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My Top 5 Cryptocurrency Picks For 2018

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Text Comments (565)
Darryl chambers (11 days ago)
Thank u for sharing
Thomas Scott (1 month ago)
Moroccan Stacker (2 months ago)
it would be great if you could do an update on this video. Appreciate your content
Accipiter Rachis (3 months ago)
You nailed eos bro
artyfitz (3 months ago)
Would like to know your top crytpo choice for payments.
The Lion's Den (3 months ago)
MRQ coin to the rescue! it will be Huge!
CRYPTO 420 (3 months ago)
Salt is cheapppppp now
CRYPTO 420 (3 months ago)
Do a update and review of your picks so far pleaseeee
Dave c (4 months ago)
sheet coins
Joop Haan (4 months ago)
Buy Ignis only 0.12 was 20$, Also DMB sleeping hidding coin!!
Teo Taneski (4 months ago)
Can you make a video about SciDex? i'm interested specifically in SciDex.
C3zar79 Escamilla (5 months ago)
You did a vid a while back on crypto wallets and giving how much things change with wallets what is your opinion on "enjin wallet"? Any other top ones you recommend?
Christina P (5 months ago)
XumPay, the world's largest global Cryptocurrency exchange to buy, sell or trade bitcoin or altcoin. We will help you choose the most cost-effective cryptocurrency exchange for your needs.
timfok18 (6 months ago)
Modern Investor, why didn't you put ripple on this list? I thought you loved it?
PRITHVIRAJ ANGADI (6 months ago)
I want to buy social.send coin where should i buy it
Peter H e (6 months ago)
omisego is my favorite
jaffer ali (6 months ago)
Omisego coin future
Renato González (6 months ago)
How about ZOI?? I think we should keep an eye on that one..!
Gkekas Rio (7 months ago)
Do you believe SALT is worth investing now at 4.51$/coin?
The Modern Investor (7 months ago)
SALT at the moment is still heavily undervalued, especially as the platform is yet to launch in its entirety
ThugginCentipede (7 months ago)
Any opinion on stellar?
bob dylan (7 months ago)
A7X (7 months ago)
aj satti (7 months ago)
Harley Ortega (7 months ago)
My dick is gonna be huge in 2018
Morty (7 months ago)
No putincoin :(
John Abba (7 months ago)
Do you look for what to invest in? Then I advise to look narrowly at TokenGo - the platform with just enormous opportunities and perspectives. Developers permanently fill the website with a new functionality, a technical support will respond to any your question. The personal room very convenient, is bonuses to investors and bounist's.
Callahan Covington (7 months ago)
5 eos 4 golem 3 iota 2 salt 1 OmiseGO
MrJoecr7 (7 months ago)
What do you think of Tron?
fall wins (8 months ago)
Hey, there is Legitcoin! Legitcoin, is a digital currency that’s being sold for $2 apiece online today. The creators of Legitcoin claim the token will be worth $70 by March 2018! Click http://legt.me/195451 to register and earn 5 LEGIT
Navroz Hussain (8 months ago)
IMO Digibyte (DGB) is Bitcoin on Steroids, at this price it's a steal of a deal right now! Just pretend that the year is 2008 and you can tell the future and the price of Bitcoin is about how much DGB cost right now a mere nickel!!! This is the future coin guys! Buy while it's under rated and cheap!
Michael P (7 months ago)
There is good debt and bad debt. If you borrow money to invest in an asset then that is good debt. If you go in debt to buy liabilities ( cars, clothes, tv a house..etc) then that is bad debt.
Sergio Pantano (8 months ago)
Should I cut my losses with Litecoin and go with one of these?
NetGeekz Media (8 months ago)
Great vids, Very interesting & entertaining - will bitcoin hit 50k this year 🤔 it very much could
THE SOURCE (8 months ago)
pascal volant (8 months ago)
Where can i buy these newer coins from?
pascal volant (8 months ago)
The Modern Investor Thank you so much
The Modern Investor (8 months ago)
Many of these can be found on a number of exchanges, I would recommend Binance or Kraken - Additionally you can swap between them in the Exodus desktop wallet
Raza Daza (8 months ago)
You are one of a few channels that reflect all of my sentiments
Daryl Browne (8 months ago)
I think I'm too late to the party :'(
The Modern Investor (8 months ago)
Not even close. many projects havent even officially launched yet, the market is still fresh and young, and many of the coins that will be big names in 5 years are still 1000x more affordable than Bitcoin is. You've arrived just as the party is getting started.
Vinícius Petrolli (8 months ago)
HTMLCOIN is gonna be bigger than any other crypto.
Rassy Lethoba (8 months ago)
where can i buy any of this coins?
