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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Market Nose Dive....

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Call it what you want to.... Bitcoin, Altcoins, Cryptocurrency is taking a massive hit right now. What is your outlook on this market situation?
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Jake Hughes (2 months ago)
ahaha you fuckin idiot
Sceley Hue (3 months ago)
Everything is still up from a year ago. Do people really think a bull run won't happen again? Just wait, patience is key.
starlitopensky1 (3 months ago)
"The Powers That Be" have and are obtaining tons of cash off the suckers who have and will lose their money in cryptocurrencies. When they can't get a satisfactory amount of money from those outside the inner circle, cryptocurrencies are gonna bite the dust. They let the outsiders think they are smart, get them to pump their money into cryptocurrencies, then cryptocurrencies crash and the loot has already been grabbed. Leave the fools with dead cryptocurrencies. "A fool and his money soon depart." "Everything has been done before, there is nothing new under the stars."
starlitopensky1 (3 months ago)
If you have made profit I would sell everything. Cryptocurrencies are just bullshit and when enough people realize that this game is a losing game, then they plunge and eventually everything will go to zero.
starlitopensky1 (3 months ago)
Bitcoin $0.
Tandogan Alper (3 months ago)
If you think 1k will be bottom why not 500$ or less common man!!! This is trading and that includes everything from price supression to manipulation and fomo its the name of the game just make up your mind about your bottom Holding on this market is no option everything is in waves the decrease or the increase Look back in periods and be happy with an increase of 10% and cash out and buy back 10% decrease thats whats the market is doing last weeks (as of btc) so do what the market projects!!
Pepe Ciccia (3 months ago)
I have deleted most social media because people have literally turned mad crazy arrogant abusive etc. Money changes people.. Trust your own T/A. Do your homework After that check it 3times . Once you have done it start again... 20-% vs 80% That is 20 % of the sane trade is carrying the 80% of followers that do no research at all. The market has /is been deliberately manipulated by global governments to deter it reaching mainstream. Don’t panic I see light coming in may- June. Peace and joy to everyone 👌🌟
K Freeze (3 months ago)
jeff you need to chill.
K Freeze (3 months ago)
alot of us have been around for a while and are trading with pure profit for along time. thats why im content.
Brandon Lemon (3 months ago)
My thought is that if BTC is being suppressed, then there is no way for Alt coins to run again. I don't think we'll see a BTC bull run until global financial systems start showing signs of serious weakening. I'm guessing 3-5 yrs =\ of relatively level trading.
Johnny .Bravo (3 months ago)
No management, no security, regulations impending, Amazon coming out with their own crypto currency and already filed for new web addresses for their crypto. What's the good news? It'll keep dropping to around $2500 end of the year.
Ben Hanchett (3 months ago)
I'm wondering if bot trading is at a level so high that this the new normal for the market. People using are always talking about getting a 2% a day return
MrBimber55 (3 months ago)
We will hit new highs next year. There's time to accumulate.
Dem Apples (3 months ago)
this guy doesn't even know difference between resistance and support and yet people tune in and listen.....sigh. I told you a longggg time ago don't hodl. stay liquid and in cash . buy red and sell green for small profits until we find a bottom. if bitcoin goes to $2000 we are up a hundred percent year over year. try and remember that. we are 700% up in a year and guys like this were saying hodl when we were 2000% up. remember that too
mightyachilles1 (3 months ago)
Whales are pumping hard right now, that was a good bounce up to 6800 but dont fall for the trap. Its slamming up against 7000 again we ll see if it holds.
Bobby Lane (3 months ago)
Hang in there, it makes me feel better realizing I'm not the only one struggling. I started in December with $2,600 & down to $1,600.
Bitcoin Success (3 months ago)
Jeff, Do you think John Macfee is going eat it D**ck after all???
L F (3 months ago)
If you expect it to go down, why not sell and buy back in at a lower price to increase your position? I'm glad I got out of this tainted market, myself.
