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Murder Of Crows - A Message

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Text Comments (114)
Crypto Crow (13 days ago)
Honestly, I've spent about 4 hours on this and broke down trying to record the audio the first few times. lol I dont know why but today has just been a weird, emotional and thought provoking day so I thought I'd turn it into something. Thank you for your comments. :)
Greg Watson (10 days ago)
Crypto Crow we love your dedication to the technology. Most of the people i share word with blow off the idea. I for one of many appreciate your time and effort to share the future to be with us. At 59 I have made and lost millions literially. I'm going in with 10% of my net worth as it becomes liquid. "Crow your coins"
Colby McCord (10 days ago)
Thank you
sumreal guy (11 days ago)
Crypto Crow... I tear up each time I listen bro
Steve W (11 days ago)
Prouder than ever to be part of the crow family!
Gregory Viterna (12 days ago)
Thanks Buddy....I needed that, been a crappy week. Just weary of having to accept selfabsorbed individuals having such control over the majority.
varouje zourikian (1 day ago)
I’m inspired by you ..... THANK YOU
George Moore (6 days ago)
John McAfee is a rapist and a shit eater. Replace his splotchy ass fucking face with Vitalik, a real blockchain pioneer. Also, all the NWO conspiracy theory, skull&bones, Georgia Guidestones, & Rothchilds pics are a little to Alex Jonesy for me. I appreciate the sentiment of your message though. ✊🏼
Isaac Taylor (8 days ago)
Excellent message man. The Elite aka the Illuminati will soon fall, blockchain and crypto for all!!!!
John Tuminello (9 days ago)
Let the creative spirit out and live.
LONDON FPV (9 days ago)
All those in favour say aye!?
Steven Valverde (10 days ago)
Good job brother!
DAY WALKER (10 days ago)
Kevin Manz (11 days ago)
Nicely done, Crow
Poetic words of wisdom!
The Lion's Den (11 days ago)
Steve W (11 days ago)
Artistic, creative, profound and... human! Glad you are seeing it so clearly Crow.
Neil Ward (11 days ago)
WOW WOW WOW. Truly loved it man, We need more of these inspirational videos from you Jason. this suits you well. I love everything you do man!!!! lets crow them coins, And get the message out. TO EVERYBODY WE CAN BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buentaste (12 days ago)
This video DESERVES 5,000,000,000 likes; moon the likes people moon the likes!!!
shuff1111 (12 days ago)
Awesome.....Down with the New World Order and all the satanic pedophiles!!!! 1776 worldwide!!!!
Michael Sheldrew (12 days ago)
Good job
Henry Schenck (12 days ago)
You're the man crow... I mean that from the bottom of my heart. The world would seriously be a better place if more people like you existed. Thanks for everything you do! Now... I still am looking for a crypto mentor 🤗😁 haha
Sue Felix (12 days ago)
Had to watch again and had to share on facebook & twitter & emails. Just what we needed with this stuck market.
Sue Felix (12 days ago)
Excellent and Exceptional. Love, love, love this video. Thank you!!!
longshotin05 (12 days ago)
Great video Crow
TeeJay304 (12 days ago)
Finally, Someone not raping about Lambo. Thanks for your good work.
Neon Monkey (12 days ago)
That was a cool ass video crow. Liked and shared. Was just telling my buddy today how I'm so over this rigged ass market because a lot of my coins are in the toilet lol. I have a lot of coins I'm hoping will 1x lol. I've bought the "last dip" 10 times haha. My point is that I NEEDED to hear this today. Thank you. Keep killing it crow!
Shawn Coons (12 days ago)
So Inspirational Jason!
Christopher Robson (12 days ago)
Let's task our murder to make this go viral on Facebook and twitter!
Darren c (12 days ago)
Really good video, very inspirational and thought provoking! :)
rebecca bond (12 days ago)
really inspiring crow
Nope Nada (12 days ago)
Absolutely beautiful, got me choked up Crow.
Slayer Fan (12 days ago)
Nice job on the video Jason, a little humanity in our day is always welcome! When moon humanity?
Steve W (11 days ago)
Moon humanity!! LOVE IT.
David Walsh (12 days ago)
Absolutely, Amazing, Emotional and Fantastic. Time to start a real Crypto Movement for the Masses
T Cox (12 days ago)
Powerful. Good stuff
WILDWWILL (12 days ago)
Nicely done!
thechiquito2099 (12 days ago)
Fucking yes Crow!!!!!! WOW!!!! This got me pumping!
M F (12 days ago)
Hi is you show still coming
dewalt1799 (12 days ago)
Crow, I watched this video 4 times, it was like you were telling my story and thousands of others like me. It was breathtaking , so true and real. IT IS AMAZING!. Thank you for giving us the motivation we so desperately needed. God Bless!
TheTradeBox (12 days ago)
Amazing video! Make sure you also research XinFin (XDCE)!
Massimo Sircana (12 days ago)
Hello Jason , I really appreciate those great awe inspiring words, and yes also for me is being a weird emotional day and then I learned that one of my preferred personalities on TV killed himself...very sad rest in peace Anthony Bourdain... Again Jason thanks a lot for everything you do and keep up the great work, god bless you and your family...and of course CROW YOUR COINS MY FRIENDS
Reclaim your Health (12 days ago)
Go Crow Go Go Go what about tokens or should we stick with coins ,love to the Crow
caroline naegle (12 days ago)
Ya Jason!
