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Top 5 Safest Long Term Cryptocurrency Investments

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Text Comments (83)
Jackal 007 (30 days ago)
Nothing is safe in crypto lol
CryptoJack (29 days ago)
lol well that is kind of true haha
Cryptoshi (1 month ago)
XRP is still in beta
lukc222 (1 month ago)
You should add Bitcoin Growth Bot to that list!
Elastos is by far the most secure and best long term hodl..... My big bags BTC, ELA, ONT, NEO, ENG
Sparta Boss (2 months ago)
With regulation near if the exchanges are made to ban privacy coins than their value will plummet
A Ha (2 months ago)
buying the binance coin is a no brainer especially if you intend to wheel and deal on there. you get that discount
Christopher Asher (2 months ago)
How is total supply determined?
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
By the creator/company before the coin/token is released
Afoaku Clinton (2 months ago)
Hexx coin will be a very good privacy coin
Andy Bradley (2 months ago)
Electroneum!!!! Got some huge things coming this month and later this year! Also you don't have to pay taxes on gambling winnings in the UK, we are not investors or traders, we are all gamblers that have no idea what a private key is.... wink wink.
Nigell Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Ethos ,ethos ,BTC , ethos and binance coin
daniel McGrath (2 months ago)
there no way
GrimReaperKC (2 months ago)
Missed Blackmoon (BMC). Legaly compliant, has working product, small market cap and low coin supply
shebutchukoy (2 months ago)
So much hype on Ripple but I don't know if you're aware or at least should by now, that Ripple had been facing a series of lawsuits on "security" issues here in the US, it maybe stable soon, but unless all litigations are settled, Ripple customers have that sword hanging over their heads...please be careful next time on what you're promoting, as most youtube viewers are innocents (newbies) on cryptos...I do agree however on BNB, Huobi and/or Kucoin, as these exchanges will less likely go bankrupt and at the same time it provide investors with passive income. And I can't believe that you missed ETC (not ETH), fyi ETC will soon be listed on Coinbase, anytime soon...It will definitely shoot to the moon.
aniqa noor (2 months ago)
hello.i want to translate your videos in my local language urdu...give me your contact id.or any thing
Peter Angel (2 months ago)
Privacy coins might be risky. Exchanges might have to delist privacy coins as part of the regulation/institutional money game.
Kevin Leyles (2 months ago)
Trading can seem hard but it's surely worth it. Thanks to Hurley Jordan has been made easy with his unique strategy, he's winning for others so why won't he do the same for you contact him now at [email protected] com
Winston Rhock (15 days ago)
Nice scam
Mary Brown (2 months ago)
Woahh this dude's strategy actually works well just got my first pay yesterday I'm so reinvesting with him
Gregory Holbrook (2 months ago)
It's Mr Hurley all the way for me!!!
Elizabeth Seaton (2 months ago)
Skepticism and doubt will only make you remain the way you are. Trading is very profitable only if you trade wisely. Trade wisely with Hurley Jordan and get your expected returns
Dean Ashley (2 months ago)
I've heard much about his good works in trading but I still got doubts
Kristof Perez (2 months ago)
shebutchukoy (2 months ago)
Are you referring to Key or Thekey? Coz these are two different thing, the latter will definitely shoot to the moon, as China has a billion population that may have to use TheKey --which are authorized to operate by the Chinese govt.
PA Rang (2 months ago)
You are my favourite Jack! Im learning with you 💜💜💜💜💜 lots of hugs from the Philippines
PA Rang (2 months ago)
Yan fb ko... For me learning palang ako..😊😊 ikaw?
PA Rang (2 months ago)
Kristof Perez kath reyes odtohan
Kristof Perez (2 months ago)
PA Rang fb mo pre day trader kaba ?
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
thanks you for your kind words!!
Dewaldt Botha (2 months ago)
Also think it's a good idea. $1000 in each
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
Yup I think so too!
OTT2OWN (2 months ago)
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
not bad choices!
harry camper (2 months ago)
I have small amounts of all three exchanges you mention. Was good watching a 20% run up last night for KCS, only one day after buying in. Seems to hold most of its gains. Huobi has been going well for a while as well as BNB.
