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Is the Next Alt Season Close? Quick Update on BTC

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So many altcoin charts are sitting tight! We just need BTC to start showing some strength. Quick update on BTC Check out my "Bitcoin will bottom in April" video - https://youtu.be/_HccyO-5YkE More info at: https://nodeinvestor.com/training/ Follow me on Twitter @nodeinvestor Bitcoin Price Analysis, BNB, ADA, NEO
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nerdsjapan (2 months ago)
Looking at the lopng term charts, you would see that the fall wasn't erratic at all ... It fell right against the $6990 ~ $7100 Resistance level. Agree with you that we are looking like a favor towards strong $5800 support level. We haven't seen any volume great enough to flag a real reversal just yet. Next major support after $5800 is ... yeah ... $3K ish.
The TokenGO project, entering the market at the right time, its mission is transparent and useful, an increasing number of businessmen will want to switch to blocking technology. With the development of the platform, its currency will grow in price, as it will grow against the background of the general growth of the crypto-currency market. So who else for some reason did not go into this project, I urge to hurry
Bartes dj (2 months ago)
Friends, hello everyone! I got to know a great TokenGo project. This is a very promising project, the price of the token is constantly growing. The team is constantly improving it.
Gareth (2 months ago)
Do you think its possible for alts to move in the markets independent of btc?
Mahou sin (2 months ago)
Any commets on https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3180001.0;all ?
Тарас Атамов (2 months ago)
I lost the desire to enter the crypt, or rather in the crypt, which is already being traded and was propampled. I invest only in new projects, in particular - TokenGO.
Spexik Channel (2 months ago)
It would be awesome if it was soon, I have already bought everything I wanted, especially privacy coins that have small market cap (Hush, Shield, DeepOnion). But also I gave a chance to Ontology, this one seems interesting, too. But I aim for high profits with these privacy coins primarly.
Spexik Channel (2 months ago)
I don't think it's about to happen soon and by that time, there will be more decentralized exchanges, thus no regulations.
Joe Bartles (2 months ago)
Spexik Channel privacy coins are risky. They may be de-listed from exchange due to increasing regulations. Be careful.
nitoi dragos (2 months ago)
Neblio 250 300$ this year
alicepao13 (2 months ago)
It would be nice if the next alt season could come in May-June 2018. I'm not in a hurry to see them rise but I'm tired of all the people saying that crypto market can't recover. Incidentally, some of these people were the ones buying every altcoin that was green in coinmarketcap in December and January. Moreover, I'm ready to see some small market cap coins with good projects rise and getting more known in the crypto world. Coins like DeepOnion which is a nice new privacy coin or Zoin (both these coins didn't have an ICO which makes them more attractive to me) deserve more recognition.
William Galipeau (2 months ago)
I was like there no chance he's gonna talk about district0x..but you did! all in on DNT!
nani crypto (2 months ago)
Love your BTC and alts updates...short and sweet :)
Dean Hartland (2 months ago)
Bitcoin will break bearish, grinding along support. Flush to 6k, then 5k
TM3000 (2 months ago)
Schmonkee Shomky (2 months ago)
Zoom out. We’re headed down, not up.
AndrejCibikDesign (2 months ago)
No, it is not :D Its next BTC season
Philander Supermarkert (2 months ago)
You called neo like your bro ^^ "NEOOOOOOO whats crackinnnnnn" ^^
Andrej Čolak (2 months ago)
Verge,the only alto in with real break up,ignored here.
Joe Bartles (2 months ago)
Verge is a giant piece of steaming shit
gld6000 (2 months ago)
Verge seems to me a perfect example of "over promise, under deliver".
Andrej Čolak (2 months ago)
W everything goes up and down.
W (2 months ago)
Trading Verge is like a game of Jenga. It will fall eventually.
Andrej Čolak (2 months ago)
Sabo Beatz ,yawn
Slake Thirsty (2 months ago)
These 400 dollar moves up and down within minutes, reek of manipulation. Every time bitcoin starts showing some life or a period of stabilizing price, it gets body-slammed. How much money does it take to launch bitcoin up $300 in 15 minutes?
William Freire (2 months ago)
Manipulation doesn't necessarily mean randomness and unpredictability, in some cases it's quite the opposite. As for the TA validity, that depends on the timeframe (and the asset). If you are looking at very short-term analysis (minutes), TA will have less effectiveness due to noise, also less effective for very long-term (years), due to the amount of variables at play. So there is a sweet spot where the timeframe is good enough to allow satisfactory predictive power.
Slake Thirsty (2 months ago)
Thanks for that polite and hilariously original comment, William. It's obvious I've caught the attention of a superior intellect. So, explain to me - What value is short-term technical analysis in an obviously manipulated market?
William Freire (2 months ago)
Manipulation in an unregulated market? No shit, Sherlock.
