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Why I bought 800 ETHOS Bitquence Cryptocurrency

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Text Comments (170)
Planetside 2 Archives (2 months ago)
Planetside 2 Archives (2 months ago)
Hey dude! Lol what's ur take on BLOCKPORT? Kinda gonna kill Ethos once it executes no?
Scott M (2 months ago)
Ethos goes live in 7 days
Scott M (3 months ago)
Erik Bruin (4 months ago)
jesus Christ, Ethos is now 3,75$...will they ever grow?
saurabh s (4 months ago)
Ethos is slow as
ZA (4 months ago)
Check out Blockport BPT when you get a chance just released looking good to rival Ethoos
hm ok (4 months ago)
800 u bought,.... paahahahha 800 :DDDD
Mico Dragutinovic (4 months ago)
Where do you store the coin?
MO !! (4 months ago)
Should I buy Ethos or kyber network ?
CaesarP (4 months ago)
Yo crow the "crowd" they are referring too are select appointed individuals not just anyone. These people will have to prove themselves with a track record. The Crypto Lark did a interview with the founders. Did you watch it?
Trumble Research (4 months ago)
Aesop rock?
Thankful and Grateful (4 months ago)
Does anyone know what Wallet I can use for ethos?
OU8Aspark (5 months ago)
Where do you store Ethos?
Gagan Singh (3 months ago)
Nano Ledger S with MEW as interface...You will need to add as custom token as by default its not coming I just did and everything worked fine
thinklogically1000 (5 months ago)
Guys I am thinking about selling my ripple for ethos, what do you guys think??
Gary Cameron (4 months ago)
thinklogically1000 100% 👍
jankowitts (5 months ago)
Buy ethos now. This is a game changer.
Guardião do Mobral (5 months ago)
Which wallet should I use to keep this coin ???
Brad Luscher (5 months ago)
When will it go back up?
Siddhant Banerjee (5 months ago)
Ethos keeps on going down... Should i switch to Tron rigt now since its low?
Kiara Lee (5 months ago)
Can I buy Ethos on Gemini? Doesn't seem like Binance gets any new member :/ failed to register. So I have only Gimini option left :/
Charlie Magrineli (5 months ago)
Where can I buy these coins please?
benehey (5 months ago)
Question: How do you store ethos on myetherwallet? On Binance it is still Bitquence (BQX), so which Name is correct for MEW?
goose boy (5 months ago)
hey crypto crow how do you find out what exchanges an ico is going to use when it comes out
Alex (5 months ago)
is ethos still a good buy at $8ish?
dank jr (5 months ago)
Alex its a great buy all around if you are patient i have no doubt it will hig 30 dollars this year when thier wallet comes out
(5 months ago)
Where do we store it?
Michael JC (5 months ago)
edmonpapazyan (5 months ago)
Ethos has just made an announcement for new collaboration with La La world. Not to mention the promotion price that we have in the moment :)
Moiz Khan (5 months ago)
I always respect an honest person. They are hard to come by and they get treated the worse. Subbed :)
Donald Fisher (5 months ago)
Wallet to release in Q1 2018. Finally everyone will get access to crypto- No back doors for whales. The Crypto for the people.
ctguitarguy (5 months ago)
Do you honestly really think this coin could reach 1000$?
ctguitarguy (2 months ago)
Vai *He* said it could go that high. I'm asking if he really thinks that as I am skeptical.
Vai (5 months ago)
ctguitarguy wtf mate that's a bit of a reach, I think you should be asking if it would go to 100
Adrenaline Family (5 months ago)
Please give me some ideas where I can join sometimes love Market places like bittrex is not accepting new applications. I feel stuck! I own one Litecoin and that is all that I have
HelveticRider MotoVlog (5 months ago)
Where can i buy ethos?
King 123 (5 months ago)
Bought 100ethos at 10$ is that too late/little? I'm looking to make 10,000$ per 1000$ investment in 2018...which in my mind isn't so farfetched. Thoughts?
minotauruskt (5 months ago)
King 123 who knows in this market, but I think it's achiveable
zafran mohammed (5 months ago)
At what price did u buy ethos
dannywest13 (5 months ago)
LINDACOIN is the best ICo Invest In Linda Coin
Sam Dobie (1 month ago)
dannywest13 Shitcoin.
