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Bitcoin Gold BTG Price Predictions and Forecast

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Here are my price prediction and forecast for Bitcoin Gold (BTG) for the end of 2017. I also take a look at their GPU mining profitability. I try and look at it from a few different angles. Also checkout my video about how I got into Ethereum and started my decentralized journey at: https://youtu.be/d0Bz6W_dRCU ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ➥ Get $10 FREE when you buy $BTC $ETH & $LTC from 🔥 https://www.coinbase.com/join/5924c708dc2bd90dbc8a73db 🔥 ➥ Need to BUY large amounts of BTC/ETH:🔥 https://cex.io/r/0/up105268026/0/ 🔥 ➥ CoinMama: 🔥 https://www.coinmama.com/?ref=vincentbriatore 🔥 ➥ BUY 🔥🔥on Cryptopia🔥🔥: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=vincentbriatore ➥ NEED ALT COINS like STRAT, DGB, VERGE?? Then https://changelly.com?ref_id=ca2ff15940c0 ------------------------------ ➥ Turn BTC into CASH via WU or Money Gram FAST: https://cryptex24.com/en/?partner=7953 ——————————————— Follow me on: Twitter: http://twitter.com/vincentbriatore 🔥Steemit: https://steemit.com/@elpompador Facebook: http://facebook.com/vincentbriatore Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/2/116253473315336810806 ——
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Text Comments (119)
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ➥ Get $10 FREE when you buy $BTC $ETH & $LTC from 🔥 https://www.coinbase.com/join/5924c708dc2bd90dbc8a73db 🔥 ➥ Need to BUY large amounts of BTC/ETH:🔥 https://cex.io/r/0/up105268026/0/ 🔥 ➥ CoinMama: 🔥 https://www.coinmama.com/?ref=vincentbriatore 🔥 ➥ BUY 🔥🔥on Cryptopia🔥🔥: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=vincentbriatore ➥ NEED ALT COINS like STRAT, DGB, VERGE?? Then https://changelly.com?ref_id=ca2ff15940c0 ------------------------------ ➥ Turn BTC into CASH via WU or Money Gram FAST: https://cryptex24.com/en/?partner=7953 ——————————————— Follow me on: Twitter: http://twitter.com/vincentbriatore 🔥Steemit: https://steemit.com/@elpompador Facebook: http://facebook.com/vincentbriatore Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/2/116253473315336810806 ——
Todd To (7 months ago)
Vincent Briatore is that Estas Tonne intro music?
Christopher Welch (23 days ago)
Hi great video I just got into crypto and came across your channel. So If you ever do a give away here is my ether address . :) 0x2D9EE7624602D949fb7238FFc27C295023A58084
Ken Semotiuk (1 month ago)
What happens to all of the alt cryptos, when bitcoin goes back down to $1,000?
Dginius 7885 (3 months ago)
40$ price now, buy it
Karl Oliver (3 months ago)
BTG is a ticking time bomb. Bitcoingold developmented very quickly positive. I recommend research.
Philip Maxim (5 months ago)
Don’t have my rig set up yet but am using this program called Miner’s Gate on my computers for now. Supports BTG. It can be used on cell phones as well but it sucks power fast so only use it on low when plugged in. Works on the computer and is not too invasive. Haven’t mined much so far but when the market cap goes up and my rig is set up… https://minergate.com/a/8fb84514a7dffc4a2f69122a
Sales From the Crypto (5 months ago)
Very well thought out and insighful
D P (6 months ago)
If someone wants free Bitcoin Gold, they can mine it at; BitzFree Cloudmining http://bit.ly/2zhUH4A
Hell Raiser (6 months ago)
Still waiting for $1000 BTG hopefully soon. Stay Rich!!!!!!
Billy Bill (6 months ago)
Still like glg?
Awang Goddam (6 months ago)
millionaire can not buy a new good mic, hahahaha
Anh Tuan Le (6 months ago)
Has anyone here sent btg from bittrex to ledger nano s? I haven’t seen any info about this anywhere online
BTG BITCOIN GOLD TV 2018 (6 months ago)
Johnnytturbo (6 months ago)
Make another video on it, it's starting to run. You're the most recent video in YouTube's search results (padded by the algorithm).
Johnnytturbo (6 months ago)
Here it goes.
Clix Money (7 months ago)
is it a good time to buy bitcoin gold now ? it's about 0.017 , will it go to 0.07 bitcoin again ?
Moofy (7 months ago)
remember when btg was 93$
Wood Brush (7 months ago)
Hi I like your approach keep the humor and the great tips....Can you comment on how to trade using the Waves platform. I have some Starta from the ICO, the trade platform seems to not be working for me, would like to trade some Starta for Ping,, Oh yea here is my B Gold Address - AU7dehfFryWuNpW4k9Ldav24rbvnW9Z1iY
Still not a thousand lol
Tja Crypto (7 months ago)
Gotta get me some mothertruckin btc gold ASAP!!
