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Ripple On The Ellen Show! Bitcoin Gold Gets ATTACKED!

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My daily news series covering crypto, bitcoin, and all thing blockchain! Today we talked about Ripple on the Ellen show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfEyQXiORMw Coinbase gets a news exchange: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/23/reuters-america-coinbase-acquires-cryptocurrency-trading-platform-paradex.html Bitcoin Gold Attacked: https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-gold-hit-by-double-spend-attack-exchanges-lose-millions/
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Text Comments (77)
Crypto Jedi (1 month ago)
Re you happy about Ripple being featured on the Ellen Show?
Deplorable Data (1 month ago)
That's also the only pro-XRP argument. This event made no use of the XRP coin though.
ajr5000 (1 month ago)
Publicity like this is great for crypto as a whole. Love XRP, hate it or indifference, it is difficult to mount an argument that the publicity they are generating devalues crypto.
Deplorable Data (1 month ago)
I editted some typo's. I'm a fast typer.
Skystruck Crypto (1 month ago)
Deplorable Data wow, awesome reply my man!
CloakedRage (1 month ago)
glad xrp.
MassStash ™ (1 month ago)
imho, don't believe in/like ripple, so I'm in the 'wish they didn't bring the awareness to this one' camp... But! Any publicity for crypto is good right? well kinda.... Unless your Verge... haha.
Lazy LAG (1 month ago)
I think there is a confusion about regulation and centralisation, I really love too see a vid about that. What you think?
Mathias Haaning (1 month ago)
It says "Irish train station" which would be in UK, not in Denmark.
Blockchain Gael (1 month ago)
Blockchain Gael (1 month ago)
Skystruck Crypto (1 month ago)
I love your videos, you motivate me to get back on YouTube making videos :)
Vince Chang (1 month ago)
While I'm not by any means an XRP fan, gotta give credit where credit is due and acknowledge that Ripple is doing a good thing and helping to raise awareness of crypto in general, in a positive light. Good on them.
Skystruck Crypto (1 month ago)
Funny you pulled the video up with Dr. T and not the Ellen or ripple twitter. He somebody you follow?
Crypto Jedi (1 month ago)
no, its just the first place I found it.
Sonix711 (1 month ago)
Ha - Ripple is such absolute Bankster Jank !!! :) BUT, that was awesome to watch !!! F it - they could have used Wazup Bit-Con-nect to do that, but its as much the value amount as it is the way it was all done - one step forward for Ripple, THREE STEPS FORWARD FOR CRYPTO !!! :) .... Wicked vid - Cheers for sharing !!! :)
Felipe Cruz (1 month ago)
lol bro. come one. you got 10k subscribers now, get some market education. I can't believe some the s*** coming out of your mouth. "why have things been going down?" just look at the technicals, and fundamentals, you could see this from a mile away. LMAO "its because coins are getting a 51% attacks lol". This bullshit is just news being driven by market makers in order to make the moves they were working on already. helps propel them.
Crypto Jedi (1 month ago)
Ok, you're certainly entitled to your opinion.
Ronin (1 month ago)
Great marketing from ripple but I still don’t like it
aka Action (1 month ago)
Love it or hate it but XRP is making BIG moves... 💪🤪👍🚀💯💫
Lazy LAG (1 month ago)
Very Good Vid love see shes face :) so nice
backpackcrpt (1 month ago)
ethics and banksters? the joke of the month. since when wildlife was a concern to the banks? the manipulation of the sheeps
backpackcrpt (1 month ago)
fuckforforest . com they seem legit but i mostly agree with that
Deplorable Data (1 month ago)
Neither a fan of NGO's
Annaliz George (1 month ago)
Good job ripple 👍👍👍
Mark Shipman (1 month ago)
So i'm not keen on Ripple,,,but money is money,,and it looks like it could make you a few bob in the future!! Mmmmm.
slindenau (1 month ago)
Verge was not 51% attacked, just exploited. Different approach, same result (in this case).
slindenau (1 month ago)
Exactly. Any coin can get 51% attacked, it just takes more/less hashpower depending on the coin. But exploits in the code are REALLY bad, that only happens when the developers are sub-par.
Deplorable Data (1 month ago)
Even worse. That means that the core code is flawed. Bitcoin has a lot of features the devs initially turned off. This was a deliberate choice to make the core as secure as possible.
pzreazy (1 month ago)
looool fuck ripple cutcher and ellen
ivan a (1 month ago)
If im not mistaken ethereum had a 51 % attack in the past which forced it to do a fork and that created ethereum classic .