John Monero (2 months ago)
Big mistake. BTC will lead the way and will have his run before any Alts run ! You will have some exceptions but not to consider as massive runs. When BTC tanks, Alts tank as well. And BTC bear cycle is not finished.
Cryptolight (2 months ago)
Ryan D (2 months ago)
When cashing your alts all the way out to fiat... How do you decide whether to sell into BTC or ETH. O have to cash out via coinbase or Gdax
jess sagalow (2 months ago)
BTC wont hold!!!
Ghost • (2 months ago)
Try bear once and again.
Artem Gordon (2 months ago)
Check out XEM and SALT set up
Evelyn Stone (2 months ago)
I like this neo strong volume!
CRYPTO GVNG (2 months ago)
I dont believe we have alt season until BTC decides to capitulate- I believe 5k is the floor right now.
CRYPTO GVNG (2 months ago)
Most people are screaming for lower then 5k? I thought popular sentiment was 3k lol
Eplemos4Life (2 months ago)
CRYPTO GVNG Everybody is screaming for 5k, just like everybody screamed for 50k in december. Do the opposite of the herd, it wont go that low.
Adam Rosszay (2 months ago)
BTC/ETH have been trading sideways for over a week now. Certain key alts have found their bottom at the end of March. Folks have been accumulating alts for the past week. My gut tells me we'll see this action for another week or two more before we get that capitulation sell off that will hopefully trigger the next bull run. Thoughts?
Benjamin Rockwell (2 months ago)
Does anyone remember the part about we are trying to free humanity from the evil people?
Dmetal23 (2 months ago)
Is alt season upon us? According to my superior advanced high IQ Technical Analysis with maximum triangles..... MAYBE
Mark D. (2 months ago)
made over 1 million dollars on Ontology..feels goood!
gld6000 (2 months ago)
Cool. Now that you've publicly announced your windfall, Make sure you pay your capital gains.
Ellepelleh (2 months ago)
Jose Luis Ramirez ”only”
Jose Luis Ramirez (2 months ago)
Mark D. I only made 10k😞
Ken Black (2 months ago)
Congrats ! So you got in at the beginning at a low price ?
NightGrounds (2 months ago)
you should talk about ont/eth, its gone through the roof lately. 0.0025 to 0.01 eth in like two weeks
Piyush Mathur (2 months ago)
If bitcoin starts going back up, will alts follow back up or fall more?
Eplemos4Life (2 months ago)
Piyush Mathur depends on which alts
Grimlock7 (2 months ago)
Buy Litecoin ppl
Cryptocoin Kiwi (2 months ago)
Dunno is the alt season is close, but I know it is closer than it was yesterday!
Jay Dee (2 months ago)
Alts ain’t going anywhere until Bitcoin rises from the ashes and catapults itself back above $17,500
L (2 months ago)
Jay Dee induvidual alt coin is not dependant on a strong BTC in order to moon,but for many to moon we will need to see BTC $12 000+ first.
J. D. (2 months ago)
Jay Dee $12,500*
James Youkhanis (2 months ago)
It is still a bear market.
slavmart (2 months ago)
Markets are not binary.
Eplemos4Life (2 months ago)
It is still a correction
Lazarus (2 months ago)
James Youkhanis Verge?
Stacy Dale Barendse (2 months ago)
until its not
marvelv212 (2 months ago)
People are going in and out buying alts with bitcoin at the bottom and selling at top than trade into cash.
marvelv212 (2 months ago)
Personally I try to accumulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrency not trade for cash. I used to trade for cash but I am in this for the long haul not for a quick profit. If you look at the sell orders and buy orders you can determine where the bottom is and where the sell point is. All the sell order is @ 7500 for bitcoin currently. Bottom is anywhere between $6000-$6600. Anything in between is quick profit. Bitcoin is making the alts go down with it. Ethereum wants to go much higher but it's being held back by bitcoin because so many people buy bitcoin than trade for ETH. Once bitcoin starts dropping you know these people selling off their ETH and other altcoins for bitcoin then trade for cash. People are so weary of this bear market that they are selling off too early to make a quick profit after it rebounds. I don't see bitcoin going any lower. This is the bottom.
Ryan D (2 months ago)
marvelv212 when cashing all the way out to fiat... What do you do to determine whether sell into ETH or BTC?
lánzate (2 months ago)
Thanks Node!
Vention1MGTOW (2 months ago)
Hard to tell where the whales will take this market. Looks like their selling ends at 6800 or so and kicks in around 7100 or so. Maybe it's some unidentified mt gox btc.
muonwap (2 months ago)
What is everyone solid Alts they are investing in?
lldjwhyteell (2 months ago)
Neo, Icx, Eos
Brian Farrell (2 months ago)
Eng = best project in crypto by far
James Oliver (2 months ago)
I was first like but not first to the chat...yall smash that like button!!!
William Freire (2 months ago)
Nobody cares.
Kirst (2 months ago)
First!!! Yes!

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