
Tony G (1 month ago)
Accept that now there are different branches of bitcoin. Did you ever buy Australian dollars instead of US dollars or Canadian dollars?
FUD TV (1 month ago)
Absolutely people bought BCH on bitcoin.com thinking it was BTC. The miss representation is far from OK and the fact that BCH supporters won’t admit that is unfortunate. I call out negatives from both camps but to pretend like calling BCH “bitcoin” is in any world acceptable is deceptive and dishonest. I’m happy to have a real, honest conversation about the differences between bitcoin and bitcoin cash, but it’s not gonna be productive if you pretend like BCH are saints and BTC are evil. Let’s all be circumspect and elevate the dialogue 🚀
Aaron Monroe (1 month ago)
No one remembers this but Bitcoin Cash was 5 times EOS market cap late last year. Now it's a mere 5 billion ahead of EOS. EOS will soon pass Bitcoin Cash and when that happens, I hope this stupid comparison between that scam coin Bcash and the King Bitcoin can end. You XRP Hodlers better beware of Eos too.
shrey aradhye (1 month ago)
Bch is dumped guy trying to prove himself 😂
Matija Spasovic (1 month ago)
whatever happens bitcoin MUST NOT DIE! Bitcoin is the whole point of decentralisation and if we accept other centralised crypto, no point of buliding crypto world anymore. End of story
Sean Kimeridze (1 month ago)
Jacket looks a lot better with satoshi tshirt 🤟 Thanks for updates great videos everytime and better then probably %90 of the videos out there about crypto. AND I WATCH THEM ALL !!!
exotica0 (1 month ago)
bcash is the only blockchain project I actively speak out against. There is only one Bitcoin........it's called Bitcoin. If your blockchain has a figure head.....it's not Bitcoin. Lovin' the vids FUD!
Mike Cell (1 month ago)
I don't understand how crypto daily has more subs than FUD your content is far superior! Keep it up buds :)
Mike Cell (1 month ago)
Bitcoin original lol it just called bitcoin bro! Bcash is an alt coin totally
Crypto Newbs (1 month ago)
Ellio, I gotta say this was so well explained and balanced and informative that it PROVES you are the official Crypto Newsman of Crypto YouTube. It is also extremely beneficial to the community to hear such well-reasoned and salient presentations overall. Well done. Newbs and non-newbs across the globe appreciate what you're doing. You're the man.
Colton Brummel (1 month ago)
if we're talking about Hardforks, pertaining to bitcoin.... GBYTE > Bcash.
Colton Brummel (1 month ago)
GBYTE > Bcash
Colton Brummel (1 month ago)
fuck Roger Ver
Jack Tesmer (1 month ago)
haha just bought a satoshi supreme shirt. I'm stoked!!
Freya05973 (1 month ago)
Good video. Currently I would not invest in Bitcoin, if I had to choose between those two, I would not choose any at this time. I prefer to invest in Monero that protects me from transactions, but personally in cryptocurrencies that are impossible to track and economical. Would you consider privacy important in this type of project?
Al DeTrolio (1 month ago)
The BITcoin name is attached to crypto forever. Therefore... BITcoin is bitcoin and bitcoinCASH should have a different new name that does NOT include BIT in it. (the same should apply to all the other alts that attempt to ride BITcoins coat tails by calling themselves BIT.......(fill in the blank) which is wrong to do. If bitcoinCASH had it's own name, I feel like it would do poorly. That is why they will not be their own entity... because they need the name of the original genuine article, otherwise they are just a regular not so fast, not so wonderful tech, not so special coin. They cannot compare to other faster higher tech platforms that are coming into the space as Elliot explained... and they should DE-couple from bitcoin completely, incluing the name BIT. (and the same should apply to all blockchains.) BITcoin is bitcoin, and the others can easily find names that can be differentiated from the BITcoin name and trademark. If and when this happens we would immediately see how 'not so special' bitcoinCASH is. ( and we would also be able to see the other alts for who they are from day one, without subconsciously connecting them to bitcoin for no other reason than because they call themselves BIT-whatever. )
William Moore (1 month ago)
Better project Babb or the key
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Bullish Buffalo (1 month ago)
lightning network is trash I looked at how it actually works
Mike Oxlong (1 month ago)
you mean, you looked at how it actually *doesnt* work.
