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The First Ever Cryptocurrency Index Fund? - C20 - Automatic Crypto Portfolio

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Managing your own Cryptocurrency Portfolio can prove difficult and complicated. What if you could be part of an automatic index fund instead? Taking the extremely successful process from the S&P 500, C20 is bringing the index fund concept to the crypto world. This is a brand new altcoin on the market. Could this be one of the best altcoins to buy in 2018? If you are bullish on Cryptocurrencies as a whole, this coin could prove lucrative moving forward. C20: https://crypto20.com/en/ Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ ICOAlert: https://www.icoalert.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/YourAltcoins Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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NeilAC78 (7 months ago)
I think there is risk here. It looks like they're holding the entire portfolio of coins on a bunch of foreign unregulated exchanges? What happens to the fund when one or more of these exchanges blow up?
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
Right from their whitepaper: "A small, dynamically allocated percentage of CRYPTO20’s assets will be held by the smart contract (in ether) to facilitate the liquidation option. This amount will be controlled automatically as usage demands. The vast majority of other cryptocurrency assets will be held in various cold storage wallets." Aside from the small amount that Crypto20 keeps in case someone want's to liquidate their coin directly to them, the vast majority of their assets are kept offline in cold storage.
Alberto Soto (4 months ago)
Isn't ICN doing this already?
it is beating btc and the market.when a dip occurs people might be cashing out for c20 because it puffers losses. happened yesterday. in addition to that generated GAS and DASH from the MN are reinvested. c20 is by far my best investment. hodling for years
Maximwise (7 months ago)
What do you get for holding this token, is there any disbursement?
Sean C (7 months ago)
Your Altcoins/B Thank you for your excellent videos. Lend me your ear as I have one huge tip for you if you aren't already considering doing this: If you haven't already downloaded the Basic Attention Token (BAT) - Brave Web Browser you should strongly consider doing so. Not only is it an awesome browser that blocks ads, trackers, and saves time etc, but you can receive payment for your content on YouTube from people carrying BAT in their wallets that want to support your channel. Do your own research of course, just thought I would let you know this as a loyal subscriber. Full disclosure: I am invested with a fairly small amount in my opinion because I use and love the working product. I am not affiliated with BAT so no shill here, just thought you might want to make some extra $ for your hard work and for helping the community. You don't have the symbol showing up that I can donate to you, so I believe my message will be helpful for you going forward, maybe you could make a video about it? Hope you're having a great week my friend. P.S. What Province in Canada are you from?
rv k (7 months ago)
The is one Coin named BFX Coin which invests in movies. Trading on zecoex exchange
Muhammad Faheem (7 months ago)
What is the difference between this and the ERC20 token ?
Henil Dedania (7 months ago)
What if every bitcoin holder would get into this? And bitcoin price starts dropping. Will the price of this coin will increase or decrease?
the Eccentric (7 months ago)
they hold 10 % btc atm, so a risk of around 10 mils from today Add some extra 2-3 % from the selloff of c20 themselves once bears start thinking of this like you did
Cosmonauteable (7 months ago)
Yes but the SP500 actually has companies that MEAN something to the economy. Most of that top20 is full of vaporwave and failed projects that don't deliver what they promised to deliver, cough BTC cough. It is doomed to fail when the shitcoin market plummets. After that day, the coins that survive, the ones that have a technological viable protocol, then it will be a good time for an index type-a coin.
Matteo Catalano (7 months ago)
Blx is the same.. see iconomi
jej (7 months ago)
you like Vsauce bro?
CJ (7 months ago)
Ken Mataua (7 months ago)
no idea lol
Yes CJ do your research. maybe compare the transparency of bitconnect to crypto20. its totally legit
Joshua Fuller (7 months ago)
Wow, i'm really not sure how you came to that conclusion! It's an index fund protected by a smart contract that has been audited by a third party. It could not be more transparent. Its also clearly nothing like bitconnect. You should probably google what an index fund is.
CJ (7 months ago)
So essentially the only difference that you see here is that C20 lacks a referral systems and it trades with the top 20 coins instead of just BTC. Otherwise eeringly similar!!! I think we should be very skeptical of a Index Fund in the Crypto World.
