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Cryptocurrency Market Is Down $200 Billion - What You Need To Do

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Early in 2018 the cryptocurrency market climbed to new heights, only to drop more than $200 Billion. Is the bubble popping, or are we simply in a correction? What is the news? Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ ICOAlert: https://www.icoalert.com/ New To Crypto? Have Questions? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIk5kZUZhZBc8rH1RpIf3gHCOQfHJ07L2 Want Some Top 5 Altcoins?: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Want brand new Altcoins? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIk5kZUZhZBemZkwYPzu-9uGIz_HdtKj0 How about some Community Picks? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIk5kZUZhZBfgcINgMu1KtYwNiU_P3m1L Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Text Comments (209)
John Abba (7 months ago)
I suggest to join the perspective project under the name TokenGo. Here very much there is a lot of bounty jobs for everyone which execution is generously rewarded by developers, referral bonuses and many another. Here to the platform you can place and create own tokens and open the ICO
GAME SPACE (7 months ago)
william bill (7 months ago)
This guy has no idea about the darkness of the crypto he just just gives people traditional advice buy low sell high after one week nothing change Guys Bitcoin and others will always have a bad ending no opportunity stay with your FIAT and invest in more comprehensible stuffs.
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
Why are you commenting on a crypto video on a crypto channel and suggesting to people to stick with fiat and invest in non crypto stuff? That's like walking into a bar filled with NFL fans and trying to convince them to watch European Soccer instead...
Mr. Anderson (8 months ago)
Shаre your little happiness to me, please 1Bdxn2fVxHvgabR1xeATYVERQsydMNKere
Melquan Green (8 months ago)
Is it a buyer's market now? What do you guys think?
Bengal Tiger (8 months ago)
What is Bitcoin backed by??
Daddy Oh 63 (8 months ago)
im holding..and even bought more litecoin..
Robert ÓhÉigceartaigh (8 months ago)
Like some people have said, "these are the 'dial-up,' ref. to the early Internet, days." The new technologies, think blockchain security, or their associated uses, are reasons to be in crypto . Who wouldn't like to go back in time and buy Microsoft's ISO? Btw, I have skin in the game, I'm holding onto my BTC and Ether. Panic-sellers would have been the first to drop MS shares. I did the research before I got into the market. The technology behind crypto-/digital currencies should be part of any investor's thinking, whether you're buying a pc or a new technology like the blockchain, make sure it has underlying value. Cheers to all the pioneers in these new technologies! Great show and advice!
busnumber3 (8 months ago)
No one has "lost" anything if they haven't converted to Fiat.. BTC will be back at 3 days ago price plus 20% by Feb 1st..
Chauncey Garrett (8 months ago)
How do you get a tron wallet on a mobile device
KJ93 (8 months ago)
How long will the market be down?
danielgazda (8 months ago)
I am not even checking my portfolio or I'm gonna have a stroke... this HODL strategy better work or I'm dead.
david benson (8 months ago)
dont just hodl ,, BUY MORE AT A DISCOUNT,,
Great Ben (8 months ago)
Had 500 bitcoin , sold 400 around 16k mark.
Great Ben (8 months ago)
Stephen Lflf atta boy
Stephen Lflf (8 months ago)
lol sure and I sold 800 at 19k
Marvin Cooke (8 months ago)
u think like me u ok long tem and sea of red i invest u correct good job
Renewed Hope (8 months ago)
The entire cryptomarket is going down. My theory is that around Christmas so much money poured into the market world governments are colluding to destroy the viability of the market to discourage the public from putting their money into the btc, thereby weakening world fiat currencies.
Renewed Hope (8 months ago)
Ltc is not 200 anymore, now it's $150!
Alex (8 months ago)
Dude, I was laughing at 500B but 400B is starting to worry me.
steve badley (8 months ago)
Asia Lunar year is coming, massive holiday out there and similar effect to what happened over Christmas period, after they are back from hols it will come back to normal in Feb, just buy the cheap coins while they sell them to pay for their holidays lol
Queen of Hearts 2018. (8 months ago)
U. Been. SCAMED. 👅❗👅. FAKE. 💲💲💲 Idoits. 👅❗👅
Asif Javed (8 months ago)
What a great opportunity to get into crypto buy. Do not miss the chance!
shanenoble (8 months ago)
watching you crypto pushers is better then watching lib tards on election night as hillary's win slipped away....... lmao
Nicholas Sway (8 months ago)
30% off! lol
Canonmentos (8 months ago)
Did you know your voice sounds a lot like the you-tuber "TheRadBrad" who makes video game play through videos?
Aurall (8 months ago)
Jan 17, 2018 BTC is 10.5K !!😅
dennis christie (8 months ago)
drew ward (8 months ago)
When fucking tai Lopez starts making videos about crypto currency it's time to fucking sell every thing
Christopher Iac (8 months ago)
tron is a must! If you like money, BUY TRON! don't fall into the FUD. This is a lesson from the cryptoworld. Have your own opinion or follow the herd.