YẾN VŨ PHI (8 months ago)
what do you think about TRX ? invest long time?
Rap Lover News (8 months ago)
CDT Is The New Uprise And At It's Starting Point Like How All Coins Were Until They Grew Tall . Check It Out On Binance.
Mahmood Tahoon (8 months ago)
Man, you seem to have lots of experience from your videos. I got lots of things to say about you, but I'll just keep it as short as possible... I'm a noob and I don't even know how or where can I buy and store coins till a later point where I can sell them... I'd be very pleased if you, or anyone here will help me out. Thanks in advance!
Chico Sammy (8 months ago)
Watch out for metronomecoin this year, metronomecoin is seen as the bitcoin killer and has been predicted by crypto experts to rival bitcoin and will soon take over bitcoin in the future in no time. Metronome possesses great potential and value to generate good gains in the future . It's no surprise to me that majority of traders are taking the advantage and opportunity to invest big in metronomecoin. I invested $25,000 last week. I bought $15,000 worth of metronomecoin and invested the remaining $10,000 on different coins like: Monero, ripple, dash, litecoin, Neo, blocknet, Gas, cryptonite, zcash, dogecoin and few others. I bought all these coins frommetronomemarkets.com and invested all the coins also with same platfor frommetronomemarkets.com frommetronomemarkets.com
LaShae McCullough (8 months ago)
Hi! Love your analysis and objective views. Do you think PoE will be appreciated by content creators? Seems like they'll definitely be a need as we get further into digital content creation...intellectual property issues will surely be on the rise.
Gorgette Adelaide (8 months ago)
Maybe write down the name of the crypto u mention
Kate Heard (8 months ago)
Have you heard of Nucleus Vision ?? They are going to launch a token sale soon. They name it as nCash. Check :- http://bit.ly/2mhy7o9
Alexandru Andrei (8 months ago)
Hedgerow (8 months ago)
Yeah what the F are EOS, NEO, CARDANO and all these hyped up technologies gonna do when it's all gonna be regulated to death...yes I'm wondering about that
Tufera (8 months ago)
It was obvious from the very beginning that #Bitcoin transactions were meant to be as cheap as possible. Bitcoin Core has destroyed Bitcoin's usefulness as money by creating a system where $30 fees are celebrated.
FEI HE (8 months ago)
great job another great ico goin on dont miss it..................https://www.hoqu.io/ru/?ref_id=5d5b47377e792c389d78e156cc0d93ac
Indicum Puer (8 months ago)
Linda cryptocoin is a hybrid coin with more than 70% pure PoS Block reward phase and 99% APR. This coin comes with a masternode which ensures lightening fast secured transaction, multi-wallets, encrypted messaging and stealth address for complete anonymity. Get some or you'll be kicking yourself big time its low low atm will blow up soon linda to moon **
dannywest13 (8 months ago)
Linda Coin is blowing up they have technology no other coin has. There even gonna merge with coin Base soon https://youtu.be/OHVkTuEHsqc
The Code Sergeant (8 months ago)
Felipe Hernandez (8 months ago)
What about T COIN?
Jj Torres (8 months ago)
Ragda Hassan (8 months ago)
Such an informative video, thank you. Very interested to know what you think of ETHOS?
OliShaan (8 months ago)
Which crypto currency do you guys reckon I should invest in especially as I've never put any money into crypto currency.
juicearibe (8 months ago)
Siacoin coin moving up.
Dipak Acharya (8 months ago)
IOTA is shit................my 2000 IOTA are vanished from wallet................who is responsable for this kind of crime?
Bang D (8 months ago)
Influxcoin is about to get to the moon in a few hours. Jump in now and sell in a few days. Thank me later
LUIS Nerys (8 months ago)
Start now before is to late... www.binance.com/?ref=15226122
Millionaire Mindset (8 months ago)
i have complete faith in this guys predictions
Fyuh (8 months ago)
Awsome video. Thankyou for your shared info..👍
Lukino (8 months ago)
join us! https://discord.gg/2PQpjEg
David McAdam (8 months ago)
What about PPT (populous)
Chris (8 months ago)
CND !!🚀🚀🚀
Tanbirul Islam (8 months ago)
Binance has paused new registrations due to high demand as of 05.01.2018, God help us ..lol
Mowafak Al Saty (8 months ago)
I saw the coin Tesla on cryptopia so I was wondering is it possible to talk about Teslacoin more so I understand how related this coin is to the Tesla cars and if it is a good investment. Thank you
Sergio Süna (8 months ago)
SAFEX is going to be huuuuge .. invest like McAffffeee xd
Fuck Off (8 months ago)
@The modern investor , whats best coin for 2018 regarding ROI ? please tell me !
