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TOP 5 ALTCOINS That Will Make You RICH in April 2018!? Top 5 Cryptocurrency to Invest in For 2018

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🚨Follow my Twitter for More Daily Crypto News👇🏻 @ChronicCryptoYT Let's take a look at my top 8 cryptocurrency/altcoins to invest in for April of 2018. We will be looking at these altcoins in 2 ways: fundamentally and also with Technical Analysis. These are some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy right now. As bitcoin continues to rise, the value of these top crypto which are tied to bitcoin will go up along with it. They are some of the top crypto in 2018 at the moment, all of them trending to break out in April. This is all assuming the market continues to trend normally. Any FUD or Whales pulling out of the cryptocurrency market could tank these predictions. 😩 SUBSCRIBE For Daily Cryptocurrency News Videos BTC Donations: 3HC9723v7RmAYxkTsduzqURpAdZt7YTFMV Follow my Insta @ChronicCrypto **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.
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Text Comments (115)
Ivan Mavrodiev (4 months ago)
1. Aeternity
Alpesh Dobariya (4 months ago)
What about ETN? BTC: 1KncS961ftsumjNnKvga3bVtLf8kvfdYrr
kevin black (4 months ago)
Please anserw back why caint I buy tokenpay it says you cannot buy it if you in the United States
Low 8low (4 months ago)
Garlicoin. Now it won't make you rich if you're late into cryto. But is cheap, 0.05 cents, so easier to double than any other coin. New, only been around 3 months. And the blockchain is the same as bitcoin and litecoin so it will be around a long time, centuries. Cryto is too expensive to get into now adays. If you have 550$ do you want a fraction of a bitcoin, or 10,000 coins, that use the same technology?
Mike Cuccia (4 months ago)
DBC is my favorite of the bunch. 3Lm4g8kaehhxgc3znN5B28XnJMZZ73Lpes
Thierry Bitz (4 months ago)
As soon as the market turns bullish for a few days, everyone freaks out. And every dude calls himself a cryptocurrency specialist and selling his calls by just reading some random stuff even though they have no clue about the technology. Datadash is one of the few guys who actually knows the market and understands blockchain technology. Furthermore he is the only guy who supports his community when the market turns red. 99% of the youtube crypto dudes are just shilling their own shitbags (wanchain isn't, but the rest is) and try to make a fortune out of it. Sometimes I really feel ashamed for the path that crypto has taken.
ru42112 (4 months ago)
Soon as you add credit card to coin. security goes down
Darryl Strawberry (4 months ago)
All losers
funny world videos (4 months ago)
Very nice coins selection, im sure they are going to the moon one day this year. I will definetly look into this coins. nice video. 3EF4xP23CYgVBidbNy65wrQuFEFPZNp4eM
Ivan Boulle (4 months ago)
Still talking sh*t
Taz 2000 (4 months ago)
Agreed lol :D
Stephen O Neill (4 months ago)
lol What are your crypto picks? my ones are BTC , LTC and OMG.
PrimeDrift (4 months ago)
Top 5 altcoins for April Monero Stellar Vechain Polymath Zcash
Jose Perurena (4 months ago)
Thanks; it was great info
Brent Willis (4 months ago)
Hi great show, could you do a review on the NAGA wallet now it’s been released? I’d love to hear your take on NAGA and it’s ecosystem
Luis Gimenez (4 months ago)
U see? He's spoken very fast....all is finish writing, they make lot of money with the propaganda....not serious videos sorry!
Vladimir Butelkin (4 months ago)
1.CCORE 2.NTWK 3. Blockcat 4. Elixir 5. Xtrabytes. Small projects with HUGE POTENTIAL ( 100X even 1000X ). You're welcome
Jurie Slabbert (4 months ago)
Make sure you always say that what you are saying is NOT financial advice..
anthony villegas (4 months ago)
Wanchain is the best alt out of that 5.
M. XxHaveMercyxX (4 months ago)
I wonder if u wrote the script or somebody wrote for u . i mean the script ur reading .
Taz 2000 (4 months ago)
He is prolly 15. Somebody definitely wrote it for him
M. XxHaveMercyxX (4 months ago)
TPay has a big crush coming as they ave too many free coins . when u ask ?? easy as soon as they hit a proper ex-change . i think they know that and could work on their advantage .
