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Crypto Currency Arbitrage Opportunity

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ICO CEO (26 days ago)
I make 3% per day arbitraging w/ CrypScan trading service. https://crypscan.com
Mohammad Redowan (2 months ago)
Do you have others payment method?
Friends of Irony (2 months ago)
Mohammad Redowan yes I take crypto info on my discord https://discord.gg/2kE6Z4K
Ali BaBa (3 months ago)
Great video. I do arbitrage on cryptocurrency with bots. This theme is really very interesting, it helps to earn up to 10 BTC per month with the right approach! How do you look at taking down a review of a bot - bibitbot.com? This bot helps in arbitrage between exchanges and makes it very simple
Yuriy Avchuhov (2 months ago)
I agree
Rob X (3 months ago)
Have checked? What will you tell?
Frank Wase (3 months ago)
make a review please
Friends of Irony (3 months ago)
Ali BaBa thanks I'll check it out
bit coin (4 months ago)
this bot works for you: https://www.apitrade.pro/tradebtc.htm
Капперс Вин (5 months ago)
there is still a free service to search for arbitration on btc. 5 exchanges, search by amount, transfer fees are taken into account. Earn! http://arbitragiste . com/
AAs Interprise (6 months ago)
From $3.56 to $4.00 It's only about $0.50 cents..NOT $1.50 !!
Friends of Irony (6 months ago)
AAs Interprise thanks for clarifying
BR Melhor (6 months ago)
ArbitrageCT (ARCT TOKEN) A NEW CRYPTOCURRENCY ERC20 TOKEN TELEGRAM @ArbitrageCT_en https://t.me/ArbitrageCT_en They provide the only viable arbitrage trading platform for Crypto Currency Traders This is their website https://arbitragect.com/en/index.html This is a link to their whitepaper https://arbitragect.com/arbitragect_wp_en.pdf Circulating supply of only 86,000,000
Chasar (6 months ago)
http://arbiswap.com has done well for me. Key is to do ones with high volume and coins that transfer fast it's rare though but all you need is one good one.
Oscar Flores (7 months ago)
If I join your VIP group will I be able to speak to you and get support for any problems or inquiries I have?
Friends of Irony (6 months ago)
You can email me at [email protected] or click here to join https://promo.friendsofirony.com/the-wolf-pack-vip-training
Oscar Flores (6 months ago)
Friends of Irony ok thanks! I think i will join! can I get your email address?
Friends of Irony (6 months ago)
Oscar Flores you'll get access to me through our fb group, the upgrade to advance bot trading we have a trading lounge for google hang out for voice and video, I also have coaching available for 1on 1 support, you'll be offered them after you sign up as vip member
Okechukwu Peter (7 months ago)
Ok bro. Thanks would send you once I get home from the office
Friends of Irony (7 months ago)
Okechukwu Peter ok cool email [email protected] with the email you want to use and I'll send you the link
Okechukwu Peter (7 months ago)
I want to subscribe to your monthly membership of $10 and can only pay via bitcoin
Friends of Irony (7 months ago)
Okechukwu Peter Ok send here I'll add you manually, you'll have to send me bitcoin manually every month. 15Ey9JeZqHEUCe4X7d9q2okQWYM7p4HCip
Okechukwu Peter (7 months ago)
Please how do I pay with bitcoin?
Friends of Irony (7 months ago)
Okechukwu Peter maybe when eos does subscription payments bitcoin fee is as high as my membership group
Borys Fesenko (7 months ago)
Kai (7 months ago)
Nice video. Is there any site to check transaction costs of any coins / tokens - because this is also a huge factor in calculating your profit or the rentability of the trade :P
Friends of Irony (7 months ago)
Kai yea your can check by googling " ether gas station" and it usually ranges between .20 to $3
BITCOIN MASTER (8 months ago)
Hello, i suggest you to try trading at https://www.arbitragecoins.com/signup/index/BITCOINMASTER as it is unique and i personally made profits by using this site.The withdrawals are fast and smooth.Never going to stop trading here.
Abu Amjad (8 months ago)
can we not just buy it from Binance its 7c cheaper than EOS scan?
Friends of Irony (8 months ago)
some days its cheaper and some days eos scan show cheaper
Jack C (8 months ago)
Warning : this looks good in theory but just do a simple research to see how many people lost money in the transfers never getting it on the receiving side even months later. Kinda scary, and you can find these stories for pretty much any platforms... a little scary considering you have close to zero ways to get it back... and they take forever to answer you if they answer at all
R (6 months ago)
Btc is slow but you can do arbitraje with litecoin o monero they are very fast.... even eth...
You Are Not Ready (7 months ago)
@Friends of Irony, I agree 100%. No risk= No reward.
Friends of Irony (8 months ago)
Scared people can stick to a 9 to 5 job. Learn about it and navigate the land mines which we cover in the group. We have a section on how to recover your coins from shapeshift if you happen to have coins stuck there.
Beat the Forex (8 months ago)
Interested but how can i make initial contact?
Go to my profile and try our bot. Watch the video and go to the website. We can give you the first month for free. So you can verify the work of the bot and test it.
Friends of Irony (8 months ago)
just go here https://promo.friendsofirony.com/the-wolf-pack-vip-training
Friends of Irony (8 months ago)
Just go here https://promo.friendsofirony.com/vsl
Bomsy Junior (8 months ago)
so is it even possible to buy token 10 times less and instantly sell it? im curious
Go to my profile and try our bot-manual arbitrage bot that can bring you up to 3 bitcoins per month, depending on your balance. There are answers to all your questions.
Charles Degraft-Johnson (5 months ago)
Friends of Irony n
Friends of Irony (7 months ago)
Feel free to put your link explaining it better. We're all here to help. Love to see you on camera! Yes, i've had losing days too. When I thought it was fine and the last 10 min someone drops 4 million on the contribution rasising the price higher than on the exchange. What I do.. dump it sell as high as I can and try again on the next period.
Anthony Rega (7 months ago)
Horrible Job explaining this!! You can lose money just as quick if alot of people get in that time period. Selling calculator, How hard is it to use etherscan to see how many eth are in that day. Its blockchain open to everyone!
Jason Hewitt (8 months ago)
Isn’t HitBc getting a load of bad press regarding withdrawals at the moment?
Friends of Irony (8 months ago)
yea I don't like it so i trade out to ether or btc to move it out
Thought Frankly (8 months ago)
No US citizens or Chinese
R (6 months ago)
Thought Frankly use vpn
Friends of Irony (8 months ago)
We teach how https://promo.friendsofirony.com/vsl
Matt & Mel Scott (9 months ago)
Looks amazing!!! I'm keen to do it. Thanks for sharing :D
You can get acquainted with our bot. Go to my profile and watch the video. We can also give a free try. Write to support.
KIM MOORE (9 months ago)
Hi, I checked out the link, however it talks about ecommerce. Please send me the link to join th group and learn arbitrage. Thanks so much!
Friends of Irony (9 months ago)
Here you go Kim, thanks for checking it out. https://promo.friendsofirony.com/the-wolf-pack-vip-training
Lets Get Smarted (9 months ago)
thanks for making this video

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