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
Bitconnect was a ponzi scheme, with a pyramid shaped referral system. C20 is an index fund. First, go and google pyramid scheme, then go and google index fund. Get back to me when you do.
WildDanHibiki (7 months ago)
Bought some during the ICO and wish I ordered more as it's nearly 4x in value
Fue Chee (7 months ago)
This coin is going to shoot to the moon within 1-2 months, especially if it starts trading on more exchanges.
James Andrew (7 months ago)
What happens if the C20 reaches the top 20 and then they have to add it to the C20? Coinception?
neosapiens (7 months ago)
James Andrew What a CO(i)NCEPT(ion)!
Andrey Karra (7 months ago)
They will not list themselves as per their CEO
WildDanHibiki (7 months ago)
It's really the top 22-23 cons that they hold. This question was asked in the reddit pages
Erdal Ahmet Oglou (7 months ago)
James Andrew It will implode..
Bradley Michael (7 months ago)
Do you think bcx will come back up to 7 to 9 cents when Bitcoin goes back up as it has in the past because right now it is a cheap Buy)
F.D Aya (7 months ago)
The most unique accent in the cryptosphere. Your videos are always worth it!
neosapiens (7 months ago)
F.D Aya sounds Canadian
Eclipsz (7 months ago)
Hey @Your Altcoins - What is your opinion on buying Icon Right now being that Icon Mainet is launching Jan 24 and a potential partnership with Visa?
Isaias Hernandez (7 months ago)
Hitbtc... It sounded good until i saw that. Just look up on reddit about Hitbtc to see what i mean
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
Buy it on hitbtc, withdraw to a cold wallet?
Raks S (7 months ago)
I kept umming and arring during ICO but eventually didnt invest. Too pissed off to invest now lol
RUwatching (7 months ago)
C20 needs to be on other exchanges im not about jumping around to different exchanges to purchase , i prefer to stick to one .
Andrey Karra (7 months ago)
C20 will be listed on HitBTC on 27th or 28th of January.
Isaias Hernandez (7 months ago)
RUwatching I'm cool with jumping around as long as they're only big trusted site ...like Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance...
pupton1974 (7 months ago)
I saw this a couple of weeks ago...looks great on paper. It would appear it is trading at a huge premium to the NAV (combined value of the 20 underlying coins). In other words, you would get move value buying the individual cois separately vs the c20 token right now. Arbitrage shoud close that gap. C20 should be activley selling tokens to go buy more of the 20 coins to close that premium. Until I see evidence of that I am not sure I like this one just yet.
GR G (7 months ago)
C20 is realy nice! I participatet in the ico, and it was the best decision so far :)
Shahed Uddin (7 months ago)
Awesome team and great presence on discord. Best way to passively invest in top 20 cryptos.
Chris Martinez (7 months ago)
C20 token, bitconnect token?...hmmm not sure how i feel about this one just yet...
Chris Martinez (7 months ago)
haha just trolling :) now that i have your attention, can you alk about EOS? Thanks man! great vids!
RUwatching (7 months ago)
Not even the same as bitconnect token
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
Where on earth did you hear or see bitconnect?
Raquel Watkins (7 months ago)
Glad you did this video. I asked you about C20 on your live stream the other day :-)
tar1987 _ (7 months ago)
Not sure if I missed this, but what happens as coins/tokens come and go from the top 20?
Shahed Uddin (7 months ago)
funds are rebalanced on a weekly basis based on the top 20 cryptos. You can see the fund rebalance on their webpage performance page.
Boondog Saints (7 months ago)
Anybody gonna invest in this c20 token?
Supreme Potential (7 months ago)
A perfect solution for me because I'm going crazy trying to decide how to allocate my money in crypto
Mehdi Bensaad (7 months ago)
Im bullish
NOTHING TO DO (7 months ago)
I like it.
Ventolus (7 months ago)
NIce thx , i was just sitting and researching..Thx for this info.
Shadow Phoenix (7 months ago)
Thanks for the information, hope the market drops some more haha
Shadow Phoenix (7 months ago)
Patrick Jung good luck to our wish
Patrick Jung (7 months ago)
me too, my fiat is on the way too.
Braix (7 months ago)
Dude! You've come a long way in to weeks. Subscriber since 3k. You will go to the moon! Keep up the good work
Braix (7 months ago)

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