DAYPLAY (4 months ago)
Awesome Video! I'm just getting into cryptocurrency investment and you provided a great amount of information. 1QF3rdyAqGGJ1uTonoF4qawFyTqrqrN7ny
Dude-Got REKT (4 months ago)
Great call on token pay CC....well played sir
Ray Evans (4 months ago)
Good picks bro. I'm very interested in AI projects..Check out Invacio and let me know what u think. 1NVhLUrWhrYMYHs4fmyFt7SinXzUaroVUv
Adam Cook (4 months ago)
Disagree with the majority of your pick. Digi is fine. Tpay MAY take off. Cheers
Mustapha MIMMIS (4 months ago)
Marcus Lawson (4 months ago)
As one can tell, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that is based on blockchain technology. Like Bitcoin, it is a cryptographically signed record of a transaction and store of value. Ethereum was first launched in mid-2015. This means it is still a relatively new technology but it is indeed taking the world by storm. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is also built on a public blockchain. Think of the blockchain as a public ledger of all the transactions that are taking place. The central idea behind the Ethereum protocol is that of “smart contracts”. It is also a piece of blockchain technology that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications. On the Ethereum network, miners work to earn “Ether”. This is also used by application developers to pay for transaction fees on the entire network, and also if invested wisely, it is guaranteed to yield great profits and additional income for the investor, after studying ethereum carefully, i can boldly say that i can give good guidance and tips on how and where to invest and profit good gains from Ethereum, as it is going up more consistently than was expected. [email protected]
Le Goat (4 months ago)
*Electra (ECA)*
Goran Simic (4 months ago)
Dent is great coin doing very good last few days
Mijanur Rahaman Mollick (4 months ago)
Thank you. Good video. 3Pq9qxwSQsDpQDM4xonJ6wBsKkGLgBZ6ik
Shane Foster (4 months ago)
Day late and a dollar short to these bud. I think the timing of your videos needs to be different. Posting videos of coins after they pump 100-200% is very costly for investors that follow you. This leads them to buy at the worst time possible and then they end up loosing money. I think DBC and Token Pay are both decent projects, but a terrible time to buy either. Buy in a couple weeks or on the market correction guys, DO NOT BLINDLY FOLLOW youtube "experts". Not trying to bash you but think about your users when choosing the timing of airing these videos.
joledo omolara (4 months ago)
Hey! Your videos are pretty good and you're the smartest youtuber I have seen. Also I like you to do videos on the right time to opt-In these top 5 altcoins in April: 1. TPAY, 2.DBC, 3. WAN, 4.GTO, 5. DGD. Best regards. Btc address: 1P1uVe4P69i92x3ud3MSt8hbTdbmXbks9Y
Ty (4 months ago)
1EyYK2Jucw7qqxGJjNeB6DgeP3jFjCHJ1T XSH (Shield)
Crypto John (4 months ago)
Top picks 😊 Thanks for sharing 15jH76veRDgSeKg9grrc7Pc79KTZM4dMt2
Light Power (4 months ago)
Hi There. Nice vid. I Like DBC. BTC Adresse: 1LhzUyuiJsBFvyYn9nyRfYPJqHPADUCTFX
Thinh Nguyen (4 months ago)
DeepBrain Chain all the way. Thanks for the review. Keep up the good work, mate. 3QsWpXAUZGRfYze3Paa7C6B2PJ83VSisz3
CryptoSteve (4 months ago)
great video, my BTC address 1Jxy9ziVPUnn4M3QRw7oEpQuTfrWSDQQZL
Ak Fortyseven (4 months ago)
How do u do ur researching when u are trying pick ur top coins. Thanks Btc 136WX8xjE5tnYGYmWL5uHE2jLNL9Yp3kLd
Denis Jerkovic (4 months ago)
12 thousand idiot subscribers
Tony Moreno (4 months ago)
Gifto for me thanks man 1AkeHBYHTpmoAoE3NPb5mhLkWYy9V7FNdq
Cedric J (4 months ago)
I'm telling you guys Token Pay is going to be huge. I personally believe that Token Pay is still cheap although it is sitting at $10.00. Token Pay has recently posted some exciting news that a very reputable Tire Company, Marsh Tyres Autocentre in Exeter, is accepting TPAY as payment. You can go here on Twitter to check it out: https://twitter.com/tokenpay/status/987420615417221120. This company is highly reputable and have quite a few establishments. And this is only the beginning. They are in a partnership with Verge (XVG) and they will definitely have their hands in a billion dollar company of MindGeek. Plus, they are looking into buying more banks, gift cards, debit cards! Plus they stated that their coin will be going to 3 other exchanges in the near future. What I believe is going to happen is when the Bull Market is absolutely confirmed they are going to come out with a slew of good news and then they will list on other exchanges and this is going to cause it to skyrocket in my opinion. I really like their CEO this guy is really smart and has a depth of knowledge in the financial arena. TPAY structure is very, very similar to Monero: Their Circulating Supply, Totally Supply are almost identical and plus it's very secure. Conservatively, I would say $50-75, Radically, I would say $150-200.
