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Why Did The Market Fall?, Bitcoin Will Hit $36,000 And Ethereum Futures Launch

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Text Comments (272)
Buk Lau (2 months ago)
Im im total loss.. I lost everything
Mario Passendorf (2 months ago)
I believe that ETH increase this Year will be higher than BTC in percentage of course. 18 up to 20 hundred $ for ETH end of the Year.
Chino Jimenez (2 months ago)
Dont sleep on cazcoin I already double my money platform launch june 9 easy money brother.
divizionx (2 months ago)
Cartels are suppressing the prices and they will use whatever power they have to do so. Look at prices of gold and silver after they started trading futures, prices have not gone back to ATH. This is happing with Bitcoin, 20k btc could take over 7 years.
Nitsuj Tossing (2 months ago)
Bitcoin has been in a descending wedge. I wouldn't recommend buying until after it breaks out
LOUDMOUTHBUGGER (2 months ago)
How do you pronounce Huawei?
dmaa (2 months ago)
I've never been so bullish after having followed the market since 2013. So funny to see history repeating itself constantly, with weak hands selling at the least doubt. Knowledge is the only way to control emotions. That's why people investing quickly without knowing too much frequently end up selling with a loss. The more you study, the more dangerous a "stop loss" becomes.. which is a real paradox, compared with stock markets, I found. In my case, I converted everything into NANO and IOTA, 50% each. High risk for some, none for me, only "volatility"; question of perception as long as you don't sell.
Blah Bleh (2 months ago)
Honestly, you're just pulling 36k out of your ass.
Trodex (2 months ago)
Hey Sir. Can you do a video on Pundi X?
kaiser sosay (2 months ago)
You really think 8 k btc did this??? Seriously??? Whats gonna happen when the other 190 thousand dump?
Frederick Vesseur (2 months ago)
Mt. gox trustee needs a slap across the face.
Anomaly 123 (2 months ago)
Ethereum futures launch at 4pm what day?
Matthijs Amsterdam NL (2 months ago)
To everyone below: prices aren’t low. Crypto isn’t cheap. It is still expensive. 75% bought too late and too high, think about it. Please take a look what neo’s price was on 1/1/2017 lol then you will know what I mean. Or litecoin. Or ethereum;-). And then see the current prices. Ask yourself whether or not the prices are high or low. Lol.
Andy Tu (2 months ago)
think it will hit .001? I will buy when it does
Rob Dunker (2 months ago)
I like ABRA !!
hweenmask (2 months ago)
8k coming ?
DavidTuber (2 months ago)
Good job. I like your videos, especially when you re taking your time. I'm able to process what you say. I have a 45 minute drive in the morning. Just keep it under 45! Maybe you can pump out another video around 2pm Pacific standard time. Lol. I'll share my wallet for my valuable input. Keep up the good work.
Yu Sang Kim (2 months ago)
Here in S.Korea Upbit was raided by the prosecution office. I saw Upbit market share dip while the prices hit the abyss, moments when we heard that it was raided. Panic Sell moment herein S.Korea. Too much headlines about crypto causing fear and instability. Either Upbit or the government will be criticized heavily when an official announcement comes out.
Eduardo Ueda (2 months ago)
It feels like prices drop before big announcements—good or bad
Eduardo Ueda (2 months ago)
Bad: FUD drops prices Good: ??? Prices drop so people can buy in cheap?? But how, i dont know
teng mad (2 months ago)
Mo btc for us
Sheldon Coke (2 months ago)
Huawei has been rumoured to preinstall spyware on their phones on behalf of the Chinese Government. I do not know if the accusations are true but I do not trust Google, Apple, Samsung, Huawei or any other big company. They have all been accused of betraying the privacy of their customers. So why in the world would I trust their preinstalled app to keep my Bitcoins?
