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Bitcoin Price Update & Set Ups to Watch Here | Coinbase, ETFs & Soros

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Technical analysis update on the Bitcoin Price and where we could go next. Some Altcoin set-ups I'm watching here. Coinbase had some announcements and the market reaction made for a wild day. Bitcoin ETFs & Soros to enter cryptocurrency. BTC, EOS, OMG, BNB, WAN, ONT, NCASH LEARN HOW TO READ THE CRYPTO CHARTS! Check out my 4-Hour Technical Analysis video course. More info at: https://nodeinvestor.com/training/ Follow me on Twitter @nodeinvestor
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Text Comments (56)
Zaz Turoc, PhD (2 months ago)
Randomehro (2 months ago)
Soros = short BTC
Davin Chase (2 months ago)
I can almost guarantee his fund is only to molest and maipulate not help crypto. Everything he touched turns to dust with him being the only profiter. Look at this guys history.
NEO on a breakout....update needed....how high will it go
paoad (2 months ago)
I totally with you agree that more and more institutional investors are coming in the crypto space; Soros is just one of them. I still cannot calculate the potential growth of this market in some months from now, but I could bet that the crypto market can only grow with the time. Anyway, I've been watching your videos lately and I find it's a pity that you haven't done any video for other projects as well. Bitcoin is the king, but there are many cool projects out there, especially some privacy coins have great potential and it would be cool of you made a video about this niche market
luck mcfly (2 months ago)
He is right, Bitcoin is the leading currency, I am struck by the privacy currencies, I believe that anonymity in these times is necessary, @Node Investor could recommend me an undervalued privacy currency?
lazygin001 (2 months ago)
I believe bitcoin will come back stronger than ever once the whole market situation is resolved. I have also stocked up some other privacy coins like DeepOnion and PIVX, ready for it to go sky high real soon.
Nick Freedman (2 months ago)
Big money entry good, IF you still call a market being opened to the usual theft, manipulation and rorting, only on turbo, 'maturity'. More likely just more people drawn in to be ripped off.
sT R (2 months ago)
Hi! Nice video, thanks for this good stuff. Good news over all that wall street is joining the game as expected some months ago. I don't like soros but if it helps the cryptomarket... Short question regarding future content: Could you please make a video about some cheap privacy coins? I'm sure they will play a key role in the future. Zoin, NAVcoin, PIVX, DeepOnion.. I'm espacially interested in DeepOnion. I've noticed it mentioned by some youtubers in the last weeks. Thanks in advance!
I couldn't agree more! Privacy coins this year will have a huge impact in cyrptocurrency. I micro invested in some privacy coins like PIVX and Spectre but more on DeepOnion project. As expected, this DeepOnion project is still undervalued yet lot of goals are already achieved. Their airdrop is about to end. What do you think will happen? You also have a great list of privacy coins there by the way.
MrHous26 (2 months ago)
A Bitcoin ETF will be huge for crypto because that will be the first time when everyday traders can actually invest in crypto without having their own wallets. I don't recommend this form of investment but its better than not investing in crypto at all and its better for crypto to open up to these people. Look to see all of crypto to benefit from such a development. It's a good time to get into crypto in my opinion. The fundamentals haven't changed, we have consolidated after a deep crash and its clear now which are the serious projects. Lots of the scam coins have been silent with no development during this crash. This confirms my confidence in DeepOnion, a small cap privacy coin, that has consistently and transparently been putting out updates on huge developments such as Stealth Addresses, Vote Central and both desktop wallets with the latest version of TOR network and a new Android wallet.
Andres Zalaquett (2 months ago)
Great channel, great videos and info, thank you!
Ken Semotiuk (2 months ago)
Don't by ETF anything, they are all a scam, all of them!
John GT (2 months ago)
alan b (2 months ago)
It’s on! And buy VEN. Don’t hate yourself later.
the best that we can do is to buy as much Bitcoin as we can and SPENT THAT in to miners since Bitcoin needs help with that ones we got our first 1 million dollars we are not gonna waist that in to a Lambo that's the stupidest thing ever invest on good blockchain tech like Blockshipping 2nd or 3rd level Blockchain like Cardano smart contracts etc... just put in Google "common problems solve by Blockchain Ideas" men that's where you can multiple your 1 million to billion and at the same time get Soros and the nasty banks out of the business. ( how ever you wanna look at this, this is war against worldwide banks )
even doe if they dominated Bitcoin, we got Epherium, Cardano, EOS etc.. they won't get what they want!.
Chris Ferrell (2 months ago)
What would 0x have to do with the coinbase announcement? Confused...
SeeTheKarma (2 months ago)
George soros is not a good name..
ray kumar (2 months ago)
Great video. Thank you
ZZ8ZZ (2 months ago)
I personally think that the bearish trend will end soon and everything will go crazy bullish again. Lots of people mistake crypto with stocks, but the truth is that these 2 have their differences. My top picks are solid privacy coins projects with active devs like DeepOnion and Zcash and few good masternodes. That's all I need to be happy lol =)
dragon oncrypto (2 months ago)
I'm also anticipating a bullish run with new investment coming in, there are so many small cap coins I'm holding that could explode at any moment.
In The Kitchen With Matt (2 months ago)
hahaha yes the bear market will end, and can't wait for the bull run. Good call on the privacy coins, I hold some as well.
kevin rice (2 months ago)
Always love the channel. Thanks for all you do for the community!
MrHarrilasagna (2 months ago)
Never a dull moment! 👍
J.T. Irby (2 months ago)
Everyone trippin’ market was already being manipulated before Soros. Ever since the Futures started. It’s gonna bring big $$$$ into the space which is positive.