S K (4 months ago)
where can you buy these cryptos?
Bosko Buha (4 months ago)
ok, show us your trade history 1BARncYe236SRNRnpfo1k8g6jE2XPWSC8X
Jesse Sparks (4 months ago)
Gota love those small cap coins. Let's see a run. 18ifNnhp6DvaUCNE4S7nPHjgpP3dnorGMF
Erwin Geraets (4 months ago)
you forgot , $banca $hkn
Noe Abercrombie (4 months ago)
Great video!! Love wan and dbc!! 1DXiBHvnF8E5Se25zsDjutqFzSMX9bB1iC
Branka Blaskovic (4 months ago)
SunContrac SNC Decentralized Energy Market https://suncontract.org/ Banyan Network BBN Big Data Network https://www.banyanbbt.org/ Moozicore MZI music streaming service https://tokensale.moozicore.com//
Enrique van Eijk (4 months ago)
Many thanks for the update, great video.:)14TzDcKyymXxNjkMxW4radVhXiitSQmAv3
Mariel Capistrano (4 months ago)
Nice info thanks BTC Address: 115Kr7BPjhZTVdwYW25fS7T9pdRB7CmFCL
jody jones (4 months ago)
nice picks those are good picks its in my portfolio Bitcoin: 12QrnSxHPoaWLGRPwY9G4MCbcY2bVsiLrt
Stephen Herzog (4 months ago)
This video was awesome!! Great channel I will be sure to get your channel out there and killer followers!! Let’s take off to new limits!! 1AYjo3FY9pkmbzBuZgskgTy6KLWPdFHiW1
rommel capistrano (4 months ago)
Great picks bro keep up the good work BTC: 177pFz9vSqU7PZrXDvcUGE7KxDYJqPim4E
Mariano de rosa (4 months ago)
Great info for alts! thanks! BTC: 3QhWzhfvu5EF3m8qb8WBLhPRJyuc2SvDaU
Great video: 16fJHruaoyxR8T5xEFMZRLi973ySVKLQXt
Thomas Burns (4 months ago)
Thanks your info on the crypto under .01 was very profitable for me. Verge crypto was at .11 when i sold made me $$$$ keep up the awsome work. my bitcoun address is 1NwyF8Li1wzV22169hLLE5sSaqn8eRdgP 1NwyF8Li1wzV22169hLLE5sSaqn8eRdgP
Pablo Pineda (4 months ago)
What you think of Babb ?
Sunday Sunday (4 months ago)
Pablo Pineda cool. i am going to buy and buy more.
Pablo Pineda (4 months ago)
Thank for all the work that you do, is most appreciated . BTC 1dzL9bfEUW3TfjmJZfxRU4pHy1FGcKXEe
will i am (4 months ago)
Thank you for sharing. 13WjPwjH8PSTg8BGpMw31JdqNcz5bjGNEr
Michael Jones (4 months ago)
Good video 18RWL94A7odL4bY64q1hcfTrVdktsr2M1L
Sir Fuss (4 months ago)
Great and informative video, all great projects! 15tNpbwJCaR35eTCXuTV86NTv1AS9uKkYK
Coin Of Year (4 months ago)
1. TPAY(TokenPay) 2. DBC(DeepBrain Chain) 3. WAN(Wanchain) 4. GTO(Gifto) 5. DGD(DigixDAO) https://coinofyear.com/votes/158
ray fultz (4 months ago)
Bull runs comming. 1Di7x79Z9PzAN9xUJNFdLKHXKWSN1osr45
Maxwell Garcia (4 months ago)
He is using everything to get growth of YouTubr
callejasdynamic (4 months ago)
Thanks for the updates, 1LGtKiZ4wbyXn8Hj5Hs1WMYmwpcjRMXbDs
Mack X (4 months ago)
TokenPay sounds just like TenX
ariel abadiano (4 months ago)
Hoping to win some btc yeah 322LqacZARgXetBr3d5U2sj3E1uMFffQmL
Mano Ranjan (4 months ago)
Great video. highly informative.BTC : 1FhS7kKyxX7q2gGDcsoGRWaoBhuoBRnwXV
Prophete Ceus (4 months ago)
Thanks for all good picks
Gert Bender (4 months ago)
DONT make any promises my young friend - - DONT.
CryptoInfo (4 months ago)
CG Groenewald I agree! He’s a great kid! Smart as hell, but has to remove those promissory words from his rant!
K (4 months ago)
How about selecting a giveaway winner online for transparency.
