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Tron Making Moves - Cryptocurrency Market Down As TRX Moves Up in 2018

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Tron seems to be making some moves in the cryptocurrency market as we sit at a $400 Billion market crash early in 2018. Will TRX rise out of it's funk and reclaim of of it's former high? Let's hope that the recent news on this crypto is better than the previous. This is one of those time sensitive videos, a little positivity in a trying time for cryptocurrency. Will the tron coin continue to climb against all odds? Who knows, but market analysts are calling for a bit of a run. Again, trust your own judgement and invest at your own risk. Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ ICOAlert: https://www.icoalert.com/ New To Crypto? Have Questions? https://youtu.be/ijdLxX7jiLg Want Some Top 5 Altcoins?: https://youtu.be/-dKXJEwgrc8 Want brand new Altcoins? https://youtu.be/CFng6J_MLF8 How about some Community Picks? https://youtu.be/qXgm6Rj2BGs Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Text Comments (62)
whitieinvermont (7 months ago)
Why am I seeing this video for the first time on the 22nd?
Wajid Riaz (7 months ago)
I got 67000 trx I'll only sell at 1$ or 2$
ProDester (8 months ago)
@Your Altcoins which site is this with chart you re using?
Davor Ivana (8 months ago)
Buy now or wait little dip?
LonelyStacker (8 months ago)
Just fomo into TRON already geez it’s ok. Just get some TRON!
Mr. Anderson (8 months ago)
Sharе yоur littlе haррiness tо me 1Bdxn2fVxHvgabR1xeATYVERQsydMNKere
Brian Tzy (8 months ago)
Do one on Theta! Wanna hear your opinions. Keep up the great channel! Love your videos!
Pailox (8 months ago)
dude look at bitconnect coming back xD
David Zafra (8 months ago)
tron is going to 2x in 24h.. buying hard!
JOE C (8 months ago)
Titanium ico
Asterisk A (8 months ago)
XRP,TRX,DENT having much gain after massive slaughter during dip
R- HES (8 months ago)
I just worked all day....too much energy and volume in your voice to handle right now. Mellow mood here.... no disrespect! Do your thing.
Danial (8 months ago)
newhanddealt (8 months ago)
Dude you're only pushing Tron because you have most of your money invested in it. Coming off as a very biased analysis.
Asterisk A (8 months ago)
+Your Altcoins look at DENT
newhanddealt (8 months ago)
what coin in the top 150 haven't gone up today? the whole market is up.
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
So it's NOT because Tron has gone up 40% today?
Max M (8 months ago)
I can't give a damn if the whitepaper was copied tbh. If they have a real working product that is game-changing, then I'm all in.
Damian 12344 (8 months ago)
Yes Here with 2k New trons :-)
sukis (8 months ago)
u used trading platform or investment platform?
random noob (8 months ago)
Smartcash up 110% atm ... wth 😂
Jaime Enrique Cruz (8 months ago)
Mark Dwyer (8 months ago)
Do you think crypto in general will crash again??
itachi1958 (8 months ago)
Everything is recovering rn
Elie Nader (8 months ago)
4 cents was an absolute steal!!
ScratchMyNipple123 (8 months ago)
Jay_are21 (8 months ago)
I love this guy's enthusiasm! Glad I found your channel
Jonny OverSeas (8 months ago)
Love the way you come out and be yourself and share all this lovely information! SUBBED
Pailox (8 months ago)
man i wanted to buy tron... but didnt have money till next week :c
ljonathan991 (8 months ago)
Mark Beggs (8 months ago)
Ya, Tron is going back up first! Hey, have you checked out INS or XSPEC yet. Check them out! At a glance, XSPEC might be the most private privacy coin.
vance neeson (8 months ago)
I lost so much money on tron and the whole market for that matter. I scrapped everything i had and went all in on tron yesterday at .04 cents. Now I’m more than even, thank god tron.
Ivan Sidorenko (8 months ago)
its great news... but why it is pumping and what is triggering to its pumping..??
riyaz Ansari (8 months ago)
should i buy tron ?
Mil Gashi (8 months ago)
tennisace (8 months ago)
riyaz Ansari yes
Agxd42 (8 months ago)
Bought TRX back in Dec at $0.0045 so I'm thrilled, but added more and more at .07, .06 and even .05 It's already back up to .0875 and running to the MOON Please don't sell these dips. I was down 56% this morning from where I was a week ago. It's tough to Hodl but it pays off.
Vijay K (8 months ago)
Agxd42 Please somebody Send some BTC donations  371bhFXrf6GDRKDbcnnQu7ke8ZttZjGNeT
rob andone (8 months ago)
Good try dude. Tron is not popping back up before the rest of the market. Have a huge Tron position so I hope I'm wrong.
rob andone (8 months ago)
Your Altcoins Good call dude! I was wrong. Glad I didn't sell my position :)
Damian 12344 (8 months ago)
rob andone hahaha he was right :))))))
Vijay K (8 months ago)
rob andone Please somebody Send some BTC donations  371bhFXrf6GDRKDbcnnQu7ke8ZttZjGNeT
Penkills75 (8 months ago)
He clear isn't ;)
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
uh. Are you watching the price, bud?
Nico Engebret (8 months ago)
Stay strong, don't FOMO! This can be The Whaleuminati pulling the strings :O
Vijay K (8 months ago)
Truth of Nico Please somebody Send some BTC donations  371bhFXrf6GDRKDbcnnQu7ke8ZttZjGNeT
eddie franco (8 months ago)
Emanuel Collado (8 months ago)
eddie franco lol
48pluto (8 months ago)
i'm sceptical too it could be pumped right now to look good. But anyway there are lots of sale-offs today. Everything with 50 precent discount. Buy buy buy baby :)
Vijay K (8 months ago)
48pluto Please somebody Send some BTC donations  371bhFXrf6GDRKDbcnnQu7ke8ZttZjGNeT
Mike Jones (8 months ago)
Skeptical because whole market is down, but it is a Chinese coin and they don't play around
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
Remain skeptical. That is smart. Watch it and decide for yourself what you want to do with it.
vishram babriya (8 months ago)
Really exciting and amazing stuff.
OxicOfficial© (8 months ago)
Does anyone know what program he is using?
Ant# Frenchy (8 months ago)
Have look at coinigy too
OxicOfficial© (8 months ago)
Your Altcoins ty!
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
Tradingview. It's a website.
GSHeverything _27 (8 months ago)
Great stuff in this horrific market situation
Part Time (8 months ago)
while am typing this trx at 0.078
Vijay K (8 months ago)
OdennX Please somebody Send some BTC donations  371bhFXrf6GDRKDbcnnQu7ke8ZttZjGNeT
Part Time (8 months ago)
it seem all coins recovers now except BCC :P
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)

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