Jonte (8 months ago)
"crash" correction is a better word suck it pleb
Valey (8 months ago)
Im sorry im new what is HODL? It's hold right?
Lo Key Money (8 months ago)
It’s still only January... can’t wait to see what happens when taxes season comes around
Ross Brooks (8 months ago)
Is Binance based in China? With China enforcing wider bans, I'm just wondering if they might turn their attention to Binance too. I haven't heard anything, but I'm just thinking if it's possible - what do you think?
Paul Murariu (8 months ago)
Binance is based in Hong Kong
Walter Pr (8 months ago)
2018 watch Neo Crypterium soon all the world need it The New Standard..
Walter Pr (8 months ago)
Walter Pr (8 months ago)
One week its up Getting Up uge.. Meen World Chànging The Technology
Eric M (8 months ago)
Don't buy tron. If you checked their source code you know why it's been dumped.
Kim Chi (8 months ago)
Bitcoin is only down 40-50% from ATH. I experienced this my first week when I bought XRP at ATH after it dipped a little. After it tanked I got 2.5x gains....HODL or die like a whiny bitch. Hahaaaaaa!
Saketh Reddy (8 months ago)
3000$ down :( but still HODL LTC
Chase Castellanos (8 months ago)
Lunar New Year, has dropped the market this time every year for the passed 3-4 years
Chase Castellanos (8 months ago)
Chinese new year. Asia still dominates in crypto-trading by volume. 3 weeks from now is the lunar new year, People spend a ton of money on gifts and travel, its the LARGEST mass migration of people on the planet.The crypto market is antithetical to the stock market basically meaning stocks boom when business is booming during the holidays, crypt investors are retail investors so crypto investors sell during the holidays. Just like when we had new years and christmas the market drops then hits ATH. The sell off happens 3 weeks prior to lunar new year every year for the passed 4 years. If history repeats itself we will see the market moon around mid febuary to march. Hope that clears things up
Plat inum (8 months ago)
Chase Castellanos what’s lunar new year?
my lo (8 months ago)
BTC down to the 10,000 mark
hodl even though im scareed af....UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM dude almost hit 9k
Abhaya Hettiarachchige (8 months ago)
Better than Boxing day sale , it won't long last ???
Jack Richard (8 months ago)
just hodor the shit out of it! hodor hodor, hold the door HODL!!!
zeusblack47 (8 months ago)
tron is on .04
Jack Richard (8 months ago)
censored by Youtube on the long term you'll see.
Cryptoshi (8 months ago)
Tron are done.
Jack Richard (8 months ago)
wish i had more money, i'd buy shit load of that lol
AM VÌDEO MARKETING (8 months ago)
Seems like YOUVE learnT alot from ALEX.
Ryan T (8 months ago)
GunShard (8 months ago)
China and South Korea government banned cryptocurrency exchanges. You can see the negative impact of that.
Plat inum (8 months ago)
No ban lol
Florin Pavel (8 months ago)
you are just wrong informed man. no such ban occured
Patch Harmonix Beats (8 months ago)
The most annoying voice in crypto.
David Zafra (8 months ago)
ok im loosing thousends every time i update my blockfolio app. SHIAT. Hold the door... holdor.
joann robinson (8 months ago)
Shawn Wilderom (8 months ago)
its a ponzi scheme
victor kim (8 months ago)
Quick question If I have all my money into one altcoin (I know dumb, but am bullish on the project), would it be wise to move it into let’s say bitcoin or ethereum until the market shows signs of recovery?
InTheFX (8 months ago)
a few hundred? Throw some more in than that geezer cmon!!!!
The Triggering (8 months ago)
Are things down, or are they Dowwwwnnnnnnnn?
xpirate16 (8 months ago)
The market is like KOHL's now, if you're not getting it on sale, you're doing it wrong :D
Fleckjn Jackson (8 months ago)
You have no clue and will lose all your money. Put a Disclaimer at the beginning of your videos!!!!!!
David Faustrum (8 months ago)
Don't buy anything thats green.. that makes choosing hard because all i see is red and Ripple dropping quickly to 94 cents without slowing, bought Tron at .03 and almost at that again.
David Faustrum (8 months ago)
Florin Pavel i bought at .03 and it made a run to about .30.. I think there is more to it than a clear scam and everything tanked. I invested in Poe and Cindicator too. I went all in on Tron and still think it will hit 1.00
Florin Pavel (8 months ago)
why the hell would you buy tron when it's a clearly exposed scam?
Lancy Dsouza (8 months ago)
i hope u pay for the 30% off ....for me
Doc Holiday203 (8 months ago)
I think the gov't has something to do with this because they can't control, well not yet, the crypto world.
