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The Pull Back May Be Complete - Update on BTC, ETH, LTC & OMG

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After a much needed pullback from the high 11K range, Bitcoin is finding a low. Is that it for this dip or will we see more? We'll take a quick look at the charts for Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litcoin. I also want to point out a nice set up I'm seeing for OmiseGo! LEARN HOW TO READ THE CHARTS! Check out my 4-Hour video course that covers the following topics: Understanding chart basics Candlesticks versus Line & Bar Charts Setting up your chart views 9 common chart patterns & what they mean 5 Key technical indicators to use Reading Bases & break outs Automating your trading and setting up watch lists Risk Management More info at: https://nodeinvestor.com/training/ Follow me on Twitter @nodeinvestor BTC LTC Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis
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Wolevs Red (3 months ago)
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Sokercat (3 months ago)
LTCBTC it seems is making a cup tea formation.
Jeroen B. (3 months ago)
You should check stratis HUGE cup and handle Pattern!
AHMED KHALID (3 months ago)
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Kurt Hannemann (3 months ago)
nose congestion here
Erik Koch (3 months ago)
Kurt Hannemann needs more love
Andy Raman (3 months ago)
Get well soon and cryptocurrency too
Cryptolight (4 months ago)
NODE, YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
Polopunk (4 months ago)
Node investorrrrrrrr!!!
Charona Plutoni (4 months ago)
Nice one Node - thanks.
Lisa Ball (4 months ago)
Fed reversing it's position on rates and QE is going to drive money off the sidelines into the markets.
Jay Dee (4 months ago)
Volume will be back to the upside if Bitcoin hits ~$8,000.
John GT (4 months ago)
Node don't take so many days off.... We need you.
Kevin Svenson (4 months ago)
Not nearly enough positive volume. More downside
George Imevbore (4 months ago)
Node Investor!!! Always feeling your analysis! Great job Master, you know this ish!
Sophie (4 months ago)
If you look at LTCETH chart, would you still pick ETH? Thank you.
MichihiroHonda (4 months ago)
Noooode investor heeeere. 😛
cryptopher walkin (4 months ago)
Omg! Omg! Omg!
Emanuel Collado (4 months ago)
Rally will occur when everyone is burned out.
warwick mcghee (4 months ago)
I was waiting to hear about aelf
Kevin D (4 months ago)
Chris Rust (4 months ago)
Sir Dexter (4 months ago)
BTC - 1:10 ETH - 8:35 LTC - 11:12 OMG - 12:10 BTC - 13:20 :)
jacob moore (3 months ago)
Sir Dexter you are the real mvp
J.T. Irby (4 months ago)
Yes sir!!! Buckle up for OMG 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
raymond cheek (3 months ago)
J.T. Irby yes, should be pretty incredible during March.
Dustin Goetz (4 months ago)
LOL that's technical analysis??
I'm still thinking we're just in need of another correction.. I'm less than a year in crypto.. But every single way I try.. I keep seeing $5,500 at least.. If not as low as $3,700..that's my bottom.. Within the next month..
raymond cheek (3 months ago)
I don't think we will ever be lucky enough to buy it that cheap again.
Kurt Hannemann (3 months ago)
yeah stop 'thinking'
Crypto El Patron (4 months ago)
Jay Dee (4 months ago)
TrinidadLink Live Repairs - won’t go that low.
Nunya Bizness (4 months ago)
J.T. Irby got him squared away... Lol
checkthapain (4 months ago)
As an Eth and OMG enthusiast I hope you are right :)
J.T. Irby (4 months ago)
Nooooode!!! My TA master! Have you been deterred with day trading due to new 2018 taxes?
J.T. Irby (4 months ago)
Nunya Bizness Nunya Bizness 😆😂😂
Nunya Bizness (4 months ago)
J.T. Irby dude.... Get some content bro lol. How are people supposed to know anything about u? Mystery man... Woman? Who knows...
Nugget's News Australia (4 months ago)
Let the bull resume!
Dylan Berndt (4 months ago)
Nugget's News Australia lol
DigitalMiningSolutions (4 months ago)
Node market round up... brought to you by Sudafed. Thanks for being transparent and disclosing your sponsors.
James Youkhanis (4 months ago)
BTC will sky rocket to $16K next week
ghost650rwc (3 months ago)
16k right
Arman Rost (3 months ago)
ghost650rwc (3 months ago)
James Youkhanis ill be back in a week
Isi Ahmed (4 months ago)
Salute to the crypto General
Diapaulical (4 months ago)
Nano is out of control 🚀
Kurt Hannemann (3 months ago)
nano at 7.25 was out of control, now it's normalising
David G (4 months ago)

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