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Altcoin Market Crash Continues - Is Bitcoin The Best Cryptocurrency?

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Join my in Los Angeles on the 24th of March: https://nac3.io Discount Code: davidhay15 In this episode of Crypto riot I follow up on some recent cryptocurrency news and my plans for Colombia.
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John Wayne (5 months ago)
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špela loboda (5 months ago)
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Dan Sundara (5 months ago)
exactly, everybody wants to get RICH QUICK, but nobody wants to WORK and EMBRACE LOVE this TECHNOLOGY here to CHANGE the FUTURE for better. <3 !!!
dragon oncrypto (5 months ago)
Agree with the risk reward analysis, the lower the cap the bigger the potential reward. Do you have any thoughts on privacy coins? Many did well last year, especially Verge, so I'm keeping my eye on DeepOnion and Zencash at the moment.
moneywithleo (5 months ago)
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CRYPTO WIZARD (6 months ago)
David make a video about Ncash
Carlos Garcia (6 months ago)
This is a good opportunity to buuuyyy. Appreciate the dollar cost avg advice :) 0x37A29090d352063125D23DDD54F799eCF0c38A98
Christian Fink (6 months ago)
What is the name of the song at the end of your video? I like it!
Christian godin (6 months ago)
Hey David! We got a message in our "origami networks" telegram channel claiming it is you, just wonder if it is legit? Keep up the good work
Chance Ak (6 months ago)
Can I please get some bitcoin? 3ATsrQTXAGD8PLdACbvYCTQmKxrvQtRP9t
THOMAS MACKENZIE (6 months ago)
0xba84853f357BF4b934F72AC76Ec71C367F8869ff I've been purchasing Syscoin weekly throughout this "crash.' I think its best to stick to coins you believe in. Also, committing to buy/ drip feed money into crypto for a super-long term investment means you ride out the dips!
Jonny Dee (6 months ago)
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bob miner (6 months ago)
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Israel G. (6 months ago)
Good luck David.
Seraph Gold (6 months ago)
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Banjo De Koya (6 months ago)
hey david, i caught your telegram impersonator today. lol, he posted in a large group and i wrote him. then he gave me the youtube channel and i just found this very video and my eyes got opened :) btw, leave a way folks can contact you on ur site. like a business email will do. contact me brah, I've got work for you.
stephen quilty (6 months ago)
At 14:30 🕝 GMT the @giftcoincrypto founders will be doing an AMA at https://youtu.be/vjzWSx4pLsg Submit your questions via the GIFTcoin Telegram group 🤓 #ico #tokensale #crypto #bitcoin
Jhony Lever (6 months ago)
Buy some PND . Good coin great future
Coffee With Crypto (6 months ago)
Peter Leeds discussed and get the solution for the crypto crash! https://youtu.be/5lUCv2PPVHA
Ryguy1450 (6 months ago)
Hate this market. 0x7a08ac1430cf05c6929a76a4a20a088190595590
Mavlonov Ulug'bek (6 months ago)
Derrick (6 months ago)
whats with your background?
Aristone Louxz (6 months ago)
Could you plase speak about block V and the vatomic app? 0x030c948339ff90dc968b02b18df51778b1cdb9b9 Thanks
Alessia Aikley (6 months ago)
Man. Crypto is just inundated with scams, isn't it. But people say don't buy at the all time highs. Who can disagree with that. But there is one thing to keep in mind. Say you bought a crypto in early january 2018, and it was 35 cents. Today its 5 cents. You bought at an all time high. But does that really matter when 1.5 years from now, its $3.00? Not really. Sure it would have been nice to buy it at 5 cents instead of 35 cents. But since we don't see the future, who really knows when to buy. You just buy good projects when you can. And then you wait a couple of years or more.
No Name (6 months ago)
WTF are you talking about. I bought 50k In crypto in December 2017 like an idiot. I'm ruined
Alexander Kazakov (6 months ago)
Thanks for the video. You are talking about powerledger, how come it's not in your spreadsheet? Does that mean you are not holding it?
gertjan van der meij (6 months ago)
The best is Ripple and Bankera !
Nana Koranteng (6 months ago)
Cardano has been my greatest disappointment
Samuel Emirov (6 months ago)
What is that song at the end of the video!?
Paul Castellano (6 months ago)
BitCoin will blow past 1 Million a coin im sure of that. But for now looks like down down but its all good. God Bless bitcoin screw the dollar . I buy bitcoin to bet against the dollar.