Yurii Pitomets (7 months ago)
Are you still sure about BTG nearest future?
Milijana Bulj (7 months ago)
How come we can't sell them yet
Jon Singleton (7 months ago)
bought BTG today.
Tel (7 months ago)
New mic mate stick it up your arse it might sound better
Your mic is lousy and my speakers worst, bad combinatión.
Ash Vecchio (7 months ago)
I tried to tell you all about BTG on the 13th. We had a great but at 123. Have no audience so it never got seen. https://youtu.be/cC9FQwwHync
Ash Vecchio (7 months ago)
Nice. dig ur channel. we may have a bumpy road for BTC coming. There may be another attack and hash will all go to BCH this Saturday. BCH has been steady and is going to be 1800 or more soon. They're looking to short BTC down to 1000. We'll see if it actually happens. The last time we were warned it was over 3 months ago and it happened exactly the way they said.
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
Ash Vecchio (7 months ago)
Did you get in when it dropped?
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
Sorry bro. Better late than never tho. Wish I had gotten in earlier.
omegamanradio (7 months ago)
Suprnova is a great place to mine BTG. Hold it in the coinomi wallet. What about Bitcoin Z?
Silveready1 (7 months ago)
appreciate all your analysis and sharing it with us Vincent, hope all is well.
Conner (7 months ago)
fix your audio
Giselle H (7 months ago)
Btc correction at 10k. Do you agree or am I overly optimistic?
DeAngeloYouKnow (7 months ago)
Good video :) can't wait to watch your next video.
Yazan Eltal (7 months ago)
i believe BitcoinGold (BTG) will exceed $8,000+ in price soon.
keiran Prasad (2 months ago)
Yazan Eltal how?
veriappelsiini (7 months ago)
I definitely agree on this. I prefer bitcoin gold to bitcoin cash because of the decentralization perspective.
Yazan Eltal (7 months ago)
Thanks for the video. What you think about Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)?
Javier Suarez (7 months ago)
Where the helll have you been man?
Javier Suarez (7 months ago)
Vincent Briatore lol
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
Where do I start lol?
Michael (7 months ago)
You need a better mic
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
Yeah, I'm using my Macbook. My camera got stolen out of my car recently :( Anyhow I readjusted the volume so hopefully it's better in the next videos.
Carlo Torino (7 months ago)
Hi all! Can someone know where I can buy BTG with BTH?
Matt Nelson (7 months ago)
Just subscribed, thanks for the information.
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
Thanks Matt
Silveready1 (7 months ago)
Wow, I guess you were right - Bitcoin Gold is in the top volume spot on Bittrex this morning!
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
Even a broken clock...
a costa (7 months ago)
You are so handsome
Leandro Gado (7 months ago)
a costa you are so fucking homo
Sublime Thinker (7 months ago)
Maybe he meant no homers ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbXjt_ZlVOE
a costa (7 months ago)
Leandro Gado You fucking pathetic!
Leandro Gado (7 months ago)
No homo
a costa (7 months ago)
Capa Crypto (7 months ago)
Intro suck please fix
Capa Crypto (7 months ago)
The audio difference in level from your voice to your intro made my eardrums hurt
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
Really?? Ok, I was thinking of updating it, I'm trying to get situated, them I'm going to buy back all my equipment that was recently stolen and I'll make a new one.
Shannon Davis (7 months ago)
what is best to mine with 2500 h/s? Bitcoin Gold or BitcoinZ or ETC?
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
Eli Spencer-Gill (7 months ago)
Vin man, get on the MCO train, product is crazy 2% cash back, no fees, sexy metal card. Going live next month, huge, huge potential. Plus the best way to actually spend your crypto without having to pay fees.
Blockchain Society (7 months ago)
Could not agree more Eli. I think MCO is THE most undervalued crypto at the moment with huge potential for gains.
Crypto Prospect (7 months ago)
Eth millionaire? Cut the Booooshit!
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
In a separate day trading account I went from 5k to 110k. It's the same portfolio I post pics to on my Facebook & Twitter. I did it to be more realistic since most people don't have 45k to invest right of the bat.
Crypto Prospect (7 months ago)
Except in this video you say completely different story. And btw in the video you also say you invest 5k in ETH. So you are lying either now, or then. Seems more likely now. I don't see the point of doing that. People liked your videos when your were yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-DPovufIbM That is one of your better videos, so go back to that and cut the boooshit!
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
I invested around 45k in ETH at $4.
Polopunk (7 months ago)
I think ur right, I’m going to HODL!
