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Will BITCOIN Go OVER $50'000 In 2018!? (Technical Analysis Price Prediction)

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Text Comments (111)
The Right Trader (7 months ago)
How high do YOU think Bitcoin can go in 2018?
vitalie panainte (5 months ago)
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savvy (5 months ago)
Lower, 2k.
71donkrider (6 months ago)
Back down to 5k....
Snazzy Coins (2 months ago)
More like 80k. it went from 2k-20k in 2017. 10 fold increase. The high for this year could be near 80k. Maybe higher from more interest than previous years. Or the bear cycle may continue. But as long as we are saying "IF" the sky is the limit.
Jennifer Walker (3 months ago)
I sold my btc to liviacoins and they paid me in minutes.
oscar yatsynych (4 months ago)
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FromQnz2King (5 months ago)
Bitcoin 9k right now. Whadddddu gonnaaaa doooo?
Peter Meissnitzer (5 months ago)
One more problem is that Bcash is centralized. It was created and marketed by Roger Ver, the truth is that if Roger Ver dies, Bcash will go to nearly zero. If Vitalik dies, Ethereum will tank as well. Same for a lot of these teams. On the other hand, if a BITCOIN developer dies, BITCOIN continues all the same unscathed. BITCOIN is the most decentralized coin in that sense. And so I say GO....BITCOIN....GO . The king of crypto currency .
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Abdul Rehman (6 months ago)
Iam in need please send some bitcoins to my this address 31xdhvvGBZov1jgDVKYQuM9KQqtDNyKJGg
MJ ENERGY (6 months ago)
So my question is this. Why are people still using BTC despite scalability issues and very high trans fees bro? I just can’t wrap my head around it. Feel like BTC is a crypto giant I still can’t understand, it’s to “high” for my noob knowledge.
Herbalife Nutrition (5 months ago)
MJ ENERGY the last bitcoin is predicted to be mined on 2040. As long as there’s belief there and people are holding, not panic selling I think we have a great future. Now as to say will bitcoin be number 1 forever who knows, maybe another currency will take over but I know crypto currency is the future
MJ ENERGY (5 months ago)
CryptoErks if people stop holding Bitcoin because it becomes to difficult then doesn’t the total volume become irrelevant? I believe so.
MJ ENERGY (5 months ago)
CryptoErks Good out look however say they reach the total supply cap of BTC at 21 Million, regardless that no more is being produced the value of it is not based on that alone it’s based upon how many people are holding it.
Herbalife Nutrition (5 months ago)
MJ ENERGY I do agree with the time it takes to send bitcoin and the high fees have a disadvantage
Herbalife Nutrition (5 months ago)
MJ ENERGY there is only 21 million bitcoin. As time goes by less and less bitcoin get mined everyday which means the value of it will increase dramatically in time as well
Marianne Nowottny (6 months ago)
Same prediciotn even with fork?
Jay Dee (7 months ago)
Based on (very limited) supply vs. (very high) demand, Bitcoin should have no reason not to hit $100,000 in 2018. Considering it went up 22x in 2017, $100,000 price per Bitcoin in 2018 would be a (conservative) 5x from where it is today. Factor in more mass adoption, Bitcoin ETFs in first quarter of 2018, implementation of Lightning Network and Rootstock (Layer 2 solutions to scaling and smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain) and it could easily surpass $100,000 in 2018.
Jay Dee (6 months ago)
wickedmario 007 - they said the same thing about bitcoin hitting $1000 when it was $200. Now who’s laughing. 😎
wickedmario 007 (6 months ago)
Jay Dee yoh are an idiot...it wont even touch 25000 $ by end 2018...remember this day and this comment !!!
Kaleb Bays (7 months ago)
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Keanu Geemooi (7 months ago)
I have $500 to invest with. Any suggestions what I should invest in and how much . Thanks
Isaac Kendall (6 months ago)
Keanu Geemooi, have you bought the coins??