TK Online Investment (5 months ago)
Ethos gonna be huge !! 300 $ in januar 2019 ;)
Cryptosilver Loverboy (1 month ago)
sounds about right but it will be even more by the summer, like say 1500 Dollars, oh yes! NICE HUH
Rickard Hill (5 months ago)
And then we have Tokencard, quite similar in the end. Multiwallet, fiat gateway, card of course and much more. Available to US, Europe, South Korea etc.. Tokencard is a little more anonymous atm, like Metalpay for example, the focus have been on building a great product. Just look at the marketcap of TKN and then you understand the potential for an investor. Of course I'm an investor of Ethos also, but I believe the gains could be much higher with Tokencard. The race is on!
dannywest13 (5 months ago)
Invest In Linda Coin Famous Crypto Currency Developer announced it will be on Binance and Coinbase By March 31st!!! This coin is blowing up right now Invest invest Invest
Sam Childs (5 months ago)
What is a good alternative to binance while they are stopping new users?
dmanofalltime23 (5 months ago)
Sam Childs Kucoin
j t (5 months ago)
I think it will get to between $50 and $80 in 2018 no joke. The platform will transform crypto. Everyone will know about it. Everyone will uase it who's already in crypto or wants to get into it. 10x from here is $100 is $8billion mcap. LTC is worth $15billion. Which means...yep Ethos could get to $16 billion. Yes. $200. I seriously believe it. REPLY
Rick van Rath (5 months ago)
I think 100 dollar is not far away. Just hold! Ethos to sell on Bitrex and Poliniex soon?
Lauritz Mussmann (5 months ago)
Ethos's community will be rated based on prediction accuracy , now thats cool!
Farhan amin (5 months ago)
is there any wallet for ethos ? how can i store them out of the exchange ?
Michael Aguilar (5 months ago)
Have you looked at bread (brd) as a competitor to ethos? it's a similar idea, but they already have a functioning wallet, though I believe it currently only holds BTC, but the plan is for a lot more in the future.
John Cesare (5 months ago)
Dude, you blew up!
OldCryptopsy (5 months ago)
Will Ethos be decentralized?
Miguel G (5 months ago)
I totally agree, I bought 250 ETHOS to hold 2018
Val D (5 months ago)
Could you make a review on OYSTER PEARL ? IOTA Tangle meets ETH for cloud storage ... removing ads from content and paying in crypto... Huge potential, Disrupt Online Advertisement Industry.... Still low market cap and low circulating supply !!
Secret of Drowning (5 months ago)
What do you think about CTR Centra?
Planetside 2 Archives (2 months ago)
Go research CTR today lol hope ur ass wasn't holding any
Alexandr Prudnikov (5 months ago)
Hello Crow! What do you think about RDD (Reddcoin)? Do you like the idea of it?
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
That $10 of free bitcoin on coinbase is pretty much useless with bitcoins stupid high fees
Patriot Sleeper Cell (5 months ago)
ONLY 800 I GOT 200,000 FOR 0.05c at it's ICO
GrendalWins (5 months ago)
u put 10k into ico ? damn
Ashwyn Mohandas (5 months ago)
safe to say youll have a lambo by end of 2018
RxN (5 months ago)
Patriot Sleeper Cell Wow! How I wish I have that number. I’m willing to receive some from you though if you wanna share. Lol!
Khadin (5 months ago)
I am so jealous of you right now! Well done dude.
Aviator530 (5 months ago)
Thank you so much for fixing your mic!
and1play5 (5 months ago)
I'm a very big fan of your honesty...very good information and fairness...love your channel man
Uch Prez (5 months ago)
Guessing you're not on Twitter much ? Hit you up there on Monday, can't find your Telegram, site link doesn't go there
R Sal (5 months ago)
Verge is taking a shit LOL...it will clean itself up and come join the party later on ..dont worry.
guleruten (5 months ago)
I subbed to yesterday when you had 6k. Now you have 16k, that's crazy!!
Jeremiah Svaren (5 months ago)
18k now! Crypto Crow to the MOON!!!
istealbikes (5 months ago)
Just passed $6!
anthony carlin (5 months ago)
FML when it was down in the low $2 range i wanted to buy but had money tied up in other investments :(
arnon saksri (5 months ago)
Hey bro, what % of your wallet you put aside for Profit trailer ? i'm curious cos im having difficulty doing the math what works best.
Luis (5 months ago)
cardano is also trying to be a universal wallet
matthew eardley (5 months ago)
the hum is because your power cable is to close to your audio/signal cable?
NoelSphinx (5 months ago)
I had this exact speech 3 hours ago with my closest friend. Crypto is a revolution that's change everything.
NoelSphinx (5 months ago)
ETHOS will hit top 20 very very soon
Turbo Man (5 months ago)
I'll get in on that. Question, in your opinion, since Verge is low and so is Digibyte, would you buy some? Thanks, love your videos!!!!