Michael (2 months ago)
George Soros is literally a sith lord
Urša Likar (2 months ago)
i like him.
Jim Nielsen (2 months ago)
Bitcoin will go to 8 million dollars next month!!! Jk. :D Either it will go for another bullrun to 50-80k during 2018-19, or it will be bearish for 3-4 years and stagnate around 1,000 dollars. This cycle is bigger than the previous ones, so if it truly is a repetition of the late 2013 bubble, we could face years and years of nothing happening. However, if it's a repetition of early 2013, we're in for one hell of a ride! I'm more inclined towards the latter - that we still have the best ahead of us the coming 12-18 months. I find your "Bitcoin to $50K in 2018?! | Bitcoin Will Bottom in April! The Bullish Case"-video very interesting, and I've been speculating the exact same scenario before I saw your video. I'd say there's a good chance of it being correct. Anyway.. Really like your channel. Just found it a couple of days ago and subbed immediately. Keep up the good work!
Jim Nielsen (2 months ago)
It all depends on whether it's overpriced or not. No one really knows what Bitcoin is worth. A market cap of 100 billion dollars is still a lot.. So it could theoretically go all the way down to 1-3k.. But I don't think that that'll happen either. I personally think it's way more worth, but maybe the world doesn't agree with me, haha. Only time will tell. But if you haven't noticed, Bitcoin actually broke through the 5 week downtrend today. It could be a bulltrap though, but it looks promising.
444zane3 (2 months ago)
Im bearish, but bitcoin imo cannot go into a multi year long bear market rn. Too much technological progress and way more credibility to bitcoin than there was in 2013/14 when most people thought bitcoin was for buying drugs on the deep web
JuicyVeganDwarf (2 months ago)
This is bad bad news. Explains some of the manipulation to date. One thing for sure, long before he made anyone aware he was even thinking about getting into crypto he would have had his goons screwing the market in his favour.
Justin Davis (2 months ago)
My Good thing today. I wrote a letter of req for a friend. Only took and hour and and the reward if he gets the job could be great.
PoppONaya Shelly (2 months ago)
etf means MORE manipulation. we don't need legacy institutions
Guilhem Soulas (2 months ago)
We are not in a bear market, we are in a bear trend ;)
juldup11 (2 months ago)
Soros is the devil
juldup11 (2 months ago)
fox news? I am European. Open society foundation, check them out. Soros breaking the Bank of England, check any reputable news source out. Guess you're the one living in a bubble. Stick to MTV kid ;)
samp1117 P (2 months ago)
juldup11 Because fox news told you so.. lol
TJ (2 months ago)
Can’t wait for bitcoin etf. We gonna see bitcoin sky rocket like we have never seen before
James Mills (2 months ago)
After investing as little as $1000 my story has since changed, now i make a minimum of $9000 on a weekly basis and i feel so lucky i made the decision to invest with ASHTON..
brandon 29992 (2 months ago)
This is bad he is gonna buy and dump to deter investors. He's a deep state corrupt dude
J.T. Irby (2 months ago)
Exactly, it’s in the 👁 of the beholder. Why everyone looking at this negative is just what he expects. Him and his cronies will also run up the market cap.....buckle up
1greenMitsi (2 months ago)
sell the tops!
archer archeryee (2 months ago)
when BTC was 12k...ive been calling for BTC @ $4018...good luck
mighty (2 months ago)
you forgot to analyze NEO !
Daniel Brett (2 months ago)
Inevitable...sharks smell blood
Cryptolight (2 months ago)
NODE, YOUR THE BEST. Yes, exciting times, but hurts so much......
raymond cheek (2 months ago)
@node investor, have you seen recent news on iconomi? Their pinta fund is getting ready to get listed on the Dublin stock exchange . Am I missing something or is this big news. It should be good news for crypto also, No? I feel like I'm missing something because it seems like there's zero buzz. It seems insanely undervalued. Love to hear you're opinion.
Joe Brannon (2 months ago)
Where the heck did you get such a awsome opening for your videos?
zeusfaber11 (2 months ago)
so glad for getting into your channel.. keep the great work!!! greetings from Europe...
Kevin Svenson (2 months ago)
George Soros needs to die
James Panathlon (2 months ago)
Smeg... Dr Evil getting into crypto... bad news
Simon Phillips (2 months ago)
What i like about crypto is the little guy got in before the big guy, usually works the other way. But lets hope crypto goes up and up, however these guys will manipulate the hell out of this market.
J.T. Irby (2 months ago)
It’s double edged sword, if he’s getting in that means all his cronies are getting in as well and that means BIG $$$$$
Simon Phillips (2 months ago)
He should be dragged into the public square and stoned to death, He is a true enemy of good and life
dominick (2 months ago)
he wants to short the market
the best that we can do is to buy as much Bitcoin as we can and SPENT THAT in to miners since Bitcoin needs help with that ones we got pir first 1 million dollars we are not gonna waist that in to a Lambo that's the stupidest thing ever invest on good blockchain tech like Blockshipping 2nd or 3rd level Blockchain like Cardano smart contrasts etc... just pit in Google common problems solve by Blockchain Ideas men that's where you can multiple your 1 million to billion and at the same time get Soros and the nasty banks out of the business
J.T. Irby (2 months ago)
He’s not gonna short this current market....so what’s left......buckle up 🚀 and then put your mouthpiece in for the subsequent dump....
Todd To (2 months ago)
juldup11 Paper Gold is heavily manipulated
juldup11 (2 months ago)
Gold is one of those commodities that can not be manipulated so Thats a bad example
juldup11 (2 months ago)
Ofcourse he will short lol Soros' Strategy usually involves manipulation of currency by using political power. Crypto is VERY dependent on speculation. For christ sake Soros is the father of FUD

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