John Holmes (3 months ago)
Kucoin has flattened out....pop coming soon.
john saxby (3 months ago)
john saxby (3 months ago)
Cover all bases Jeff, a crash, ahh, maybe no its not a market crash, ahh , maybe it could be a correction, your just a joke man stop rambling on dY after day, with the same old talk. Please, STOP .
john saxby (3 months ago)
Yet another state the odious post from alt coin buzz
King Kia (3 months ago)
Dude get your thoughts together before you make a video.. tired of listening to you rant and contradict yourself with no real information sharing going on. Unsubscribed.
medicalmarijuana4all (3 months ago)
At some point you all are going to have to get your heads from outside your asses. Keep dreaming. Had you invested in stocks youd be up not down. What a waste. Atleast It was all on the credit cards.
Garrick Vannoord (3 months ago)
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Goldsilvercrypto (3 months ago)
Goldbacked ICO... https://karatbank-affiliate.io/?ref=2664
Martins Hacks (3 months ago)
wALES ARE CRUSHING THE MARKET ON PURPOSE BEFORE THE BIG BULLRUN THEY WANT TO BUY OUT CHEAP CRYPTO AS MUCH AS THEY CAN SO THEY KNOW THE REACTION OF PEOPLE HOW THEY REACT WHEN PRICE GOES DOWN - MOST SELL THE PLAN WORKS FOLLOWING WAY. 1- All we saw the bullrun of btc up to $19K (This was the time when they where buying in at any price btc and other main cryptos) what is happening now is that they are dumping all these cryptos by generating huge sell of which is based on human fear factor - when the price will be at it's lowest and people will stop selling they will buy in and next bull run will take place. - Now wales are loosing their money as they are selling - think logically - next bull run is close and that is when they will buy in in short period of time and will take best positions in crypto
Martins Hacks (3 months ago)
I know that they are not loosing money as they are selling btc and making money on earnings on shortning btc shares etc. Like I mentioned in my last video this is almost over and next bullrun is on the way
Ben Hanchett (3 months ago)
Martins Hacks , if yhou think Whales are crushing the market, then they are not losing money. You're forgetting about the opportunity to See the market. You can sell on the futures market and Jafx , and Binance.
Deivi134 (3 months ago)
https://gatorsignals.com/ tested and profitable
kingofallcrypto (3 months ago)
Are the losers that used to be here trying to pump Electroneum still here or have those morons moved on to another shit coin. LOL!
Don Tran (3 months ago)
When this idiot tells you to buy is when you should sell. Refer to all the videos in Jan and Feb 2018 that this channel encourages pump and dump projects. Now this idiot tells you not to invest is when you should buy.
Inazuma65 (3 months ago)
I think this is a great buying opportunity.
Leopoldo Atkinson (3 months ago)
I think it would be good for the viewers to as well so the can broaden thier assets
Leopoldo Atkinson (3 months ago)
I know this is a channel on cryptos but ot would be cool if you guys widen the horizon and discussed all kinds of good interesting stock options like and crypto currency together cause i defiantly have invested in crypto for the long term and also i downloaded the robinhood app and want to get into different stocks
Creative Geniusess (3 months ago)
Dont stress, just HOLD! not HODL! smart investing and moves. The data breaches coincidentally coming into society now.... the financial sector in major talks..... china and us battling via trades.... the USA economy in a parabolic uptrend... cryptocurrency is going to come full circle in 3-7 months. Jeff... Your advice is so flip floppy... market crash.. no crash.. You guys just preach what you read. Get some REAL analysts...
Raymond Key (3 months ago)
crypto is dead
puma punko (3 months ago)
It is call "pump and dump" . I'll HODL until btc hits 500. :)
puma punko (3 months ago)
Good idea Nina, I just have to learn how to do it, I am new at this, I have been playing this game since last november, so thank you.
endelar (3 months ago)
damn guys anyone rich enough to spare some? 18TFLbLsiGwLWGyidLFYXxpM47BQwX5gvk
Melchiah (3 months ago)
I wouldn't say its a crash, just another dip, still good buying opportunities atm although will probs dip further, lets not forget crypto isn't mass adopted yet! market will boom when it is (in the coming years), also consensus event coming up on may 14th-16th, hopefully get some institutional $$$ injected into the market after this event, also long term HODLers shouldn't be worried anyways, if you don't wana strengthen your positions during the dips.. take some time away from crypto come back in a few months, patience is key
Lord Bolton (3 months ago)
+Melchiah If you think this is a dip, you're delusional.