Patrik Banek (5 months ago)
Make your intro about 30 times more quiet or make your voice 30 times louder
SECRET INDIAN TV (5 months ago)
ethos to 100 $ in 2018
j t (5 months ago)
I think it will get to between $50 and $80 in 2018 no joke. The platform will transform crypto. Everyone will know about it. Everyone will uase it who's already in crypto or wants to get into it. 10x from here is $100 is $8billion mcap. LTC is worth $15billion. Which means...yep Ethos could get to $16 billion. Yes. $200. I seriously believe it.
Brat Brat (5 months ago)
SECRET INDIAN TV It can be easly more if they take part of Coinbase customers wich they most likely will.
Old Bitvango (5 months ago)
Thank you for the video, good stuff! One pointer, please keep it to business only, no personal complaining would be awesome! Hope you feel better soon bro!
Roger Jackson (5 months ago)
At amtv he charges 299 for his academy,so when he was pitching his class I went in the comment and told everyone go to cryptic crow for 10 bucks. That maybe why you grew so much. Like what your doing and thought I would try and help.
Mountain Dew (5 months ago)
Would like to start with crypto currency trading, however I see obstacles, many Dutch platforms raised minimal deposit from 50 Euro to 500 Euro, Dutch Tax companies is making new regulations and delay of transfers, tried many times to sign up with gdax, but Dutch ID is not accepted, any advise please
mr kev (5 months ago)
Donate BTC and enter a free giveaway for 1 BTC! Here's the BTC adress: 1AxsY9ZC8RFJmuoKQhkNaFwYDsxykwxGCZ Good luck!
Nathan Williams (5 months ago)
New to all of this and trying to learn as much as I can, so thanks in advance! Is there any other way besides coinbase to get USDT into crypto? Basically, I just started trading from gdax to other things last week but I thought there must be a more direct route to put my cash in to get it to an exchange.
littlegee (5 months ago)
Do a bank transfer to coinbase its easy but can take up to a week sometimes but it works.
Matt Thompson (5 months ago)
The token will be used to pay fees on the platform
fus iontherapy (5 months ago)
Hi man cool work. Question for you or community. Any idea what I should do with BQX holding I have, as name was changed to ETHOS
Dirt Dawg (5 months ago)
fus iontherapy Don't do anything. Eventually binance will change the ticker.
April Sunshine (5 months ago)
April Sunshine (5 months ago)
I tried to send ETH from Coinbase to Gdax and it charged me the same fee as it did when I sent directly to Binance.
Ashwyn Mohandas (5 months ago)
use LTC from CB to gdax
sam Brown (5 months ago)
April Sunshine don't send from coinbase,go directly to gdax and withdraw from CB wallet...the accounts are linked
Sub-Orbital Gaming (5 months ago)
Nathan Reyes (5 months ago)
Sound is way better
Crypto Ninja (5 months ago)
Your the best man, I share the same vision as you. All my students and me to make 1 million plus in 2018 .
Juraj Gondek (5 months ago)
The most honest vid that Ive seen in a long long time.
Tony T (5 months ago)
Yet these same negative folk spend $400+ on videogame systems that waste their time and depreciate in value, and will tell you that it was a good investment lol. Cryptos the way to go for me
TMG Mark (5 months ago)
iamOAKland let's be honest here, 95% don't make money
iamOAKland (5 months ago)
Tony T you can’t say that because I know gamers who has over 50k-1mill followers playing videogame systems. So your opinion is utterly bull.
Daryl Isaac (5 months ago)
Audio sounds good.Informative input as usual.Thanks Crow :)
Eaden Xman (5 months ago)
Wtf get 2 it.. Time is $.. U repeat about trying to sell u rig & not taking $ from cyptos u dont like.. Dont lie.. Lol 3min vidz would be better..
Todd (5 months ago)
In regards to your comments about Verge at the end of the video, there's been a pretty constant FUD campaign running for almost a week now. Wraith protocol is live according to what I've seen on Twitter from @vergecurrency and continues to undergo iterative improvements. In spite of this there continues to be huge amounts of FUD surrounding Verge. Whether that's from people with stakes in competing altcoins, people angry they bought high and sold low, or just people who want to manipulate the market by pushing the price down I have no idea. Not trying to advertise for them, that's just my current understanding of the situation.
Todd (5 months ago)
I personally got in pretty low, and bought XVG because I think the tech they're producing is really important. That being said I find the community that surrounds the project (on both sides) to be phenomenally toxic. I have a feeling it's an atmosphere that will always surround this particular coin.