Franz Gothamberg (1 month ago)
Verge sucks so much >:( (no pun intended)
Cryptosphynxs (1 month ago)
I do like the exposure of crypto, but still I think, why the f. Ripple!!!!!
Cryptosphynxs (1 month ago)
But take a look at Nexus. Tritium wallet whitepaper to be released before the end of May. This coin is the first 3 Dimensional Blockchain that will actually solve on chain scalability, it rewards its miners in 3 channels. POW, POS and prime channel. The partnership with Vector Space is absolutely unique, and you as Jedi should absolutely take a look. It has been around since 2015 and they were not marketing but just focus on the development. https://nexusearth.com/ cheers
Tai Le (1 month ago)
The best thing that came outta the whole ripple stunt with Ellen, is that the veiwer will notice that money can be move much easier with crypto in general. Bankers are either crapping there pants or getting ready to hop on the train as soon as they see an opening. Love your videos as always Jedi.
Crypto Jedi (1 month ago)
thank you!
shahid hamid (1 month ago)
Well done Ripple and hope it pays off .
Crypto Comedian (1 month ago)
Do you believe they are helping gorilla's in africa? Lol I don't
Vesta Dynasty (1 month ago)
ripple might not, but ellen is
Sam (1 month ago)
Crypto Comedian doesnt matter...its live and money is already donated.
green lamp (1 month ago)
so ripple is the hilliary clinton of crypto now great.
Gee Willickers (1 month ago)
Donation good. Ripple bad.
Vercusgames (1 month ago)
How convenient Verge was, "hacked" just like NEM.
Vercusgames (1 month ago)
I was implying it could have been an inside job. Thus the quotation marks.
stebo5562 (1 month ago)
Vercusgames Nem wasn’t hacked, an exchange was. The actual verge blockchain was hacked. Huge difference
Spartacus547 (1 month ago)
I completely disagree with you on that first off how many world currencies do we have you ever seen the Forex trade market it's ridiculous you're chasing down over 400 different currencies right now we have the opportunity to create currencies for literally every business on the planet if we want to that does have potential a s*** ton
Spartacus547 (1 month ago)
That's why I really like the ones that are in a real distributed peer-to-peer Network they can't be 51%.
Lord Kaiser (1 month ago)
Well they did it through *XRP, it was converted in RWD FRANKS live & instant* ..... *I'm investing in XRP using the dip, Vuck the hate* 😂😂😂😂
Ed Edz (1 month ago)
you youtubers are getting as bad as mainstream media with the use of english and accurate reporting. Case of xvg xploit no one had lost any xvg but xvg was simply created from thin air your reporting is implying xvg hodlers had xvg stolen which is FUD.
Deplorable Data (1 month ago)
I mine Monero with 4 MSI RX Vega 56's. 800 Euro per card without its supporting hardware. So you can believe I'm biased. But I don't see XVG as a competitor. It's an overly marketed coin based on bad tech. The devaluation by the 51% attack is just a part of the problem. It also lacks on the basis of security and anonymity. It's not FUD when it actually happens to the coin. Someone stated that the attack was not a 51% attack but an exploit. That is even worse.
Crypto Comedian (1 month ago)
ya, they just like to report on these stories because it's crypto's they don't like, like mr sotko jerks off everytime he reads a bad story about bcash, i thought he was going to hyper ventilate talking about he was so excited...these are the people who supposedly "care" about all cryptos
EQ Games (1 month ago)
Are you retarded? Have you ever heard of inflation?
0x 73636f7474 (1 month ago)
The eToro sign in Denmark is misleading as I believe eToro does not provide the ability to buy the actual currencies themselves so you won't have them in a wallet.
Niels Henriksen (1 month ago)
0x 73636f7474 on the picture it says an irish sign. NOT Danish.
Davydd Evans (1 month ago)
Donation is great but that was BS. Ripple protocol and XRP coin are very different things. The average person won't have a clue about the difference. Its an advertising trick/spin - ripple wins the awards for making everyone think its a cryptocurrency. Personally I'd much rather see someone doing that with STEEM then continue promote and post on steemit and gather more for the charity.
Bender Fender (1 month ago)
Again Ripple is slowly being decentralized . A lot of the escrow was donated to charities.
Brandon C (1 month ago)
I'm stoked about the coinbase news. I love trading fee free on gdax, now with more coins. That's awesome news! I saw you signed up for philakone 's udemy. Good luck! I've learned so much from him, I was able to see this whole thing coming. It is amazing how the market works, enjoy the ride!
Deplorable Data (1 month ago)
The EU implemented (presumably) very strict privacy laws. That might have something to do with the coinbase split. Sure, pump Ripple so I can dump it. Moon when?

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