Chris Baudet (3 months ago)
Man you sound like a bitten man! I use to be looking forward to your videos but now I feel depressed when I listen to them! I only know downtrend market as I got in mid December but I m a lot more positive than you are! Gotta focus on the positive and what’s coming next ! As you used to say before WE ARE EARLY INVESTORS! The market will hit $5 trillion one day. 2018/2019 or even 2020 who knows. If you are a long term invested then there is nothing to worry about! Just keep fucking buying lol . Come on Jeff 200k followers, you can’t sound like this! It’s all good the storm will pass. Look at good projects, their technology etc... educate us no points doing videos about what everyone already knows ! PEACE
Obsoletefreedom (3 months ago)
So you think the market is not growing and that everyone just gave up haha? Its growing fast, the fundamentals hasnt changed, just the price, ignore the price, what does is matter if you genuinely believe the price will someday be higher? Blockchain is growing fast, look at all mainnets launching this year, look at all development that is going on. Look at the world wide attention its getting. Many came for the quick cash grab but are now involved in something they didnt even know about a year ago.This is just the start, bad timing to join in the hype rush but everything is easy to avoid in hindsight. No solid project is going to zero, just buy the dip and youre fine, dip even more, then fill up! See this as a second chance.
Gary Langford (3 months ago)
Thank you Jeff for your honesty with no shill!!!
Daniel Harrison (3 months ago)
My guess is bottom of 5k. Thats when futures traders stocked up to short and pushed price to 20k. 5 is the last natural price. Then sideways for a year. Next bull run 2019
Morpheus Dream (3 months ago)
If you believe a project will survive the bear market you should be accumulating and possibly look at some new pickups. You will hate yourself more for not accumulating solid coins and projects.
Soldierinarms (3 months ago)
What is happening is obvious, every time BTC goes up 400 to 500pts, 4 or 5 whales short and cause BTC to go down again. This has been taking place for 2 months now.
Ant C (3 months ago)
Its getting to the prices i first started at cool im excited its a long term thing for me,,get over it this makes me laugh the sad tones,,mass adoption is way off isnt this reality of crypto its volatile its the wild west??
Matija Brkić (3 months ago)
You sound like you lose more than you could afford ! Heh
Robert Tomkinson (3 months ago)
Just keep buying on the dips. It will pay off big time in 2-3 months. The whales are pounding the market trying shake off all the loose hodlers.
Steven Pitcher (3 months ago)
It's all good Jeff. The market has been in an uptrend for quite some time. We will have another month to 3 months of this, and we will be in an uptrend again. Keep your spirits high, and enjoy life.
Niki Young (3 months ago)
Market manipulation..... plain and simple
shan (3 months ago)
Invest in a solid altcoin project with progress. I have Walton and have not a worry in the world,  you cannot lose. Platforms are a different ball game.
shan (3 months ago)
Hey jeff chill mate. You know crypto is going nowhere. This is going on forever it is a revolutiont. It will go up!
Daniel Kelso (3 months ago)
It’s a crash!! No doubt about it in my mind.... The rules haven’t changed for me though. Hold and accumulate. I ain’t trying to guess the bottom. If it reverses and goes gangbusters; great. If it continues bleeding, I load up on more. Markets operate in cycles. They always turn. The only question I have is, do I have the right coins?! What’s that Buffett mantra often parroted here? Be greedy when others are fearful. Well there’s fear now. When the most devout crypto YouTubers have doubts, you know fear is taking hold. Stay the course. Hold your nerve. Blood on the streets is opportunity knocking. This, and probably lower, is where the seeds of your major gains are sown. Don’t be maxing out cards or forgoing the payment of bills or anything reckless, but if you’ve got fiat at the ready, take advantage.
Rodrigo Pacini (3 months ago)
Just hodl
chipaHoy (3 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Good, honest and genuine review! I don’t feel as bad now knowing I’m not the only one who was up and now down. You and Steve are my favorite analyst on the buzz. Since I don’t know where the bottom is, I just dollar cost average a little bit at every big drop.
havel twink (3 months ago)
Ta ta crypto. I'm moving my assets to the stock market
Andre v d ende (3 months ago)
Am i concerned when it will take 2 years ?NO.What i am concerned off is,that my coins that i have now,that there will be in 2 years time,much better coins that will do there job better then the coins with same utility that i hold now.That will make them less valuble then now.