April Sunshine (5 months ago)
Seems they're salty because they anticipated the release of Wraith would drive the price of XVG sky high. I don't know why they believed this, but it didn't happen. XVG went up to 20cents and people bought, thinking Wraith would be released in a few hours. Well it was (late) but the price went nowhere but down.
Jack Jackal (5 months ago)
There's news about wriath protocol that's leaking ip addresses and is not fully secure, hence why the price dropped 30%, be careful about holding Verge long term, as it might end up at 0!
daddy goodstick (5 months ago)
I think you are a liar and a pumper and dumper...saw it a lot when I was day trading.....don't listen to this fuck...he says he always buying something...show us your statements you lying fuck
KRYPTO COLORADO (5 months ago)
daddy goodstick he only has 13000 subscribers smart guy and he just released multiple videos with multiple coins at the same time do the math. If not go take a math class. Is Channel 8 doing s*** for no coin.
Adeyinka Adegoke (5 months ago)
Have you checked out ESPERS and EXRNchain? Please take a look at it and let me know what you think. Thanks
prasanna wadekar (5 months ago)
Hi 1575 dollar in ada investments now is it good time to enter
Sean Kitahara (5 months ago)
Jay, You're the most real and informative guy out here doing this. You can tell that you really know what you're doing / talking about. Thanks for consistently dropping all this knowledge and sharing with all of us. I'll be following 2018 and beyond..
FasciN8 The Great (5 months ago)
this makes me wonder how getting on an exchange itself works. Do they have to get permissions of certain coin to list them? I think a wallet that can keep every coin and trade it is brilliant! Will watch movement. sounding good today and I respect your honesty and all around kickassedness! Spread the litecoin LTC here: Lc8w5LQhucj729oC1PSViptBkfHDfSZqjw
sunny passionz (5 months ago)
i hear you man , i dont want to work from 8 to 5 pm , fuck that ,
2 THE MOON AND BACK (5 months ago)
Really like your channel I learn alot.
trip_13678 (5 months ago)
Is BQX the same as ETHOS? I changed it.. yes
olylifting great (5 months ago)
Katie definetly, big fan of Steem as well. I like UTK and Quanstamp as well. Best of luck, there will be great buy times ahead!
trip_13678 (5 months ago)
Well, looks like it would be smart--sounds like a winner of an idea. Steem too.
olylifting great (5 months ago)
Katie definitely a smart move, If you haven't already bought wait until the next dip to jump in!
trip_13678 (5 months ago)
Thanks, it's too high to buy here, will wait?
olylifting great (5 months ago)
Yes, common misconception. Binance still lists ethos as bqx, buy bqx=ethos.
Steven Weinstein (5 months ago)
How did you buy BitDegree as US citizen? Any tips? Thanks
Andrew Schmidbauer (5 months ago)
your killing it 3 for 3, great channel
MrTony 19 (5 months ago)
Can you do a video on the top 5 cryptos you predict will be the best 1 year holds? Even for speculative purposes?
MrTony 19 (5 months ago)
iamOAKland he just did a video on this actually lol
iamOAKland (5 months ago)
I think he is not in the prediction business... he does his research
MrTony 19 (5 months ago)
Mitch Canter literally saw that right after I watched this video. thinking of spreading what I have between district and ethos mainly with a little into cardano
Mitch Canter (5 months ago)
he just made one :)
T Sal (5 months ago)
shoulda told us before it past 3...
EOS Media (5 months ago)
Sounds a lot better! haha
Gravel Pit (5 months ago)
October 29th, 1929 is a day Bill W. drank.
waala1 (5 months ago)
You gotta let us know when you buy it not 2.59 after
iamOAKland (5 months ago)
waala1 stay away from invading privacy Facebook...
Brat Brat (5 months ago)
My facebook?? :-) Are you sure you talking to the right person?? :-)
waala1 (5 months ago)
Brat Brat it’s all good bro I followed your Facebook too keep updated thank you
Brat Brat (5 months ago)
If its gonna be at least double figure coin what is the differance??? You make big money anyway. Just hold and wait.
K H (5 months ago)
Just wanted to say I really appreciate everything you've been doing. You do your research, tell us the facts, and remain honest. You're so right about the negativity in people. Today as I helped a friend set up his account (he ended up making $10 dollars by the end of the day with small trades) someone walked by and said "you're really doing that cryptocurrency thing?" sarcastically. I've made 2k so far in 2 weeks, and could've made much more if I had paid more attention to your info earlier, so thank you again
Sean Kitahara (5 months ago)
Exactly! This guy is really with the business.

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