Jimmy b747 (6 months ago)
there going down another 80 % from here . then you will get to buy in. did dollar cost averaging work for sears toys are us and hundreds of other co. ?
Tress Dupres (6 months ago)
Have family in Venezuela safe travels and good luck
Noor Alam (6 months ago)
I love you sir
anush yana (6 months ago)
i thought this muff was gay...but i saw him a conference he is raising an ico and robbing people....shitty 3rd world country ahole, and funny thing he said he has wife, what an unlucky b00tch
Aveo&ave12 Pot (6 months ago)
Twitter to ban crypto [email protected][email protected]%%!!
gio957 (6 months ago)
Ethereum will have 0 value soon, when it happen i will buy 1000s.
ThanksMia (6 months ago)
be careful of nicholas maduro
2Crashy (6 months ago)
Guys are these "scams" effectively just virus - because who is actually stupid enough to be falling for them. Maybe by warning of the scams we are just fueling it.
Robert Manev (6 months ago)
80% off original ticket price? Haha like NOOOOOOOOOO.
Guillermo M (6 months ago)
Man use altpoket dot io
Stourport tropics (6 months ago)
I'm just buying the lows 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 great time to grab bargain
Stourport tropics (6 months ago)
Brilliant video. Your bang on
Geaux Crypto (6 months ago)
Dude are you paralyzed? You’re always in that same position. 😲
David Hay (6 months ago)
lol, I spend my most of my time researching and making videos. Might be time to update the wardrobe and set.
Minutes2tech (6 months ago)
And t shirt always the same...
Brian Carr (6 months ago)
Haaa. LOL. I've always thought the same thing....
Vercusgames (6 months ago)
Me, "Market hit $292 billion. We're in a crash." Crypto Chat Room Replies, "1.92 trillion here we come! Fomo! We're not in a crash! We'll make it back by tomorrow." Me, "..."
rommel capistrano (6 months ago)
I just hold and wait ETH: 0xa515999665cc3670ba28ec9fd7a275180e667721
Joshua Marriage (6 months ago)
Great to see a fellow Aussie killing it in the crypto space. Mad props Dave!
Hilton Robinson (6 months ago)
it was an Aussie who made bitcoin
NASWIN KARIM (6 months ago)
What You Guys Suggest .. Investing 20% in BTC, ETH,ETC,XRP ,BCH or invest 5% in 20 alts like TRN,SC,XVG,XDN,ETN..??
truzar100 (6 months ago)
Verge, Verge, VERGE, bargain, bargain, BARGAIN
Brandon Williamson (6 months ago)
Excellent clear, concise, honest advice. A rare find. Thank you David!
1987Mikeys (6 months ago)
Guys Dave is good but Beadles is GREAT checkout Crypto Beadles this dude is the man! Seriously this is not spamming this is just me sharing an awesome find! Just type in Crypto Beadles, you can thank me later.
Crypto Keeper (6 months ago)
“Mahket” - what is that?
Crypto Ninja (6 months ago)
Are you still doing the eth giveaway? Just in case: 0x65bb5a4b82143de00c44a21ed05deb26e2c2a772
Christopher Rivera (6 months ago)
Thanks for the videos. 0xC34EF41A8A9F659d1DA796246D56F6DAf74a36e2
John Stibal (6 months ago)
Bear markets like this are also a natural way to eliminate weaker projects from the ecosystem. The good projects will survive with less competition.
I want to buy some alt coin in this moment like Zoin, what do you think?
kruxmaster (6 months ago)
This crash sucks 0x4167fdb136bfd723ce0c54b9cc229f1f96596ea1
A Google User (6 months ago)
dave, have you talked to any government officials about your plan to give away crypto? I was wondering what they would think, you may have to get some type of aproval?
pew pew (6 months ago)
no offence bro but that intro is shit
VIMIDIA CORP (6 months ago)
kunal chikhale are you a Tron hodler
Klemza K (6 months ago)
they are scamer everyone 0xB4511e8e08fe24a3759481c5a8eF88AC2F8b8d7D
Nate (6 months ago)
Great guy with great advice. Thanks for all your great videos
Young Crypto (6 months ago)
I'm in Puerto Rico and none of the crypto enthusiasts from the conference are talking about market price. Just innovation and the future of blockchain. This is a phase and if you invested in something you had no knowledge of I'm sorry. The strong are in long. Nice video David!
