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The Death Cross for Bitcoin is Near | What It Is, Why It Is Inferior & Better Alternatives

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Many are talking about the coming death cross for Bitcoin. I'll explain what it is, why it's Inferior & better alternatives to consider. **** SORRY ABOUT THE POOR AUDIO QUALITY IN THE SECOND HALF, I LOST MIC CONNECTION WHEN TALKING CHARTS*** LEARN HOW TO READ THE CRYPTO CHARTS! Check out my 4-Hour Technical Analysis video course. More info at: https://nodeinvestor.com/training/ Follow me on Twitter @nodeinvestor
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Text Comments (74)
Wendel Menor (5 months ago)
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A8 (5 months ago)
RIP PEDO's coin it's gonna death cross
MrKarnenorte (5 months ago)
Hi Node investor .. I have some money on sideline. But waiting for the right time to buy... Is it good to buy now or wait till it goes down..Thanks for the video..i miss the 6-7 k low price last feb..
Daniel Prinz (5 months ago)
Wow. Very good explanation!
Pokepoke Fox (5 months ago)
RigoRocks23 (5 months ago)
The sp500 chart looks like its putting in a elliot wave, corrective C wave. I may get in on that action later this year thanks!
Carefully we monitor the market and we wait for succession of events.......
KaliAndy2 (5 months ago)
You are missing the main point of "death cross". Significance is marking start of different market. In bull market 50/200 day moving averages act as support and those areas should be used to buy dips to add to winning position. In bear market long term moving averages are sell areas for those that might take short term trades of bigger washes. Then you point to early 2014 and how death cross was already 60% from peak. Well no shit, after big parabolic euphoria long term top averages will cross way lower. Point is that after death cross in 2014 you would have pretty much missed nothing long term until 2017. 3 years is a long time to waste. Now we have a death cross again and it'll likely be a few years again before we make any sustained run long term run. For long term investors its time to sell rallies and go away until bull market returns. 60% lower prices from extreme peaks doesn't mean good buy, prices are still up 2,000% just a bit over last year+.
KaliAndy2 (5 months ago)
BTW not saying its going to be a panic exodus. It'll be an orderly exit. Some people wait confirmation and sell bounce to MA. Some already sold. Many others will continue selling lower and lower as they hit their max pain. Death cross is simply confirmation that bears are now in full control long term with majority of bulls losing money.
KaliAndy2 (5 months ago)
There is a million different ways to trade using trendlines, volume, indicators, fundamentals, etc. Sure you could have used better SHORT term signals for higher exit but point is MANY LONG TERM investors buy solely on golden cross and sell on death cross. Last round they would have made like what, measly 2,000% after this "huge" pullback? Peanuts right? Now why anyone should stick around a dead market that will go much lower while volatility and liquidity disappear during consolidation phase? You can't short cryptos vs cash which only leaves you counter trend trading which sucks. Current prices are still amazingly great sells long term. Just very recently people couldn't believe it hit 5k on way up. Likely destination is where big breakout started happening 1,100-1,200. Another 80-90% drop is very likely. Easy money likely gone here for years. Sorry to tell you but maybe with your excellent TA expertise look into trading other markets. Whether stock market, forex, futures the principals are all the same. You'd be better off trading pork bellies as at least you can trade them both directions.
Node Investor (5 months ago)
My point is, the death cross doesn't matter, even for long term investors. I booked profits well above here on my "long term holds" and a 50/200 crossover adds little in terms of confirming a bear market. I think we all know that we have been in one and there are much better tools to use for signals than this crossover. Also, even if BTC hibernates for 3 years, there is tones of great trading to be had.
Ken Semotiuk (5 months ago)
Death cross means that, bitcoin will be worth around 59¢ by the end of spring 2018! There's nothing to worry about, snowflakes 🐑 people and Muppets?
Sergio Hernandez (5 months ago)
We need more vids like this out. A lot of fud
Cryptolight (5 months ago)
NODE, YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! I use: 8,13, 21,55
dastardlyman (5 months ago)
EEXACTLY !! worrying about the death cross is as stupid as saying hitlers birthday was 29th may 1890 . 29+5+1890 = 1926 then 1+9+2+6 = 18 . which is the number of finance ministers germany has had since 1945. numerology is total bollox and worrying about a chart pattern that can happen sometimes is bollox too. great work sir.
