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Crypto Arbitrage 1-10-2018

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In this video I discuss a simple crypto arbitrage tactic that can make you money time and time again. Additionally, I respond to a comment about ethereum and why it's price and market cap has gone up, and lastly I cover what I think might be one of the biggest potential cryptocurrencies of 2018. - My site with more information and resources: http://blocksmarty.com/ - Buy Cryptocurrency: $10 btc free for the first $100 you purchase https://www.coinbase.com/join/55f70dbeb68725008300002e - Mine cryptocurrency: 3% discount with my code: 6e3UWz https://www.genesis-mining.com/ Coin Tracking Tool: https://cointracking.info?ref=B334910 Convert Crypto: https://changelly.com/?ref_id=4fd642ed5bbc My twitter: https://twitter.com/BlockSmarty Subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM0imHR5C689j9qifbs-zIg?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlockSmarty Support my channel with donations: (Thank you so much!!) BTC: 1JVKrPfYeY8rMWyeeyW5dCUXjcEfRmvLJn EOS: 0x47353a86AE8B983D1bBc9140999E487D7d779F7A Dash: Xvm4mwDtJpZxZFVyJy4YzDHddYZ6La4aFb Ethereum: 0xD2d0CEc99AC38DE1A420C984fb810F2a9CDA30E3 Litecoin: LRaZsWRWkKKK1QS4AjP5Ha5QaGZPcsZ6P9 Ripple: rKG7R7kYwqSzQLHXBN3mnj89YdP9Wvhxvq Raiblocks: xrb_19i8mwn73a8yc5jksf69yws59rdybnoxqbonbrbk1jpcfxu6fcrrrh455jnp I greatly appreciate any donations!
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Text Comments (24)
BlockSmarty (7 months ago)
I just want to say thanks to the new subscribers here. I hope to continue to post at least 1-2 videos daily going forward, and I greatly appreciate your support!
Rob X (2 months ago)
Great video. I do arbitrage on cryptocurrency with bots. This topic is really very interesting! How do you look at to make review bot - bibitbot.com?
Согласен,бот неплохой.
MrLemizerable (2 months ago)
bienestar (2 months ago)
Frank Wase (2 months ago)
I use and if the author makes a video about it I will join and look about it, because arbitration between exchanges is gaining popularity
MITUL PATEL (5 months ago)
https://youtu.be/SWALe617x4M Realtime arbitrage tracking sheet
VernisL (5 months ago)
So we have to find xrp/usdt some different and we can make trading quikcly?
Robert (6 months ago)
Very good info thanks Tom, Robert UK
Music Hits (6 months ago)
Good stuff.....I subbed!
BlockSmarty (6 months ago)
Thank you so much!
Lance Johnson (6 months ago)
I enjoyed it but the predictions were wrong all of the coins you talked about are way down right now. However I did learn from this.
BlockSmarty (6 months ago)
Thanks Lance! - the entire market is massively down since 1/10/18 if you look at it. We went from around 725 billion to 550 billion overall: https://coinmarketcap.com/charts/
Rigel Vlog (6 months ago)
I still don't understand how you can take your usd again, I mean you buy let say US$100 in XRP you send them to another exchanger and now you have let say US$110 in XRP, how you trade these XRP in US$ to send the money to your bank for example if the 2nd exchanger doesn't work with US$ like binance for example?
BlockSmarty (6 months ago)
You could use something like localbitcoins, localethereum, or even ebay and get significantly more than the $110 you have made (I'd say closer to $130-140 in this example). The only thing I'd be careful with is picking good trading partners on those sites that verified high feedback users. I know some people literally buying on coinbase and re-selling right on ebay for about 1.3-1.5x what they paid for it. I just don't necessarily like relying on coinbase in this case, but it is a way you can make money.
