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Reddit's Favorite CryptoCurrency! - Reddit Co Founder Endorsed Stellar XLM - Stellar XLM Crypto News

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Reddit's Co Founder has endorsed a cryptocurrency known as Stellar XLM! How High will Stellar XLM Crypto rise? Crypto News! Our Social Media: Follow Our Twitter: https://goo.gl/TZf4YS Follow Our Instagram: https://goo.gl/AuKUDn Join My Swing Trade Discord: https://discord.gg/FMjYnKU Start Mining Bitcoin and Ethereum Today: Mine Crypto Here: https://hashflare.io/r/774D78A6 Take My Beginner Crypto Class: SIGN UP FOR MY CLASS: https://goo.gl/H2hDe3 Great Crypto Products: Get the Best Crypto Wallet Ledger Nano S: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/d0ea Online Crypto Wallet: http://cryptopay.me/join/04dc8786 Best Crypto Exchanges: Coinbase (BTC ETH LTC BCH): https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a1e15a67c77270157a476e1 Binance (ALTCOINS): https://www.binance.com/?ref=11785856 Cryptopia: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=aviatorgaming I am not a professional financial adviser. All investments you make are of your own. Do your own research. All ICO reviews are paid reviews. All opinions are our own. Do your own research before clicking any links in the description and investing any money.
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Text Comments (111)
Crypto Coin News (7 months ago)
Diz19791 (7 months ago)
Omg Zack, you were so right about the price.
Suppoman Udemy (7 months ago)
I finally found the OFFICIAL bitcoin gold wallet! Grab your bitcoin gold like i did. Thank me later!!! https://www.btcgwallet.org
joel c (7 months ago)
my guess it will rebound around .000047
Daniel Dumitrescu (7 months ago)
new user account reopened on BINANCE : https://www.binance.com/?ref=15588563
EL Moninho (7 months ago)
Hey guys, i'm a poor student from spain with no money. I want to start investing in stellar lumens because i think it will have a bright future, but i have no money. I will be so grateful for every single lumen you helpful guys will send me!! :) Thanks in advance guys!! :) GAHK7EEG2WWHVKDNT4CEQFZGKF2LGDSW2IVM4S5DP42RBW3K6BTODB4A
ned180 (7 months ago)
fuck off mate
marlon pogi (7 months ago)
Stellar lumens is in the news again today!: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bitcoin-losing-ground-apos-coin-204900121.html
Davy Vs (7 months ago)
https://discord.gg/dMmZ5gM Altcoin ninja's growing cryptocurrency chat
Silver Jaguar (7 months ago)
marlon pogi (7 months ago)
Stripe mentioned they might use XLM in the future instead of Bitcoin!! :)
Rayheem Amin (7 months ago)
What is the exchange called that you said can exchange crypto into fiat? Please
clarkeee here (7 months ago)
look up cryptojacks its just going up
aziz ahamad chaudhary (7 months ago)
Tel coin and Sirin labs token are best
Natasha Narang (7 months ago)
Can you look at Modum, PRL, HST, NULS, SNOV, and DBC?
Jeroen Scheurwater (7 months ago)
Join this Telegram Channel for making quick profits! https://t.me/SquadPumps
Carlos Yu (7 months ago)
WaBi, OST and KEY (selfkey)
Søren Schäffer (7 months ago)
Can you make a video of tether, and how to use it to possibly avoid dips?
Marc Brown (7 months ago)
A dead cat bounce is a short lived bounce from a drop, followed by a continuation of the decline. Wow your reviews are worthless.
TeamDM24 (7 months ago)
SNC (SunContract)!!!!! Amazing platform for solar energy. Good team, project, and has an EIC code already. Has a lot of room to grow with a low market cap and low circulating supply!!!!