I agree partly, but they are also toooo big to fuck us up. I mean, if they gonna run the app (wallet) on their phone (they do it with a partner), then they will secure it and create a good feeling for the consumer. That they will use our data, that is clear. That´s business. But I think and I am pretty sure, that they will not fuck it up, in terms of consumer experience. Best from Amsterdam Alexandros
Asian Miracle (2 months ago)
You are right, the crypto market is illogical right now
Eric P (2 months ago)
Let's face it, the crypto market can be manipulated down just as easily as it can be manipulated up. Once you accept that as reality, you can decide if you want to stay in the game.
Mehr Licht (2 months ago)
If I was him, I'd teach my whole family how to short-sell Btcoin Futures. Then I'd move coins around just for the lolz$$
Steven Lipke (2 months ago)
Mt.Gox trustee is incompetent, he should be selling OTC to maximum value being returned by those affected by Mt.Gox death.
United Noobies (2 months ago)
It is good that they are selling it on the open market. This will bring in more liquidity and less centralized monopoly on the amount of BTC individuals can control. Short term, high volatility on the down side. Which I as an opportunity to buy some...
SlayerX (2 months ago)
People are retarded Mt Gox coins are not being sold on exchanges stop the fookin FUD and trade like you're educated you pieces of shit!
karma police (2 months ago)
People are so easily scared..
Oregon organics (2 months ago)
Hey man don’t stop doing what your doing. I listen to your updates every day on the way to work and Home. You make a difference in my life so please keep on keepin on man. Thank you.
Daniel Leggett (2 months ago)
Did? Past tense?
Qsi Consulting (2 months ago)
Banks offer transparency...BAHAHAHA I'd like to ask Bank of america for transparency in revealing their derrivatives at mark to market value? OH bc they're insolvent that's why....transparency...boca doesnt know how to spell the word
perfectdiversion (2 months ago)
Just sell all of it and get it done already. The market will recover no matter what
Кто знает, у токенов bunnytoken кушать канал в телеграм?
Hamish Bartholomaeus (2 months ago)
Interesting that Brandon Kelly called this BTC to $8.3k pullback 3-4 days ago from the charts...
scary terry (2 months ago)
i think we have to many eos shills. tbh everyone is talking about it at all time highs. i feel like its making people buy it.
Jepb 100 (2 months ago)
I feel like there are almost no more leaves on the trees...traders are taking profits but if people don’t come back into the market because they are tired of these dips then traders may be scaring off their food supply. Unless the point is to remove retail investors....
Hamish Bartholomaeus (2 months ago)
Still can’t work out why you would sell altcoins if you knew it was a BTC only sell off or stop loss monkey business....🙄 Got to be algos; people can’t be that stupid! 30% down FFS!!
Stanislav Dugas (2 months ago)
Hi The Modern Investor: Do you mind sharing with us your portfolio? I think it might be a good thing to show people how do you invest. What % of investment is in Crypto / Share/ other assets. Thanks :)
Outta Sight (2 months ago)
None of the above.....Consensus next week ppl want cheap coin before that.
TrEYEanglE (2 months ago)
BofA "it's hard to catch bad guys" 🤣🤣 YOU are the bad guys.
Sue the SEC !!! (2 months ago)
So, how much Bitcoin does this MtGox have remaining? Got to brace myself for future disappointments.
George E. Harries (2 months ago)
have you heard of Miles scott? He is a great crypto investor and has gotten me more than 11 Btc in 1 month of investment, He has earned my trust contact him on whats app messenger at +1 518 655 9694
Marjorie Soto (2 months ago)
Your channel has become part of my morning routine. Thank you for providing such great information.
Charlie D (2 months ago)
Weak hands. But, thanks for the buying opportunity.
MORLEY-NATOR (2 months ago)
It will be the south korea exchange under investigation causing the dip. What would you do if you had coin with an exchange under review? You'd cash out fast!
Malta Crypto (2 months ago)
Shout out to the MODERN INVESTOR the only source of news we need
Simon Bohan (2 months ago)
When are we going to grow out of all of this crap? 😩 It feels like January again.
