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Jim Rodgers Hints Crypto / Bitcoin Bull Market!? | RT News

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Text Comments (40)
Han Sagan (1 month ago)
international trade -> Vechain
Berk Arslan (1 month ago)
You would take it as a hint of bullish crypto even when I say "fuck you cunt, you stole my minutes. You are the dumbest youtuber I've ever seen. Stupid asshole" to you.
You look Silly (1 month ago)
Silk road
Tony Tony (1 month ago)
I invested in crypto, but i will tell noone can predict ewre the crypto going, no one have the magic ball, can go up or can go down to zero.
wideernie (1 month ago)
Been hearing the same bullshit from the same bullshitter about gold for the last ten years.
hasan haider (1 month ago)
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Jeff Oaks (1 month ago)
What about the dip to 6ish maybe 5900? I get it though, in the long run it doesn't matter if you're in at these prices...am I trying to pic a bottom?
C.L. Brown (1 month ago)
I didn't hear any hints of crypto bull market coming
Aaron Smith (1 month ago)
Credits (CS) is the future guys. Amazing Russian project.
Braxton Taylor (1 month ago)
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Alfredo Macario (1 month ago)
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Donnie Armer (1 month ago)
Made $300 in 7 hours using H.W.A Phoenix Cloud. Am recommending every trader to make use of Headwayanalysis Cloud platform.
John Guts (1 month ago)
Check our ORI guys working product and established customers nobody knows about it yet. Better than chasing 100x on coins that have already mooned. Even the scam coins reach 10 mil cap during the bullrun.
iKarma- (1 month ago)
sumit grover (1 month ago)
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love love (1 month ago)
Trump only helps us BTC peeps.
Moise Nash (1 month ago)
Geopolitical events ppl!!!!
Moise Nash (1 month ago)
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Cindy Dawson (1 month ago)
Is this Mining Rig a good deal now https://sites.google.com/site/SuperMiningRig
AltcoinMan (1 month ago)
XRP to 8 USD or more (very soon) few days 🐣
Miami Martin (1 month ago)
AltcoinMan Sure......
ASADHARARI (1 month ago)
Really dude?
Michael Levato (1 month ago)
What Tom said. Nothing to do with crypto.. Just another dipshit with a microphone
Jack Shrader (1 month ago)
What? Jim not pushing agriculture commodities or silver? He put his name or the RJA ETN. Came out at about $10.00 eight years ago and is now $6.38 at this time.
Rsayel (1 month ago)

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