K (4 months ago)
My BTC address: 1n383ZhByGMwtuHZZscydSjExa5SFnoJd Cool picks..👍👍
Saeed Akhtar Khan (4 months ago)
Excellent analysis. My btc 1AY5s7gir9xiT5GWPENn1SXgLMv6Xb6MAS
Raffy Jimenez (4 months ago)
TokenpPay is the real thing!...3M8xMqdZrAVHhjo9vvCcjB89DG1nQ5nTQJ
sumit Gurung (4 months ago)
Tokenpay is good i guess. Big hope I win btc: 1CmduwQCnXkgdRa1JoBpEQazjkiSA5R1yg
Виктор Дейн (4 months ago)
Да конечно конечно!Телеграмма запустил очередной виток ИКО tokentelegram.net
Berndt Jesinghaus (4 months ago)
ImPaulsive (4 months ago)
I'm a simple man. BNB & NEO ftw. I wanted to buy TPAY when it was $4 or so, but I chose OMG instead
KingFahtah (4 months ago)
I bought token pay and digixdao during the crash. Yay for me. Maybe 1Lz442Ef3kZuximBiV721ycgeiL4MGW1JD
Shumon S (4 months ago)
cool, thanks! 1BhKRF59uyawTCUvoFArQMVGivi4xxTyUE
Henry Guerra (4 months ago)
Bay yildiz (4 months ago)
x8x < it's highly under-radar
Bay yildiz (4 months ago)
ImperioMagno (4 months ago)
Людмила М (4 months ago)
начок Telegram сделает X50-x100! Я советую всем вам приобрести его, покамест идет отлично https://tokentelegram.info
Francisco Aguilar (4 months ago)
Thanks for the video and the information of these cryptos seem interesting to invest. 38bqsz2MVher2VJpLZhUTvVsGXRUL4HAkz
FENT (4 months ago)
Well, diggers, waited at last ) Telegram opened public ICO on *https://tokentelegram. info*
study rajasthan exam (4 months ago)
Thanks sir My bitcoin address is 3HEgPX58YMgjaQFnnQ6oHdsJaTTX56sf4C
Birdal Yıldırım (4 months ago)
All our sad you. VERGE 17 DOLAR????
Jeremy Seagull (4 months ago)
Wan and Gifto ist interesting investment,thanx. 171AB9HtGHJeJDiJv63XzX821eSFJeCXkd
jon ras (4 months ago)
Tnx bro token pay wil moon 1P3mAU2cgf7gyAQXUV2XSYXwRoW8E2y6Eg
Naeem Amjad (4 months ago)
Nice video
martin garcia (4 months ago)
Where can you buy these alt coins? Need more than one brokerage?
martin garcia (4 months ago)
That would be cool thank you
No Name (4 months ago)
I took Tpay profit, cashed out my original investment of .4 btc and am going to let the profit ride
Pali Santarius (4 months ago)
Token pay is wise choice ! Not sure about other picks. 1LLBQ7RHHGqtAyB7WoTFijNF8Kv1DREaD
No Name (4 months ago)
do your homework, brush your teeth, clean behind your ears
Taz 2000 (4 months ago)
lmao well said :D
Ali G (4 months ago)
Top picks 😊 Thanks for sharing...keen for the next one 162acmr2VGXGtVgoPLgD4YGT69fdpdMQGd
Gulnara Gulnara (4 months ago)
Telegram launched another round of ICO tokentelegram.net
Не все вам получится приобрести жетоны телеграмму? Более 80% маркеров были проданы за пару дней на *tokentelegram. незапятнанная* я удивлена) эта монета имеет светлое будущее)
CRYPTOTEE (4 months ago)
Great video as always my friend totally appreciate it. What a great day it was for AltCoins! 1AyRXmNoNvs9qS2rjLMMLGGhSCbM14NKGz
Jhoven Corres (4 months ago)
What's Up Chronic Crypto! BTC ADDRESS 1D5zkqHHJd8bb1VjM95LLQ1BqSvjch3zt8
Tilina Pompiliu (4 months ago)
keep it up man!!! 1A24a7iVikqY3Wxg1RYfA2WfAZEXhP2MMF
Time Machine (4 months ago)
I like the Gifto coin!!! 13xQns7kvgzyQtPcNLXQ2esahDWtNJJbRE
Chantelle Hardie (4 months ago)
A really great coin for you to check out is BMH Blockmesh! It’s on hitbtc. Blockmesh.io 1rdTANE1WBf9YYe59BGAWG72jKTPgny2n
Sheel Gurjar (4 months ago)
Some new coins I heard about. 1KVasQoFtZJcmrEPeFh1eTf1iUW7NBxBLq

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