Chris (2 months ago)
Ripple block chain will be the new gateway to all of crypto
Chris (2 months ago)
IT'm so lucky I sent usd to coin base instead of locking my price in before the dip yesterday, hopefully it falls as it will take 7 days to arrive. Then I hope my transition will go through on the spot
lightwordman (2 months ago)
its all started with the proclamations by gates, buffet, munger, .... you can tell its coming by the news they start pushing!
Swordkiller (2 months ago)
the cryptocurrency market is VERY PRONE TO MANIPULATION, the reason for the drop can be a multitude of things. this could only be one of them.
Project SoCal (2 months ago)
Substratum = decentralized internet.
Nathan Long (2 months ago)
Let’s just get the trusty arrested too and ban him from the internet immediately!
Sijvaky (2 months ago)
Thanks for the work you do, I think it is an amazing job. I am dyslexic, and your videos help me a lot! I hope you keep it up!
USMCPFC1 (2 months ago)
Shidt am thankful bro. I bought another litecoin today round $138. Weak hands bro; got paid, market fell, I bought. I stay buying. $26 here, $100 there. I can't seem to hold on to my cash.
Luis Rivas (2 months ago)
Another great video! I am glad you mentioned Bank of America, they are probably the worst when it comes to Fees, and Charges for things like drawing money from foreign ATM's $9.00 fees!! I got rid of BOA altogether, and fund my crypto accounts with Credit Unions.
Cvetoslav Gergov (2 months ago)
But why was Augur 50%+ in the mean while?
Cvetoslav Gergov (2 months ago)
Thank you for replaying. Still 50%+ is a crazy I am not convinced listing on an exchange can revive the interest so hard.
The Modern Investor (2 months ago)
seems there was a new listing on a major exchange
quoc (2 months ago)
Mot Cox Sell off trigger sell order pre set by users... reason for price drop it's just cause and effect.
Jason Schnereger (2 months ago)
u r my favorite crypto news :)
KBillions99 (2 months ago)
Bank of America is "the bad guys."🤦🏾‍♀️ Mortgage crisis, anyone?
P K (2 months ago)
Pricks I say, me only buying more and holding very tight all my tokens and do my best to ignore shit pops up. I will just try to calm down and revisit in a month time. ;)
Necropotence (2 months ago)
Let the weak hands get out.
Ethan Michell (2 months ago)
Thanks for the report. Very useful.
mit p (2 months ago)
Mt.gox will haunt us for a while more before it actually goes away. Does this trustee not know how to sell it privately off exchange.
Renzo (2 months ago)
These past few videos you’ve posted have made me lose any voice of authority of your opinion on crypto. Last video I watch
Shad Cole (2 months ago)
why isnt that guy selling it OTC? wtf!?!?!
Fiel Paner (2 months ago)
You make a strong argument, the like of warren buffet are freaking out coz they are seeing the dawn of crypto and they are losing control. Just get onboard and make more wealth!
Monkey Tron (2 months ago)
If it was the Mt Gox guy news then why did this drop start with LiteCoin and then Ethereum and not Bitcoin first?
Sylver Chavez (2 months ago)
I think it's a combine effect. I think with all the Warren buffet bashing Bitcoin and bill gates. And there is a lot of new investors that got in recently and the money they put in is evaporating at an alarming rate. Not to mention a lot of YouTubers have been "predicting" drops in the market. So that is sparking many to dump. But who cares. Thanks for the discount noobs. For long haulers this is a good thing.
Originate success (2 months ago)
Sylver Chavez forreals I am buying more on the drop hahaha
Human Being (2 months ago)
There’s a logical cause for all this. It’s just really annoying. On the flip side, I’ll probably take a position or 2 this weekend ;)
Gui LeBest (2 months ago)
The price went from 6000 to 9900 in a couple of weeks that's it.. corrections are normal and healthy for the long run
Al Thompson (2 months ago)
martin garcia (2 months ago)
With the ethereum futures launch do you still see ETH going 3 to 5k end of this year? Thanks good vid as always
Revan (2 months ago)
martin garcia nop
Goin Postal TN (2 months ago)
That's right rooooooolll them RRRrrrrrrrr!!!! Back to listening at normal speed..thanks for slowing down for Bilinguals!!!!!