Robert Bizzarro (7 months ago)
With less than 2 percent of the population into Bitcoin, but world wide demand increasing exponentially. I think 100,000 by then of next year is not really that crazy an idea. I know how it sounds, but just run the percentages. World Wide demand will be huge. 5 million BTC being actually traded. Seems to me this points to $50,000 BTC by June. And that's only at 5 percent demand. If 2 percent engagement is $20,000, before CBO and CME, what does Publicly Traded ETFs and 5 percent look like?!!
Jay Dee (7 months ago)
Robert Bizzarro - Bitcoin adoption currently sits at around 0.1%. So it’s got HUGE room to grow. And 2018 will be another stellar year for Bitcoin.
noynac527 (7 months ago)
I agree. I would suggest your 2% of population estimate is generous. I believe any valuation estimates below the moon are just being conservative and afraid to sound crazy. This either crashes and burns are goes on a very aggressive long term bull run consistent with what we've seen since summer of 2017
Kermane (7 months ago)
Dude, honestly i have litterly 0 clues on where the price will go in 2k18 but this rate is just outright insane
Kamil P (7 months ago)
Back to 1 k
Thelizzyman (7 months ago)
my bitcoin are missing...... https://youtu.be/iONzmt8eWtY
Jose Santos (7 months ago)
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VARSE Vic (7 months ago)
Agree with you, BTC around 40-50K in 2018.
VARSE Vic (5 months ago)
And from now on only UP BIG TIME :))))))
Anonymous User (5 months ago)
8,500 in the dot rn.
FromQnz2King (5 months ago)
9k right now
VARSE Vic (6 months ago)
well, we still have a year ahead of us :)))))))
HeLiiX (7 months ago)
What do you think of Einsteinium?
Undertakerfan70 (4 months ago)
HeLiiX gay
Danny Cali (7 months ago)
Bitcoin is going to hit 30k before 2018! 100k -130k in 2018
Aliasghar Parandoosh (7 months ago)
It will hit $50k by the end of this year.
lasha parunashvili (7 months ago)
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Mr Rooibos TV (7 months ago)
Yes. I agree with your conclusion.
Mefiu (7 months ago)
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suhail ahmad (7 months ago)
someone financial freedom youtube channel is telling bitcoin is a bubble going to burst soon please suggest
Jay Dee (7 months ago)
suhail ahmad - they have been saying that since Bitcoin hit $10, $100, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000. They’ve been proven wrong each time. And will continue to be. Buy and HODL. Best path to wealth prosperity.
jossy Chancay (7 months ago)
the coins every day grow more, and the onions that good future looks and every day I like to work more in this currency
Zade Muhammad (7 months ago)
I'm in college right now and have about 6k do you think it's worth it to put 1k into Bitcoin or is there still a chance it could have a massive correction.or I could do like 500 litecoin, 500 Bitcoin
Roadman Shaq (6 months ago)
Jay Dee we will see :)
Jay Dee (6 months ago)
Roadman Shaq - wouldn’t touch XRP. 70% of the tokens are owned by insiders(bankers) who will dump their coins at some point and the price will crash. XRP is s centralized bankers coin masquerading as a crypto.
Roadman Shaq (6 months ago)
Zade Muhammad if you are patient enough (I am talking about atleast a year) Put your 1k into REQ, XRP and LTC. Trust me, especially REQ and XRP will give you huge profit in the future.
Jay Dee (7 months ago)
Zade Muhammad - yes.
DAVID TRAN (7 months ago)
4 LTC 2 BTC that's all you need.
Влад Кор (7 months ago)
1PV9kMNuqZQrdKDZiZu8FSSBQHwPmr9iqA Please donate on beer and popcorn
Omar Touzani (7 months ago)
if crappy bitcoin goes to $50.000, I trust neo, dash, eth, and omise will go to $1.000.000 in the very near future. If btc is a store of value, then what should we say about Dash that went from $8 to $760(100x) in less that a year? Even bitconnect, that is considered a scam by many, outperformed btc. It went from $0.8 to $400(500x) in less than year! BTC is nothing but hype right now. It could be very well go to the number you mentioned, but i see it crashing hard in the very near future coz there are much better alternatives in the market right now.