Cblitz 1 (7 months ago)
Ryan Chanthanong (7 months ago)
Stronghands to the moon
marlon pogi (7 months ago)
Stellar Lumens is the only one among the top coins that is up today!! :)
Will Taylor (7 months ago)
KEY is one to keep your eyes on
Alexander Junqueira (7 months ago)
md. saidul haque (7 months ago)
alltcoin moon soon
md. saidul haque (7 months ago)
allcoin moon comming
Kevin Horton (7 months ago)
David Bermudez (7 months ago)
It's spelled HOLD not HODL
Lennox Leon (7 months ago)
1 V 1 me bro
David Bermudez (7 months ago)
DAVID TRAN What's the matter you're gonna cry to your mommy? Don't waste my time little boy go educate yourself before SAYING ANYTHING
DAVID TRAN (7 months ago)
You shut your pie hole young man. Your mother is over here spreading the fud as we speak. She said she left you fish tacos in the fridge
David Bermudez (7 months ago)
DAVID TRAN No I'm not boy I've been mining BTC and alt-cryptocurrencies and investing in BTC and alt cryptocurrencies since January 2009. You're a child compared to me!
DAVID TRAN (7 months ago)
David Bermudez your a noob
Eddie Munster (7 months ago)
To the moooooon!!!!!! .... then crash 😂
Duke Ung (7 months ago)
If stellar founder announced they will burn 50% of coin...it will be $5 immediately.
OctoMan PC's (7 months ago)
doesnt reddit use RDD Redcoin?
lance shipston (7 months ago)
is it possible that, if this is similar to ripple, that visa might partner with stellar?
Lee (7 months ago)
Dead cat analogy for the bounce back market was priceless. Well done! Talk about CND. Very interesting coin.
ZulqarnainSarani (7 months ago)
a quick and concise video to differentiate between XRP and XLM may be extremely useful for this crypto community.
ZulqarnainSarani (7 months ago)
great news to hear about XML! I am excited.
marlon pogi (7 months ago)
If it's the new Bitcoin I'm going to be rich!!! I have thousands of them!! muhaahahaha!!
marlon pogi (7 months ago)
Stellar is not the only down...all the crypto currencies are down...it's the general market trend...but it's still going up for sure with the FairX
marlon pogi (7 months ago)
Gabriel Navarro (7 months ago)
Dan Bee (7 months ago)
Subscribing is defintely not a bad idea... dude 3 times a day it gets repetitive lol You should try to diversify a bit ;)
delta Digger (7 months ago)
Let me guess he owns tons of stellar
Texas Stacker (7 months ago)
PPT and XLM are solid holds
GK Singh (7 months ago)
DIME going to the moon join the telegram group asap https://t.me/DIMEcoinOfficialPublic
Aditya Shetty (7 months ago)
Can you please review Vibe it has been on a continuous drop
Ryan Gonzalez (7 months ago)
This guys channel is A1 Sauce when it comes too news ❤😎💵
Rochelle Douglass (7 months ago)
is Stellar joining with IBM?
Rochelle Douglass (7 months ago)
SRN labs, Telecoin,
Phillip Santos (7 months ago)
poe coin
Lunerversal (7 months ago)
Can you do a review on life coin Please
Get Rail3d (7 months ago)
Could you do a video on Cypherium? It recently had it's ico, ex Amazon and Google team members.
T.L B (7 months ago)
Cardano and Substratum forever!! Gonna be huuuuge.
Abib 2.0 (7 months ago)
Telcoin 🚀🚀
chapstarcss (7 months ago)
Which website are u using in the videos?
Mena X (7 months ago)
chapstarcss Coinmarketcap.com
Spiro DotCryptoGeek (7 months ago)
The two main non-top 100 cryptos I'm most interested in are Bounty0x and NavCoin. Navcoin because they're made in New Zealand (where I'm from) and they have some good goals for getting crypto into the hands of regular people. Bounty0x because I like the idea of bounties and reward tokens for different applications. Looks like a cool project.
mathijs baks (7 months ago)
Kucoin shares !! When they sort out everything huge potential
Duke Ung (7 months ago)
Until they have more volumes... right now I notice some whales manipulating trade creating a huge buy and sell wall.... so they can profit the spread..... I have spoke to kucoin staff..and they say they are on the case.
Kevin McElroy (7 months ago)
Vibe coin!!
The Snake Pit (7 months ago)
Sold my xml at 79 wont buy back before under 40.
Macsyn (7 months ago)
Bogdan Bunda (7 months ago)
New exchange getting ready to start up, get $500 free balance on account to register, upcoin.com/?ID=ee2937e7
Tom D (7 months ago)
not anymore it is :-( "The 500$ sign up bonus program has finished already. Please leave your email address below for official updates"
Cryptoshi (7 months ago)
What's people's take on Omisego?
