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Markets Pull Back, Crypto "Hard To Regulate" And Bitcoin Fees Drop

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Text Comments (186)
David (4 months ago)
Mabe Bitcoin is still so much down to Chinese NewYear? People in China spend a lot of money during this event, Chinese new year is untill March 2nd. Because the Asian market is a huge factor when it comes to cryptocurrency
Charlie Parkhurst (4 months ago)
Unfair lol
Hombar Deddekt (5 months ago)
I need help. What else I can say? 1Eivmd75SsPwmm5GgHpAVGDWQYUhdGjp7F
Azad Kygn (5 months ago)
South Korea Just caused a buy opportunity for themselves by saying they would ban
David Maillot (5 months ago)
looks like the first correction of wave 5 (elliot wave theory)?
Puneet Sood (5 months ago)
hi, what do you think about Request coin? they call it paypal 2.0. Is it worth investing, would really like your thoughts on it. Thanks!!
Tolek Banan (5 months ago)
Why is market going down? Its very simple because there is not enough ask slappers and there is still so many people in green and they will dump on that bid.
MrStuart (5 months ago)
The fees going down are probably the reason the entire market is down. Who owns a large percentage of the Bitcoins - the miners. Now that it's not as profitable they're dumping them.
Concerned Citizen (5 months ago)
I think this is all about the banks. The big $$ day traders and stock brokers are getting in the game, seeing how thing Work. If you notice the last couple weeks the prices drop on the weekends when other markets are closed. They are trying to thin the heard and gain control over the swings. All types of coins are getting pumped. There’s no organization. They have more $$ and time than most of us. If they keep profits low they can push lots of us out. A big jump is coming don’t get scared.
Avin (5 months ago)
Do you people think this DIP gonna last till Saturday n Sunday? Or buy Alt coins to cash in 💰 on this DIP:)
Peter Zhou (5 months ago)
Would it be from more and more bloody trading bots been used? any small dip will cause the chain reaction?
Setherian (5 months ago)
It's not us who change the prices, its a few sharks n whales and they dont give a damn fuck for your TA! Your TA cannot predict shit in this young and highly manipulative market, get over it for fuck sakes and just buy when its going down and sell when its up, fuck TA, really!
Johanna Farias (5 months ago)
Thank you for the news, you certainly take your social responsibility seriously, and we all appreciate it. Get well soon! Grated ginger and turmeric w lemon and honey.. t’will cure what ails ya! ❤️
jayz tron (5 months ago)
profit taking.
Mark Neilson (5 months ago)
Your right there is no real reason for crypto to be going down. But i believe there is alot of fear out there. Alot of experts are predicting a stock market crash next month and there is a link with crypto.
Alex Ross (5 months ago)
Get well! Love your vids.
Neo Matrix (5 months ago)
Only costs $15 million dollars to manipulate the price of BTC down by $1000. Now understand why it's dropping..
Neo Matrix (5 months ago)
Francesco Platania - It can be done for $0 with a well written, well placed fake news article.
Francesco Platania (5 months ago)
Recheck your math...
Perfect Football (5 months ago)
Why that? Can you explain ?
Webdesign Netherlands (5 months ago)
Dude whales are talking. When they go up we go up.
Nick Hollands (5 months ago)
I have a possible theory. How many people in the last couple months when things were going up took out loans to buy thinking they were going see quick returns. Its the end of the month, loan payments are due and those people cant cover their repayments so there in panicked selling mode?
Joseph M (5 months ago)
The boys are shaking the trees again, this time without any bad news created, why? Creating confused people that are now selling thinking the market is dying. The boys club are smart with lots of money, DON'T sell Please.
C. Antoine Brown (5 months ago)
I thought I saw that a few lucky individuals got an insane amount of free bitcoin on one of the exchanges and the exchange was trying to scramble to get the money back...? Or did I misread?
Skillzzz t (5 months ago)
because BIG MONEY TRADERS control pricing of BTC... until the alt coin trade "pairing" with btc, eth, bch, usdt... is eliminated.... nothing will make sense... on when to buy & sell alt coins... if you didnt have to use these coins to buy alt coins.... then logical data can be used to invest
Cyle Yoakum (5 months ago)
Thank you for keeping us informed even though you are sick. I hope you get better soon pal! You are by far my favorite new source for crypto!