Michael Taylor (5 months ago)
But...Hitler's birthday was April 20th, not May 29th.
Jeb Shookman (5 months ago)
Great video! Glad to see someone rejecting the herd mentality.
Maureen Moody (5 months ago)
Thank you for your prospective. It just makes sense
Robert Saxon (5 months ago)
What don't you adjust your 200 day moving average to be 1/3 of that of the stock market 200 day average since crypto is 24/7 and the stock market is 8 hours A-day
Matthijs Amsterdam NL (5 months ago)
Main public will be scared so it will have effect.
Lucas Cp (5 months ago)
One of your best video so far! keep it up! You should do a little format dedicated to give this kind of knowledge //I know there is your courses :)//
Bitcoin NL (5 months ago)
The Reaction of the markt when it crosses will be panic, so doesnt matter if you don't care about it.
Anomaly 123 (5 months ago)
Thank you for not sensationalising technical terms to attract viewers.
Crypto Hamster (5 months ago)
My take on it is that MA's only matter from a psychological aspect, which means only relevant if many people are looking at them. Changing to different values that not many traders are looking at, makes them highly irrelevant i think.
KaliAndy2 (5 months ago)
Sure psychology does play a part but not so much because most people are looking at moving averages. Psychology part comes from emotions(fear/greed) of losing/making money. A moving average is sort of a line where buyers/sellers on average are break even. It breaks below it and most people that bought within that time frame start losing money which brings fear and people start selling as they start losing money. As prices trade above moving averages most are happy holding as they are making money and others buy fomo. Significance of death cross is that long term every time prices gets to 50/200 day moving averages it becomes big resistance as there will be lots of selling pressure as its point where many losers are able to get out near even. Its a cycle that keeps repeating itself until it gets broken. Last time it took 2-3 years.
Orbelosul Polar (5 months ago)
Good info! Nice videos!
Spock in a Ditch (5 months ago)
The only one to fear is 'The Meth Cross'.
illi4 (5 months ago)
Why do you tell yourself that 200ma is useless and then look at it for the whole video? The concern is with 50/30
Joe Smith (5 months ago)
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Ali Efendi Kartop (5 months ago)
Wow you are amazing. I would be happy to make a extra Hundred Dollars a week and your making Thousands a week. Your Great. :)
Josh Lavi (5 months ago)
It's a good thing I saw this video and this Testimony today
William jacob (5 months ago)
The best decision i don't regret making was contacting This man... Great how my life turned around in 3weeks
Yoon Sahboh (5 months ago)
Lewis the Genius, thanks for showing me how to trade by myself
David Sauce (5 months ago)
I have great respect for him because he was patient enough to watch me start from basics till i got to where i am today No One ever trades for you or teach you how to trade like Lewis
Andrea Gasperetti (5 months ago)
There is one single thing that matters in crypto: volume. All the rest is just bs. When the volume is down, even if the price grows, it is never a good sign. In my tradingview I use no indicators, only the volume
Ahmad Charara (5 months ago)
Thank you for blessing us with your knowledge & for having a calm voice as we gear up for another run. <3 you nodie
Peter Petrov (5 months ago)
The death cross will be worse than Y2K.
Dimitri Sanchez (5 months ago)
Very good video.
Scorpion Investor (5 months ago)
Great info. Very useful.
GeoCrypto (5 months ago)
u are THE MAN thats why i m watching you all the time and yes thanks for great job :)
Joel Flynn (5 months ago)
Death cross bull flag pattern right? 😂
Martin Howell (5 months ago)
Thanks for sharing Nodie, very helpful information for some of us newbies!
Vahid Ara (5 months ago)
You're god! you create new formulas and give life to crypto trading. Respect ;-)
Michael Morrison (5 months ago)
I'm not a fan of moving averages at all after this explanation. I'd rather use the RochRSI. Sometimes I do better just feeling out the price watching buy and sell orders go by and sorta feel what the longer term sentiment is for super short term trades anyway.
