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ETHOS Exclusive First Country Rollout with Shingo Lavine - Ethos Universal Wallet

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Text Comments (64)
The Lion's Den (3 months ago)
wa fou (4 months ago)
Why is Shingo eating while doing an interview?? A positive professional image is essential to a successful business.
88Zero (4 months ago)
Could you ask them when the ticker will be updated to ETHOS on Binance and MEW, its still BQX which means newbies will struggle.
Mike (4 months ago)
Lol scam bigger than bitconnect
SonyJimable (4 months ago)
Kevin Smith (4 months ago)
I don't know but I hear bitconnect lol 😀
coinhawk crypto (4 months ago)
Thumbs up for Real Genius!
Angii Svr (4 months ago)
The NL rocks!
DarkHor$e (4 months ago)
Great Interview Mr Crow, Ethos is awesome. Btw you might want to check out Matrix Ai Network, it was only on IDEX for a long time but new exchanges coming in the next few days.
Blaq By Design (4 months ago)
All I want to know is, when is the Fiat gateway going to be implemented? When....
carine francois (4 months ago)
Blaq By Design agreed, we need that asap
Inaurius The First (4 months ago)
Great video crow. Ethos will kill Coinbase.
Inaurius The First (4 months ago)
Very true my brother, lets just hope they do asap and we can all be done with money grab Coinbase.
Blaq By Design (4 months ago)
Jah Rastafari only if they get the Fiat gateway up and running.
QPALZM WODK (4 months ago)
how can i register for your discussion site? what is the random question answer? crow your?
Sarfaraz Shaikh (4 months ago)
Awesome one country a day it <3
Andrew Sterling (4 months ago)
Anyone with these dark eyes are on coke or heroin. Anyone notice how Crow always sniffs and blames it on allergies?
Mr Ebenezar (4 months ago)
Ethos is such an amazing idea with the universal wallet, really hope this project takes off. I just wish I had managed to get in earlier (at the ICO stage or right after). How do we get coins added to the Ethos wallet? I've got a few projects that I am follówing: Substratum, CloakCoin, Enigma, DeepOnion, BitClave (mix of ERC20 tokens and other coins), if I would like to have all these in my Ethos wallet would that be possible?
silversmoke100 (4 months ago)
Love the videos Crow. A challenge for the viewers Can someone count how many times the word "you know" is used in this video. Lol
Blaq By Design (4 months ago)
silversmoke100 342. I really lost track after about 75 so, 342 is my best guesstimate.
Jack Martin (4 months ago)
Jason, with that hat we need an open wheel, English car riding through the English countryside enjoying the local brews. Just saying. I think big..
Memo Sonmez (4 months ago)
When comes the wallet?
USBitcoinServices.Com (4 months ago)
Hello Crypto Crow! Great video, a lot of good information about this Ethos community, the new trend in crypto is community-driven coins and privacy-oriented coins like Zcash, Monero or DeepOnion, the power of community is back!
luck mcfly (4 months ago)
That's right, @Crypto Crow shows only the best! I have seen many people talking about privacy currencies, although many are expensive, DeepOnion is a great option, it is undervalued and it is pure gold if you see the chart, about to increase.
Erick G (4 months ago)
Awsome job scoring this interview, keep up the great work!!
TK (4 months ago)
Congratulations and well done for scooping this Jason 🥂
Kevin Smith (4 months ago)
Netherlands wad selected because they can't scale to big userbase😀
Chuck Chuck (4 months ago)
Please help me I am in desperate situation my computer was hacked and 10 ethereum was stolen from my computer I’m not sure how this happened I am at a big loss for now I love crypto but I am very devastated by the hack please if any of you could find it in your heart to donate it would be absolutely grateful I know it sounds like a charity case this malicious act has me feeling defeated. Btc address : 1Jod1XwdkhqHU6Q8aDJhnDBMWDoGG1F2AK. Eth address: 0x010a7542d725E1549d9B07bab6506fb4D31206fC. Ltc : LVQR4cMPHSeR7txv8y3FjofAZBwkFordrm. Anything would help even a penny thanks god bless.
Jack Martin (4 months ago)
You have the POSH or Proof of Strong Hat going going on today... Missed the live stream, well done...
Terry Vogelaar (4 months ago)
The Netherlands! Yay!
Reclaim your Health (4 months ago)
Donald Fisher (4 months ago)
Awesome stuff Crow and Shingo
Danny Vermeulen (4 months ago)
Why is ethos not rising as much as other coins when the market is going up?
KIMBO Productions (4 months ago)
Great Video, ethos to the moon 💪
Scott Moua (4 months ago)
Why you messing around with the kid?? LoLz. Be cool, man. Be cool... he's only 19. Don't man handle him like that yet. LoL. He's still a kid. Let him grow. Haha
Willie Meering (4 months ago)
NICE! We are first with Ethos:))))))
Nik Bro (4 months ago)
Most exciting project in the crypto space!
František Hejduk (4 months ago)
Great news! Czech republic is waiting :)
Johnny Bravoo (4 months ago)
great interview! ethos is one of my top 5 coins.
Niels Molendijk (4 months ago)
that movie looks really bad hahaha😂
Crypto Crow (4 months ago)
Its old but I loved it! lol
francis james (4 months ago)
damn! Missed the livestream. Great interview
Zorro Pai (4 months ago)
Will this wallet be only for smartphones or will it be usable as an onlinewallet on a computer?
fdjizm (4 months ago)
Great project!!!
Crypto God (4 months ago)
So when is the wallet coming out?
japkapr3d (4 months ago)
Kurt Francis 🤣🤣
Kurt Francis (4 months ago)
yes and no
Crypto God (4 months ago)
Honestly haven't even watched the interview
Gary Cameron (4 months ago)
Great interview - Good things come to those who wait 😍 when wallet UK😂😂
Grahame Godfrey (4 months ago)
Cmon ethos💪💪💪💪
Tee Greezley (4 months ago)
Why is the Ticker bqx on binance and ethos everywhere else??
Tee Greezley (4 months ago)
Xinthisis thank you for the info
Xinthisis (4 months ago)
Tee Greezley there was a rebrand from bitquence. Binance doesnt want to change the ticker.
Juraj Gondek (4 months ago)
Dax the living legend.Always helpfull when he is in telegram group.
Alberto Farca (4 months ago)
When Mexico?
Adil Kodsi (4 months ago)
A great interview!
Bogdan Ciorava (4 months ago)
What is the firsy Country?
Xinthisis (4 months ago)
Kurt Francis (4 months ago)
Belx Medjani (4 months ago)
Leetsky NOR (4 months ago)
What about norway.. 😀 He he
Hans Henrik de Glasenapp (4 months ago)
Kurt Francis OilCoin? When ICO? 🤪
Kurt Francis (4 months ago)
Norway no need, they have oil money
Hans Henrik de Glasenapp (4 months ago)
Leetsky NOR Excactly my question 😁

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