ZeeFF (7 months ago)
As a miner I will not supp BTG cause pre-mine, hidden fees , no public code and no payouts. And probably most of miners think the same, I predict BTG = 10$
Zero 2 Cash (25 days ago)
He is almost there down to 23$
Yang Piao (5 months ago)
I thought BTG was a shitcoin before it even came out, and am astounded to be hearing this video (after the fact) predicting it to soar when it did the exact opposite, it makes me wonder if people ever actually look at the underlying mechanics before making these predictions.
Dejan Nedic (6 months ago)
You are stupid imbecile
ZeeFF (6 months ago)
Dejan Nedic I just said clearly why it sucks. Apparently that don’t matter to imbeciles like you who only see $$$$. Good job sheep, stay in herd
Dejan Nedic (6 months ago)
ZeeFF u super idiot hahah
Vention1MGTOW (7 months ago)
Unlike with bcash I don't have a moral objection to Bitcoin gold, so I plan to hold my air dropped bgold long term.
ring ring (7 months ago)
Am i dreaming - if i Invest 20,000 USD in a year with crypto trading if i know what i am doing could i make 40k of profit?
Blockchain Society (7 months ago)
I take it that is a rhetorical question.
ring ring (7 months ago)
well I have 200 percent gains in only 6 months my first six months is that good?
itsShowtime007 (7 months ago)
You can make a hell of a lot more than $40k a year trading crypto if you are trading with $20k!
Judo life (7 months ago)
Speak louder...........!
Martin Camilo (7 months ago)
Hey man with how much money did u make ur first million in crypto? U think I can do the same with $40k?
cranny cardboard (7 months ago)
small handout for an aussie battler haha? Good on ya but man, congratulations!
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
Yes, I invested around 45k in ETH when it was around $4 in the beginning of 2017. That's 4.5 million at $400. Obviously it didn't go that smoothly for me. I redistributed some around $200, lost some, made more, and ended up outperforming ETH in the long term.
Chris Daniels (7 months ago)
DangerClose805 yes
User Group2 (7 months ago)
why are you always in hotels?
cray 3K (6 months ago)
because he is a hooker
Matthew Mc (7 months ago)
Vincent can i join you :D
RaneXone (7 months ago)
Party at the new warehouse? haha
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
Well... it started with me selling my house in Phoenix and investing in ETH, then the Rhino Poop happened, then LA happened... man, a lot of shit happened actually. I've been traveling all over the place the past few months, I'm actually going to invest in a warehouse. Set up a man cave of sorts with a few mining rigs, computers, video equipment... maybe a big screen TV and some couches and focus on work.
James Frushon (7 months ago)
You got an angel watching out for you Vinnie!
Vincent Briatore Crypto (7 months ago)
Joseph M (7 months ago)
Happy Thanksgiving Vince, and it's good to see you making more videos. I like your call on BTG thanks for the heads up.
D B (7 months ago)
Nice video man, it’s appreciated!
Gianni Lamarra (7 months ago)
Ciao Vincent can you do a price prediction on cardano/ada
christian6388 (7 months ago)
$2,500 dollars bitcoin gold will be by the end of this year? How can its only $289 right now
christian6388 (6 months ago)
ClockworkFPV yup, you're right
Clockwork_Gaming (6 months ago)
christian6388 didn't happen lol
christian6388 (7 months ago)
Yeah I'm so happy right now
Michael Gorbachev (7 months ago)
4 hours later = $330....
christian6388 (7 months ago)
Frank G oops attention to detail, my bad I just did a quick Technical Analysis on that BTG and looks worth it I'll give it a try. Thanks for the clarification, we will see in 30 exact days from today will talk if he was right or not either way graphics look excellent and I actually like this version of bitcoin.
Alwin Maxwell (7 months ago)
Sorry Vincent you are not right. Bitcoin Gold will cost $10 000 within 1 month since it is mined by Blast Processing, but Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are mined in an old fashioned way.
Crypto World (6 months ago)
Lmao look at it now maby 10,000k by end of 2018 many end of 2019
i know) i totally agree with you
Carlos Matos (7 months ago)
I was replying to Alwin Maxwell. He's an idiot, Bcash is trash.
laughing out loud this guy one of those whos saying Bitcoin Cash will rule them all...
Alwin Maxwell (7 months ago)
Bitcoin Gold is Golden that is why it will replace Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in 2 months. Bitcoin is simply obsolete coin and Bitcoin Cash is a useless paper coin. But the Bitcoin Gold is a Golden eternal coin.
Ash Vecchio (7 months ago)
No BTX lol. Top 10 baby: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin-gold/
Sublime Thinker (7 months ago)
he'll be saying soon that BCG is obsolete and BCD is the up and coming thing! :D
HeartFilledHatred (7 months ago)
Alwin Maxwell 2 months? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok, two months from now, here!
Jamie Galves (7 months ago)
Your a joke
rahul baria (7 months ago)
Alwin Maxwell i hope so..i.bought 1 btg....lets c..

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