Case Capitals (8 months ago)
Doc Holiday203 100% and even bitconnect exit, I’m pretty sure Bitconnect only exit because gov got them by balls.
Doc Holiday203 (8 months ago)
Isn't this the bubble bursting?
Kimo David (8 months ago)
almost back to Nov price
ElectroGaming (8 months ago)
Time to buy buy and buy and HODL
Mountain Dew (8 months ago)
buying time👍🏼
JohnnyBGood11 (8 months ago)
If you like Litecoin at 200 you will love it at 167-150
JohnnyBGood11 (8 months ago)
I heard BTC is going to 8k
mrzack888 (8 months ago)
Broke under 500 now
MetroBoomin (8 months ago)
Feels bad when u started investing a few days before market correction :((((((((((
Tony Stark (7 months ago)
MetroBoomin tell me about it .. I lost so much on ripple ..
MetroBoomin (8 months ago)
No more partying too
MetroBoomin (8 months ago)
gonna be eating noodles at uni if this flops lmao
mrzack888 (8 months ago)
Next time I'm parking my profits in tether.
jeffrey exposito (8 months ago)
1. Chinese FUD 2. Chinese New Year. 3. January is always a bad month.
Kevin (8 months ago)
market down 300 billion. what do to. market down 400 billion what to do. When the fuck are u going to stop? never, just keep selling u fucks
Ethan GDBBN (8 months ago)
What is your thoughts about Verge in long term?
Heinz Heinzi (8 months ago)
sell now!! cryptos will not survive 2018!! MARK MY WORDS
Agent Novac (8 months ago)
wish i saw ur video before i bought EOS at $18 :( stupid ass mistake
Clinton Fussell (8 months ago)
Oh great another bonehead saying that you should just hold or buy more.
Leon Kennedy (8 months ago)
Great vid learned alot and you didn't push any alt coins or claim to know the future which tells me you actually know what your talking about.
XXXEGGACION (8 months ago)
Love this guys commentary, straight forward, very professional and sounds like a honest dude. Got yourself a new sub :)
Vijay K (7 months ago)
Please somebody Send some BTC donations 371bhFXrf6GDRKDbcnnQu7ke8ZttZjGNeT
RT X (7 months ago)
I can't stand his voice, it's too extravagant for me :')
Vijay K (8 months ago)
XXXEGGACION Please somebody Send some BTC donations  371bhFXrf6GDRKDbcnnQu7ke8ZttZjGNeT
Jane Ahlert (8 months ago)
crypto jack has some good info. it made sense to me.
Brian Joseph (8 months ago)
I see an opportunity as well. It would be nice if I could get started using USD, and debit card. Unfortunately, NONE OF THESE SHIT EXCHANGES WILL FUCKING LET ME. It's not a fucking coincidence either. Shit is ridiculous.
Alexander Alexei (8 months ago)
dont buy garbage from china anymore let them to be diferent like they want
THUvidz (8 months ago)
Long term investment and the channel owner have a few houndreds dollars in crypto? What a joke
THUvidz (5 months ago)
What a hype joke this channel is
THUvidz (7 months ago)
Sorry but he does not :)
THUvidz (7 months ago)
Yes! What now? Daytrading the two houndred LOL
sasha larsson (8 months ago)
Does it matter how much he has invested? He knows what he's talking about, explains everything very clearly and makes good videos.
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
Conveniently ignore how often I speak about waiting for verification to finish its backlog so I can actually spend my fiat
mit p (8 months ago)
Buy buy buy
sulta (8 months ago)
You need to talk about the WHY of this drop. Maybe the 22nd of december was just a quick fear in plateforms being hacked but what about now when numerous countries speak about banning cryptos and closing plateforms. Personnaly I am holding and even reinvested some money in the red but I would like your thought on it? Is it a legitimate threat?
Seth Shepherd (8 months ago)
talking about LTC
Seth Shepherd (8 months ago)
$200 is a will be a gift for those are smart enough to buy at these levels
Nick West (8 months ago)
Seth Shepherd w
malawi tank (8 months ago)
Dude your picks are good. Fu k other people cauze its excatly like that. Its sale !!
eddie franco (8 months ago)
Mr. C (8 months ago)
When there's blood in the streets, it's time to buy.
Le Goat (8 months ago)
Everyone comment that they lose , but how you lose if you dont sell? I think thats the same as you bought lottery ticket and someone said you lose 5$ but that ticket can get you way more money if you wait.
