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Is This a Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Run or FAKE OUT?! - Crypto Trading Price Analysis & Cryptocurrency News

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👍 THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE + 🔔FOR 2X DAILY CRYPTO LIVE STREAMS! 🏅 PUBLIC TRADE ALERTS- https://t.me/AltCoinParty 🏆 PRIVATE VIP ELITE TRADE ALERTS- https://t.me/VIPELITE ⚡️ Follow @ https://twitter.com/CryptoKirby Is it possible that this is becoming a sustainable Bitcoin (BTC) bull run or is it just another fake out?! Let's discuss some cryptocurrency price analysis and current news on today's live stream! 😈 Let’s get this crypto! Disclaimer: The content covered in this video/live stream is NOT investment advice. I’m NOT a financial adviser. These are only my own personal opinions, ideas, charts, technical analysis, insights, news and price predictions. Always do your own research and only invest solely based on your own findings and personal judgement. Deciding to invest in and/or buy Bitcoin (BTC) or any other type of cryptocurrency is extremely high risk and can crash at any time! This video/live stream is purely for entertainment purposes only!
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Crypto Kirby Trading (19 days ago)
🏅 PUBLIC TRADE ALERTS- https://t.me/AltCoinParty 🏆 PRIVATE VIP ELITE TRADE ALERTS- https://t.me/VIPELITE ⚡️ Follow @ https://twitter.com/CryptoKirby
Crypto Conversations (14 days ago)
EXCALIBUR4040 (15 days ago)
Great advice, thank you.
RADEK BELIK (18 days ago)
Hi , just subscribed, like the TA , much appreciated 👍
James Watercooler (18 days ago)
Thank you, Kirb. U R the best
Dean de Winter (18 days ago)
a good pole whack is what we need --> 6800
CRYPTONOMICON (18 days ago)
Came here just for granmas 🍪 lol
zaira afzal (18 days ago)
Kirby there's a banging noise on your videos keeps coming through! It's like your banging your fist on the table lol. It's deterring
Robert Campbell (18 days ago)
Bitcoin etf, an insider trading
andre hidalgo (18 days ago)
Definitely wait for the confirmation wave. Great advice.
Rajesh Krishnan (18 days ago)
Very well done video at a time when someone is looking around to directions. Your comments about missing out by few % gain versus getting into FOMO is essentially what I think I was looking for some kind of guidance and general feelers. Thank you Kirby - you rock
Double Deal (18 days ago)
Are you from Tennessee Kirby?
arcade expert (18 days ago)
The bull market is coming. It will strike when we least expect it and will be the last major bull run. The final train is leaving the station, lets not miss this one.
Brian Liriano (18 days ago)
I love when you hit you table while your talking. Thanks for keeping it real man. A lot of fakes out here. Keep up the good work!!
Stephen Misud (18 days ago)
Thanks Kirby well done thanks for keeping us updated daily well appreciated peace
Rick Myers (18 days ago)
You ruined me, I can't listen to so many other Youtubers now, I'm all like, get outta here with that, lol....
Coin Buddy (18 days ago)
Rick Myers fr tho 😎👍
Stacy Sobut (18 days ago)
Happy 4th of July Kirby! Thank you for the excellent TA. while everyone else is enjoying the holidays. You are hard at work. Much appreciated😊
bailey08 (18 days ago)
Bull run will probably come in September IMO but in the meantime buy apollo(apl) when it hits the idax exchange on Friday 6th July! Massive project that will moon in no time!!!🚀🚀🚀🚀
Marc (18 days ago)
Just wow...after 10 minutes you know whats going on here..kirbs thank u so much for beeing with us 😎 greets from austria
nole 89 (18 days ago)
Fake out. Just whales and bots at play. No bull run until it hits the real bottom around 4500-5000.
Some Guy (18 days ago)
Is there a first leading diagonal. And I don't think is going to 6200 and not to 6070.
Debra Elkins (18 days ago)
I was new to Bitcoin at $3700 last year had no idea before that. You are right. And boy am I pissed ! Bulls on the run But it was late when it skyrocketed after that and went balistic and got on the nightly news think it was at 17K. But now I have to wait till like I said July when goes back down .To get more . I've learned a lot and do know what I am doing NOW ! I have a great portfolio. HODLING
Some Guy (18 days ago)
Disagree 100% there was a crystal water signal Div 1 and 3h. It was so clear that a rookie like me bought.
Wealth With Crypto (18 days ago)
Great content Kirby keep it up
Craig Neeve (18 days ago)
Next time they close down your channel i am moving back to Fiat
Mohamad Naouf (18 days ago)
Can you have a look at Tezos? Suddenly in top 20.....