Barsick (1 month ago)
Bullish Buffalo lol thanks for your review
SlyBrood7 (1 month ago)
The are both outperformed by numerous altcoins. I vote neither.
blazersfire1 (1 month ago)
Bitcoin ♥️ Satoshi 💪
Koshin (1 month ago)
Finally 10k... 👌👍... found out yr channel around 7k! FUDTV to the moon!!! BTC 4Life. BTCC should rebrand it ForkCoinCash 😅... everlasting Forks ahead!
bornnemisis (1 month ago)
Bitcoin is a protocol and was always used as and meant to be ELECTRONIC CASH. The whitepaper is titled as such. Btc was ALWAYS meant to scale on chain. No segwit, no rbf. Btc has been taken over thru developer concentration, forcing segwit and block limits thru soft forks. Soft forks are coercive. Btc had no scaling problem. Blockstream made btc have a scaling problem, just to justify their own existence by crow barring in a patented centralized lightning network solution. Bitcoin needs no third party for anything, thus BITCOIN CASH IS TRUE BITCOIN. BITCOIN CASH IS BITCOIN, P2P, NO SEGWIT, NO RBF, ON CHAIN FULL SECURITY SCALING. DECENTRALIZED ENOUGH TO MAINTAIN CENSORSHIP RESISTANCE. NO we don't need a billion full nodes, thats bs, only miners need full nodes or commercial entities. BTC IS A BANKSTER COIN NOW BCH IS ORIGINAL PROTOCOL, ORIGINAL SATOSHI VISION BCH FTW Memo.cash yours.org minipos.cash bitcoincash.org Bch is the best money on earth
Crypto What (1 month ago)
Excellent video. I like the tech behind the alt coin bch but it stops at that. Roger is taking his own personal issues and turning it into a charade that is doing a disservice to the crypto community as a whole.The politics and internal fighting, manipulation of brand and confusion to new investors slows adoption down and will further increase distrust or skepticism. We need to be just as vocal as Roger by making sure people understand what they are buying. It's our job to lead people to the right info because bitcoin.com is full of false info. These videos explain it well and give the information people need to make their own decision without jamming an opinion down people's throats. Cheers!
francis james (1 month ago)
I was actually on coinbase when bitcoin cash showed up, it was worth like $9k or something, but for just a few minutes....I always wondered what the deal was there....
Ron Burgandy? (1 month ago)
Whenever i go to buy B-Cash i see Roger Ver smiling, then i don't.
bornnemisis (1 month ago)
Ron Burgandy? That's weak sauce!
Righteous Capo (1 month ago)
haha dumb! this guy don't know nothing! it's Bitcoin ABC did the Fork.. it's now 32mb do your research
No Censorship (1 month ago)
B cash is just another alt coin.
No Censorship (1 month ago)
Someone do a better BCH and FORK IT. A little confusion goes a long way.
bornnemisis (1 month ago)
Russell Dean (1 month ago)
bornnemisis (1 month ago)
Shilly outside, brr
Babar Siddique (1 month ago)
Bitcoin is Bitcoin period
Paul Rouleau (1 month ago)
If it increases my wealth, I will invest in it. I own both.
Halina Zyeva (1 month ago)
The situation on today's market is not very good. My investment portfolio goes into the red. I bought ICO TELEGRAM- tokens on www.x-crypto.org/telegramico I think the token price will precisely grow at 5-10 times.
Tonzaw (1 month ago)
Congrats on the 10k subs!
FUD TV (1 month ago)
Thnx homie!
Thomas Vanhoutte (1 month ago)
Solid analysis - BTC ⚖️
FUD TV (1 month ago)
I didn't trust in schwag, till participated in airdrop Zilliqa myairdrop.ru/zilliqa-token yet
Angie Thiel (1 month ago)
Павел РАДВЕР If you go to the ZIL website they claim they are not supporting the airdrop and that it’s a scam. No legit airdrop would ask you for your private key. I left the link below. https://www.zilliqa.com
Jérémy GRINBAUD (1 month ago)
Only Bitcoin ! No Bcash !
The Element (1 month ago)
I'm pro making money so hold both. BCH is popular with institutional investors.
yeiglerman ramires (1 month ago)
Gal Gueta (1 month ago)
oops wrong comment
Gal Gueta (1 month ago)
Fucking scammer, post that shit somewhere else
THE.VHS.VAULT. (1 month ago)
Make a screenshot of my comment! Zilliqa will make the biggest growth indicator this year! Buy them while there is yet time! Who is the bum, for you there is a free airdrop myairdrop.org/air-zilliqa
Christian Gieser (1 month ago)
whats up man, first of all, thank you for all the education. I've just seen your vid about ins economy, looks like a very interesting project for the future. it would be great if you could do a little update vid about them since they had a bunch of new partnerships. thank you
Taras Bilunets (1 month ago)
Did you know about the best ICO of the year? www.icovilla.info/icogram
Crypto Kid! (1 month ago)
Nice work buddy!!!
The Telegram coin will go on the exchange soon! The price will grow at 5-10 times at the first onset! I advise to buy coins in advance in ICO www.icostarter.info/telegram2018
Jeff S (1 month ago)
Great education. I will never throw my money away into BCH. It goes against my grain.
Ron Burgandy? (1 month ago)
Oh plz. People like you are the reason no one likes B-Cash fanboys. Always try to dim everyone else's light to shine brighter.
bornnemisis (1 month ago)
Jeff S hey man are you new? Have you read the bitcoin whitepaper? Do you know what rbf is? I think you may have been a victim of mass propaganda. If "everyone" is doing it, do the opposite...truth.
kamal mohsen (1 month ago)
great work my friend, may the force be with you always

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