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Profit Trailer Settings Download - Anderson DCA Explained - Merry Christmass!

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Text Comments (75)
Celine Halpin (6 months ago)
Ron Vanderwill (7 months ago)
Hey C.C.... Thanks for all the help figuring out these bots. I've learned that Cryptohopper is not a live feed with the exchange. Their best subscription (Kangaroo) only hits the exchange every 2 minutes. Do you know if P.T. is a live feed? Thanx!
Paul Woodruff (7 months ago)
Thank you for this! Just purchased PT this past weekend and am excited about it. Question, in your Pairs file, you list many coins. Is this inferring that we use all the coins listed for PT to have greater variety, or pick the ones we want?
Subbu Hariharan (7 months ago)
Awesome video.. very informative ..thank you
Mariusz Chwałek (7 months ago)
You have the greatest videos in this matter of all those available on youtube. I love the way and form you are trying to explain stuff. Keep doing it mate!
Sunset (7 months ago)
How many pairs would you guys use for a 10k budget? Should I just keep it on unlimited (0)?
Maxime Joanis (7 months ago)
Did you remove the downloadable archive? I see lots of links, but only one which will download something, and it's a single set of PTTrailer settings.
And I wish that (7 months ago)
Hey man, thanks so much for this, I've only recently discovered Crypto and then this week I've discovered Bots! This is going to change my life. Its a steep learning curve having no financial background and little experience, the detail here is exactly spot on! So many thanks again.
Bill Kahn (7 months ago)
do you still running this bot? Is it good enough for newbies?
alexisbarzaga (8 months ago)
newbie here. I have a question about DCA. Ive had my bot running for 3 days now without the DCA on and now I have a few bags. If I turn on the DCA now when im already in the negative. will it calculate that each bag was already in the negative or will it calculate its profit making ability from its current point. For example, if I have a bag at -10% and I turn on DCA, will it know its already -10% or assume that current price is the starting point? just wanna make sure it wont sell for losses if i turn it on now
EVOLUTION (8 months ago)
Thanks so much for your videos. Is it possible you could do a video for Binance USDT trading. Or if I pay you could you set me up. I have tried but I don't know what Im doing as i cant find help with usdt on binsnce. Thanks
Hibache (8 months ago)
I said a prayer 🙏 for you and your family when I' heard this video. My condolences.we all appreciate what you. Your dedicated to your craft and it shows in your passion.
khoantum (8 months ago)
Thank you for creating this, I've read the wiki but your videos just puts a lot together that the wiki doesn't. Hope you're doing well.
Connie Thompson (8 months ago)
love your videos and really appreciate all the help!!
Frosty Dog (8 months ago)
I need your help.... thanks !
Frosty Dog (8 months ago)
Thank you Crow... I will be downloading your software
SunnyBoy Team (8 months ago)
Thank you so much, you have been a great help to me. wishing you the best in the New Year.
Stephen So (8 months ago)
Your buy settings on 0.35BTC are wrong, I nearly lost all my money because of the wrong setting. It was buying at the top instead of the bottom. I would not listen to you again.
Bill Kahn (7 months ago)
How did you fix it and what file is that?
Tyler Harney (8 months ago)
Question, will the bot only take and sell what it, itself, has previously bought? Or will it take and sell coins I have bought manually, say a couple months ago?
Tyler Harney (8 months ago)
Thank you for the reply! I think I might run PT with a new completely separate Binance account. That way I don't screw anything up lol
fallingstar770 (8 months ago)
It will sell any coins in your account. That is the first thing mine did when I turned it on. There is a way in "pairs" file you can hide any coin you want to hold by telling it not to buy or sell that coin.
Creepa (8 months ago)
can anyone help i keep getting errors in my cmd "Your are not allow to buy ... buy will exceed min buy balance 0.15 i have a budget of 500 should i reduce this number?
Creepa (8 months ago)
i have copied you setting btw, thanks in advance!
Trev H (8 months ago)
wow. Great video about making money and heartfelt gratitude of kindness from strangers. Never thought those 2 could go together. You get my sub easy.