Lol Toll (7 months ago)
Theoretically profitable, but not practically. I tried it: 1. Fees eat your profits, if you do not move enough money. (E.g I used 5.000$ and made 10$ of profit before fees but only 1,70$ after fees) 2. If you happen to be lucky and have the 100.000 it would take to make a profitable amount out of the trade you run into illiquid market problems. With a 100.000$ sell order you are going to actually influence the price on the exchange you are selling at and this means you reduce it, which agains eats your profits or you may even lose money. 3. The risk is just too high. There is not only the risk of the exchange not letting you withdrawal or that it declares bankruptcy. The time transactions take to be confirmed by the blockchain are too high. In that time the price can easily drop 10% like we saw multiple times in the last days with ethereum. Buy and hodl in valuable coins is still the best way to make money with cryptos. Everything else is just an adrenaline rush.
Ali BaBa (2 months ago)
Hey, man, do you understand arbitration? On one exchange rate can grow faster than on the other. And there is a period of time when you can play on the difference and earn. It's called cross-exchange arbitrage. And there is no need to translate anything between exchanges. On one buy on the other sell.
Nick Kühl (6 months ago)
thanks for that info! helped me! if i think aboutthat profit trailer bot alone costs 0.3 BTC to buy ..that money I rather invest in coins and hodl.
Harpsickle (7 months ago)
Poor college student here. I like TRX and was wondering if anyone would be willing to donate a few? Any would be much appreciated. Even just one. 0x5c11f6f7bd0c7c390dac2e6464f2558daccd05d1
Mark Cvetko (7 months ago)
Hi, Why is there only trade option for XPR on gate.io?
Kyle Hegeholz (7 months ago)
Good Video. I also discovered this a few weeks back and have been executing these trades for a little over a week now. Here are some of the lessons I have learned. 1) Understand transaction fees on withdrawls & purchases 2) Need to take advantage of volumes on this. Ensure you are moving enough money to cover the transaction fees. Otherwise you will get eaten up in transaction fees. 3) Understand the Bid/Ask Spread. On some of these sites often times the spreads are large and what this means is to the individual is your the supply/demand of these orders is small which slows down the process and ability to clear both sides of the transaction and the market can move away. 4) Utilize Google plug in for coinmarketcap. You can install a plug in to google sheets that connects to the markets you see on coinmarketcap. Build a grid for all of the sites you are signed up for and then check various currencies. 5) Site specific decimal points, each site sets limits on how many decimals you can withrdaw/transfer. This leaves fractionals behind in the various sites. Have a plan to consolidate these at the end to clear the entire amount. This is a very good opportunity, however it's very important to understand and be organized when executing this. I set up my accounts/systems for about 2 days before actually beginning the execution of this process.
breakdcycle (4 months ago)
yap just like HitBTC i forget the trading limits on LTC, number 5 on your list. thanks man. doing a screenshoot on this and pin it my kids head.
Bog (6 months ago)
hey man, nice comment. I'm also setting my system from something like 10 days and I found some good paterns. Just have some issue on how to definetly calculate all the fees during the entire trade and how to clear all the amount on the varius exchanges. I will be glad to share ideas on what I have found intresting and also ask you some questions. Do you have an email were I can contact you ?
Kyle Hegeholz (7 months ago)
There are multiple ways that people manage this. I'm using an overly simplistic solution for this. For me I'm leaving the fractionals in sites that I frequently use and plan to clear them once a month. My plan for this is start with the site that allows the most decimal points transfer the amount necessary to round up the fractionals then move the whole lump back. The time between exchangers is another important point on timing. So far I have not found a solution to this, however there are certain sites that are clearing the transactions significantly faster than others, so I have tried to use those whenever possible.
Sebastian Soler (7 months ago)
Nice information mate, thank you. But how you deal when you need to re-balance your exchangers? ....or when you need wait the transaction between exchangers?
BlockSmarty (7 months ago)
Such an awesome comment. I should have probably dedicated the entire video to this, but I wanted to at least float it out there for people as a possible idea. I had a friend do this and make over 14k profit in 1 month. Granted, he was moving over $1,000 per trade.

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