Escape the Matrix (6 months ago)
I think a big part of the problem is that a lot of people are looking at cryptocurrency as a get-rich-quick scheme. I've always looked at it as a long term investment. I think the recent trend is a great opportunity to investment more money, not panic and run. I believe there's far too many of the Bitconnect type of people still around, but I'd guess they're thinning out rather quickly. That's a good thing. Recently, how Bitcoin goes, so goes the altcoins. There's no way to know exactly how much Bitcoin is being manipulated, so this could very much be a case of just driving the price down intentionally, and trying to set the lowest bottom. Bitcoin (and the altcoins), could, and I expect will, turn around and never look back. This, hopefully, will weed out the weak cryptos that probably had no long-term future anyway. That's also a good thing. The reasonable investors, those that still see the value of cryptocurrencies, aren't going anywhere. I'm off to buy more Litecoin and Monero. I don't investment more than I can afford to lose. Everyone should try it.
Egon Cassiverra (6 months ago)
i moved into cryptos, unfortunately, a bit too late (last novermber), so i haven't experienced great potential of making good returns (i hv some losses now - about 20 - 30%) also due to lack of information on how, n/or where i could get that fist BTC (it was expensive as u know).. i missed ICOs (again a trouble with research n knowledge of "what it was").. i've invested in a couple of those altcoins in february, n it looks like i got into a bad time again.. i do believe, same like u, in that technology, Dave.. so i don't panic, n i'm just waiting for recovery, n thinking of selling my property to invest more into it.. i don't live in my home country n i'm pissed off with all that governmental money/tax extortion crime, so i'm free to leave any shit land i'm living in.. that's benefit.. i wanna live outside countries who rob me.. tho', i do agree with u in almost all ur philosophy in cryptos n/or freedoms (i'm not that much attached to those governmental thieves like u in the USA), i still hv some serious issues in certain cryptos/altcoins like that ripple or iota that u invested in (ripple - centralized n bangsters shit, iota - looks like scam to me with their tangle bullshit that doesn't work well).. anyway, i wish u all the best in ur venezuela "adventure", Dave.. i used to live in peru about 30 yrs ago.. it was a horrible shit, n many peruvians just dreamed to live in venezuela that time (such a great oil reserve promising country). hard to believe it'll become what it is now
Crypto Lone Wolf (6 months ago)
A spare me pls from those btc maximalist’s, iota is totaly different from the all other cryptocurencie’s. They know that iota is the biggest threat to all other, including the btc. That’s why they all talk against the iota. Iota is foundation, legall in Germany and soon will be traded separately from btc, against fiat. Tangle is different from blockchain in many points, among them the wallet himself. It’s not classic wallet, (just cold and hot storage; and send and recieve. It’s designed to be totally different). Believe me, at the end you’ll see that the iota and the tangle is exactly what you have searching for, (like i’ve understand from youre life story over the several decades).
Egon Cassiverra (6 months ago)
it's not only about decentralization of iota nodes.. let's give a lead to the ppl who r much better in the subject than me.. just watch at from 51:45 the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWCQ5YRraOc&t=2447s and that with ivanonthech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8_1JFE_9dI then, if u r still a believer in iota, then just wait longer to lose on that shit.. i've lost a hell of money in my life... i hv to admit i made mistakes.. also in cryptos.. got too late on that wagon, n still was buying when it went down, but i realized it's not down inough coz it came down even more.. well, i wasn't lucky enough to find out about the cryptos, unfortuanately (i lived around the world, n didn't listen to any media news, etc. till last yr when i've heard about that bitcoin first time in my life, n got interested in it very slowly since i was going thru other crises/troubles n my life again).. i've done many mistakes in my life (like richard heart did when he talks about his life stories), but i also learn from them.. some ppl never encounter "big crashes in his/her life".. i had many, so i'm also z smart guy thru' my mistakes.. i paid a huge price for being smart :) no matter how smart or intelligent one can be, there's always some place that they can be a victom of others or other schemes.. i've seen that a lot in my life
Crypto Lone Wolf (6 months ago)
A For ripple i agree with u, but for iota, no way, at the end iota will be the most decentralised from all the others with no fee for the transactions. I know you’ll say the tangle is not decentralised, but that is for now, (still in beta phase). By the end of the year you’ll see the real potential of the tangle and iota. Spend some time researching them and you’ll be the biggest fan at the end!
nikon (6 months ago)
$ALQO. That is all.
D Man (6 months ago)
Big pull back in the market today. About 10% drop in XRP price. This correction is normal. Expect XRP to drop further in the next 2 weeks in the range 10% to 20%. . A bigger crash to follow later for all coins. Reevaluate later. The time to sell Bitcoin & XRP is now. There will be a future date to buy back in but that is not today. Sell it. Sell.