Macan (18 days ago)
Hey, what about MoneroV? I saw that a lot of exchanges and pools are supporting MoneroV (XMV). Can you make a video about it? Thank you
SSVida (18 days ago)
I’ll be there I missed the dip twice thinking it might drop
Jose Howay (18 days ago)
Thanks , for info on api keys. I do my trades manually . I thought about a bot doing it . Scary shit man .
patrick van eylen (18 days ago)
institutional money is sleeping for the nxt 2month's
CRYPTONOMICON (18 days ago)
patrick van eylen Factz after September they should start trickling in
Caleb Phelps (18 days ago)
Kirby, could those large green candles be from people buying in from the new coinbase custody accounts?
Glen Warnes (18 days ago)
Thx Kirby. Been listening for a few days. Finding your videos increasingly valuable.
Todd D (18 days ago)
Kirby thank you for your time today, you say it how it is and thats it. Grandmas cookies and wooowhowhooo lol!! The insight and perspective you project is awesome man. The Coinbase custodial accts sounds like a positive for the market but seems like there would need to be a drop to get that new and corp fiat to come into the market. Lets get that Crypto! I think there is a big change in the world economy to come and I hope we all can be on that wave to that life changing positive experience we all are looking for...come over for grandmas cookies shes taking them out in a few lol Have a great 4th and see you on the next stream.
PROsec5 (18 days ago)
Debra Elkins (18 days ago)
Man oh man I don't think you can predict or chart this game ..lol but I know last year run was so late in the year. This is early. I have read on comments end of July another blood bath. So now I am waiting to see then to get me some more Bitcoin. Then I think Sept and or Oct or Nov or Dec 18 Jan 19 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Robert Campbell (18 days ago)
Debra Elkins it shot up im july august last year, but this year is no comparison to last year.
TM3000 (18 days ago)
Debra Elkins I don't think you have any idea of what you're talking about. Last year was a bull run all year long. Yes there were some bad drops but that's why it's called a bull run. Bulls buck up and down to throw you off. July will be a very good month mark my words I've said this for a long time. We will end July a lot higher, but after that yeah I am expecting more downside. Although that could change depending on what takes place
Pat Stone (18 days ago)
Sentiment is changing - the bulls are back in town 😋💪🏼
Reggie Menard (18 days ago)
Barbacue burgers and Grandma's cookies.
ATC MadNess (18 days ago)
Happy Independence Day Kirbster!!!!
Cho Griggs (18 days ago)
Shout out to Kirbz for keeping it real. Keep thevidz coming we appreciate them!!
Dennis (18 days ago)
Coinbase has put in the bottom.I suspect they manipulated this market down to get in at the bottom, coincidence they announced opening then market pumps? I don't think so.
Kamo Kamo (18 days ago)
u r the boss man!!!
Arthur de Vrome (18 days ago)
Possible bull possible fake out possible bear
Maxime Gagné (19 days ago)
stephandoan (18 days ago)
No thanks
Luke McDonald (19 days ago)
i did start trying to use api on binance today with a trading bot but hearing this ive just disabled it prefer not to have the risk thankyou :)
Ayaz Sattar (19 days ago)
Why is it that all these day traders keep tapping l talking about the bots manipulating the market upwards ... Look at that low volume till those up ticks ... But what about the reverse, exactly the same thing has been happening to date, bots and market manipulation dropping the price. The fundamentals are the same if not better, yet prices kept going down? Bots are manipulating the market up and down, they're Bi just take it both ways lol they have no preference
jay N (18 days ago)
Ayaz Sattar high volume down is bearish . Low volume down is actually not bearish
Kito (19 days ago)
You're no shill! You keep it real in an unreal race. No fundamentals, no illusions, just poker!
Louw van Riet (19 days ago)
Keeping it real. Thanks Kirby for a great vid!
Paul Rangel (19 days ago)
Thank you Kirby, as always, for all your insights and time. Have a great day.
Surri Chat (19 days ago)
For BNB....... Rumor said RogerVer made is own trading bot....but he was confused about uint & ulong ....:x
Samoka (19 days ago)
JAMES at the WATERCOOLER is now 😃 happy.
tuppydog (19 days ago)
Love this channel!!
Ruben Santos (19 days ago)
Im all fomo'd in the 6th the 6th! Classic liners.
Chris Rock (19 days ago)
mr lex (19 days ago)
apple pie kirbs
AndrewBit (19 days ago)
kirby when you said "possible bottom" you said possible for the swing or you mean ultimate bottom? coz I really think that this is not the ultimate bottom
AndrewBit (19 days ago)
Sad to say but in my opinion it could easily be. Denial would be the worst case scenario for BTC ... too many people think we may have found bottom (the triple bottom) and that' s not a good sign..
Mr. Rowberry (19 days ago)
AndrewBit still in the denial phase Andrew?
Surri Chat (19 days ago)
Hey Kirby! hey Kirby! when moon sir? when Mooon sir ??? :p
Crypto Kirby Trading (19 days ago)

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