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UTRUST Live AMA with Nuno Correia - Paypal Disrupter 😀👥 Utrust ICO

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Text Comments (88)
buen video log, aparteid more
Diwata Pili (6 days ago)
Wow. I don't get them. Hahaha. But they're so cute
vrtutos10 (6 days ago)
eetuvo entretenido el video
Med Jeaidi (8 days ago)
fabianna barrera (10 days ago)
que buen vlog sobre el paypal......
Javier Vergara (11 days ago)
buen vlog jaja me gusta sigue asi!!
bigboner23 (12 days ago)
When moon?
William osorio Rojas (13 days ago)
muy buen video..........................l
Banda Redwine (13 days ago)
Muito interessante esse vídeo
Rittoo Singh (14 days ago)
This interview TOTALLY AMAZING loved the passion loved the topics love the company 'power to the people and distribution of wealth'
Priyotosh Bhattacharya (16 days ago)
nice information shared guys
Athar Khalid (17 days ago)
a very intreresting interview
lucrando em casa (17 days ago)
Como sempre dando ótimas dicas sobre bitcoins
Isabel Montero (17 days ago)
Buena colaboración !!!!!!
Mercedes Alejos (21 days ago)
UTRUST Live AMA with Nuno Correia !!! ...
Paplu Hussain (22 days ago)
muy el blog y el dialogo de los chicos
jeison rivero (22 days ago)
!!!!!!!!! Nice Vlog !!!!!!!!!!
live Today (23 days ago)
my friends, lets go to tell the best online shop(Amazon, eBay, Bestbuy, Neweggs..........) that there is a payment method "UTRUST" they can add to their business and start accepting criptocurrency.This is a big business for them many people use criptocurrency(low fees, fast,security, many dont have bank account),,,,,soon you will see the price of this coin very high
Android Tweaks PH (24 days ago)
THE MODERATOR (25 days ago)
Brother Crow can you do a review on EXRN the price is only $.000076 and it is just getting ready to go
Luis Engrossa (25 days ago)
Nuno rocks and he his a VERY nice guy. I know him personally.
andreina mago (25 days ago)
excelent waooooooooooooooooooooo
Peter Petrov (27 days ago)
There are tons of places in the developing world where Utrust will have absolutely no competition. Imagine how difficult it would be for Pay-pal to do business in countries with no credit cards or bank accounts! Aren't these the low hanging fruits? (Marketing--not important).
Arm Mach (27 days ago)
Great Interview. Learned quite a bit more about UTRUST.
TecConcept (27 days ago)
Good luck Nuno
Rui Freitas (28 days ago)
I Believe U-trust. Grat project, responsible team e huge vision! U-trust will be HUGEEE!!!!
Anabolic Crypto (28 days ago)
i want to pay with quebec coin via utrust why only big crypto ?
Krishna Rana (28 days ago)
The information is given by this video is very good
Cerik99 (28 days ago)
just sold my dog for some utrust
77pete7 (28 days ago)
Great interview, thanks! Utrust have a great product, which will have its day soon. Glad to hear of current developments.
Lena bmj (29 days ago)
it is a gem of the project !
Pk King XII (29 days ago)
When moon?
DBZ withReign107 (29 days ago)
DTRC review? It’s on coinmarketcap now making amazing gains only 170M supply at $.015. 👍
daphne S (29 days ago)
Deleting comments that tell the truth about UTK. Pretty disappointing. Trust lost with crypto crow used to repect his unbias but this sham of an ICO shouldnt get any publicity.
Daniel Wentzel (29 days ago)
I bought into the project.
Benjamin Knotts (29 days ago)
COME ON!! Get this man some likes!!
Olivier Santos (29 days ago)
Great interview Jason!! We can see that Nuno is really passionate about Utrust and as an hodler it only makes me more confident about my position. I m proud to be Portuguese and see such a small country constantly creating and achieving in so many department's 🥇 VAMOSSSSS!!!