Ash Ketchum (7 months ago)
Reddit is a shithole
Jean-Samuel Laplante (7 months ago)
live-wallet.com = cross-device blockfolio
James Billig (7 months ago)
Tas Tas (7 months ago)
you scammed us on UFR ?
Tas Tas (7 months ago)
still no project or any updates from devs and recently big whales pulled out. seems suspicious thats why I asked .
Crypto Coin News (7 months ago)
Nope, I'm still holding $5k worth...
Michael Whitaker (7 months ago)
Golem or funfair.
crooked52h (7 months ago)
Michael Whitaker funfair 2 the moon
gadgetsplusmore (7 months ago)
I got in at .62 .. plan to hold for a while.
DividedShark (7 months ago)
But the better question is.... When does the narwhal bacon?
DividedShark (7 months ago)
Glad at least one person got that lol
Nathan Howard (7 months ago)
Also, I hold Stellar and am looking to increase my position :)
Nathan Howard (7 months ago)
The next investment I’m looking into is Enjin. Everything I’ve read I like!
Crypto MoneyMakingz (7 months ago)
Ivanto Doyu (7 months ago)
Hidden Gem= Titanium Blockchain!!
TheRoyal769sr (7 months ago)
Please!? Look at tierion TNT
Tom D (7 months ago)
+1 .. seems to be exploding the last 24h
DB Admin (7 months ago)
Even if you don't believe or admit, you have a serious potential to pump a coin through your videos. It maybe good (for the subscribers) or maybe bad (for others), I dunno!. Otherwise there's no explanation why SRN $1.87 (at the time you did the video) started going up as soon as the video was published and now at $3.60; around 2X gain! Anyway thanks for the videos and keep it up! (((((To be honest: I also created an account on Liqui after your video and bought SRN (@ $2.11) ;-) )))))
Reggie Menard (7 months ago)
I know IBM is working on a blockchain infrastructure.
Reggie Menard (7 months ago)
What's the status with the IBM partnership? Anybody knows.
O K (7 months ago)
TELcoin, please.
Lenny Lam (7 months ago)
Can you say. "Lifestyles of the Rich and famous"?
Boulevar (7 months ago)
You should cover Car-vertical VC, it will be listed on kucoin tomorrow!
TX X (7 months ago)
Waiting for stellar to moon so I can bail
marlon pogi (7 months ago)
it fell along with the general wallet...great news coming end of this or next month...with FairX exchange
Yusef (7 months ago)
Lol I bought it xlm at £0.61pence and instantly it fell .....patiently waiting to break even and bail
Ignas Random (7 months ago)
Dinesh Tiwari (7 months ago)
can you please take a look on CANYA coin
Dinesh Tiwari (7 months ago)
what about CANYA coin
Matthew Kaufman (7 months ago)
Dfs coin
D Mockett (7 months ago)
https://dustinmockett.wixsite.com/blockchain-Pictures https://monetizecoin.io/5a641a58e4474 Mining links https://www.eobot.com/user/826499 https://coinmix.biz/?ref=85RkvT
Stanislav Ševtšenko (7 months ago)
SGR Sugar Exchange Coin
DLW Fishing (7 months ago)
Thanks again!!!!
Emlyn Smith (7 months ago)
DBC and/PRL review if you wouldn't mind please. Thanks
Maverick (7 months ago)
Thanks again for the video!!! Take a look at the BABB ICO when you do your ICO video! They are solving a real world issue and I don't think they get the publicity that they deserve! Giving people access to a bank account who don't have access to one!
William Rodgers (7 months ago)
Food coin???
Bryan P (7 months ago)
Thanks for another good post. I'm currently hodling xlm. Can you have a look at MediBloc?
Obsoletefreedom (7 months ago)
You should check out medicalchain ico, they already up and running and will be a good investment for 2018. Its a stronger card then MediBloc.
Ryan Wheeler (7 months ago)
I have some feedback for you if you have an email address. Well more like a way for you to expand your business
Patricia Restrepo (7 months ago)
Check “EBTC”
Third Honk (7 months ago)
Bought in at .26 .48 and a bit more at .70. Holding long for sure.
Mohammad Hasan (7 months ago)
Check Acute Angle Cloud (AAC) and thank me later

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