Marcus Lawson (6 months ago)
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Aaron Ainslie (6 months ago)
Sounds suspiciously like bit connect. Will those guys be running this operation from jail?
Thanks for the nuggets, there has been some serious manipulation as of late as I watch the trading (ghost buys), just saw 380K USD buy for NEO which triggered a selloff, then cancelled before it was executed. ETH: 0x1A692456E5857D238eb6d9f99b921858fa97bCe7
Nufsed Saynomore (6 months ago)
"QSP" live demo day 3/19. Huge!!! 🖖👽
tiebreak stud (6 months ago)
As you said if we take the long-term approach we'll be fine and splitting your investments into different coins is the way to go. Most of my investments are in privacy coins especially in Deeponion, PIVX, and MONK and as you said I'm still on profit compared to November.
AnEclecticSoul (6 months ago)
You can't time markets that are rigged
kyotowave (6 months ago)
Good luck 🍀 + Safe travels ☀️
Ferris Alkasid (6 months ago)
wtf are you talking about. ADA went down from $ 1.29 to $ 0.14 CNET. how is that only 11 % down from the last 4 months.
bondi1987 (6 months ago)
Wasn't the Cardano price on Nov 8th 0.02 instead of 0.22? Making you a hefty profit instead of a loss?
CRYPTO NEWS (6 months ago)
BINANCE OPEN FOR NEW USERS: Sign Up Before Closes Registration https://www.binance.com/?ref=13553029
Gosia (6 months ago)
Demorcratism failed, Cryptocratism will not!!! 0xd0BEfdee2D8F6E97fDfedf5288a9De68cC0497Db
hawksnestvision (6 months ago)
whoo hoo! Congrats David. With you in spirit to all on the ground <3 you're doing it! all of you! peace
Luke jones (6 months ago)
You look like Daniel Tosh
HULK likes green charts (6 months ago)
and a banana
Luke jones (6 months ago)
Mixed with Rob Dydrek
Always Crypto (6 months ago)
Dollar cost averaging in a bear market.. What if the bear market continues for 2 more years?
pub (6 months ago)
HODL = Bend over, grab your ankles and pray for lube. SCAMS
G G (6 months ago)
New to this channel but enjoying the simplicity of the videos and your views on things. I have subscribed!
pub (6 months ago)
Sell OFF?? How about SCAM COINS bursting and soon to be GONE. 1,564 COINS and 90-95% are SCAMS that will be gone in 2 years.
CRYPTO Marty (6 months ago)
A lot of fear in the crypto space.. Remember Warren buffet's quote?
Alfred Maboa (6 months ago)
holla at me bro. 0x25c6b1a0e93d8007925557d38abaa4ebc6bae49e
Alfred Maboa (6 months ago)
yo holla at yo boy. 0x25c6b1a0e93d8007925557d38abaa4ebc6bae49e
Manuel Cirasino (6 months ago)
full support for you strategy! big fan from Italy 0xdad96ab77a78db6590ca5a0cbe657b8514b451f1
Keith Taubin (6 months ago)
i-man am really glad you made this video. It makes a difference to put this whole evolution into perspective for those think it is all about making money on cryptos going up in price. Thanks!
Sam I Am (6 months ago)
Safe travels!!
Shekhar Rane (6 months ago)
yes right... ETH:0x854e16a4baf7c92b16339f534205242bd5366ed6
Bitcoin_ Rob17 (6 months ago)
Have a safe trip David and God Bless!
Patriot762x (6 months ago)
btc neo ltc eth 0xa9464FF14d2C0E7eB8A36F3738cb07DFE14BE815
Christoph Michael (6 months ago)
Hold hold hold is all you need to do ETH address: 0xdbfc44c620260ee345f50f6d21bb957b1ea38450
ntcyng (6 months ago)
nice vid... a good balanced perspective! thanx! PIVX wallet: DDJPWwcFrVozKGoNdfbnLBG4yw64TQB58m
Artus Kalon (6 months ago)
David Pillow
Paul Pugz (6 months ago)
Hello. Could you please review Selfkey (KEY)?
goemon9378 (6 months ago)
still going down tho...let's see again in a month or two
Jo L (6 months ago)
Agreed about timing the market, that's why diversify, pick disrupting projects that add REAL, value to this space, ADA, Power ledger, Monero, get in low, and just hold, for however long that is. Three months, three years, whatever.

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