Walalal Hahaha (5 months ago)
You sound very pissed , take it easy bro
Average_User (5 months ago)
It's not surprising at all. There was a 90% increase in value, a 10% decrease is not extraordinary. People are taking out some profits.
Andrew M (5 months ago)
You’re one of the best crypto channels, my man. No bs and you have a good lease.
eddieocean1 (5 months ago)
I'm blaming the trifecta of desperate sellers who bought high and have a bounce to recoup some losses , short sellers buying futures after the pump , and short term traders who got in at 6K looking for a scalp.
Lee Cubit (5 months ago)
Hold everybody hold, just fucking hold.
asowomar (5 months ago)
It's trading rules (price resistance level), not news, that is the cause of this dip. It doesn't always have to be news that drives the price up or down. Fundamentals in the tradingworld also have big influence in the price of BTC.
Samuel Waldron (5 months ago)
Is a lot of the money going to the massive ICO that is telegram?
David Woodcock (5 months ago)
Is it really because of bitcoin? Or are the whales diversifying into alts and selling across all coins at the same time?
hristd pat (5 months ago)
Drink hot tea
hristd pat (5 months ago)
Bro get well soon
Winter Bear (5 months ago)
I agree with you on this point. Decouple BTC right now. that thing is just a commodity and that was it. there is no fucking way institution is and will accept BTC for anything serious going forward purely because of the bad reputation etc....
:Nicodemus - :Dean (5 months ago)
How you feel better my friend.
Ryan Cook (5 months ago)
Christ Jesus, Trust, and Love. Because what YOU do to me, is on YOU. What I do to YOU, is on ME.
Erik Hartley (5 months ago)
People are probably selling off because of all the duplicate charges by coinbase, pissed a lot of people off, including myself.
Rman Rman (5 months ago)
Thanks for the update brother.Get well soon.
20x20xmanutd (5 months ago)
The only way market overall can be improved is for every token to be traded against usdt instead of btc. When btc is dumping and someone has an alt, they have to sell it to btc then sell it to dollars, so naturally a giant sell of reduces the price of alts as well.
Z3N17H1U5 (5 months ago)
Bitcoin is not dragging the other coins down. so quit saying that
Jon Wright (5 months ago)
Whales ruining it for everyone
Yang Anai (5 months ago)
Probably is Whale??
RICK blogs (5 months ago)
Well vitalik said cryptos are inflated and could fall very quickly anytime.. That's bad news
Ewgeni Weber (5 months ago)
Value of Bitcoin doubled in two weeks. What do you expect? A small pullback is healthy and good. No need to sprint into the next "bubble".
TheBozinski (5 months ago)
Feel better!
Huggy101 (5 months ago)
I suggest you look up Bob Loukas [email protected] on twitter.. He is a Commodities trader and Bitcoin holder. he applied time cycles to Bitcoins pattern last year and has mapped out these drops.. btw im not a bot : )
LampOfMagic (5 months ago)
its classic manipulation. they are tryng to shake off the ppl who are holding and then buy more.
Bunrith Ly (5 months ago)
Thx for these news. Hope u are getting better
Erwin Roossien (5 months ago)
Probably going down to +-8900 before big push back up.
Selfed Made (5 months ago)
The flippening needs to happen between Bitcoin & Ethereum ! To have a stable market. We have to get two weeks out from lunar new years to see full force back to business as well.
Chris Mumbach (5 months ago)
I think we just need some new money to pour in. Everyone who's currently in the market is completely out of cash until our tax returns start liquidating
antonio fuentes (5 months ago)
Maybe those people couldn't sale because fees were high are selling, but I think it will go crazy soon
A. T. Maverick (5 months ago)
fuck bitcoin!! makes everyone suffer losses..., long live XRP!
Crypto Nate (5 months ago)
it called market manipulation HELLO
Multi Verse (5 months ago)
Could this Bitcoin sell off be due to the lowered transaction fees? “ Oh I can finally move my bitcoin for cheap now!”
D Mac (5 months ago)
I wish more people would talk about how Bitcoin bring down other good coins that are doing positive things.
Walalal Hahaha (5 months ago)
D Mac Bitcoin is the king
Adam Schwankl (5 months ago)
Price action! I made .14 btc last night because I was expecting the correction.
Julio P (5 months ago)
Its called a bulltrap, big whales buying up 400 million in bitcoin and other cryptos in smaller amounts pumping the price waiting for influx then dumping. The end result is consumer confidence is impacted negatively lessening market cap severely.