Kevin D (5 months ago)
Hey just gave us the best tip on how to buy the dip! This video is worth gold, I mean BTC! :D
J.T. Irby (5 months ago)
Great stuff Node. Prime example of the many TA differences in Crypto vs. Traditional 👍
Jason Osorio (5 months ago)
You also have to take that number, and divide by 3.. for 24 hour days vs. 8 hour trading days.. so it would be about a 12 period short term, and about a 45 period long term
KaliAndy2 (5 months ago)
uhmm no. A day is a day regardless of # of hours something trades. By your logic does it mean that 24 hour markets like forex and futures are totally wrong and their moving averages should get adjusted too? Moving average is just a median price taken over certain time frame. Roughly break even point for all buyers/sellers within that time if you will. Above moving average bulls are winning, below bears. You want average for those x # of days. If you divide the days its not a daily average anymore.
rob 123 (5 months ago)
HODLING!!!! that chart only shows me I'm going to get a bigger discount.
I Finn (5 months ago)
This video alone deserves 100K subs for Node.
Sebastian (5 months ago)
Dropping that knowledge!!!
Koens (5 months ago)
Simple moving averages are lagging and always late.. use RSI/Volume.
Stefano Tarantino (5 months ago)
Short term moving averages are more accurate for this space. There are some analysts that look at bare bones price action for crypto. No moving averages, no fibs, no clouds, etc. They just look at candle formation, tightening of lows and highs on different time frames, and then combine these with volume. Keep it as simple as possible with crypto I think
Stefano Tarantino (5 months ago)
along with RSI
Green Light Hawaii (5 months ago)
wow. i just got skoold
Green Light Hawaii (5 months ago)
get outta here with tha ish
A8 (5 months ago)
RIP PEDO's coin
TM3000 (5 months ago)
EDUARDO NEPOTE (5 months ago)
What it you factor the 8 daily trading hours in stocks, vs the 24 in crypto? And very good video. Thanks a lot!
MDemZ (5 months ago)
Good on you for keeping up w content.. great stuff
Flavius Tech (5 months ago)
Good video, also u are missing the fact that crypto is 24/24, stock market close in the night and open first hour in the next day. If wallstreet start invest in crypto, they will be anihilated by crypto market. The wolfes becoming sheeps :) . More money they invest in crypto more power they give to whales to move market.
Node Investor (5 months ago)
Good point, it's limited yours and not a full 24 hour trading day for stocks.
henry X (5 months ago)
u r right. 1 day in stock is 3 days in cryto. Hence, a week in cryto is 21 days (puls 6 days in weekends) in stock in ratio. So 12--48EMA cryto is 50--200 EMA in stock. Everytime when node use 10--50 EMA do the TA, it is always clear to tell the market trend. He is wonderful. Experience is knowledge. He is great. Love all his videos and TA explaination.
bob miner (5 months ago)
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Chris Simms (5 months ago)
Death cross should not have any impact if our price is nowhere near those moving averages like it wasn't anywhere near back in 2014. No bears care to short because the MA's are so far above the price. In this case if price is rallying up towards our MA's in the low to mid $9k range then it does act as a nice shorting opportunity for the bears because they have the MAs to act for rejecting price and give justification to go short
KaliAndy2 (5 months ago)
You are correct, in bear market when price rallies to long term MAs its a great place to sell. You can't short cryptos vs cash and futures market highly iliquid. So its mostly just longs running for the door after getting near even or taking small gains.
dbcrypto (5 months ago)
Will be sure to watch this later, appreciate your content
Luminary Wins (5 months ago)
You are a master FUD killer!
Evelyn Stone (5 months ago)
thank you for your continued anti-FUD content
Steve Simpson (5 months ago)
What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
Ubud High (5 months ago)
Steve Simpson This adage is wrong. Having been on the receiving end of a head injury. 'What doesn't kill you today may well kill you tomorrow.' Think about that.
Jayson Koo (5 months ago)

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