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Bitcoin Arbitrage Trading with Arthur Hayes

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http://coinrepublic.com/ https://www.bitmex.com/ Join Arthur Hayes Co-Founder & CEO of BitMEX - Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange for a 55 minute Webinar on Bitcoin arbitrage. Arthur will explain how to apply tried and true arbitrage strategies he learned whilst the Head ETF trader for Asia ex-Japan at Deutsche Bank and Citibank, to the Bitcoin market. https://www.facebook.com/coinrepublic https://twitter.com/CoinRepublic
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Paweł Głomski (2 months ago)
BitMEX trades against its clients what for a long time was not disclosed - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnFkVVBAYHQ
Jayjit Porel (5 months ago)
Can we do roll over contact to next Month
CodeCraft (8 months ago)
How does BITMEX cover their liability to their clients, in respect the entire pool of client future contracts on the BITMEX's platform? In theory if the Bitcoin price crashed would BITMEX's liabilities not exceed the value of BITMEX's total Bitcoin holdings? I hope this question makes sense.
Nigel Nyangwe (9 months ago)
Hey, I live in Zimbabwe, our exchange called Golix has one of the highest prices for Bitcoin (read about it on CNN or general news articles). A lot of people believe there is no way to get fiat out but this is just not true, although prima facie it is logical for outsiders to think so. I am in a position to get currency out of the country, legally. If you are interested send me an email and we can talk further about this opportunity. [email protected] Profit margins are extremely high.
REIMY R (10 months ago)
I am sharing with you a technology that is unheard of many in the trading world! A system that will enable you to have a serious profits without a single losing day and the best part is it’s on AUTO-PILOT. You do not have to know anything about to make a killing in the market and it is all done hands free. Wondering what am I am talking about? You must check this out now and see it for yourself. www.arbitragecoins.com 100% AUTO CRYPTOCURRENCY ARBITRAGE BOT NO More manual trades NO More looking at charts NO More technical studies NO More fundamental analysis NO More speculations This amazing software gives you 100% win everyday TRY IT FOR FREE www.arbitragecoins.com
SONU PAL (1 year ago)
life and the other side good
Daniel Tunku (1 year ago)
Hello please can i have access to the spreadsheet used in this presentation?
Kenneth Johnson (1 year ago)
Hello Daniel, Just contact me on my email id?
Samuel Reed (1 year ago)
Hi - see https://blog.bitmex.com/tag/arbitrage/ which has a few of our blog posts on this, including newer tutorials and spreadsheets.
Max Franco (1 year ago)
i want the spreadsheet too
Victor Hugo (2 years ago)
I live in Brazil and here we have very big interest rates, that is why bitcoin lending platforms are so attractive. Although we don't have futures in our currency, that is why is kind of hard for who has their incomes in local currency to ask for a loan in BTC. I am thinking if it is possible to help these people to get credit and at the same time create one type of derivative contract just between me and who is asking for a loan, with some kind of margin linked in one smart contract. Do you think I can make some money with arbitration in these case? Considering that is not easy to trade this contract! I was thinking to hold for good offerings in localbitcoins. Thanks, sorry for the long text.
Victor Hugo (2 years ago)
Arthur, you are really providing very nice content, TVM!!!
Hartsock Woreavelesor (2 years ago)
I think GINO SHEARER FOR NEWBIES is better than this.

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