James Hargreaves (5 months ago)
there would not be any other alt coins if it was not for bitcoin
Kumar (5 months ago)
Could the price drop have to do with some CME BTC futures contracts expiring on Feb 23? Just curious because it seemed like some folks mentioned that as the cause for the drop in January.
Kent Foundos (5 months ago)
The whales are messing with us!
Peter Johnson (5 months ago)
The reason for the dip in my opinion is profit taking. When you look at the BTC chart it's almost double what it was a couple of weeks ago. The price at 11k hit resistance so people cashed out their profit.....for now.
Michael Alpine (5 months ago)
I think the whole crypto market is being manipulated through the bitcoin futures exchange....just knock down bitcoin and all the other coins go down with it...sucks...they need to un-couple the alt coins from bitcoin.
Shinobi-1 (5 months ago)
Great stuff as always. Maybe people are selling of because the fees are lower now and easier to transact...which seems counterintuitive but real. That's why I haven't been transacting in BTC as much. Just waiting till now. Whales have probably been waiting. People panic...price dips...they buy the dip. Also, I see a lot of small orders on the books these days just being used as placeholders to drive prices...probably bots. Damn bots lol. #smashthebots
aqeel3344 (5 months ago)
You didn't cover the Korean regulator who found dead in his house !!
The Modern Investor (5 months ago)
yeah....thought that was a bit too morbid to be spoken about, especially since foul play might be involved
Jorge Echeverri (5 months ago)
i can definately tell that you are under the weather, i hope you feel better soon.
Joseph Cirafici (5 months ago)
In my opinion, this time it has nothing to do with the news. It has everything to do with human psychology. A lot of talk about bitcoin going down to $4000 is still in the minds of investors. The slightest move downwards causes more fear and selling.
Al Carrington (5 months ago)
We are being attacked. There is no other explanation, there is a concerted efforts by banks who are trying to kill Bitcoin. This is no surprised, do no think that criminal banks are not going to just sit-by and allow cryptos to destroy them. As they know it will replace their fiat money which they print at will!!
Ruong Nguyen (5 months ago)
Thanks for putting in the work even while you're ill...you're a trooper
Fan of Freedom (5 months ago)
Buying opportunity?
Abie Toiber (5 months ago)
Yes, altcoins suffer because of Bitcoin, and may seem not fair, on the other side without Bitcoin, there wouldnt be altcoins...
silversunseven (5 months ago)
Wall Street is the answer
silversunseven (5 months ago)
CME bitcoin futures settle this week
DoffMan Crypto Queers (5 months ago)
Keep talking bro.! You’re good. Thanks for your insight.!!
Jeff Rome (5 months ago)
Buy the hype sell the news....
Kable tha Kiid (5 months ago)
Manipulation man, manipulation...this last pump seemed so “un-natural” seems like it’s riddled with bull traps...
Joe Pannu (5 months ago)
you have to understand we're still young and if bitcoin fails everything fails
M ISSE (5 months ago)
My man, get well soon ✊🏾
StereoVideoHD (5 months ago)
The nagative news is - TA (technical analysis), and many many people who foolows TA regarles to fundamentals of Bitcoin.
Noremac Concorditas (5 months ago)
Hard to resist buying back XRP! :D PS Get well sooner.
Phil Ly (5 months ago)
I’ve figured it out! Price is dropping because there are more sellers than buyers!
Marinescu Dan (5 months ago)
The price doesn't always have to be news related
According to Technical Analysis there is great opportunity to sell BTC. That kind of things happen sometomes with the markets even there is no bad news. So don't foget about technacal part (IMHO)
Pro Kutz (5 months ago)
Market is down because of the shorting of bitcoin futures . Price got stay below 11,000 . They want to make sure it’s at a price they can Control
Rex Mentula (5 months ago)
Expect the unexpected. I think a lot of Bitcoin-investors might have waited for the fee to drop to cash out. From an economic perspective it makes sense.
John White (5 months ago)
Bitcoin wanted to be like gold. It got its wish. Manipulated. So much arbitrage. A traders dream. I wonder what JPMORGAN’s wallet address is? Probably the $400M purchase the other day or Goldman Sachs.