Kalp Kumud Kumar (8 months ago)
run will start now from hear !!! and it may cross 1 trillion this time
Mike Jones (8 months ago)
Reuters fake news works for the big players
That's an absolute normal countermouvement for the high-risk-crypto-market. I'd one out of three invested in December, ...now it could be in January excellent opportunities for investing one third more...and hold the rest of fiat cash. Next chance will coming up! Crypto-Cube
Kusek (8 months ago)
Miguel A Nunez Jr (8 months ago)
yo new to crypto help me out here. I'm trying to find a crypto exchange that doesn't tax or fine. I tried signing up with coinbase. Those scumbags wouldn't verify my card. I called, they said it was resolved, but still doesn't verify, so cant buy anything. Tried Binance, won't verify second step of authenticator, another nutshot. I'm losing my fucking mind. This bullshit has taken literal days. It's like they don't want new people on the market
Mandy G (8 months ago)
The Jenkum Kid That's why I'm invested into Ethos coin. Coinbase killer.
Miguel A Nunez Jr (8 months ago)
i couldve made major coin today with todays plunge, those coinbase fucks are costing me serious coin buddy
Miguel A Nunez Jr (8 months ago)
it asks me to put in the cent value of two small charges in my checking account to verify, everytime it says wrong value, i read on business insider that this is a tactic used if the exchange is too saturated with new clients.
Bellille Chery (8 months ago)
The Jenkum Kid no i just registered in coinbase last week it took probably 30mn for everything to be verified but it's the wait for the fiat to be verified like forever.
Miguel A Nunez Jr (8 months ago)
word, but has anyone else had these problems i have listed?
Mattias Jaya d'Ambrosio (8 months ago)
Kind of agree with Your Altcoins, once you see red sea, it's time to buy !!! Many occasions right now on discount, my picks Litecoin (best cryptocurrency IMO right now as you said to transfer money), Bitcore (a couple of days ago coinmarketcap announced the adjustment on circulation supply it gained +40%), DeepOnion (10x gain in two months, now it is still over 10$).
InspiredByKeith (8 months ago)
Hey man what’s your setup for making these videos? What mic you using and how are you creating the screencast? Also if you edit the screencast what software do you use
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
Mic: Shure PG 42 Screencap: OBS Editing: adobe Premiere for video. Adobe Audition for audio.
Alchemist_ NickZak (8 months ago)
great video brother! People need to hold what they have and just be patient, Consolidation will always occur.
Alchemist_ NickZak (8 months ago)
oh sure, let me smoke some crack and do that for you
J John (8 months ago)
I am waiting on my fiat to clear stupid banks common. What I c is an opportunity... For long term
sidfor911truth (8 months ago)
I am in the same boat. F#@$ing banks intentionally slow-walking my deposit to gdax. Five business days to deposit fiat???? Yeah right. Those F&^%*'ers simply click a button to move funds around. Bastards.
Bellille Chery (8 months ago)
me too i put 1.3k in Ether last friday now i just saw that coinabse said it will be clear on saturday. SMH
Bitcoin Ninja (8 months ago)
I've been buying more, getting ready to buy even more when it hits $10k
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
You and me bud, in the same boat, paddling through these red seas just waiting to fish.
Greg Pin (8 months ago)
Something to consider if you compare the previous events with the current one: The subject of cryptocurrency has been picked up by news channels and became mainstream over the last few months, a market dip has now a stronger impact. People could panic, start dumping and cause the market to a plunge.
sidfor911truth (8 months ago)
I hope so. I want btc to go to 5k... so I can BUY!
TP303 (8 months ago)
Very true. Scary.
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
rob andone (8 months ago)
Be greedy when others are fearful.
Vijay K (8 months ago)
rob andone Please somebody Send some BTC donations  371bhFXrf6GDRKDbcnnQu7ke8ZttZjGNeT
rob andone (8 months ago)
"Be greedy when others are fearful" is a term used by Warren Buffet. It relates to investing and means when others are selling because of a crash or fear, that is the time to buy as must as you can and pick up the best stocks available at a discount. While there is a sea of red in crypto, now is the time to pick up more NEO, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dragonchain, ADA, Walton, Binance Coin and Ripple. These are the ones to most likely come out ahead because of product, team, and market opportunity.
IIAlbertII (8 months ago)
rob andone in business what if there your good freind, or they cant pay back cus there wife died or a great client but needs your help.......is it ethical?
Kristina Quint (8 months ago)
OH...I wish I have some more money.
ShadowVipers (8 months ago)
Your Altcoins I really new to Crypto currency investing, are there any verification processes (or other processes) that I need to go through if I decide to invest cryptocurrency?
Vijay K (8 months ago)
Your Altcoins Please somebody Send some BTC donations  371bhFXrf6GDRKDbcnnQu7ke8ZttZjGNeT
Dex4Sure (8 months ago)
Sold my NEO at 190 into USDT ))) cant wait to buy it back and double or even triple my position
Erion P (8 months ago)
I wish I had more also
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
I'm itching for Quadrigax to finish my verification process. I have FIAT dying to be invested.

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