Biff Bifford (2 months ago)
Seems like Mt Gox has a never ending supply of BTC. Lol. They will probably be selling tens of thousands of BTC every few months for decades.
# Kato (2 months ago)
It's from BCN man take it or leave it.
Phillip Thomas (2 months ago)
Maybe 64k or 90k!!! BITCOIN in Dec!!!
Phillip Thomas (2 months ago)
This news happens and behind the scenes whales dump or govt. keep the price low for a reason maybe as a smokescreen lol
MJ Snosk8er (2 months ago)
I know why the market fell. Because more people sold than bought.... your welcome.
Rameez siddique (2 months ago)
Crypto RAPPER!
Seaton1518 (2 months ago)
The mount gox trustee is telling a hundred of his friends how to play the Futures Market.. we had so much good news and good stuff going for us leading up to consensus and then he shorts Bitcoin and sells off 8000 coins and makes even more. We definitely need some rules and regulation
# Kato (2 months ago)
Seaton1518 BCN made a handful of millionaires and too many losers this is the effect of that situation...people are pissed because of BCN situation and people left cryptocurrency people who had hundred of thousands in left probably went to NYSE or forex...
Amjid Ali (2 months ago)
8 thousand coins and 30 billion gets wiped lool
Hamish Bartholomaeus (2 months ago)
Yeah; gotta learn how to speak whale!! 😉
D Based (2 months ago)
If you noticed the other day a HUGE drop happened between 440b-427b within under an hour, that was basically the signal for other whales to sell.
Hamish Bartholomaeus (2 months ago)
Exactly. Anyone running algorithms just got owned.
Aaron Monroe (2 months ago)
This is off topic but, can anything stop Nuls?! I've been waiting for this coin to dip but the last 2 sell offs we had, it's either of the coin that has gained the most or the second most. Check the markets, it's up over 10%. It's doing better than REP even though that was just listed to Binance today.
keflar5 (2 months ago)
Aaron Monroe it's the best
Manny M. (2 months ago)
Markets are never "logical." Read any finance or investment book. Traditional markets are irrational. They always have been and always will be. Crypto markets are more irrational than traditional markets. I feel like crypto "investors" have this belief that markets only go up. Not sure why people assume that.
Aaron Monroe (2 months ago)
Ethereum futures would kill ethereum's momentum like Bitcoin futures killed bitcoins last year.
Nedleaks News (2 months ago)
totally on target
kunal chikhale (2 months ago)
Can't we just fork and like disable those btc
fromeddie (2 months ago)
It’s sad if you did not buy on the dip ... other then that The manipulation continues see them for what they are
Ricky Alta (2 months ago)
freakin’ Asians!
Ash Jones (2 months ago)
I think the timing is all too convenient, I think this individual is part of a calculative strategy. People take great pleasure and pride in seeing people lose and suffer, especially the "little" people. This is why too many people are investing the wrong place. Cryptocurrency is not going to provide the masses with any freedom, because the masses are too afraid to attempt it. Instead of standing their ground when these manipulated moves take place, they crumble and fall in fear, destroying the growth thus far. It usually goes like this as of the $20,000 top or just leading up to it: People buy in blindly with greed (I have no sympathy for these people for not doing their own research) the market drops and they most likely sold, now sitting a huge loss with complete fear and lack of confidence around cryptocurrency, decentralization, investing and making money, returning back to their comfort zone posing as a safety net within the banks and governments. Which is exactly what the banks and governments want. Fiat money is NOT backed by governments, it's backed by YOU! People! Governments are backed by PEOPLE! Nothing else. Banks and Governments are clever... Australia is now banning purchases of $10,000 + in AUD Cash. They are slowly drip feeding new restrictions and rules to further their position of control over you. Rather than hit you all at once in case you do snap and decide to bite back. If you step in hot water you will instantly jump back out, but if you step in when it's warm and then someone slowly starts to raise the heat, you will adjust subconsciously and not become aware of the changes. It comes down to one thing... If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything! IF we are to truly benefit from a decentralised network, we must unite and find a common space to create stability. IE; instead of these twitter and other pages posting "MT. Gox just moved 10,000 BTC" and sending you into a blind panic. How about "Don't worry the market could face a minor set back, because MT. Gox is on the move". It was only until the news came out the market dipped, before that sell orders were going through and it was holding side ways. My conclusion: Humans are such fragile beings. Rant over.