TheJTMarlin77 (5 months ago)
"This is great that this is happening"? lol what are you talking about?
motos 84 (5 months ago)
i tell u whats going on: this stupid traders make all the time technical analys and move the investors to sell at their points where they wish that bitcoin should make a pullback so that they can make more money by selling and buying back.and the people who are following them sell then at this points without any reason because they think all what this traders are telling them will happen. don't follow this..!! let them sell their coins.dont sell with them!!steal their coins!!!heres no reason for a pullback!!go on modern investors
motos 84 (5 months ago)
yes mr isaac.we have bills to pay.i must take every months my profit.but i don't sell all my coins.maybe u sell all your coins after every bull run.good luck
Isaac Page (5 months ago)
So you’re taking profits selling coins, but you’re telling people not to sell . Makes sense
motos 84 (5 months ago)
everybody is taking profit me too. but they try to push the people to sell all their coins.taking profit 10-30% is ok.but if everybody would sell all his coins u know what would happens after this action..
Isaac Page (5 months ago)
People bought at 6k and we ran to almost 12k ... you don’t think people are going to take profit ?
J.T. Irby (5 months ago)
Absolutely makes no sense. The only thing to explain it is.....the Big Boys, Whales, Bankers, whatever the F you wanna call them control the market. Over 80 billion yanked over several days? It’s at their will plain and simple. It’s not Segwit, lightning network, fees, news or any of that shit...
Earnest Funship (5 months ago)
Aren't BTC fees low because hardly anyone is trading it?
Hugo (5 months ago)
If there was no bad news and this is going down, I don't want to imagine if there was bad news... Since December BTC is drooping so everyone thinks this could be a bubble and also they think this could be the continuation of the big bad trend line going down. This is only lots of fear and hesitation and maybe some manipulation.
First Last (5 months ago)
The big boys got into bitcoin so they can keep it unstable. So it can be kept from mass adoption. ..But i am just theorizing that those people are colluding.
First Last (5 months ago)
Yarbloco ya i agree decentralized currencies are inevitable. I just hope the banks waste most of their wealth trying to fight it 😀
Yarbloco (5 months ago)
if they are, I would say it's to get a solid position before it spreads, because it seems to me that the shift from fiat to crypto (the tech behind it actually) is gonna happen sooner or later
AvengeVoltaire (5 months ago)
Muh Russian bots
J.T. Irby (5 months ago)
First Last Well guess what....you’re right
felipe cardona (5 months ago)
Don't know you, but I'm buying more XRP
Prophet NY (5 months ago)
Modern Investor what’s your opinion on ETHOS is it worth to invest. Thanks again for daily crypto blogs.
BoGJimPew (5 months ago)
More is being sold than bought this is why
dic dic (5 months ago)
Future expiration tomorrow
petera85 (5 months ago)
I remember the last time the futures expired. BTC was in a downfall like never before
Tucker (5 months ago)
One of the articles at 2:36 is interesting, "Bitcoin Gold sell-off? Someone just split and moved 664,000 BTG" here is the end of the article, ***At the current market price, the 664,000 coins are nominally worth about $84.3 million. However, CoinMarketCap data indicates that BTG has just $40 million in daily trading volume, which will make it difficult to unload the 664,000 coins (if that is the owner’s intention) without causing the market to crash.*** Indeed, the mere fact that these coins have been moved could cause traders to price in a sell-off, sending BTG’s value even lower than it currently stands.
Daniel Smith (5 months ago)
I hope it goes lower! So I can buy more cheaper!
Yarbloco (5 months ago)
more cheaper? such greed, man... haha jokin, I would wait and invest too if I had any money to do so
Prodigy Defender (5 months ago)
Just heard that another exchange got hacked - someone found a loophole (bug) in the exchange and went in and bought BTC for free, but got caught while trying to transfer BTC out out exchange. Could you please verify the source of this? This might be what spook the market.
Jepb 100 (5 months ago)
Do you think it is possible the market is down because of the tax season (US) and other countries newly required financial compliance? I was thinking many people are non compliant with taxes/owe taxes that will need to be paid and/or gov (s korea) and they got their money out to straighten their affairs or re enter aligned with gov ( s korea). This comment is total speculation.
Dave Lovesshoes (5 months ago)
It’s getting band in the EU the People in the know are moving there money
Jason Cruz (5 months ago)
Ryan Flanagan, this is great!!!! 😆😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Ryan Flanagan (5 months ago)
Will the lead singer of the band be Satoshi Nakamoto? How about band names? The Fiat Fighters. The Volatile Satoshi Project. The BTC Boys. Twenty One (Million) Pilots. No Rest For the Traders.

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