Murat (8 months ago)
Join this discord https://discord.gg/AJ2NAGx for easy pumps and dumps to get some easy cash boys, you dont wanna miss out do you?
Jeremy Heussi (8 months ago)
Thank you for your recommendation of TRX!
Daniel Breiland (8 months ago)
Funny how all the banks are like "don't invest in cryptocurrency, it will fail, the bubble will burst, you'll lose everything". While in reality, it could just as easily be the other way around. If cryptocurrency becomes the dominant currency for the future then it's all the old money that will become worthless. Though choice to make, might want to cover both ends on this one. Careful though, they're going to try to subvert and sabotage this.
Daniel Breiland (8 months ago)
Funny how all the banks are like "don't invest in cryptocurrency, it will fail, the bubble will burst, you'll lose everything". While in reality, it could just as easily be the other way around. If cryptocurrency becomes the dominant currency for the future then it's all the old money that will become worthless. Though choice to make, might want to cover both ends on this one. Careful though, they're going to try to subvert and sabotage this.
Paolo Anglarill (8 months ago)
Thoughts on Cypherium and Lydian coin?
I agree (8 months ago)
Nice picks! except for EOS... lots of promise but not much evidence and lacks potential application plus the guy who leads has a tendency of quitting projects half way.
shawn gipson (8 months ago)
Modern investor please give your opinion on powr coin
Chém gió Tiếng Anh (8 months ago)
Great video !!! I also give you guys some advice here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FLyrWwujHw
Angel Gonzalez (8 months ago)
Can’t even get EOS in US
The Modern Investor (8 months ago)
You can purchase EOS directly through the "Exodus wallet" - you can find the exodus wallet on Google, you can buy coins directly within the wallet
Palanero 007 (8 months ago)
Phu Dat Tran (8 months ago)
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Tarini nayak (8 months ago)
The best cryptocurrency exchange: join today... https://www.binance.com/?ref=16855137
Jake (8 months ago)
SONM > Golem. Ahead of golem in tech and they have better tech anyway. Also the gains you'll make are bigger.-
Crypto Maniac (8 months ago)
Neo is the one for me.
Truffalo Farms (8 months ago)
Discord crypto pump group, over 50k members! 2-3 pumps a week, last pump had potential 50-100% profit https://discordapp.com/invite/BdNaxED
legin (8 months ago)
I mean sheesh this video doesn't do newbies any favors
Ravi Kant (8 months ago)
mere pas investment k liye bahut badhiya plan h investment k liye call kare 9716489392
Jello Bean (8 months ago)
best exchange :D https://www.binance.com/?ref=13075361
Tyler Land (8 months ago)
I use Binance, it has a much lower fee and I can make money simply by buying low on Binance and selling on Gdax at higher rates. Click here if you wanna get started ~~> www.binance.com/?ref=17322617
ArnoSkateGoPro (8 months ago)
Valentin Gerov (8 months ago)
See this new cryptocurrencies https://galiver1000.usitech-int.com/
Hans Mowl (8 months ago)
Eos did Not start at a few Cents. I got the ico at about day 10 Abs it was about 2.5$, yes it went down later but never below .5$, so i dont think 50 Cents is what u mean when u say a few Cents and it especially didnt start that low.
The Modern Investor (8 months ago)
EOS started out at a few cents, was pumped to $5 by people trying to get in early and then the price crashed , its lowest price is recorded at 0.48 cents
Binance (8 months ago)
I suggest you follow this guys twitter, he is helping investors pick the coins backed by the best team and technology. https://twitter.com/Kucoin_Invest/status/947412911596568579
Vernon Beach (8 months ago)
What is you #1 pic
Shafir Rahman (8 months ago)
Is it worth buying salt right now? Its about 12 dollar at the moment. Also when is the release date for salt.
P R (8 months ago)
EthLend > Salt
Hold Your Own (8 months ago)
Alt Wear just partnered with Premium Eye-Wear Manufacturer HDCRAFTER! Now you can buy Premium Sunglasses WITH YOUR CRYPTO!! @ https://altwear.ca/collections/sunglasses
Ember/Chártis Project (8 months ago)
Freaking HUGE pump and dump tomorrow!! 50k investors! I made 15k in 8 mins! JOIN US NOW! discord.gg/BAXntE9
johnfehringer (8 months ago)
Great video and Thanks — BUT — where is the list in the description? You talk way too fast for anyone to understand which coins you are talking about unless one knew of them before. List please.. Also - 3 ads in one 10 minute video is overkill for monetization. One’s enough.
Troy Van der (8 months ago)
is BTC finished?

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