J.T. Irby (2 months ago)
Has this Trustee idiot ever heard of an AUCTION??? Sell ALL of it at once outside the market and be done end of story!!!
J.T. Irby (2 months ago)
Crypto Kato That’s what what they say Kato but do we know for sure?
# Kato (2 months ago)
J.T. Irby actually the trustee is selling OTC..
First Last (2 months ago)
The banksters will lose the ability to "make" money literally lol. but are scrambling to get as much stuff as they can before the usd is worthless. They will still have all the wealth they had before, but just not use usd banks to "make" new money for themselves. They will get into something else I assume. What we really need is something like a crypto that people can set the exchange rate against another person/account (and anyone that trades with that account). So then if someone is being unethical, they can be punished by whomever wants to punish them by essentially setting their money as worthless. May not seem like it would matter, but it would in the long run, and people could decide what ethics are acceptable and what are not. and since communication is increasing so much, everyone will come closer to one another in ideals and ethics, and this extreme mal distribution of wealth can be corrected once and for all.
ugofred87 (2 months ago)
Review XP coin
Jon (2 months ago)
Why would the Mt Gox trustee violate a court order and sell Bitcoin? He wouldn’t!!! It’s just an explanation for the sell off only idiots will believe. Don’t be so naive and gullible! This market has not been the same since the Bitcoin markets started. That’s a fact.
Daniel Kent (2 months ago)
Exchanges can manipulat market by cashing in on stop loses... Which then triggers more and more causing a massive dump.
not typical (2 months ago)
Hey ETCG (ethereum classic trust) just started trading over the counter for regular investors. Maybe you should mention this. Another way for money to pour in.
Dreamwood Media (2 months ago)
despite recent prices, I am still wildly optimistic about the future of bitcoin and ethereum
Peter Parker (2 months ago)
This is good in the long run. No single person should hold that kind of amount, the more people buys hes coins the better for the stability and economy. Personally I'm not going to cash out mine for nasty corrupt fiat anyway. I'm gonna spend it when crypto is the norm in the future
nice man! good mind set
Bill D'Amico (2 months ago)
Yeah that's the way I'm looking at it as well.. If he sold OTC, someone what would just getting ownership. This way it's spread out to the entire market
Ron Butendieck (2 months ago)
Peter Parker I
J.T. Irby (2 months ago)
Michael Knight (2 months ago)
Best informative crypto channel out here!!! Shouting out from London!!!!
J.T. Irby (2 months ago)
This Mt. Gox situation has gone from redunk to redunkiless....seriously man, I read the actual court order that stated the trusteee Kobayashi could do NOTHING until sept when the next court hearing will occur. This leads me to believe and wonder if this selloff is indeed really happening. I know that wallet address is somewhere around. Can we get verification that this sell off is actually happening? Another 8,000 sold which leaves how many? I’m so sick of hearing about this I honestly have blocked much of it out.....
Ed Kent (2 months ago)
Think a little longer than short term and accumulate when the prices are cheap. If the tech is sound, and the projects have genuine value, then this value will be represented eventually.
Noblesse Cadis (2 months ago)
But it is the fact about MT Gox... Mt gox still has 137891 bitcoin... the price will go up if MT gox sold all of them... it wil spread these bitcoin (https://www.cryptoground.com/mtgox-cold-wallet-monitor)

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