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Bitcoin Analysis, Arbitrage Analysis

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Arbitrage Bot: https://www.arbitraging.co/platform/register/affiliate/VHBZpiNf ARB Token Adress (for adding ARB token to MetaMask) \ 0XAFBEC4D65BC7B116D85107FD05D912491029BF46 CF MERCHANDISE: https://www.zazzle.com/the_first_prophecy_two_tone_coffee_mug-168672223094989285 https://www.zazzle.com/cryptoface?rf=238420255715450173 Discord Channel With Picks: Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/waSqqMp Where I Bet: Bovada BOVADA what i use to bet: https://www.bovada.lv/welcome/P2A39CB0C/join/?extcmpid=rafcopy POW Node (chode): https://powh.io/?masternode=0x0a49857f69919aecddba77136364bb19108b4891 Profit Trailer: https://profittrailer.com/pt/sids1jain/?campaign=CryptoFace PT V1 to V2 Setting Converter: http://wiki.profittrailer.com/converter PT INSTALL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVYcBLjM1fA&t=603s VPS Vultr: https://www.vultr.com/?ref=7328815 Crypto Hopper Link: https://www.cryptohopper.com/?atid=670 Music: https://soundcloud.com/boopie-krown
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Text Comments (15)
Informatica Seccion 4 (3 months ago)
The coin GRAM will grow in tens of times! I advise to buy in advance x-crypto.org/telegramblockchain
Maxime S (3 months ago)
"Buy when there's blood in the streets" ;)
Mr Potato (3 months ago)
Absolutely the best crypto youtuber on this website. I'm so glad I found you dude.
k m (3 months ago)
Need your help,will invest today 1 Eth What make more sense,abot or leaving on exchange ? Thanks and best greetings from Germany
Ban Share (3 months ago)
God bless me! As I please the Odyssey - token. I want to invest in it all my savings! And they also have a generous airdrop www.coinairdrop.pro/odyssey-plus
котёнокК я (3 months ago)
Today Telegram token costs only $1. But soon the price will rise extremely, up to $100 www.newtokens.info/ton-gram
Erica Nicole Cialdella (3 months ago)
Izzy (3 months ago)
Good analysis and entertaining as well. lol
Crypto Face (3 months ago)
thanks izzy
Shark Tm (3 months ago)
Well, diggers, waited at last ) Telegram opened public ICO on icovilla.info/gram-telegram
Horatiu Hritu (3 months ago)
This is stupid, it doesn't matter what is was in the past ! it is like when you look at the past numbers for lottery or for roulette, it doesn't matter at all.
Mr Potato (3 months ago)
Crypto Face damn straight
Crypto Face (3 months ago)
So every TA pattern to you is stupid and doesnt matter at all? Dead cat bounces? Double bottoms, Cup handles, so on and so forth? Careful with your words and your negativity
Crypto Drag (3 months ago)
This drop was probably cased by this... "The sharp decline in cryptocurrencies’ prices takes place in the wake of the news that the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has requested trading data from crypto exchanges Bitstamp, Coinbase, itBit and Kraken. These are respectively the 21st, 14th, 45th and 13th largest exchanges in the world by trade volume, according to Coinmarketcap." There's more to this story...
Angelo m (3 months ago)
Make a screenshot of my comment! Zilliqa will make the biggest growth indicator this year! Buy them while there is yet time! Who is the bum, for you there is a free airdrop myairdrop.org/air-zilliqa

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