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Cardano - Crypto Market Cap

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Investigative Reports (7 months ago)
FAKE NEWS You are WAY WAY WAY WAY Off On Understanding Market Cap. Unbelievable and Sad People that do not know better listen to you! VERY SAD! If Cardano got to $100.00 ITS market cap would be 2592707053800 (YES THAT IS TRILLIONS JUST FOR CARDANO) That is NOT happening ANYTIME Soon. You are giving false hopes to people. A VERY True price for Cardano is $5.30 by the end of 2020. THAT is based on how much growth was seen in the Market in 2017 to make a scale. Then if you figure the Top 3 are still Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and put Cardano as 4th. You can easily see difference in % from coin#1. Bitcoin to coin #4 and you can see this percentage difference every single year.
pine (7 months ago)
Is it a bad time to buy into Cardano at $1?
TheVotive (8 months ago)
I got into ADA around 0.20 im thinking about making another purchase in ADA as i feel its a good buy.
sessy33 (8 months ago)
Yo man are you sure this happening? Cardano been falling last day or 2. I'm down $150 already :/ I'm still holding but damn.
Jules (8 months ago)
Can you please make a video about ICON (ICX) I have been seeing alot about it lately. People saying its Koreas NEO or ETH
My Biz Matter (8 months ago)
whatssup Crypto Crow. Check out this Canadian cloud mining company: https://goo.gl/gE33z1 Make your research, because personally i think they are as legit as Genesis mining. Contact me. i have all the infos you need before you make a decision. also you can check out my youtube channel. i have videos.
Pawel (8 months ago)
Is there any possibility that Cardano's price will actually decrease during 2018? I would like to hop on the train but also it would be my first big investment, that's why I'm kinda worried. Great videos tho, watched them all! :)
Paul griffith (8 months ago)
Keep the vids comin'. I know you don't have many vids but I appreciate all of them so far. I wish you the best and I hope to bounce ideas off you some day.  [Video shared on my FB group "Great Lakes Bitcoin"]  Thanks!
CynicalCrypt (8 months ago)
Hey cryptomanicas, to give back the community I wrote free extension to monitor Cryptos in REAL time to help time your entry points perfectly every. single. time! https://goo.gl/ZRdkAK And yes Caradano is supported too!
BƎkѦ ‹3 (8 months ago)
im lookin forward to buy ProfitTrailer thru your ref link, i just dunno anything about set up and which exchange should i choose and actually idk nothing i just had some money invested on bitconnect thats all i know, so bitconnect has low daily interest now. i saw you made about 17% in 4 days, thats a dream for me, i just saw next video and it was like 20+% loss in one day when the btc went hella up... idk what should i think now but if u can help me that would be cool, so my goal is like, no matter if it will be 3% a day 2. 5 or whatever, i just need to make that % all day, so i need settings of autotrader that will be guaranteed, i know every day is different, but lets say average daily percentage of 7 days should be in profit, i hope u know what i mean tho. thx, i hope u reply
Ramakant Sharma (9 months ago)
Sir my basic verification did not match through public records. But i have verified successfully enhanced verification on Bittrex. Can i able fund widthdrawl?
KAAI FX (9 months ago)
Cardano Boom coming!
Brandon C (9 months ago)
Hodl that sweet sweet Cardano
Ribaz Font (9 months ago)
I love your analyzing. I have set you on alarm, so anytime when you shoot a video, I watch it. Thank you for your videos!
Archangel0376 (9 months ago)
Great vid! Bought in at .03 cents. Bud also watch out for Coval (Circuits of Value) bought in under a penny now its close to .02 cents and hitting high. Did my review way back and the tech behind Coval is astonishing. Check it out maybe a life changer too! 👍🇺🇸
hayharut (9 months ago)
wasnt at all interested in any kind of crypto till cardano was introduced to me
arnon saksri (9 months ago)
haha love your videos dude, ADA for life! lol
Shady (9 months ago)
Yeah people always say : " it's can't have a biger marketcap than bitcoin". Bitch , marketcap in not static!
Ethen Hanson (9 months ago)
You the mannnn! Cardanooo!!!

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