Jay Dee (7 months ago)
Omar Touzani - Bitcoin has outperformed every single altcoin, Stock, Precious metals, etc in the last 5 years. And it will continue to be the engine of this new financial ecosystem. There is only ONE Bitcoin. It would behoove you to educate yourself as to WHY Bitcoin is unique: https://youtu.be/xkBpUL1VDKU
mon dan (7 months ago)
Omar Touzani all cryotocurrencys aren't bitcoin though they can't/don't function the same as bitcoin
Omar Touzani (7 months ago)
The most productive comment!
Matthew Szwandt (7 months ago)
Shill *cough* shill...
Flipper (7 months ago)
Hi could u please cover Via again and have a look at voxels? Nav still gettin higher , thanks !
$16k as we speak. OMG
Lord Bolton lol?
Xpanential (7 months ago)
Bitcoin only need to 3X to basically hit 50k which would be achievable if cryptos passed the 1 trillion market cap
Shan Hanner (7 months ago)
You sound like a Snapchat that made it on Life hacks. Go check it out it’s pretty funny
Ben Walter (7 months ago)
Hey, I’m new to the Cryptocurrency world! I have one question, what will happen to other coins when Bitcoin consolidates or has a slight pullback?
Jay G. Sparkman (7 months ago)
"The Power Of The Dream"..............Is It Still Alive
Bojan Dilber (7 months ago)
What it's gonna happen with the bitcoin cash?
John T. Kennedy (7 months ago)
maybe in 2017!
David 99 (7 months ago)
Noob question here - When buying crypto on Bittrex with BTC, chart analysis is best done by the BTC/??? chart or ???/USD chart?
ArkulA (7 months ago)
You forgot to activate the subtitles :(
Eu (7 months ago)
I'm not sure if BTC can reach 50k anymore, as Wall Street scares me tbh. Idk what they are capable of, actually I know...
Wall Street is going to lose big because experts say they will try to short it. But it has to drop for a short to work. They will make a mistake shorting when it's parabolic and they'll have to continually cover their shorts with other trades. Wall Street allowing their customers to buy in through ETF portfolios is actually going to allow bitcoin to reach the masses and reach $50-100k easily.
Bhavik Hingrajia (7 months ago)
so is it the right time to purchase btc? at 14500
perceptortron (7 months ago)
maybe :D
Shan Hanner (7 months ago)
Nah bro
grega cerar (7 months ago)
Perfect analysis.
David Mrkonjić (7 months ago)
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Crowfox10 (7 months ago)
When do u predict a correction?
Sanjay 76 (7 months ago)
I want to buy alt coins like eth...xrp....ltc...iota...is it right time to enter as there is dip or should I wait.
rob vinke (7 months ago)
micah zabriskie only iota 20-30% correction eth neo 10%
JCredible86 (7 months ago)
I think you are hitting a point people are missing Bitcoin is a worldwide store of value it's going to be used by everyone everywhere so I think its still oversold.
noynac527 (7 months ago)
Yep, When you generally need BTC to purchase any other crypto? Add in institutional BTC IRA's ect. Hard to imagine we haven't seen anything yet. Think of the volume yet to come. How can it not drive prices up?
bikeymikey82 (7 months ago)
JCredible86 ....exactly! people always talk about adoption, yet many fail to realize, that btc is the only crypto already fully adopted as a store of wealth, not even value. the supply/damand ratio is going to skyrocket btc to stages we cant imagine yet.
Aravind .c (7 months ago)
Alts are bleeding, will dash go to 1000 dollars in end of 2017?
Undertakerfan70 (4 months ago)
va pa (7 months ago)
Hey man, I have a question, since we have been going up on a parabolic stated for the past few weeks, when would we see a correction and how low can it go ? I really want to buy some at a cheaper price lol.
Slobos Reality (7 months ago)
va pa if you want to invest and earn 2%weekly interest on your btc in btc check out: optioment
Certified Finest (7 months ago)
Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid sane question has been asked since it was $50 lol by the same people too
Certified Finest (7 months ago)
Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid buy buy buy 🤑
It's not going to stop! Even if you wait for a correction it will never go as low as you wanting to get it in now. It's $16k now, it might drop to $14k and fly back up to $20k. If you had the chance at $12k then you should've stocked up.

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