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Overview About Cryptocurrencies and Mining - Bitcoins, Litecoins, Auroracoins, Dogecoins, Mazacoins

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http://www.howtotradeforliving.com This is an overview about cryptocurrencies. The difference with other currencies is that bitcoins and similar have no central banks therefore their value and availability is dictated by their users. This is a step forward in the exchange of value between people and most likely will change the way we do transactions in future. It is possible to find a list of cryptocurrencies on this website: https://coinmarketcap.com and if you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies you can use this other website: https://www.cryptsy.com/users/register?refid=203324 However, if you want to contribute and invest in cryptocurrencies you can share the processing power of you computer and start something called "mining". Although this sounds great if you want to mine bitcoins you may be disappointed because your pc is most likely not powerful enough to mine a significative amount of bitcoins. A way around this is to use cloudmining websites that allow you buy "cheap" hashing power and generate meaningful amount of bitcoins in limited time. I am personally doing this and I recommend you this website: https://cex.io/r/1/lucas84/0/ In this video I talked about: bitcoins, litecoins,auroracoins,dogecoins, darkcoins,datacoins and mazacoins. I hope you found this video helpful and don't be afraid to share your point of view
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Renich Michle (4 years ago)
This is very helpful for Bitcoins and Litecoin things wonderful! I like very much.
Tauhiduol Alam (4 years ago)
nice video. this video helpful for all of.  
xxKUTAKIxx (4 years ago)
Keep in mind  not even 6 months ago cex.io was around  $40 per GHSs Its now very cheap has been declining. For new people joining it would be hard to not lose in the money you spend to buy GHS Auroracoin is too time consuming to mine in my opinion better to buy on exchange  and buy / sell like a day trader a lot more profitable on exchanges like btc-e
I think you are right if you want to get rich overnight definitely mining is not for you. The way I see it is a long term investment (in terms of years) the price of GHs is going to decrease, that's a fact, however it will reach a bottom so the initial investment will always be worth something, the gains comes from the fact that over time you mine more bitcoins than you have invested. Trading is more profitable but also involves more risks, you can make lots of money in a short time but you can lose too. Diversify is the way to go, safe a slow growth with mining and quick and risky profits with trading..I would do both ( and allocate different portions of my budget)

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