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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency arbitrage - Simple

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Text Comments (44)
David Saw (2 months ago)
Guys who enjoy bibitbot.com? The best tool for arbitration between exchanges I have not seen!
Iggi Popp (1 month ago)
I know this bot, it helped me to make money on the arbitration between exchanges, a good tool to do from 1-2 BTC per month
Cyd Rossi (2 months ago)
Foofer Bob (2 months ago)
He is talking about trading over time. True currency arbitrage takes place very quickly. You use three currencies and exchange them faster than the market can realize the inconsistency and correct.
Cryptoville (3 months ago)
Gosh Jason, I am amazed at the comments here and how they just.... don't get it! You generate more btc on the Zim exchange, you don't cash it out until it is on the regular exchange after the market moves back up. Patience people, patience. If I can double my money in two to three months, I am frickin stoked! Keep arbitrage info coming as far as I'm concerned. I had looked at this exchange a while ago but was concerned that the volume was too low to get executed. This video was months ago I'm curious to find the out come video cause I haven't seen it yet.
Otavio Nielsen (4 months ago)
Best arbitrage app is CryptoArb. Download at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.jns.btcmonitor
Капперс Вин (4 months ago)
http://arbitragiste.com/#/ - the best scaner for arbitrage btc. free access
BLAKBODHISATTVA (5 months ago)
thanks for the tips golix might be useful but this seems like it could be much simplier
Andreygcarvallho (5 months ago)
CHARLES P (5 months ago)
You talked too much, and never explained the process nor showed how you withdrew the money
BLAKBODHISATTVA (5 months ago)
seems a lil more difficult than it has to be you can just buy low sell high on the foriegn exchage then transfer the crypto immediately back to your local wallet and cash out...this is wayyyyy toooo complicated...and i wouldnt leave my money on their overnight..lol
Richard Quantrill (6 months ago)
I have a bank account in South Korea. The price is very high here also. I'm looking for someone with a USD bank account to do this with. Message if you want to work something out.
Jozef B. (5 months ago)
Greetings :-) I am from Eu and I have USD and EURO bank account in European union + I have verified crypto accounts. We can do some projects :-) bahiphop @ gmail
KiHo Nam (6 months ago)
Richard email me . let's talk [email protected] I am Korean.
long zhang (6 months ago)
Could you please email me more details? [email protected]
Aman Gottumukkala (6 months ago)
I'm interested. email me at [email protected]
Robert Alvarez (6 months ago)
Richard email me . let's talk [email protected]
William Garrett (7 months ago)
have you had any problems with eth or btc transfers showing up in your golix wallet on time? For some reason my first transfer is not showing. Double checked everything and its right.
Michael Norris (7 months ago)
If there's a issue with getting your American dollars out of Zimbabwe why not just sell the bitcoin for etherium then take your ertherium and trade it back in to bitcoin in da usa?
allenrklein (3 months ago)
Because you still lose money
Michael Norris (7 months ago)
Or use a VPN so they give no clue where we are from ,,wouldn't that work?? Or possibly pulling it out in jap enese yen or euros?
Michael Norris (7 months ago)
Jason Jenkins then how you make money doing this? I guess I'm really dumb cause if it's s9 difficult to get your money back why not just stay away from African trading platforms?
Jason Jenkins (7 months ago)
Michael Norris the Ethereum price is about double also so you would get halved on your way back out
Verge Hodler (7 months ago)
What do you do when you want to cash out???
Marcel Šuligoj (7 months ago)
if anybody interested in this option ,i have strong connections in zimbabwe..so we have a solution.. we are already working on it.. we take 20% to get the money out and delivered back to you..
Timmy Joji (6 months ago)
Marcel Šuligoj Hi there. Keen to discuss this as well as a few other options for the Zim Market. Drop me an email on [email protected]
Nigel Nyangwe (8 months ago)
Hey guys, I am a Zimbabwean resident and it is possible to take money out although we have a serious liquidity problem due to economic issues. There is a workaround however and if anyone would be interested in partnering up send me a message.
JD Crypto (3 months ago)
allenrklein (3 months ago)
I would be interested in what you propose. Would like to hear more about getting out.
JD Crypto (6 months ago)
Hi Nigel. Drop me a [email protected] Thanks
Aman Gottumukkala (6 months ago)
email me at [email protected]
MITESH SEJPAL (6 months ago)
Zimbabwe is poor Contry
tsumborainbow (8 months ago)
how do you make money here?you cant cash out fiat unless you have a zimbabwe bank account
Catalyst Creators (8 months ago)
Hi - Thanks for the info and explanation. I'm working to arbitrage now and learning how to do this, any info and pointers are appreciated.
Luke DO (8 months ago)
That Zimbabwe market is a full blown tease, i spent hours trying to come up with a strategy :D - That didnt involve hoping for a pullback :D
heroLem0n (9 months ago)
Seems to be no way to withdraw the fiat without a Zimbabwean bank account. If only they'd add USDT.
Ryan Worrell (9 months ago)
Curious as to what the benefit of this is over just trading a standard US market if the ratio of their inflation seems to stay the same. Here's my reasoning: If their price was $5k at ours $3k that 1.666 times our value, and then their price is $8k when we are at $4.8k that is also 1.666. Short of your initial purchase of BTC at a value I don't understand where the value gain comes from since after that you will theoretically gain the same each market cycle, around 66%. Then you still have to wait for another full market recovery to move your BTC back out at close to break even. Maybe I am not understanding something here.
Linxy (6 months ago)
bitcoin to tether, send tether, buy bitcoin where its cheaper w/ tether, send back to first exchange where its more expensive, profit: tether remaining at second exchange. rinse and repeat
Ryan Worrell (8 months ago)
FWIW I did end up doing some trading on this site but I got out and back in on those trades rather quickly. I also noticed that as BTC price got parabolic that ratio got tighter at the top. In the end I stopped messing with this method.
Electronics Wholesale (8 months ago)
I would've worded that a bit differently but I was wondering the same thing.
MegaHowtoMan (9 months ago)
Great video! I have thought about doing this.

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