Steve Wilkins (12 days ago)
You should use this as an intro for your tv show. Great job :)
Charlie Big (12 days ago)
Thank you...so inspirational....
Danny Lock (12 days ago)
Nice one crow, love it
Eddie Vaisman (12 days ago)
Anderson Flennoy (12 days ago)
I love you man 🤗
Marc Andrews (13 days ago)
Creative Crow has spoken, well done!
Natvstyle (13 days ago)
Armondo B (13 days ago)
This type of message/ video ought to be in your rotation ongoing "Monthly Message" or something like that -- keeps things fresh, and serves as a great reminder to your supporters re: What You're All About !! Great job 👍
Joey D (13 days ago)
Love it brother, great job!! Even got me a little emotional lol
sumreal guy (13 days ago)
Very Powerful bro
sumreal guy (11 days ago)
I have to be honest, I've listened to this a few times. I tear up every time
"... ALREADY with PLENTY and NOTHING to GAIN...GREED...!!"
Olivier Santos (13 days ago)
The Perfect way to start my day!! 2 inspirational minutes to get motivated on a friday. CROW YOUR COINS!!
Aves Bilal (13 days ago)
James Bain (13 days ago)
Down with the banker wankers!
I AM called PAULIE P. (13 days ago)
YO YO YO Da CROW !!!! WOW.... WOW.... "The Declaration of Crowdependance" AMAZING to wake this morning and to here this. This needs to be either an INTRO or an OUTRO for one of your list of shows. Just saying. Thank You for the six months I have been part of the Murder. Thank You for the Emotional, Motivational and Inspirational words that FLY above. When do I get my printed and signed copy???? ...and no i'm not gay for you.... I AM scared of heights. PEACE Paulie P.
StoneHeart06 (13 days ago)
Very well said Mr Crow. You should have these thought videos every so often. Very inspiring. Thank you.
Christopher Robson (13 days ago)
Love the positivity crow. Inspirational message. More like this!
Dave Diaz (13 days ago)
keep those words later for a small video, including scenes of wild life and beautiful landscape back by an orchestra and in the end add Johnny Chase ( drama) shouting "Victory"!
Evren A (13 days ago)
Very very nicke.
João Fernandes Silva (13 days ago)
First and best Blockchain based Inspirational message!! You "da" Man!!
Mike MurphChops (13 days ago)
CryptoH (13 days ago)
I was emotioned....well done mate....and thank you to give the courage by seeing your vid. Bless u
windspiritm (13 days ago)
Awesome! I love my ear bent!
Rittoo Singh (13 days ago)
Great inspirational video 😎😎😎 CROW YOUR COINS
Netpilot (13 days ago)
So creative. Amazing!
Crypto Blockhead (13 days ago)
You are the inspiration to the many, keep doing what your doing, you are brilliant as you are. "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL" . This is the time to listen and learn, am so glad and privileged to have come across your channel about 4 mth ago as a total NEWBEE. You have given me knowledge, insight and believe in this space of crypto, and humanity, as I feel u to be a genuine human being. Absolute pleasure to be part of your journey. Thanks for all your work you put in.This is only the beginning.
Neil Ward (11 days ago)
Lovely words man, I feel exactly the same!!!! TOGETHER WE STAND!!!!!!
eggnogsaber (13 days ago)
We've got to share this with John McAfee @officialmcafee and get it seen
H Ox (13 days ago)
You're one of my favourites for a reason. You are a decent human being and I appreciate you, Jason.
Pop Nikos (13 days ago)
silversmoke100 (13 days ago)
DanYool Do (13 days ago)
WOW......I shed a tear or two. Thank you for that
Rabin1 Timsina (13 days ago)
Awesome way to spread the message crow. I'm glad that I'm part of you channel.
Nick Browne (13 days ago)
Nice one man, love it!!
cary counterman (13 days ago)
Kinda weird. Not what I was expecting...still watched to the end. I give it one thumb up!
warren bartholomeo (13 days ago)
AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME true wizdom thank you crow .Your eyes are open many will follow 🙏🙏🙏
Joncrypto82 Singapore (13 days ago)
Hi I love You output I am 63 and know crypto Is the future Just amazing how any one over say 35 are mostly negative it seems Enjoy the ride cheers
Buentaste (12 days ago)
I am 50 and crypto already changed my life......
Eric Alvarado (13 days ago)
Love it Crow! Awesome time we live in. Big times ahead of us! Keep it up brotha
ORiO (13 days ago)
Duuuuude, listen to the Crow!!! Loved this....very inspirational. The piano was a great idea, to go along with your words!
Brian Pfeiffer (13 days ago)
Looks good bro👍🏻
Douglas Alferez (13 days ago)
Long live the Crow
The Crypto Vaper (13 days ago)
Amazing video mate! Full of truths!
Carlos Filipe (13 days ago)
Nice work man! Let's keep the dream alive!
TheKormorant (13 days ago)
This was legit .... First person in this space to call out these fake old farts ( they all have one thing in common. Their time has come to an end ....
JC Stander (13 days ago)
Wow very nice my man!
THE CRYPTO BEAT (13 days ago)
Stand up and be heard. Love it
Crypto Krissi (13 days ago)
goose bumps
Denise aka KryptoMom (13 days ago)
Nicely done!
Erik Montezuma (13 days ago)
This vid gave me chills!! Wonderful!
Andres Vega (13 days ago)
Loved it!!
Ryan Phelps (13 days ago)
Crow is a poet!! Love ya Crow!
Anthony Crespo (13 days ago)
Wsup crow

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