Dane Myburgh (8 months ago)
Hey bro thanks so much for all you do for all of us. I really can't express how thankful I am for the content you produce and the information you provide. I am about to purchase Profit Trailer and see how things go. I'm sorry for your loss and wish you an awesome 2018!
joe smith (8 months ago)
I love your videos. I really like your style and enthusiasm! Im sorry for your recent bad news!
Jakse (8 months ago)
Thanks Crypto Crow, i'v learned to calc my dbl down, only problem i can only trade 2 pairs :-) or only dbl down 2 times
KittenCO_OP (8 months ago)
Hello Crypto Crow. I just finally got PT installed and have it running with the (.035) settings. But I have (.1) bitcoin in binance... can you give me a tip on what to change to get it to best work with my amount?
Dan Little (8 months ago)
So for a smaller budget can you explain why you recommend -5.4 , -15.5, -20.5 DCA levels instead of the standard -2.4, -3.5, -4.5? I'm just trying to get my head around it. That means that my bags will wait longer before they double down which means that it might take longer to get rid of them? Does this not all rely on the volume of trades being high?
Andy B (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video. I'm thinking about getting this bot, I was wondering if these settings are the same for Mac OS?
Bill Kahn (7 months ago)
Me too. Wanted to see if this entire thing is fully supported on iOS?
Simon Wilmann (8 months ago)
Merry Christmas. hope things pick for you. good luck and thanks for the help
Stu Shapiro (8 months ago)
Thank you!
J AH (8 months ago)
Hey Bud. I figured out my binance issues... Turns out Chrome what causing me issues! I am all set up and wondering if this config works for binance as well as bittrex? Right now it seems to be trailing a lot of coins, but isn't make any buys... Many Thanks!
Everlazy (8 months ago)
The min_buy_balance for all 3 (.035, .35 and 2.0) all show the same balance: .05. Wouldn't this stop the bot from making any purchase on the .035?
Bouffon Quilombo (8 months ago)
I think you're right
Johnny Bravoo (8 months ago)
Subscribed... looks interesting. Thanks!
Will Smith (8 months ago)
Thanks a lot man. Just got profit trailer yesterday working on the set up. It made my first sale today I tweeked your set up a little really helped me understand what triggers what. Have a merry Xmas
BeyondSociety (8 months ago)
Hi Jason, can the strategies you are giving out work on binance? Merry Christmas thanks for the videos 🎅🏼👍
BeyondSociety (8 months ago)
Hi Jason, so I got the bot via your link, I have followed your instructions on other bodies to get started, had a good read through wiki, Bit I can't seem to get the monitor up... Local host 8081 just won't play ball... Am I missing something?
BeyondSociety (8 months ago)
Hi Jason thanks for the reply, I spent most of last night clearing out bittrex getting it ready for profit trailer, Will report back later.
aa bb (8 months ago)
Hi Ben. Did u tried the settings on Binance?
BeyondSociety (8 months ago)
Thanks for the super quick reply... I have alt coins on bittrex and I assume this will affect them if I start using it?
Crypto O'Aces (8 months ago)
Sure super helpful. Might also start looking into the newish max percent settings. Allows you to decide the % upfront vs needing to continually update numbers as your stack grows. Merry Christmas. Sorry about your loss.
hr reddy (8 months ago)
I have $650 to invest in trading, Out of it I will buy Profit Trailer with .03 BTC and the remaining money is for trading. With your PT settings, can I make it? Please tell if this is a good Idea.
Ariel Wollinger (8 months ago)
So sorry for your loss man. I am just starting to use the bot today thanks to your videos. I will let you know it the settings work for me. Keep it up!
Kenneth Kalmer (8 months ago)
Thanks for the learnings! The zip file only has the settings for the 2 BTC budget, could you add the others for us as well please?
