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Bitcoin Scaling Debate - Big Blocks, Hard Fork - Roger Ver, Phil Potter, Petrov, Lombrozo - Dec 2016

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WhalePool bitcoin trading community hosts top bitcoin stakeholders to discuss the future of bitcoin. Should scaling occur on-chain, or through trustless payment channels? We talk to top businessmen, exchange operators, and miners to see what the top minds in cryptocurrency believe on this issue. Starring: - Eric Lombrozo a core bitcoin developer warning of the dangers of hardfork - Roger Ver from Bitcoin.com, an entrepreneur who has invested in many alternative cryptocurrencies and supports hardforking Bitcoin to create bigger block size limit - Phil Potter from Bitfinex, operator of the top volume BTC/USD exchange - Alex Petrov from bitfury.com, one of the top miners on the bitcoin network today. Visit https://www.whalepool.io to learn more about the community. Join our Telegram chat at http://telegram.whalepool.io
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Text Comments (37)
Bryan Bishop (2 years ago)
transcript: http://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/2016-12-14-whalepool/
John Smith (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!!!!
Chris Ellis (2 years ago)
Thanks so much. I was typing out the closed captions. I will borrow from yours and share any corrections.
Joseph Ritchie (10 months ago)
Anyone know what books Phil Potter mentioned at the very end, at 2:07:30? Can't make out the last name
Rachad Riachi (1 year ago)
5135 views after 8 months
Thats why $7000 / BTC is still just the beginning.
rosmer00 (1 year ago)
Dont trust Ver.
Bitcoin & Litecoin (1 year ago)
This drags... 51:00 and I'm out. Let me know if I missed anything after this point.
Hi very enjoyable and informative .. also as much as I want mass adoption for bitcoin I'm definitely on the side of slowly slowly catch the monkey and as tone vays says you don't get a farmer to d cide on the workings of a nuclear power plant ! Thnjs to ALL on the show . ✌️
ITSMEE BOSSLADY (1 year ago)
Loosecannon Recordings Gotta love #ToldYaSoTone lol 😀
Kindred788 (1 year ago)
Roger works for the CIA his backstory is BS he's here to kill Bitcoin
Arnold Kressnig (1 year ago)
so in summary Rogers feelings are hurt because Core didn't listen to him.....and he has never supported Core financially but thinks he is entitled. Everyone is being way too polite with him. He should rather argue on technical grounds and not his feelings. He never appears with anyone technical to back him up - why?
rothy5678 (1 year ago)
I'd have more respect for Roger's position if he wanted to get more consensus than 51-75%.
PetersonChevy (1 year ago)
thanks for the post guys!
Matrix Dweller (1 year ago)
I just subscribed to another channel but youtube says problem with network when I try to sub to whale pool. F u google
Robert Lefebure (2 years ago)
I presented this idea on a Bitcoin forum before the halving and, from my own limited understanding the only reason it is not a viable solution is that it would increase orphan blocks. Now, many months later, the problem is still here so I'll propose the idea again and to a different forum. Suppose at every halving the reward time was also cut in half? That would effectively double the possible trading volume. Shorter reward times have the additional benefit of shortening transaction confirmation times so any potential increase in orphan blocks may (or may not) be offset by the improvement in transaction time. If the change in reward time was presented as a softfork might, it be left as a permanent part of the protocol to enable an increase decision every four years for the whole life of the Bitcoin reward system (2140).
Joseph Crain (2 years ago)
@57:00 Satoshi left the project so that NOBODY would have control of the project
Coco (2 years ago)
1:58:30 Eric, that is not true. Please elaborate. Soft-hardfork can be deployed safely.
plasticman2011 (2 years ago)
soft-hardfork does sound like a good idea, but it probably needs more testing to ensure safety - we shouldn't rush it.
Jal Toorey (2 years ago)
"That's like saying the Nash Equilibrium is bullshit because he was a schizophrenic" This is actually what I am accusing of each and every one of you in this discussion of doing. But I don't think you will initially realize how literally I am speaking. Nash already had this debate with himself over the last 20 years in regard to the advent of an electronic currency with a stably issued supply (even down to the asymptotically halving inflation rate) with a series of lectures and writings under the title Ideal Money.. You are only ignoring him because you think he (and me) is crazy. And you spent 2 hours interviewing and wasting your time on a nefarious moron. NONE OF YOU even know what the problem is you are trying to solve, and none of you understanding what you are talking about in regard to optimizing bitcoin.
Jal Toorey (2 years ago)
Here is the problem of society: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@jokerpravis/what-can-we-all-agree-on We need a stable unit of value.
Jal Toorey (2 years ago)
Yes they are dank, read them.
Notra Name' (2 years ago)
Your memes arent dank bro, they communicate no argument in relation to this video. If you cant sum up your argument in a few sentences you probably dont have one.
Jal Toorey (2 years ago)
I spend too much time defending and explaining this POV to insincere players. These people in this dialogue/video have a sincere interest and can understand the material and problem well enough. I ask colonel mayhem above, that you might join that thread and answer as well....what is the problem bitcoin is meant to solve? what is our goal with it? Is a few meme's too much to read, that you might have a quick/summary understanding of the literature I am refering to in regard to John Nash's argument/thesis of Ideal Money?
Notra Name' (2 years ago)
All you did was cite a meme board. You stated that, "NONE OF YOU even know what the problem is you are trying to solve, and none of you understanding what you are talking about in regard to optimizing bitcoin." WTF is your argument?
Jeremy Bennett (2 years ago)
It it hard forks it'd be like stepping off the throne I know I'd liquidate for something else because I'd feel like btc had become useless if I have to question what's going on with my value that's why I use it to begin with... if I can't use it to transfer and store value reliably then I'll find another solution immediately and so would other end users who actually use it daily to engage in commerce... also if it forks then me and many others will be looking for a solution where this typeof fork isn't possible such as dash or physical assets... thanks for posting interesting talk.
BCHIN (2 years ago)
Why does this feel like an intervention instead of a debate?

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