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Did Bitcoin Futures Lead to the Market Crash!? | L2inc

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stangel ross (2 days ago)
Coast Fitness (3 months ago)
I bet you it's the banks and the Futures Market that has been manipulating the prices
Nick TheRich (3 months ago)
the future price is based on a spot price which is emulating a panel of exchanges like kraken etc...hence the future cannot drive the price of any exchanges. to drive the price any "whale" have to operate directly on coinbase etc. the thing that maybe it is happening is that a fund can manipulate the price throught exchanges (peanuts for a big investor) but then cashing in through the chicago future that is capable to liquidate a big position much easily without moving prices against you
jahoodx dole (3 months ago)
This guy is a boss lol 😅🤣😂😎
United Noobies (3 months ago)
100% they are trying to tame bitcoin and the cryptomrker with the freshly printed money...
Zach Dowlan (3 months ago)
I've been following Scott Galloway for 2 years. I like his content.
Stacy Dale Barendse (3 months ago)
No. Very little daily volume in BTC futures less than 10K contracts a day. Nothing compared to 100K contracts a day in the corn market.
Ken Semotiuk (3 months ago)
Who cares about what led to the bitcoin crash? Get out before you lose all of you're 💰? Bitcoin dropped by over 66% since December 17,2017. Quit flogging a dead horse snowflakes 🐑 people and Muppets and liar fat head joe snipts4
Arrowood Fodor (3 months ago)
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Sheldon Coke (3 months ago)
Yes. Big money will BUY at lower prices and then SELL at higher prices using their high-speed algo-traders, thus relieving us of our money and crashing the market again. Let's face the fact that 'big money' is a disease that destroys every market it enters. I personally feel that our greed for higher prices, Lambos and moons, blinded us to the destructive nature of 'big money'. Now our beloved Bitcoin may be lost to us, the common people, forever. [fade to black as he sheds a tear]
QuadQ (3 months ago)
Well said, same here
Marco 1547 (3 months ago)
I've got 2 btc and no fuckers taking mine without paying for my retirement
Sheldon Coke (3 months ago)
They've already set up bitcoin futures and derivatives (as mentioned in the video) and are eagerly waiting for exchanges to facilitate their high speed traders. They are slowly building their positions as Bitcoin falls. Once the price reaches 'bottom', they will rush in and send the price of Bitcoin higher, triggering a wild frenzy, leading to another bull run and eventually a new all-time high for Bitcoin. That will be good for individuals who hodl and weather the storm and those who have been buying a little at a time as the price falls. But the whole notion of bitcoin being a Peer to Peer form of exchange, that excludes corporate and governmental meddling, is lost forever...
varjag (3 months ago)
Good point of view! But Will BIG money came IN? Or this ist just bla bla bla?
Good guy (3 months ago)
buy at 4 k
Steven C (3 months ago)
This is about to be incredible - Look at the daily and weekly charts. Its about to do another bull run. Within a couple weeks we will see a boom.
edit name (3 months ago)
Joshua O'Neill oversold rsi doesn’t mean bullrun, a long time bear market trades under 30 rsi the entire time and is always “over sold”
Joshua O'Neill (3 months ago)
BlueNET Gaming It mean's strong indication of being over sold and looks like a bull market is coming soon. Hopefully!
BlueNET Gaming (3 months ago)
Joshua O'Neill what do you mean?
Joshua O'Neill (3 months ago)
Rsi is low as fck on everything. Looking like somethings gonna happen soon. 😎
Walter J. C (3 months ago)
I don’t believe I’m getting a Lamborghini anytime soon.
trapped cat (3 months ago)
Lamborghini micro machines are on sale for $2.99 on ebay
varjag (3 months ago)
Well you can get Smart :) It is good deal!
jay pal (3 months ago)
Yes you are, just not a real one
Sorin Suciu (3 months ago)
Nice .. i like the content you share !
Michael Murray (3 months ago)

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