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Cryptocurrency News - Bitcoin to $25000? Big Bank Making A Crypto? Big Whales Incoming?

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This is your round up of Cryptocurrency news about bitcoin's price, big banks, bigger whales, and more. Interested in crypto and altcoins? This little news round up will help you keep a finger on the pulse of the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ ICOAlert: https://www.icoalert.com/ New To Crypto? Have Questions? https://youtu.be/ijdLxX7jiLg Want Some Top 5 Altcoins?: https://youtu.be/-dKXJEwgrc8 Want brand new Altcoins? https://youtu.be/CFng6J_MLF8 How about some Community Picks? https://youtu.be/qXgm6Rj2BGs Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Bad Santa (8 months ago)
What's the problem with dash and why do they need a government school to help them. Lol
Gangi Films (7 months ago)
where am i.
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
Other way around. The $350k is funded by Dash.
Dan Pallatina (7 months ago)
What’s your views on CARBON COIN?
Joseph Latham (7 months ago)
Gangi Films (7 months ago)
25,000 to 20,000 then 20,000 to 30,000 then 30,000 back to 25,000 then jump to 40,000
jfitz0716 (7 months ago)
Your clown voice is pretty much unlistenable.
mark rondeau (7 months ago)
haha shuttup, go somewhere else
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
I wish I could tell you that this is some kind of act, but sadly, my voice sounds this way all the time. ESPECIALLY when I'm excited about something. Regardless, if you want someone with a more chill shound, check out Jeff and the boys over at Altcoin Buzz.
jfitz0716 (7 months ago)
Your Altcoins Exactly. I didn’t. I would suggest just sounding normal and not trying to sound like some goofy radio ad for used cars.
Your Altcoins (7 months ago)
Then don't listen. Simple, eh?
Ghosteriz (7 months ago)
market is quite now ... is it another storms incoming?
Bigger By The Day (7 months ago)
NYC COIN ON CBS THIS DAYs increase shaboom
INFO TUBE (7 months ago)
I wish
Mohammed Rafat (7 months ago)
lol Goldman Sock
zzzh (7 months ago)
Chris Higgins (7 months ago)
Zennies (ZENI) - a must have crypto!
Duarte Meirinho (7 months ago)
iBcPirate (8 months ago)
Thanks for aggregating these interesting news stories! For future reference the Sachs in Goldman Sachs is pronounced "SAKS" :)
Poy Llama (8 months ago)
A suggestion, can you link those articles. Will definitely improve your credibility and make you look even more professional. It's not hard to find those article myself but I'm lazy. Thanks and appreciate the things you do. Keep up the good work.
RUwatching (8 months ago)
Its inevitable that banks get involved , they have to so im not surprised at this , BTC will hit 25K before the end of the year if not more .
Gil Serrant (8 months ago)
Last time ima tell you NEBULAS ( NAS)... cant say i didnt try
Reginald Chanyau (8 months ago)
Always a pleasure listening to your insights and research.
chefgav1 (8 months ago)
Love your vids.Keep them coming
orlando lopez (8 months ago)
I just want should I hold on to rdd and xrp
Eddie Morphling (8 months ago)
I feel like the next few months of crypto are going to be very exciting.
Thomas C. (8 months ago)
Khel's Story (8 months ago)
Is VEN and DENT a hodl coin?
Torro rodrigues (8 months ago)
Dent is a hold 4 sure
sec0ndton0ne408 (8 months ago)
Love the vids bro
Sith Rocker (8 months ago)
WTF is this dumbass CLICK BAITING about?
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
Hmmm. Title talks about bitcoin hitting 25k. The video contains an article talking about bitcoin hitting 25k. Title of the video explains content of the video. Where's the clickbait?
Martick Parial (8 months ago)
Where my WABI, APPC, and Oyster hodlers at??? All fairly low market cap with great potential
THE PARKOUR (8 months ago)
hello what do you think about ‘BRK’ and ‘SYNX’ ?
Leonel Samayoa (8 months ago)
Keep the good work!!!! Love the channel!! Relevant news and no bullshit, just plain opinion. Just got into mining because it is very hard to get crypto in my home country (Guatemala), and now I am thinking into getting into investing more because of this channel.
Keeping up with Crypto (8 months ago)
Tron is a solid project with an amazing team! It will come back! Just look at the plans they have for the future!
P.E Masse (8 months ago)
I'm wondering if I keep focusing on increasing my BTC or Fiat position? With all this movement I have coins that I am losing Fiat wise but have an interesting gain in BTC. Any suggestions?
P.E Masse (7 months ago)
TMG Mark Thanks for the heads-up. I started in November and and incredible gains until the big correction. I had only like 15% ETH and 1% BTC because I couldn't resist buying interesting coins. I learned but now I am am still doing ok but far from my ATH, due to being too diversified. My only option is hodling? No other choice otherwise I'll be losing Fiat wise.
TMG Mark (7 months ago)
P.E Masse there's no point in investing in altcoins if you aren't consolidating your btc/eth position
G Town (8 months ago)
Ant Bee what are your indicators for another crypto correction?
Ant Bee (8 months ago)
P.E Masse fiat. This is a dead cat bounce we are about to go lower
Loving your videos B. Its the highlight of my day...
Negas Alleyne (8 months ago)
Hi. Can you do a video on IPL coin. Release today on livecoin exchange
So I've only been trading in crypto market trading for almost a month. Made a couple bucks with some day trading. You and many other youtubers gave me the confidence to leave my intial investments in each I had even though markets were down significantly. I really appreciate what you guys do. I know I've asked before but could you look into a coin called Ripio Credit Network. It is a new tech startup built off the Ethereum blockchain. I would love to know your thoughts. :D
JORKONER15 (8 months ago)
Kyle Hoorn (8 months ago)
B, you are quickly becoming one of my favorite crypto you tubers. You just been on fire lately. Loving your work brother. And your voice is legit, it makes it so entertaining and exciting. Thanks for everything you do for us
Nick Alarcon! (8 months ago)
Blockchain Daily agreed
victor kim (8 months ago)
Can someone please make a TODAY (TOD) coin LOL
Parker Alvarez (8 months ago)
Im gonna invest in MUFG
tim ward (8 months ago)
appc ada
Mike Jones (8 months ago)
steve steve (8 months ago)
oh yea that CND was LIT. :D
Mike Rios (8 months ago)
Well the Dash story is way better then hearing all the fud news unless u wanna Btfd!
Diego Garcia (8 months ago)
APPC thanks me in 1-2 month
Crypto Addict (4 months ago)
Thank you, it's $0.72 now lol
Kryptonite (7 months ago)
if you're that worried about nickels and dimes, you'll never do anything. the market seems to be stabilizing. under $2 is a good entry point if you're investing long-term - not financial advice lol
Bryan A (8 months ago)
Why does AppCoins thanks you ?
Yukio Neo (8 months ago)
I almost bought Appcoins at 2.35.. now still unsure..
TMT (8 months ago)
Mil Gashi (8 months ago)
I love that TODAY lol✌
eddie franco (8 months ago)
TX X (8 months ago)
invest in DGC digitalcoins low market cap and low price!
Govind Manjunath (8 months ago)

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