Andre v d ende (3 months ago)
This is no nose dive,this is big manipulation
Eggplant (3 months ago)
difficult to tell, I mean, it's a good thing ultimately that weak hands are selling now, then they'll buy back in when it starts to go up again.
Andre v d ende (3 months ago)
I also hodl,i fliped 2 coins ,in to other coins,and i bought more on dips.
Vinnie Mac (3 months ago)
Selling my coin? No chance in hell.
Jack Martin (3 months ago)
I just know that there is a new pony under this shit. A shiny one named HODL.
Remote Chief (3 months ago)
Jeff I have been with you since October, have no fear life is good man, i had 136k its now 30k but hey love ya man
frarfarf (3 months ago)
Remote Chief oh ok well you're still up then at least
Remote Chief (3 months ago)
frarfarf 25k
frarfarf (3 months ago)
Wow how much did you invest?
Shane Glass (3 months ago)
That's got to hurt?
Adrienna van Diermen (3 months ago)
My concern: what are these coins going to be used for? They have our money. They are building the product. But what’s in it for us?
Cryptoman UK (3 months ago)
It's Cryptoman Jeff, not superman LOL
Dion Blaster (3 months ago)
take off is soon. before may imo. See this dip as a chance to accumulate more coins.... focus on the decentralized coins like BTC, LTC in this dip, they're a safe haven, because no amazon in the world can reproduce them - at least not the decentralisation philosophy behind them.... and at the end of the day, thats what this is about.... the tech is maybe even secondary :O..... get those good old BTC, LTC and dont worry.
Lzo30 Lzo30 (3 months ago)
“As a bull market turns into a bear market, the new pros turn into optimists, hoping and praying the bear market will become a bull and save them. But as the market remains bearish, the optimists become pessimists, quit the profession, and return to their day jobs. This is when the real professional investors re-enter the market.” -Robert Kiyosaki
DragonOfTheSkies (3 months ago)
A good way to trade in this kind of market is to focus solely on gaining BTC value, not USD. At least that’s how I’m getting through this
John L. (3 months ago)
Forget the USD value. Concentrate on accumulating coins. Focus on Satoshies and Eths.
John L. (3 months ago)
But look at that difference in volume from October to now. There are a ton more players now than then which is why I don't believe it will go back to October levels. People are just waiting for another bottom. I believe BTC will find a bottom between $5500-$6000.
Steven Lipke (3 months ago)
I play 20 or 50 dollar down shoots. ... Where my last lowest point buy becomes the marker; when bitcoin is $200 down on that i buy $20 more, if down by $300 then $30, if $400 then $40, if $500 then buy $50. ... where each buy becomes the new line. ... ... Then when staying in the same range day after day, take chip shoots. ... So that fraction by fraction, my bitcoin total is advancing in decimal point closer to a whole number. ... And that is a shop coffee or takeaway dinner, foregone.
Space Shot (3 months ago)
Next up...altcoins go in the negative! ..and you owe money to your new creditors!! LMAO
Mr Larbi (3 months ago)
Down down down down down... Bitcoins going down !!! Then I'm gonna buy buy buy buy...... And watch it shoot to the sky !!!!!
KLAPPER GAMING (3 months ago)
Its all good, its just like mid December now. and still love ya for the 2 cent cardano in november :D
Bad Santa (3 months ago)
Jeff it's a Crash.
Bad Santa (3 months ago)
Bankster manipulation, they are driving it down to buy it up cheap.
J Di Re (3 months ago)
Jeez what a Debbie Downer. I’ll be back when the market starts going up. Keep your head up Jeff.
Kenny Shooken (3 months ago)
I wonder if people used crypto to hide money for taxes, (huge raise right before January) now people are taking that money out and keeping it. I think we will see a huge push again in the 4th quarter but its wont go back up till then. Maybe back up to 10k once in awhile. Idk but it sucks that I've lost 65% on everything. Jusy gunna have to cash out when we see those huge gains. Just gunna HOLD until then. I really think people used crypto to hide money before taxes.