Patriot Sleeper Cell (2 months ago)
Elastos will be hugge!
ANM CRYPTO (2 months ago)
Apollo Currency buddy. All in one, working product.
jeffrey exposito (2 months ago)
Nuls is a future mega powerhouse.
joegebhard888 (2 months ago)
Digibyte to the moon!!!!
orit levy (2 months ago)
i want to ask general question' if you see project with more than 5 investores (business man or institution) is this mean that this is a good one? is it safe for small investor to join? thanks
Stefan Evers (2 months ago)
You missed Casino coin. I get that you can not check al coins. But you clearly didn't read into CSC. Good video though.
DATA (DTA) could also be uphold in reserve. My 2 cents. Crypto-Cube
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
Could be! Thanks for your comment :)
Jeff Lacroix (2 months ago)
The problem with xrp is that these partners don't actually have to use the coin. If Western Union had to buy the coins to send the transactions you would see the price of xrp shoot way up and be growing all the time.
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
They won’t buy on exchanges it will be private sales so it won’t effect the market too much. That’s what institutional investment companies do, buy BTC privately or it affects the market :)
lyndon lee (2 months ago)
u mentioned ripple do u think the recent lawsuit won't effect the overall long term of the coin
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
It definitely could affect it for sure, but long term it shouldn’t be too bad hopefully
Joe z (2 months ago)
Love you videos man. Do you think XRP can reach $5.00 by the end of this year?
PrimeDrift (2 months ago)
It'd be more likely to go to 15 cents. Who uses XRP for anything? Scamcoin
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
Not sure about $5 it really depends on the market, I think it may get there one day, but the market pump last year was rather extreme!
lyndon lee (2 months ago)
yes to putting 1000 into bnb
Kramo Man (2 months ago)
Hi thanks for such a great info. I will want to join your paid group. Kindly add your contact info , I will want to discussed something first. Be it your email or WhatsApp. Thank you.
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
Email is in the description :) thanks for your comment!
jamel hook (2 months ago)
Jack I would like to join the blue print. Is there a way I could talk to you first?
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
In the description of the video :)
jamel hook (2 months ago)
Whats email?
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
Shoot me an email happy to chat :)
Afy Mehmood (2 months ago)
Hey there Jack. Loved the content in this vid. I'm wanting to sign on to the blueprint, how much would it cost per month for the blueprint along with the price calls? Thanks
Craig anderton (2 months ago)
Afy Mehmood don't! Go to blockchain whispers if you've got the $. Bitcoin bravado are known for consistency and they're not too expensive. If you're looking for good youtube channels.. The best to follow are Kirby, coinmastery and the chart guys.. Nothing against this guy. But from watching this video I would definitely not take advice from him.
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
The blueprint comes with free lifetime access to the trade calls which is good!
Eoin Keane (2 months ago)
bnb is erc20, will it always be
Brandon Beavis Investing (2 months ago)
Now this is my type of video! And beautiful thumbnails, Jack..
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
Thanks mate, appreciate it! 😉
Buentaste (2 months ago)
Thanks Jack for your info..
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
More than welcome!
Martijn M (2 months ago)
I'd say putting 3k in BNB would be smarter than 1k in each of those three. Binance is bound to be the biggest and safest exchange on the planet.
PA Rang (2 months ago)
Id say 2k on bnb nd 500 dollars on the two...
Martijn M (2 months ago)
So.. 3k in BNB it is :D? I fully agree.
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
That’s true, but I think BNB will grow a lot more than it is now, others will most likely follow but maybe not as much
craky 916 (2 months ago)
bibox also good exchange coin
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
Will take a look at it thanks
Atif Mehmood (2 months ago)
Missed elastos I guess!
Mark Anthony (2 months ago)
You should mention the Skynet ICO! They're making an infinity-chain adoption and the first ever blockchain chip to drive up huge adoption to their network. It's led by Alibaba, Qualcomm, and Samsung executives.
harry camper (2 months ago)
In your opinion.
Kevin DiFilippo (2 months ago)
Elastos is a top 5 hold
harry camper (2 months ago)
He said top 5, not top 200
Niklas Kunisch (2 months ago)
Ela is number 1 longterm hodl!

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