Kenneth Kalmer (8 months ago)
I see now, on macOS (and Linux) the other two folders will be hidden because they start with a period. Prefix them with a 0 so they show up for all users. Thanks again! The video was very insightful and my PT instance already made more profit (on fewer trades) than before.
philip parr (8 months ago)
thank you for all your help! what is the protection against pump and dumps
Kyle Quinney (8 months ago)
Thank you - sorry to hear about your loss. God bless you and your family. I know that you don't know me from Adam, but I know that we will get to see our loved ones again. Merry Christmas!
pmaury91 (8 months ago)
Thx for that Jason! Wish u a merry xmas from France ! ;)
Terry Vogelaar (8 months ago)
The .0035 file had ALL_max_cost set to 0.001 and I got a lot of warnings: "you are trying to buy DUST". I Googled it and found: "The exchanges have minimum purchase values in BTC. Bittrex requires a minimum trade value of 0.001 BTC. This means, after paying fees, the trade value will be too low for the exchange to accept if your ALL_max_cost or ALL_min_buy_cost are less than 0.00125" So I upped it in my own version of the file.
denk (8 months ago)
why not use maxcostpercentage instead? this way you can maximise the profit as your balance grows and then switch back to maxcostprice when you want to add more pairs?
Martin Erichsen (8 months ago)
Had the same issue and solved it in a similar fashion. Just make sure that you choose a max_cost that is high enough to ensure that your coin is not converted to dust if its value falls. Given that the final DCA trigger is at -20% you can never reach that if you set a .0013 value as the coin will be converted to dust before the trigger is hit.
Terry Vogelaar (8 months ago)
I chose .0013 and it solved the 'buy dust' issue. 0.002 should work as well, obviously
Mikael H (8 months ago)
I am seriusly considering buying this bot, - never used a bot...
phillipe vilela (8 months ago)
Hello, How much profit % do you get with 2btc budget with this config? Thanks
Chris Van de Pol (8 months ago)
Ty so much!
William Cleek (8 months ago)
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CryptoNerd 101 (8 months ago)
Thanks for the hard work and response Merry Christmas!
Tha Rookie (8 months ago)
My condolences Jason. Keep your head up! *2Pac voice*
Gary Hammell (8 months ago)
You are the man! Happy Holidays! :-)
Terry Vogelaar (8 months ago)
Thanks for the settings, Crypto Crow. But could you please change the folder names in the zip to avoid starting with a dot? On Mac & Linux, starting with a dot means that the file or folder is invisible. I had to do some nerdy stuff to add a zero in front of the names before they showed up. Initially, I only saw the "2 BTC" folder. (And my condolences​ to you for the loss of your family member)
baptiste demets (8 months ago)
Hey Terry. Can you actually tell me about the "nerdy stuff" you had to go through ?
Xarach (8 months ago)
Merry christmass!
Jeff K (8 months ago)
Thanks man merry Christmas. One thing I noticed that might throw people off is the min buy balance on the low budget DCA settings was set higher then the actual budget. You have it set for the entire budget effectively preventing DCA buying from happening.
denk (8 months ago)
5% daily profit is awesome. At that rate you'd have $1300 profit after 100 days - not taking into consideration the changing value of bitcoin. Questions: I presume you're using crypto crows' small budget settings (with the changes you've mentioned)? What are the 3 pairs you are using? I was thinking to do the same. Just trading a few pairs to help avoid lots of bags..
big pey (8 months ago)
Nice man, I appreciate that I caught the WTF, what would you recommend being the min buy number? Also, nice vid sorry you had a bad week keep it up brother!
Jeff K (8 months ago)
I set my mind buy balance for .0015 for a 100 dollar budget. I was worried about using such a small budget but I use 3 pairs and .0012 for the max cost in pairs and I've made 5 to 6 percent per day
CryptoNerd 101 (8 months ago)
XanderBcc Don’t get me Wrong my bot isn’t running yet, but I assume you could do the math for higher budget settings to figure out the percentage of the min. buy. Then plug in the math for low budget settings using that same percentage.
Thomas Bihn (8 months ago)
I have another dumb question. Do we need to purchase Dream Weaver to use the bot?
Justin O'Neill (8 months ago)
highly recommend downloading VScode. It's free and amazing.
Straydog6 (8 months ago)
Man, all that going on in your personal life and you're still out here helping the community... that's a textbook definition of what this time of year is supposed to be about. Thank you sir and best wishes.
Thanks Bro marry xrsmas for you

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