MagicFlav (3 months ago)
I feel more positive next time it’s goes up because people will remember how it crashed from 20K. But first, Cryptos need some real use cases.
Jonathan arango (3 months ago)
This is a much needed video
Herakles (3 months ago)
3:14 been saying that all day, October/ april 2017 levels
Herakles (3 months ago)
my biggest concern: Look at the market cap trend- just like video says, constant downward trend- looks like its making its way back to the 100B market cap right before the global crypto spike in DEC 2017- anyone else noticing this? there is a steady blead down- as if the bubble did burst
cjaime5137 (3 months ago)
I'm going to stop investing in the crypto market, when I have no pulse, 😁💰
Joe H (3 months ago)
so... let this be a lesson... a million experts.. and nobody knows a damn thing.. pure speculation and opinion... #fake_news
8YaD5 (3 months ago)
it was a bull trap. this one moment where you did not know what that was.
Asdgg Ghjhh (3 months ago)
You sound like you need a drink...
Paul Coffman (3 months ago)
I love you all. But thin air is thin air
Ma Lea (3 months ago)
I don't expect things to get better till at least august. when value goes to below pre September 2017 then its a crash for me. it now has to be about the belief in the future and the tech and that it will get better, right now its sheading a lot of people in it purely for the money with no belief in its future. I'm still buying but a little less in case I can buy later for even better prices, and its coins like bitcoin and other higher value coins I couldn't really afford in December. I'm also paying of any debt I have to prepare for when they go back up. And trying to learn more to better understand what I really want to be in because I cant afford to be in everything
cjaime5137 (3 months ago)
As a invest on the crypto market since January, I simply just invest, and spend time living life and not worry the crypto market, because there more to life than being stressed out if Bitcoin loses value
stephandoan (3 months ago)
Change your name from block chain J to Debbie downer J
Whit Watson (3 months ago)
Steve Mascari (3 months ago)
I just added more to my crypto pile.
Jackal 007 (3 months ago)
I don’t think gonna see it nose dive anymore. You tubers when it’s good it’s great and when it’s down they all like sell lol
Jackal 007 (3 months ago)
Why does everyone panic. So what it’s down. It ran up just as crazy. It will climb again. Everyone add as you can stop panicking. Get great prices.... I’d rather buy BTC at 6600 then when was ripping up at 18,500. So why bother trying to find a bottom now. Buy on the dip dip dip
Brent Turner (3 months ago)
I think the November to January run-up was like a major "sugar high". I was waking up at 3am and checking my phone. My wife would wake up and say "What's it doing?" (she is totally supportive and cool with it, so I am very lucky there). Like you said, it's tough to wait, especially after December. I am excited about what is coming for crypto and I think we will all (those of us still standing), be planning on a bountiful Christmas season! I think it will start coming back in May.
flashback (3 months ago)
so this dude plans to hodl away his last profits lol what weird action plan haha
JL77 (3 months ago)
We should ban HODL. Follow the stock market rules of cut losses quickly. Think how much money we would have had we not HODL'd
Simon Belmont (3 months ago)
This is the most true comment here. After messing with crypto for a couple months I decided to get educated about trading, now I'm training to become a small cap stock breakout day trader. We don't hug losses like a typical crypto "investor". Guys, let this be a lesson and take profits ffs!
JL77 (3 months ago)
HODLing after the drop from the ATH seems like a bad idea at this point but hindsight is 20/20. Most people have loss so much they might as well hold. I'm holding but I don't care anymore. Just calling it a long term hold now. Will see 4-5 years from now what is what
robert harrison (3 months ago)
Jeff you need to step away and take a break...quit being a downer...this is the PERFECT time to buy!!! You are a great example of the “depressed” part of the market cycle which is almost over...you should be buying of you have any fiat...I LOVE the positivity in the comments here!!! Everyone seems bullish and optimistic! You should take some advice from your followers....
JL77 (3 months ago)
A few months ago, we could blame the dip on the upcoming holidays. I doubt anyone is blaming this on Easter or whatever Holidays are being celebrated by the world
JL77 (3 months ago)
Loading up below $4000
robert harrison (3 months ago)
I ain’t scared! I’m buying as much LTC, OMG, and EOS as I can!!!

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