Jovis freitas (29 days ago)
congratulations Nuno, big future to UTK. I love the project.
Dinesh Rai (29 days ago)
This is one of the best video you have done so far, every day your videos are better and better, and I learned a lot. My sincerely thanks for your hard work. I am your fan for lifetime.
Porch Stack (29 days ago)
utk ico have face, they had video interview before ico, if i sell you an article without seeing my face and using anon profile you would still deal with me? i think not sir. the only thing that bothers me about utk is scalability
Armondo B (28 days ago)
Will utrust wallet store coins other than uTrust tokens?
Porch Stack (29 days ago)
daphne S investing is risky esp if youre a vcapitalist, buying a product/services should be less risky, comparing ico to buying a product is different
daphne S (29 days ago)
The fact they didn't release anything in 6 months with a 75 million budget doesn't bother you? considering they said they had 20 strong team already working. They are a sham. And allowed dodgy practices.
Luke Ward (29 days ago)
I love that it's red right now. Buy. Buy! BUY
Ron Enzo (29 days ago)
Finally a follow up !! thx Crow
Tommy Cyclope (29 days ago)
Big fan
N0TS0SUBTLE (29 days ago)
Excellent interview and company. What would be great as well is if they were to create a crypto payment terminal like Pundi x so they corner the online and in person payment processes.
Sue Felix (29 days ago)
Great motivational song. I needed that with the market being like it has been for the last four months. Nice interview!
shimmer111 (29 days ago)
Great interview, Utrust has big future
romanek99 (29 days ago)
Nice project! I realy like the concept. No one should focus on current price. Good luck Utrust team:)
Ryan Phelps (29 days ago)
Great Video Crow! Hope You Get Feeling Well!
Great Interview. I will see more with Utrust in the Future. Thanks
Generation Recon (29 days ago)
crow crypterium would be a good interview
Casa&Mar (29 days ago)
Without new trusted exchanges project will be not viable
Porch Stack (29 days ago)
Casa&Mar i always see this words in every telegram channel and you always get a reponse that they are focused 100% product dev, moreexchanges will follow,
the_crypto_way (29 days ago)
I believe Utrust will be huge! 1st because the idea is great, 2nd the team is awesome, 3rd and last but not the least... they are Portuguese, and I know how we work! ;) carrega Portugal! :D
the_crypto_way (18 days ago)
;) enjoy your weekend too! cheers
Jacob Pham (19 days ago)
Yeah I'll travel around here and France first then other countries soon. Enjoy your weekend.
the_crypto_way (19 days ago)
cool! Im in Zurich. this country is also really great! love it! :)
Jacob Pham (19 days ago)
Sounds great bud! I look up them, will make a plan before I go. Cheers! Btw I'm living in Switzerland too, I'm at Geneva.
the_crypto_way (19 days ago)
great! :) well, any time of the year is a good time to visit us! :) we generally have good weather all year round. personally, I avoid big cities and prefer the spring and summer time to go there on vacations (im living in Switzerland). my favourite spot is our "Costa Vicentina", that goes basically from Lisbon until Algarve. but for a good tourism, you can basically spend 3 months (or more) there going from North to South, dicovering all of our history, natural beauties and our great "eat until you cant" dishes. pick the map of Portugal, close your eyes and point to anywhere and go visit! Im sure you wont be disapointed :)
Grigory Chulenkov (29 days ago)
i think UTK is going to be a huge competitor to paypal. If some1 chooses to pay with UTRUST vs. pay with Paypal, that is money out of paypals pocket. Now imagine 100s, 1000s, 1000000s, 100s of 1000000s of those kind of transactions around the world, will that hurt paypal?????????????????
Carlos Filipe (29 days ago)
"Less talking, more doing" - Espectacular! Good Luck Nuno!
joao carneiro (29 days ago)
Portugal Crl :) !

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